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July 20, 2022

A Life Lesson In Why A Positive Outlook Is Not Enough To Change Your Life But What To do instead

A Life Lesson In Why A Positive Outlook Is Not Enough To Change Your Life But What To do instead

This Episode Will Transform Your Life!  I think this is one of my favourite's ever!
Please welcome Today:  Writer, Speaker and academic…. D. NEIL ELLIOTT.  At age fifty-seven, Neil was depressed, anxious, and fearful. He felt trapped … there was no way out. Searching desperately for a sliver of hope, a reason to keep going, he found a Higher Road. More accurately, it found him—and as he travelled that road, he discovered a seven-step process that transformed his life.

Neil is going to share about what that is today and how it can help you change your life around.

Today we are going to talk about  Life Lessons and how a positive outlook isn’t enough to change.  I wholeheartedly believe this; in fact I feel telling others all the time that they should be positive and if things aren’t changing one isn’t being positive enough is in many ways passive aggressive.  What if they have tried to stay positive and yet things aren’t changing for them?    Can we change even if we aren’t always full of sunshine?  And if so how?  This is where Neil comes in…

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Today's live lesson is all about how having a positive mindset, though a very valuable asset to have, that isn't necessarily always enough to change your life. And sometimes we can feel stuck, frustrated, and a little lost when we can't do that. Today's inspiring guests, which is Neil Eliot will be the person to help inspire you to find your way in that give you a little bit of backstory about Elliot, in his late 50s. He was depressed, it felt trapped, and he really couldn't see a way out. He will explain a bit more about his life story interviewing, but he found a higher road and more accurately in his notes, it says it found him. As he travelled the road, he discovered a seven step process that transformed his life. He is the author of a higher road, a one to seven step process to inner peace, joy, and abundance, prosperity. And I've been reading this book and I'm the last quarter and I just say, it's a really good book, and very inspiring, and it's got a lot of depth. Check it out. I'm gonna put a link on my website, so you can find it really easily. Yeah, it's really honoured I, I always think anyone that sits down with pen and paper and writes down something that's going to help other people is a winner. Neil's a very gifted writer. And I can't wait for you to meet him. So without further ado, joining us from British Columbia, please welcome Neil Elliot to the show. So Neil, welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:39  
Oh, thank you, Jane. It's a pleasure to be here. And yeah, looking forward to our conversation today.

Unknown Speaker  1:45  
I'm so looking forward to conversation as well. So Neil, I was reading your wonderful book, a higher road, a seven step process to inner peace, joy, love, abundance and prosperity. And today's show, we're going to talk about life lessons and why having a positive mindset isn't always enough. And I really feel that is the case, I know, looking for sort of my own frustrations, when things haven't worked out, etc. People say, Well, you're not being positive enough. And, oh, you're not doing this enough. And then we end up having a list of shoulds of how we how we should be rather than kind of, I don't know, a going with the flow of life, obviously trying our best as well, but also kind of not getting so hung up on how we think we should be because in a way, that is the ego kind of finding a way to kind of sneak in and upset a lot of things, I find your story absolutely remarkable. And Miss reading your book. And also about you I find you have really been a person that has had a dark night of soul has had a transition in their life. And that knowledge that you have learnt has been put into something amazing, which is going to help others if you wouldn't mind. Can you explain a bit about your journey, Neil, and how you became to discover the higher road?

Unknown Speaker  3:07  
Yeah, absolutely. You know, we'll give everybody some context here. So I'm currently 62 years old. I was born in 1960. And as the youngest of six kids, and my dad died when I was five. I took engineering. So I'm a professional engineer with an MBA and I've lived in Canada, my entire life, I second marriage have three kids and five grandchildren. And as a professional engineer, in the 90s, I was managing large projects for a hydro electric company, and I wanted to be more inclusive of how I was, you know, approaching other people's opinions, attitudes and opinions. And I needed to kind of shift how I thought,

