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March 16, 2022

Creating Mental And Emotional Resilience In The Era Of Uncertainty

Creating Mental And Emotional Resilience In The Era Of Uncertainty

I’m your host, The Gentle Yoga Warrior and today is going to be life-changing! We have a fantastic guest on the show today who is going to help you I am sure.

Please welcome today …Optimal Physical and Mental Health Strategist,: Gunther Mueller!  I particularly wanted to speak To Gunther today as from studying his website I got the impression from his words that we don’t need to fix ourselves, we are great as we are right now, and we can magnetically and abundantly attract the things we want in life.  How, might you ask? … all will be revealed!

Gunther Mueller has spent the better part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals, in a variety of specialties, assisting them in bringing life-changing therapies to their patients that help them Feel Young, Healthy, and Vibrant again.
Gunther delivers the education, insights, and sometimes complex information in simple, easy to understand conversation that inspires people to act and take charge of their own life now.

Gunther is extremely excited to be sharing the revolutionary Magnetic Mind Method that is taking the personal development movement by storm so that clients can learn how to turn “Thoughts Into Things” and become Conscious Creators instead of just responding and reacting to whatever life just seems to throw at you.
If there was only one thing to learn to finally create, experience, and live a life that you absolutely LOVE!...then this is it!

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Unknown Speaker  0:00 
Hello, everybody, I'm your host, the gentle yoga warrior and today is going to be life changing. We have a fantastic guest on the show today who is going to help you I am sure. So please welcome today, optimal physical and mental health strategist, Gunther Mueller, and particularly wanted to speak to John for today as from studying from his website, I got the impression from his words, that we don't need to fix ourselves. We are great as we are right now. And we can magnetically and abundantly attract the things you want in life, how might you ask all will be revealed. So just before we get into the conversation with comfort, I just like to tell you a bit more about gumpa. So golfer has spent the best part of the last decade working closely with over 300 medical professionals and a variety of speciality is assisting them in bringing in life changing therapies to their patients that help them feel younger, healthy and vibrant again, golfer delivers the education insights and sometimes complex information in simple, easy to understand conversations that inspire people to act and take charge of their life. Now, today, Gunther is extremely excited to be showing the revolutionary magnetic mind method that is taking the personal development movement by storm so that clients can learn how to turn thoughts into things and become conscious caresses, instead of just responding and reacting to whatever life has to throw at them. So without further ado, joining us from unfirm, Arizona, USA. Please welcome gunfire, Mala. Hi, Don. So welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:59 
Hello. Hello, Jane, thank you so much for having me on the gentle warrior here. And looking forward to having a super conscious conversation with you today.

Unknown Speaker  2:07 
I'm looking forward to it as well. And it's so I'm so gifted to have you on the show today and taking the time out. I think we're going to learn abundance abundance in many ways from you today. So today we're going to talk about creating mental and emotional resilience in an era of uncertainty. So I was reflecting on this before you came on the show gone fine, I thought I feel the biggest Lie we tell ourselves is that change is something that doesn't happen. And that is something that we can rigidly control. Just look at cycles of nature, seasons, etc. And how they flow in life by installing a sense of yield with purpose. One can learn to adapt and thrive. Yes, with so much uncertainty as life has How can we develop our mental and emotional intelligence to thrive and be who we were born to be anywhere dear listeners, Fear not. We have gone from Moeller to help us today. So going for what does create a mental emotional resilience, an Era of Uncertainty mean to you? And what inspired you to talk about it today?

