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Feb. 3, 2021

Absolute Creativity

Absolute Creativity
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Season five: we are doing something a bit different and have guests! Today we are going to talk about absolute creativity and how it can help us grow.

This week’s guest on the show is the gifted abstract artist and photographer Sara Bellonas she joins us from Northern Italy. 

Sara takes us on a journey through her personal experience of creativity and ultimately shows us how to connect with our creative self via fascination and living a creative life. Join her on a colourful expedition through all things creative as we talk about how art can enrich lives.

This show includes a writing meditation to discover your creative spirit even if you believe yourself to be uncreative.

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Sara’scontact details:

Note from Team: The internet cut out a bit when we asked Sara who was a creative source of inspiration.  If you can't make out the name it is the director Wim Wenders.

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