Unknown Speaker  3:56  
you know, at the time, that's when positive fitness in the 90s. So at the time, that's when positive thinking came out. So I picked up books by Tony Robbins, Carolyn, my stalker Wayne Dyer, those kinds of things, positive thinking stuff. And I studied that, and I spent a decade working at trying to shift how I thought. And in the end, I became, you know, more inclusive outwardly in terms of what people thought, but I still had these judgments of okay, well, yes, I can see that's their opinion, but I don't agree with it. And that's okay. But, you know, it's those kinds of things. And that's all programming that we've programmed into our subconscious mind. And I went into consulting in 2002. So I couldn't really sort of back up, I couldn't really shift fundamentally how I thought I could just be outwardly more open to people's ideas. And in 2002, I went into consulting and life became about work, you know, work, work, work. And in 2015 I realised that I had got to this really dark and deep despondent place, I was in this really deep depression. And I thought, Okay, well, I will, I'll go through the same process, I'll buy some new books, or buy some science books, I bought some spiritual books. And I really wanted to see if I could get through this process to bring me out of this depressed state. And then we're all great actors in our environment. We wear this facade, we project whatever we want to project to the people. And so no one knew my wife didn't know my children didn't know I was in this deep, dark place. I spent two years doing that our house had been on the market for five years, it finally sold, my wife got on a plane to go to Toronto, Ontario, Canada to visit family and friends. And I sat down at this little one bedroom apartment kitchen table, and crafted my suicide note and pled out my suicide. And I was planning it out for about three months to ensure my wife would be okay, my family would be okay, say goodbye to people without them knowing what I was gonna do. But a week prior, some information came to me in this fortuitous fashion that promised to liberate me from my thinking if I studied it. And I was looking for any sliver for a hope to keep going. Now I grew up agnostic, I wasn't religious. But you know, I had this little nagging doubt that I'd go to a bad place if I committed suicide, and I wouldn't be able to recover from that. So I thought, Okay, well, I'll give this a chance. If it doesn't work, I can always pull the trigger. If it does work great. And so I went through this process that took about a year. And it's a slow process. It's, it changes your consciousness in perceptively, and you don't know what's happening. But a year later, I woke up and I realised my depression was totally gone. I was full of this inner peace and love and joy. And I felt totally prosperous, and abundant. Even though nothing had changed in my environment. It was all about how I perceived and understood life and how I perceived all the things around me. So 13 months after I began this process, I didn't, you know, I kind of I knew this change happened, I was good about it. But 13 months after I began this process, so late December 2018, I went into these two meditations two days apart. And as I went into this meditation, shifting into these higher vibrational frequencies of consciousness, and the spiritual energy flowed into my head, and it filled my body, and then it totally enveloped me in unconditional love, and unconditional love that we don't have the human language to describe. And it was just so beautiful. It was, I wasn't judged, I felt non judged I was, I didn't care what aches and pains my body had, I didn't care what anybody done to me in the past, I just felt totally supported, and love and cradled in this unconditional love. And I want to stay there forever. You know, like, it just, it didn't matter about anything in the past, I just wanted to stay there forever. And I came out of that meditation. Two days later, I had the exact same meditation. And at that point, I knew that the process I followed, and the new knowledge I gained, is our truth. And, and I wanted to share that with everybody. And I thought I'd get on the rooftops and share this, I thought, I'm going to be looked at like an idiot if I do that. So I won't do that. And it took me a couple years to figure out the best way to do it is to share my story, my history and my story, and the process that I went through, to achieve this total transformation of my life, and in the hopes that it helps other people. And I know that as more and more of us. Take this journey, to change your consciousness and become this embodiment of unconditional love. We will eventually bring this world into a new era of love and peace. And that's my goal is to help people you know who who are either on a spiritual journey and you know, have not quite, you know, got to where they want to be or you know, would like to shift where they currently are because no matter where you are ill or healthy, happy, depressed, you know, poor or wealthy.

Unknown Speaker  9:51  
You can totally transform your life. As soon as you understand the you know where we come from. I'm to where we return. And this new knowledge that enables you to bridge this gap between spirituality and what we know in science today. And that's what I share in my book is what this process is

