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Jan. 25, 2023


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A super mini episode with some quick ideas to help you grow as a person during a midweek dip. Buckle up as we navigate through the end of January and beyond!

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But how can I give some value to my loyal and wonderful listeners and kind of the time of year that perhaps one feels a little bit flat and feels that life isn't a lacking a little bit of kind of fun. So it was a new moon the other day. And in new moons, I was like to kind of remember what intentions I want to set for like the next phase of the month. And it can be a bit pressured rise, really, to try and fit all these new things in to our kind of ever decreasing busy lives. And then we can have all of these plans, and then things that can happen and give an example, relatives can get sick surprises, and then there's all the wonderful good things that can happen as well. And the reason I'm saying this is to kind of remind us all of the constant flux that is life. And sometimes we can put so much emphasis on either being some some way or changing ourselves or obtaining something and we make that the focus, and we kind of ignore the present moment. Now, as some of you may know, I am all for kind of making positive changes and changing ourselves for the better. But I'm also a really passionate person who believes in loving ourselves as we are. So it's kind of find that gentle balance. And I've said this before, but really, January is not the time to kind of reinvent the wheel. And it's a time to kind of put things into place. But here are three simple things that you can do this week to perhaps make you feel a kind of a little bit more heart and a little bit more on focus. And I invite you to start the beginning of each day, reminding yourself of one thing that you are grateful for them. Instead of putting on your favourite TV show tonight, can you read something for 10 to 15 minutes. And then if you want to watch your programme do so there's something that's going to help you better yourself. So that's going to help uplift and make yourself feel better, even if it's affirmations for 15 minutes. And you kind of get that muscle of reading back into force, I know that I used to read so much. And then what was society changing. And MP had been such a quick fix thing I did find it hard to concentrate and read. So what I did was I built that back up again by reading and it really, really, really helped to kind of release anything that no longer serves me in a sense that I was kind of learning to be more in the present moment and also building up my reading muscle which I was think's good for your brain. And you do 10 minutes of movement today. Some sort of walk if it's walking, or some dancing, some yoga, some Tai Chi, just something. But I want you to approach it in a kind of holistic way where you're breathing calmly and slowly and you're moving in your body. And you remember to drink some water as well, like we forget to drink a water? And can you make a healthy choice with your food or eating today? So instead of going for your comfort food, can you go for a healthy choice instead. So these may all feel like tasks and chores. But rarely, they're kind of things that are going to help us through our live and make us feel a bit better. Like, okay, I get it, you've had a bad day, it's so easy to reach for that chocolate bar. And then maybe some days, that's fine. But it's when we can certainly kind of do that. Or it's easy to bend to watch something because then it kind of stops us from doing what we really need to do. So these are just a few little general tips that I just wanted to share with you today. The full interview that I am doing is coming up later today. And we're going to speak to a burnout coach expert, which I think is really good because again in January we can go full hog thinking that we need to do so many things. So I'm really interested to speak to this next guest all will be revealed but this the next podcast will be released later today. So that's over and out from me. So remember if you're struggling with meditation, mindfulness, anything like that, I record personalised meditations which will be done very well and specifically for your needs. I also do long distance energy healing sessions, which is like doing hours worth of meditation that can kind of kickstart your meditation practice so if you're interested in even then please reach out to me via gentle yoga warrior and Anyway remember, five minutes a day of meditation can make a massive difference. So that's me over and out. Thank You

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