Unknown Speaker  3:14 
Yeah, so this is a big topic, especially after the last couple years, just massive uncertainty in the mass consciousness in the globe, you know, as a whole. And you can, you know, we can choose a, let's say desired reality of optimal health and vitality. Right. This is the work that I've been doing with so many physicians, particularly in the area of hormone replacement, nutritional optimization, stuff like that. But if you ever read Joe Dispenza, his work on you are the placebo. The real medicine happens right here between our ears, the true medicine, the vibration, you know, of our thought energy is what informs our cellular structure in our body, the trillion cells that you have, right there being informed by the thoughts and the emotions that we carry with us most of the time, I'm not going to suggest to you that you can never have a negative thought that's just impossible, okay? The world happens the mass consciousness happens right now. And we're recording this show is just really the beginnings of what's happening in Ukraine. And you know, there's events around the world that create more and more uncertainty. And what I'm here to suggest to your listeners today, that is emotional or mental resiliency, you are in control of it. You can create the state of being emotionally and intellectually and mentally resilient. And I'm going to suggest to you just by choosing it, okay? And that's going to sound really simple. But in the present moment, we need to reclaim the power of choosing that which we would love to create the experience sense that we would love to have. And when you live a life that you absolutely enjoy, no matter what is going on around you. And this may sound a little bit selfish, that may may sound a little bit arrogant, but stick with me. Because when you help yourself, live a life that you love, you can then help others. It's like the airplane analogy that if you were in a bad airplane situation, they would say, put your oxygen mask on first, and then put the oxygen mask on of your child or somebody that you're trying to help out. Right. So taking care of yourself. And creating a life that you love is not a selfish act. Because when you exist in abundance, and I'm going to define abundance, is just having more than enough. Okay, having more than you need, it's not a particular number, let's say of money, it's not a particular amount of anything. I want you to think about air for a second. And have you ever contemplated if there would be enough air for you to breathe today? Never. Okay, so imagine if other things could be like air. Imagine that possibility for a second that if money could be like air, If love could be like air, if abundant, vibrant health could be like air? What if it? What if you could create a situation in your life where there's just always more than enough? So I would love the listeners to just draw that into their present moment, just as a possibility for a moment. And imagine for a second what that would feel like to really just experience having more than enough in every area of life. And imagine for a second what that would just feel like what emotions would you have? What feelings would you have? What beliefs would you have about yourself, about the world about other people in the world, what would just become a natural belief system that you would adopt if you were experiencing the reality of just having more than enough.

Unknown Speaker  7:20 
And, you know, there may be descriptive words of just joy passion. Is that the right time, there's all kinds of emotions that would come up. And this is where I want to call it this is where the magic starts. Magic starts in the imagination. Anything that has ever been created in this world has been created twice, once in the mind of the Creator once in the mind. And secondly, in the three dimensional world that we experience right now. I share that with you and your listeners, just so that you understand how the quantum physics of creation works. This is not my opinion. This is based on 40 years of science now where experiments have been done and all different levels of the power of thought, and you opened up the show with this idea or the ability to change. And sometimes things seem immutable. Sometimes our life situation or our current reality seems like it's stuck. And nothing changes, we just feel stuck. Some people may feel like they're in an oscillating flow, which is three steps forward, two steps back one step forward, have stepped back, I'm going for what I want, but then something happens and boom, I get snapped right back to the beginning. And I got to start all over again. And the place we would love to be as often as possible is what we call flow, or we call it being in the zone, right? And our professional athletes speak to that a lot. It's when we kind of just turn thoughts into things and the things we love to experience the things that we want, they just kind of show up in our life and I'm talking about people, opportunities, circumstances, situations, sometimes we refer to those things as being coincidental or being serendipity, right? I'm going to suggest to you that that is creation that is manifestation that is you focusing on what you want, instead of what you don't

Unknown Speaker  9:26 
want. And is that free choice is that where the choice element comes in, by

Unknown Speaker  9:32 
choice comes in, right? Most of us have been trained in our life, to be in what I'm going to call the problem solving reality. We have an issue we have a challenge something's shown up in our life and we have to we immediately go into trying to figure out how to keep something away. Like you know, when I when I talk to my clients initially I asked him so what do you want? What would you love to have? What would you love to explore? What do you want in your life? You told me you want this life that you would just love to live? And when I asked him for what would be the ingredients in that life, what are the things that you actually want? The number one answer I get is I don't know. Well, I don't really know, I have to think about that. If I ask most people the question of what don't you want? What do you know that you don't want that give me a list? I don't want to be bankrupt. I don't want to be homeless. I don't want to be alone. I don't want to be, you know, in XYZ situation, right? There's, they know exactly what they don't want. And they've been focused on keeping what they don't want away. Therefore, they give energy to that, which they do not want. That's yeah. Yeah, what you focus on what you give energy to what you keep concentrating on whether you're solving a problem, or you're goal setting, or whatever you're creating, you create, you're putting energy in creating really that which you don't want, that's where your power is going.