Unknown Speaker  10:12  
why gift to share to the world. And I really feel that this is what people need right now. And this time, and we've kind of tried living life in a way where it's all kind of about the external trying to get things and and, and kind of go down that path and it doesn't bring happiness, whether you're rich or poor, etc, it's worth it's a time I think it's a time on the planet where we are going for something higher higher consciousness connection, about it's all about love and what What can be more beautiful than unconditional love when reading your your book, Neil, I found you share a lot about your your childhood and, and a lot of the time that you spent alone, as well, and you kind of became quite self sufficient. Been able to run the house by yourself because you were in you were in the woods quite a lot by yourself. From what I remember from reading. A question I have to you is do you think sometimes, you know, we think we have to do everything ourselves. And it's good to be kind of self sufficient and, and do things but in one way, I'm sure that helped make you a very strong person, because you were able to completely look after yourself. But then sometimes when when we do that, I'm talking from my experience, as well as we feel that we kind of how am I saying this will go as we go through life, we try and shoulder and do everything ourselves with without thinking that there's other things too, to help help us. And for me, that was I always used to try and solve everyone else's problems or solve solve things with with without thinking about myself. And that was through through meditation, and connecting with higher consciousness is what has helped me on my journey. When you spent a lot of that time by yourself, when you growing up, did you feel isolated? Or did you feel that you had a sense of connection with others? I'm interested to know how that time felt for you?

Unknown Speaker  12:23  
No, I think I felt no, I was pretty isolated. It was, you know, my mother, one thing my mother told me when I was very young, growing up was that, you know, no one will look after you, you have to learn to look after yourself. And so it, you know, my life transformed into this very inward. And I'm going to say selfishness, not selfishness in terms of greed, but really understanding that, you know, I developed this belief that I needed to do everything on my own and be self sufficient, and I couldn't rely on anybody. And, you know, so I think when people understand that, you know, we create every event and every experience that comes into our lives, through the mechanics of the universe, and the tools of the universe. This body that we identify with, and think is our reality is not our reality, our soul is our reality. And and we need to we live in the state of duality. Our soul is here on this evolutionary process in this school that we call earth, to learn the lessons that it wants to learn and that it needs to learn in order to come back to its truth. And its truth is that, you know, we come from unconditional love, we return to unconditional love. And we are data were designed and meant to live in a state of peace and joy and security and laughter and fun and be totally supported, prosperous and abundant. But because we let the mechanics or the mechanisms of the ego, take control of our lives and believe that that is our truth. We behave in ways which are contrary and incongruent with where we come from. And

Unknown Speaker  14:42  
we, through our thinking and our feeling, create every event and every experience that comes into our lives. And when we understand we live in this duality, and then we learn the process to transcend these The mechanics of the ego that create these negative events and experiences that come into our life, we get at this subconscious programming, which is, you know, we've programmed in our subconscious in our unconscious mind, from childhood, and then reinforced over a lifetime. That's like concrete, it's very hard to break up and dissolve. So you need this process to get in and really get at the subconscious programming that is contrary to where we come from, contrary to unconditional love, break those up and then rebuild your consciousness to be consistent to where we come from. And when you do that, you start to think and be conscious in ways which are consistent with our truth. And then what you do is you start to magnetise to you manifest, if you will, all of these things which are consistent with where we come from, which is unconditional love. So your life totally changes to this state of inner peace and joy and love. And your goal becomes to bring unconditional love and acceptance and understanding to everything and everyone that's in your environment, even people that you know, maybe upset you or, or, or nasty or greedy or selfish, you know, you get to this point where you understand why and how they are being that way. And that is and that is strictly to bring them the lessons that they need to learn in order to begin this process to transcend their ego. And when you do that, your life totally transforms. And it doesn't happen overnight. And it takes time for it to happen. But I can tell you, that you your life, you will just it's unimaginable to most people about how joyful and peaceful and content no matter what's going on in the world, all of the you know, the wars and everything else, none of that becomes a concern anymore, because you you understand these mechanics and why and how these things are happening. And that, you know, our reality is our soul, this bodies of federal this body is just a tool for us to learn these lessons. And when this at the end of your life, this body returns to your to dust but your soul moves on your soul is infinite and eternal. And it is a fragment of divine consciousness it is it is perfect. It is unconditional love. And your soul is equal to everybody else's soul. And I'm giving you a lot of information which may be not in any logical steps here. But it is, you know, it's when you when you learn all of this and you come back to this truth. And then you learn how through meditation to make this connection back to source. So that source can start to help you in this process and support you and provide love to you, and security and peace and help you on this journey, then you know that you're totally supported by our source by the universe by God, by the way by Dow, the Dow whatever you want to call it, the source of our being. And when that happens, I tell you, your life totally changes. And you just want to help everybody else get there. And certainly you don't want to push it on to anybody. But if people are open, you want to share and help them get on this path back to their truth.

