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June 22, 2022

Courage Boasting Meditation

Courage Boasting Meditation

Courage Boasting  meditation  to go with episode 5 season 9 interview, in case you want to listen to this separately.  Please listen to the episode first before doing this.

A meditation to help boast courage in difficult circumstances.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show, top tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice strip back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you, if you're doing the meditation, that's vegan. So I thought today's meditation would be about courage. And courage is not to have the absence of fear. That's one thing people can often get mixed up with. To have courage is to kind of have this faith there's knowing there's a willingness to kind of go on even when one is frightened. So let's take some slow, calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils. As you inhale Can you feel as if the abdomen expands as you exhale, can you feel as if the abdomen comes in inhalation, exhalation, calming the breath right down as you inhale as you exhale. So perhaps there's something that you wish to fry than within your life. But fear has cast a hefty obstacle upon your path. So in your imagination, Imagine you're walking through this kind of dirt track a country lane, so this feels either side of you. And in many senses is quite an easy walk, because you kind of have an idea of where you're headed, and what direction you want to go in. Yet, as you turn each corner, you can't see the next corner. And perhaps within your being, you start to feel a bit fearful, what could be around that corner, what could be lurking there. And then past, perhaps you didn't go any further out of fear that there wasn't actually any real danger there. But it was just a kind of fear that kept you stuck to the spot. So I invite you in your imagination to take one step at a time. So as you walk along the road, you're taking one gentle step at a time, as you inhale. As you exhale, you're allowing the body to flow. Remember, greatness was not achieved at once. Having the courage to put one foot in front of the other, of course, is not about being reckless, but at the same time, it's about having applied wisdom. So perhaps you don't know exactly what's around the corner. It's okay to gingerly turn each corner and have your awareness of what is unfolding. But the key is to be present. So in your imagination as you make your way along this road, can you can you allow yourself to be present? But what if I don't like my present life? I hear some of you say or imagine rather, some of you say, or take inspiration from today's talk. Think of the things that you do like about it. It doesn't have to be vast things. Maybe there's quite a lot going on your life which you're not so happy about. But can you think of some things that make you happy? It can be the scent of a coffee in the morning, the smiles of a loved one, whatever forever is that kind of evokes a sense of well being even in the face of adversity? Can you keep going? So as he turns next corner all as well, you're walking along, you're in your flow. And then perhaps as you turn the next corner, there's an obstacle, but don't let that take you off your flow.

Unknown Speaker  4:41  
Just say you turn the next corner and now it was blocked by a tree. Why instead of given up think the way that you can get around that maybe over it in your imagination that says under it. Through it, there's always a solution. into every problem. And if it's completely blocked, maybe that's not the way you're meant to go. Maybe take the turning the other way. Equally, don't just flee from your path. Because you think it's easier to not do it if that's what your heart's desire. So it's all about balance. So I want you to picture in your mind's eye now where you would like to go, where would you like to be in that flow and just remember the feeling that evokes inside. And thank you, dear one, for listening today, for being so wonderfully alive. So listen to this meditation was often as you need, allow yourself to be free, allow yourself to be in the flow, and allow yourself to let go. So thank you for listening dry, and I hope this helps you today. If you want to, you can journal away, you can sit a bit more quiet for a bit longer if that is what you need. Just allow yourself to be beautiful simply by being and allowing yourself to be free. So I'm the gentle yoga warrior. Thank you for listening. If you'd like a personalised meditation for your specific problem, please go to our website where we can offer amazing recorded meditations in a style that's right for you. So over and out for me. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

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