Unknown Speaker  11:05 
It's not very productive visit. And we all do it. So I do,

Unknown Speaker  11:09 
it is productive, but it's producing that which you don't want or it's maintaining a pattern. It's continuing to produce, let's call it the person that is stuck in their current reality, and nothing is changing. Well, everybody listening right now, I want you to really reflect for a minute on what are you focused on most of the time? Where is your attention? Where is your focus? And I'm going to assume for a second that what comes up is that well, a lot of times I'm focused on a problem that I'm trying to solve. And I don't really know the way I want it to be. And I'm going to call this your true choice or your true end result, or your true desire. And this is step one in the magnetic mind method is we have to know what we want. And you know that you're in a true choice or a true end result. Because if I asked you, Jane, if you told me what it is you want, and I would ask you, well, why do you want that? The answer that I'm looking for is, I want it just because I want it, I want it just because I want I would love to experience that. And what I what I don't want to hear is a story about why you want it, or rationalization about why you want something. I what we're solving for is the purity of desire of desiring something or wanting something or wanting to experience something your life for no other reason, then you would just love to experience it, can you feel that everybody listening?

Unknown Speaker  12:46 
I think that's beautiful. I have experience in it rather than, like, I cause quite a lot of self help things that you have to write down why you want it. And you do end up producing like an essay of like this scenario of like the future, whereas I like your description better. It's just for wanting it for having the experience and what what a beautiful way to live life to be in that kind of experience.

Unknown Speaker  13:11 
Yeah, so think about it, you're in the present moment right now. And the current reality is just the way it is now, whether it's filled with problems and challenges, and it's not the way you want it, and you would love to experience something different. The other thing I want to bring to your listeners right now is the perspective that the future is not always better than the present. You see, a lot of times we position the future as Oh, when I find the guy or the girl of my dreams, life will be good, I'll finally get to be happy. Right? When something happens that I will get to experience this happiness or this abundance, or this freedom, or whatever it is that your soul is kind of desiring, we usually put it in the future and we place it in a place where the future is going to be better than the present moment. And what I'm going to suggest that people need to begin to understand is that the current reality is just that it's just the current reality. And if we can desire something different, that's very different than desiring something better than the way it is now, because as soon as we define the future is better than the way it is now we get anchored into the negative energy and it keeps us kind of stuck in the current reality. So I want to present to you you know, kind of a place to be which is a two sided coin. One side of the coin is I'm completely content with the way it is now. And if nothing ever changed, I would totally survive. I could make it through I know how to handle it. It's fine, but yet being content with the way it is now desiring something different simultaneously at the same time, is where that creative energy lies. So being being completely content with the way things are now, not saying you even have to like them, I'm just saying, Be content with what you have created to this point. And in that, because you are already ours, the truth is you already are a super conscious creator, you just been creating unconsciously you've been creating through reaction you've been creating through the process of elimination, you've been creating through the process of consensus. What I mean by that is, in the age of social media before, sometimes we make a decision, we check with all our friends, and make sure they approve of what it is we say we want. And this is why what I shared with you earlier, I want what I want, just because I want it, not because my social circle approves of it, not because I acquired permission to have it, not because it's okay with my family, or it's okay with my kids, or it's okay with my spouse, or all the different scenarios that we go through before we actually choose. I'm asking you to think about what it is you want, purely what you want. And for no other reason than you desire, a particular experience you desire to experience life in a particular way. And I'm going to suggest to you that you need to know that first, in order to create it. Remember, everything is created in the imagination first gets created in your mind. First, you have to have a picture of it, you have to know what it smells like what it tastes like, what it's going to feel like, all the you can imagine it as though it already exists.

Unknown Speaker  16:50 
Wow. So that's the basically the first steps of manifestation is to know what you want, and always know what you want. Wow,

Unknown Speaker  16:59 
gotta know it and not not not not what you don't want. I want you to know what you do want the way you would love it to be? Okay?