Unknown Speaker  18:40  
Oh, and what Paul, I'm listening to you now, I feel that's how we are all meant to to live and all these things that that from my childhood that we kind of distorts our kind of reality in the way we react or act around others and allow ourselves to have that trust to be in that unconditional love and to know that to see the bigger picture rather than kind of the tunnel vision, again, that we can have. How can someone who is facing these challenges who is having, I don't know a whole different number of problems for whatever reason? How can they get started in this process of, of connecting with source of, of coming from a place of higher consciousness and unconditional love.

Unknown Speaker  19:27  
So, you know, there's many paths to this, but the path that I share in my book, to me was the most straightforward, direct and understandable because it it uses as a foundation what we know in science today to enable you to make this bridge between spirituality and science. So I suggest you know to anybody first thing is, you know, if you haven't found a path you're on that that's that's working for you then to pick up a higher road, read it cover to cover, understand the process in its entirety, and then make a decision for yourself. If it resonates with you, then go back and start with some of the science material or start directly with step one. If it doesn't resonate with you, that's okay. Other, put it on your shelf, to reread it and, you know, 510 15 years, or pass it on to somebody else without colourful commentary. But you know, one of the first things we need to do, you know, there's a few things and I lay this out in the book of how I transformed my thinking. So number one was, I had to learn that everything that I thought was good or bad, true or false, right or wrong, is really just a belief. And not just intellectually understand that, but really understand that at a deep level. And when you understand that, you know, everything that you think is just a belief, then you'd have the opportunity to say, well, if if I know a process, that means I can change my beliefs, which means you change your thinking. And so I take people through this process in part three of the book, which lays out this foundation in science to get them to a point where they are open, and have a new understanding of consciousness. So, you know, you need to be open to learn some new and new things and new knowledge. And you need to be able to come to this information, like a little child, full of curiosity, and wonder and joy without any pre judgments. And if you can do that, you can then start to learn processes and new knowledge that can help you along this path, or, indeed help you get to, you know, back to your truth. And if we had more time today, we could get into all kinds of things around. You know, kind of, I have a bunch of analogies to help people understand this, this mechanics of the ego. And the ego is a divinely ordained tool to create individuality, out of the wholeness of a unity of itself. And, you know, it is merely we're here. And we don't have time for this today. But we are here strictly to learn lessons. And when you understand these mechanics, and you understand this evolutionary process of the soul, and what we're here and what we're, we're meant to be doing, you then have the opportunity to make a conscious decision to carry on living the way you do, or change your life. And, you know, in the future, the division will not be between the wealthy and the poor, the division is going to be in consciousness, there's going to be those that are are awakened to this, understand this, understand their true purpose in life, and bring this unconditional love to absolutely everything that comes in their path, or carry on living like they do. And, you know, if you're all of the inner, all of the peace, the joy, the love, the security that you are seeking, it's all inside of you. You just need to understand the process, you need to gain some new knowledge and then you begin need to be getting this process. To make this connection back with the Divine Meditation is just so important. You need to learn this meditation that enables you to enter into the silence and stillness your mind. And that is where you're going to make this connection back to source

Unknown Speaker  23:36  
if your mind is full of too much information, it's going to it's going to kind of block your connection with source and meditation has had the biggest effect on my life out of anything that I've ever done. And some days are easier than others I can can I do my meditation with nature and I've kind of really feel like I found my connection to Source via nature. And I find that really powerful for that's for me, I found that really powerful. In your book, you share some science books, which I'm going to read and I was I look about memes. I just thought actually that's happening to us all the time, you'd probably be able to explain a lot better than me, but kind of how it isn't little viruses have faults that are planted in us and I think actually that's that that happens like through TV kind of social conditioning, etc. And how, how suddenly it can happen as well. But also how strongly Would you mind explain a bit about memes to our listeners?

