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Dedicated to cultivating a sense of harmony via inspirational talks, meditations, yoga and conscious living. Bringing weekly words of wisdom to benefit others in overcoming obstacles that block them living a life of meaning and joy. Fun, informative and inclusive.

Here at The Gentle Yoga Warrior we offer the chance to tap into your inner sovereignty. Podcasts, videos, meditations, inspiring stories, self-help book shop, antidotes to stress and further ways to connect to the present.

With a wealth of experience and many years of knowledge, we wish to assist our listeners in their journey to realising their joyful better self.

The Founder

The Gentle Yoga Warrior is the Founder and present of The Gentle Yoga Warrior’s podcast.

A podcast presenter, energy healer, spiritual life coach and yoga facilitator, The Gentle Yoga Warrior was inspired to make these modalities available for others having experienced profound change.