Unknown Speaker  17:09 
And how would you start to do that? How would our listeners start to do that? Would they journal or they just would you suggest a sat down for an afternoon to do that? Or? Yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker  17:18 
it's, there's another phrase that I have, like the nothing in your life will change until you change something in your daily routine. Wise, yeah, it's a small little thing, in order for the reality to change in order for your life experience to change, you need to change something, one thing that happens in your daily routine, because when you change that, now, it may be a morning ritual, it may be a time of meditation, I'm not gonna tell you what meditation or how to meditate or anything like that, call it some quiet time, if you can just take maybe five to 15 minutes a day, and reflect on the way you would love things to be and command your focus to focus on that for a time now what's naturally going to happen in our minds, is our minds are going to want to go 50 different directions and 20 different directions. And it's completely natural. And it's not because you're broken, or it's not because you're not spiritual enough, or it's not because you don't have the right training or the capability to do this. I'm here to tell you that anyone, wherever you are right now, in whatever condition you find yourself can take a few moments, to focus on the way they would love things to be, and to see it and to experience it in their mind as though it's already there. And when you do that in your conscious imagination, and you bring the emotion into it, which is step number two, step number two, is to experience the emotion of the end result. What would it feel like to have what I want to already have it? What what is that going to feel like? Because Einstein said there's only two things in the universe and that is information and energy. The information is the intention, the information is the desire, the thought of what it is I would love to create. And the emotion is the energy that says this is what it's going to feel like when I have it. And if I can imagine for a second that I already have it now I can feel that feeling now and as that feeling permeates through your body through your cellular structure, imagine your cardiovascular system moving that energy or that emotion that feeling around your body. And the longer you can sit in that like to experience that that signal goes out into the quantum physical field and it begins to draw that reality to your present moment. So we You don't need to know how this life that I love is going to be created, we just need to know what it looks like. We need to know what contents is, what are the ingredients in a life that you love. If I was going to bake a chocolate cake today, I would need some milk, I would need some flour, some eggs, some sugar, some chocolate, right, I need ingredients to make a great, great chocolate cake. If I'm missing sugar, let's say it's not going to taste that good. And it's going to be a crappy chocolate cake. So if you go about creating your life missing a particular ingredient, not imagining it in full technical or detail, the granular details of how you want your life to be, well then that's like baking a cake without the sugar, you're going to get there, you're going to create something, but it's not what you really wanted. Because I didn't imagine all the subtle nuances the people, the places the clothes that I'm wearing the car that I'm driving the house that I'm living in the the people that you know the energy that I move through in my life. How do I want that to be? What do we want that to look like? And then you allow the universe to arrange the people, the places the circumstances, all the little details. That is where the magic and manifestation is, or the magnetism and manifestation is, is just allowing the details to show up.

Unknown Speaker  21:28 
Oh, I love that you paint a very vivid picture in Technicolor and like using all the senses to kind of really feel what what that what that future or what you want to create feels like I love that. I love that description. So the magnetic mind method, why have you not heard about it before? Like, I haven't? I haven't heard about it before, which is why I'm really excited to talk about it. And how does it you explained a bit about manifestation. But if you can go to bit more detail about that, that'll be really appreciated.

Unknown Speaker  22:02 
Yes, yeah, I've heard about it because it's relatively new. And you know, the personal development movements been around for at least 50 years. And what we say sometimes we feel like the personal development movement is kind of broken, because it keeps bringing you back to fix something about yourself, so that you can have what you want. And if you think about the personal development movement, it's another book another course another program, another retreat another something that you have to go to fix yourself. Or you're going to sit on the psychiatrist couch for 10 years, you know, having them bring up all the stuff that is wrong in your life, and what mommy and daddy did to you. And I'm not discounting traumatic events, a lot of people have had very unwelcomed experiences in their life that have been traumatic, they've been painful. They've been all that. But I anybody that's in that position, right? Now, this may sound a little callous, I don't intend it to sound callous. But you are in this moment right now, that is the past. And although the past has informed the unconscious code that you have adopted into your life, this is where the creation happens, the identity structure that we have created through our life needs to shift, because the identity creates the reality. And if the identity stays in the same spot, what I mean by identity, ideas that are deeply embedded that I'm not good enough, I'm not worthy, I don't deserve whatever it is I desire. I'm not capable, I don't belong, how many people feel like that they don't even belong to their own family. Sometimes. I mean, a lot of people somewhere I just don't belong, I can't find a group that I belong to. That is an unconscious code that is running. And the reality just keeps proving that up. This is how a stuck feeling remains. This is how an oscillating feeling remains. You try to do something different, but because the identity is stuck here, it snaps you right back to where you are. So unless the identity moves in the direction of the way you would love it to be all right, what's gonna happen, things are gonna come right back to where they are. This is like a universal law. It is just the way things are. It's not

Unknown Speaker  24:28 
a ban. So it's a really bad idea. Just yeah.