Unknown Speaker  24:37  
Yeah, let me Okay, so let me spend a couple of minutes and we'll let's go through you know, has at the beginning here. So at the time of conception when sperm fertilises the album you know, the soul impresses the lessons from past lives into that process. And the little I mind if Ego is created at the same time, the AI mind of ego uses the mechanics of the universe to build this intricate body over a nine month period through to the genetic plan in the DNA of the sperm and the egg. And as we grow, from babyhood to age five, the human brain has not developed to a point yet where it can make its own decisions. And so really what it is, this little baby is just this embodiment of love and joy. And it's a sponge, it's just absorbing everything. It's an in its environment, its its family's origins, its culture, its religions, its language, its emotions, etc. And then at age five, it starts to make decisions to itself. So it's programming that we're going into this process of programming, the subconscious and the unconscious mind. And it has adopted these beliefs and patterns of thinking and feeling associated with its family, then it starts to make its own decisions, and it goes out to school and learns their things. And it's continuing this pro process of learning, accepting some things as true and false, good and bad, etc. And it's programming at subconscious mind. As we grow. from babyhood to adulthood, we think we're becoming versed in the ways of the world. But really, what we're doing is we're shutting we're binding on our soul, we're shutting it off from its connection back to source from the light. And we're letting our ego take control of our lives. And so we're like method actors, you know, a method actor, you're doing a period piece, they will dress the part played the part, eat the part, eat like those people did, and whatever period piece they're doing, they'll speak the way they spoke. And when they're, they do this for a number of months, or weeks or months. And then they get on camera. And the director calls action, their rate into the park, because they've been practising it. And they director calls cut, the actors come out of that back to who they are they high five each other, and they go, Oh, wow, you did such a great job. You know, while you were there, I really believed I was there. And, unfortunately, for us are fortunate because it's part of this process. What we do is we our egos are the method actors. They believe this body is our truth, they believe these solid objects around us is our truth. And, and so they never snap out of it until we begin this process to understand who we really are, which is our soul, and our ego. So now let's go to memes. So now, so as we do this, as we're growing up, and we feed our minds with, so I used to think that everything in my brain, everything that I thought was I had learned or experienced or been exposed to, and all of my thinking was in my brain. And then I learned through these books and stuff that that really consciousness is not only in my brain, it's all throughout my body, my thinking can can either affect the health of each cell in my body or be contrary to it. And

Unknown Speaker  28:35  
I began to understand that no consciousness is not only in my brain, it's in my body. Indeed, it's all around us. And I see thoughts now as the stream of thoughts that go by my awareness and I picked a thought out of that stream. And we do this in a nanosecond, we pick a thought out if it's consistent with our patterns of thinking and feeling that we have programmed in our subconscious mind we keep it if it is inconsistent, we throw it back in the street. So it could be a loving kind thought it could be a hateful, vengeful thought it could be a judgmental thought. We keep it if it's consistent, we throw it back if it doesn't, and in a way it goes. So we continued to reinforce these patterns of thinking and feeling and when those patterns of thinking and feeling are inconsistent with where we come from. We create every event in every experience that comes into our life through these mechanics of the universe. You think with electrical impulses in the brain you feel with magnetic impulses in the nervous system. Your thinking is a consciousness plan. Your magnetic impulses magnetise this blueprint of a future event or experience that comes in that will come into your life. When you have sufficiently magnetised it with your thinking and feel it being a loving thought and feeling or a hateful vengeful what like attracts like you will get a like experience or like event had some point in your future. And it may be in a year, two years, five years, 50 years. But it will come into manifestation is a law of cause and effect, you cannot change it, they will happen they will manifest. So what we feed our mind every moment of the day through our newspapers through our TV programmes, how we watch through film that we watched through what we read through our interactions with other people. And when those things are contrary to where we come from, what we do is we individually create these 1000s of blueprints every day, that we manifest these like experiences and events that come into our life. And collectively, through our thinking, we create events and experiences that will manifest in our communities, in our cities, in our countries, through this collective thought, and when all of these thoughts and feelings are inconsistent with where we come from, we create all of these negative things that happen to us. And all of this is to individually help us learn lessons to collectively help us learn lessons, until we wake up and understand what we're doing to ourselves, and start to go through this process to come back to our truth, and to be this embodiment of unconditional love. So if you think your nutrition that you feed your body is important for your body, and it is I can tell you that what you think about and what you think, not only what you say, but what you think is more important for your overall health and well being than, than what you feed your body. Yeah, and, and through these means that are prolific through these various mechanisms and the internet these days, we just continue to reinforce these patterns of negative thinking and feeling and hate and judgments and condemnation or criticism, etc. that create these negative events, experiences in our lives individually and collectively.

