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April 14, 2021

Absolute Freedom

Absolute Freedom
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Season five: we are doing something a bit different and have guests! Today we are going to talk about Absolute Freedom and how to feel liberated in life.

 This week’s guest on the show: French actor,  film writer, inspirational mother and kundalini teacher…. Sixtine Aupetit.

Sixtine originally trained as an actor. She acted for over ten years in the popular French TV  comedy show ‘Palmashow ‘before embarking on a career in French filming writing. She is certainly one of the most determined and disciplined people that we have ever met. Not afraid to push herself that extra bit. Sixtine shows what it is like to live life through a broader lens. Sixtine teaches Kundalini regularly in France and online, and in both French and English. When not teaching yoga, she is busy writing film scripts and caring for her three children with her husband in France.

Join Sixtine as she shares her experience and inspirational spirit as she talks about how to cultivate freedom from within.

This show includes a guided meditation to help one discover Freedom.

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