Unknown Speaker  24:33 
So it's not because you're broken. It's not because there's anything that needs to be fixed. It's actually more of a thing of some things just need to be let go. choices and decisions that we've made in our lifetime to reduce pain and increase pleasure. Those may have served us at some point in the past but in the current moment That belief structure that identity structure no longer is serving us to where we would love to be. So that's where the shift needs to be happened the old program, think of it like a Windows 10 update. Okay, like every once in a while your computer says, Oh, we have an update for you download the update. And now the machine is supposed to run better, you do a restart, and everything is supposed to be fine with the world, right? Instead of the Blue Screen of lockup and death, right. So we, we kind of function the same way. So we went through step one, step two, step three, is to experience the emotion of the current reality. And that is just getting into an observer type stance, imagine an airplane flying at 30 40,000 feet to seeing the way it is. Now imagine seeing your life that way, every aspect of your life. And I think there's only three or four aspects in life, money, love, health. And I think a fourth one is purpose and meaning, the desire to have purpose and meaning in your life is another one of these buckets, right? There might be a miscellaneous bucket there too, or something else fits in. But I think most people in it when I asked them what they want, it'll come in the category of money, love and relationships, health, and the search for purpose and meaning in this life. So when you observe just your life the way it is, now you just see it for the way it is now. It that's where you can create that contentment. Knowing that and taking some responsibility that if you know, they always say Hindsight is 2020. When you look backwards, you can see the dots and you can see the decisions that you made, the choices that you made, that brought you into the present moment. And if we look at our life, every day, from the moment we make it wake up to the moment we go to sleep, it is a series of choices. From the time What time am I going to wake up? Am I going to have breakfast? Or not have breakfast and have coffee? Or am I going to have tea? What am I going to wear today? Am I going to brush my teeth or not brush my teeth, right? There's a whole series of choices that are being made, some of them unconsciously, some of them consciously. And that creates the consequences and the day as it unfolds. So that's why I go back to saying unless you change something in your daily routine, in this case, I'm going to suggest reflecting on what you do want instead of all of your energy going on fixing what you don't want, you see if you just add one thing to your day, which is different than what you've been doing, which is purposely consciously focusing on what you want, building that mental picture.

Unknown Speaker  28:02 
So it's kind of building up that mental muscle of picturing that. And I say with anything, it's just takes a bit of practice, isn't it? Because like you said, a lot of people don't actually know what they want. But if one doesn't start and try to discover that, then one will never know what I'm really wants. So it's worth making that effort, I would say, and you give me when I listened to it makes me feel full of hope. And I don't know that it's possible for everyone to change and have have the life they want and endless possibilities.

Unknown Speaker  28:34 
Yeah, and I forgot to mention earlier, the thing on change is really the science of neuroplasticity, you know that we believe for a long time that after we're like 20 years old, that we're kind of set in our ways and things don't change. And then once you get past 30 You're really set in your ways. The truth is that you can change in a moment. And we've proved this through the science of neuroplasticity, and epigenetics, all right, where they can actually have a camera in the brain now. And when you're exposed to different things in your environments, the brain is actually creating new pathways and old pathways are being shut down, we can literally see the brain change the neural pathways in the mind. And that is actually how the change manifests itself in the three dimensional world. Because as your thoughts and as your emotions move through different pathways in the brain, different results are being created.

Unknown Speaker  29:31 
Yeah, it's so similar that we believe in the yoga tradition is that it takes 40 days to break a habit. So if there's anything you're particularly stuck on, we do have certain meditations that we do for 40 days and it can help change our reality etc. So I really do believe in the science behind that because it is a science people sometimes think it's Hocus Pocus, but there is actually is actually a science behind it all and it's worth pursuing for sure So how long is it? A lot of people ask this? How long does it take to get results? I would say how long is a piece of string? But anyway? What's your take on that? Gump?

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