Unknown Speaker  32:11  
So it's really important how, what we feed our mind with but what we read what we listen to what what our inner dialogue, you know, we kind of know real life and how we kind of see things because it affects everything, then not just yourself, other people. And we kind of continue and feeding all this negative TV. But I also thought about the news, I said, I don't know what's going on well, but I don't watch the news, I think the the way the shows are is kind of just make creates more and more fear. And it's, it just just just makes things worse. I think in many ways, not the way that your TV shows are these days, what you're sharing with me, I think is life changing subject and I'm going to read the books, the scientific books, and I would love to get you on the show again next year, if that's alright with you and discuss some more about this because I just find it's, it's such an amazing subject. I would like to speak now a bit more about your books. I like the way that it has your life story. And then you suggest these scientific books to read. And then after you read the book, you can go back through, I feel like it offers like a course on how to reach this higher consciousness state. And I think sometimes the missing component for a lot of people is that we've got to do a bit of the work though, right? We can't just read like a book and then just sit there and then kind of watch 10 hours of Netflix and not kind of do a bit of effort because that's just not gonna kind of change things. But I would suggest to our listeners, the motivation is if you read Neal's book, is the motivation there because if we keep doing the same thing, same way, and when we're not when we feel stuck, happy then the obvious thing which isn't always what we want to do, but it's I feel it's the way to go is to make start making these changes and, and we can get lost and how to do this. And that's why I pick a highroad offers a real clear plan of action for for our listeners, if you can just one takeaway from from your book, Neil, for our listeners, what would that be?

Unknown Speaker  34:28  
That's a great question. There's just so much I think the one takeaway would be, you know, if you are in any way unhappy with your life, it no matter whether you're, you know, wealthy or poor living on the street or living in a mansion, you know, if you are unhappy, unhappy in any way about your life, I can tell you there is a way to come back to complete peace and joy and love regardless of what's going on in the world around you. You Just need to be open, be willing to learn and curious. And if you do that, you know, the, at least, I believe what I followed. And I know this because this is true for me. And I believe it will be true for others, if you follow what I've laid out in a higher road, if it makes sense to you, and you follow that you can totally transform your life to a state that you can't even imagine. It is like it's trolled, totally AMA, you know, I went from this, about to commit suicide to totally inner peace, love and joy and understand why everybody does whatever they are doing in the world. And I have come to the state of not being really concerned about any about it, of course, I'm concerned. And you could feel for the people in Ukraine, and even for the Russians, because I think there's a lot of Russian soldiers there that are doing what they've been ordered to do, maybe they've been in lack of a better term, hoodwinked into believing something different. And, but I know there's, I feel, there's a lot of them, they're doing stuff that they don't even want to be doing. And they probably don't even believe in it. But the consequences of not doing it are personal for them. And so, you know, you get to this point where you understand how and why everything's happening. And you also understand that our reality is our soul. And when you understand this, you know, your whole perspective in life changes, I can tell you, you know, you just, it's just, it's amazing. And what you want to do is, you know, what I want to do is I want to help people, and I believe that as you become this beacon of light. And if people are curious, then, you know, share with them. But if they're not curious, that's fine. You know, it's not your way, it's not your purview to push your beliefs on anybody else. But if they are open, and they want to join you in this place of peace, and joy.

Unknown Speaker  37:04  
Yes, definitely. Wow. I feel like I've barely scratched the surface of this will be because it's feel so inspired by Neil. Now, I definitely would like to speak to you again in the future, rather than I do have a list of questions which I wanted to ask you. But I'm going to point out to you, what else would you love to share with our listeners right now?

Unknown Speaker  37:27  
Okay, so there, there's a new dispensation of energy around the world, which is making people open, and to making this transformation and the shift. And, you know, if there's going to be a lot of things that come into manifestation, you're things that were put in past 1020 30 years ago, individually and collectively, will still be manifested, I expect things will get much worse before they get better. But all of this is designed for us to wake up and understand who we are, and become part of this process to help others come back to their truths. And so, I would say that, you know, the one thing is, there's going to be a lot of shifts that go on, in over the course of the next 18 months around the world. And now is just such an amazing time and a great time at OB the most important year in human history. And we might not recognise that for centuries to come, but it is the most important time and in it will be the most important time marked in human history of this transformation of the world, we have collectively got to this place of on the on the brink of self annihilation. And this is a process to bring us out of that and bring us into this new era of love and peace. Your minds are specially created to bring the divine down through your mind and emit unconditional love to the world. And when you become part of this open channel and this open process, you become a light to others, you know, you just you will be expressing care and love and consideration and you will be looking to uplift and help people come into this new state the way we're meant to be kept in peace and plenty and security and love

Unknown Speaker  39:35  
beautiful. I feel kind of like speechless talking to you because it's it's what you're sharing is just so I can feel that as well. I do feel that we're reaching this kind of pinnacle point in human consciousness and I can feel kind of like the shift and yeah, just the I think it will be a bit of a bumpy ride but we will get there I really do really feel that as well. If any of our listeners would like to reach out to you, your website is D, Neil And it has more information upon the work that you do is anything else that you'd like to share on that massive of our listeners?

Unknown Speaker  40:16  
Yeah. So the book is called a higher road, cleanse your consciousness to transcend the ego and ascend spiritually, a seven step process to inner peace, joy, love, abundance and prosperity. It's by Danielle Elliott, the DE is just the initial of my first name to differentiate me as an author and on the internet, an easy way to get to my website is a higher The book is available globally, wherever books are sold in print, or your favourite ebook for Kindle, Nook, or Kobo. And I recommend you pick it up, you read it cover to cover and then make a decision for yourself resonates with you. You can transform your life by following you know, the steps that I've outlined in the book.

Unknown Speaker  41:03  
I think I think it's well worth it. So I'm going to read the scientific books and then read the book again and go through the process. And then I'll let you know how I how how that affects my life and how I get on with it. But I've really got to the field about this. Thank you and take care. And thank you for your time today. Neil, thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  41:21  
Well, thank you, Jane. And thank you for everything that you're doing for all of your listeners and the people of the world. And I look forward I you know, if you have any questions or anything, please just reach out to me and I'd love to speak with you again. It's been an absolute pleasure. Have a conversation with you.

Unknown Speaker  41:38  
Oh, thank you, Neil. Thank you so much. And then yeah, I look forward to speak to you again in the future as well. And I know what I'm getting some of my family, my family and friends for Christmas as well. The difficulty to know that. But thank you so much. So I speak to you soon. And then you take care. So thank you, Neil. As promised, here is your meditation, inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion. Or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you if you're doing the meditation that begin.

Unknown Speaker  42:34  
So which path should you go and how to know as you go through life as you sit there with your eyes close, and start to breathe slowly through your nose. Can you surrender to the moment? Whatever. distractions come your way. Can you always remember to have gratitude for this day? Can you be kinder to yourself? Send more love. Have more faith in the forces above. Find joy in what you do. Don't toil or don't dwell in the past. Let it go. Instead allow life to flow. Allow yourself to be seen. Think or rather care less what others think of you and sing your own song. Whatever that is. You deserve to do what you want to do. In the sense of picking which path is right for you. No one knows that better deep down the new external distractions, noises. Smells, things to look at things to finger things to touch. I invite you to find the time to switch off from all of these once a day. allow life to unfold in its own magical way. The smell of the summer, the comfort of the cold of the winter. The joy of spring. The beauty of letting go during fall autumn the scent of the ground after a Summer's rain. The comfort of drying yourself under the sight of one fire in the winter. Whatever time of year.

Unknown Speaker  44:52  
Whatever the circumstances. Life is flow equally, we need to kind of ground that tight take a deep breath and allow the joy of nature to be free.

Unknown Speaker  45:28  
allow life to unfold and allow yourself to truly see as I record this their beautiful violence on the lawn. A spider crawls up a flower, reminding us always that we are never truly alone. So come back into the moment, come back into the room, take some deep breaths, and slowly go about your day, night morning, whatever time it is that you're joining me, dear listener, and if you'd like a personalised recorded meditation, then please go to the gentle yoga And you'll find more information there

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Writer, Speaker and academic…. D. NEIL ELLIOTT. At age fifty-seven, Neil was depressed, anxious, and fearful. He felt trapped … there was no way out. Searching desperately for a sliver of hope, a reason to keep going, he found a Higher Road. More accurately, it found him—and as he travelled that road, he discovered a seven-step process that transformed his life.