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March 16, 2022

Creating Mental and Emotional Resilience Meditation

Creating Mental and Emotional Resilience Meditation

Creating Mental and Emotional Resilience  meditation to go with episode 8 season 9 in case you want to listen to this separately.  Please listen to the episode first before doing this.

Creating Mental and Emotional Resilience in the Era of Uncertainty

I feel the biggest lie we tell ourselves is that change is something that doesn’t happen and that it is something we can rigidly control.   Just look at the cycles of the seasons and nature to learn that by installing a sense of yield with purpose, one can learn to adapt and thrive.  Yet, will so much uncertainty, as life has, how can we develop our mental and emotional intelligence to thrive at who we were born to be?

This mediation will help you discover what you want in life. 

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Unknown Speaker  0:01  
So today's meditation is going to be a free minute guided meditation to help you understand what it is that you want out of life. Like with all forms of meditation, this is best done. When you're sitting somewhere quiet, you won't be distracted. And so if you're driving, etc, just pause this and you can reconvene from somewhere nice and peaceful and quiet. So you're going to sit up tall, as tall as you can for your body. Be that sitting cross legged on the floor or sitting on a chair, whatever is accessible to you. And you're going to start to slowly calm the breath. So you're going to breathe in and out through the nostrils. As you inhale, as you exhale in doubt, just take one more deep, really, super deep breath, inhale, filling up the whole lungs, and then exhale, let it go, and then just start to breathe normally. And you find yourself in a winter, wonderful, snow filled seen, the snow is about the snow is everywhere on the ground, not too deep, but nice and crisp. As you make footsteps in the snow in your imagination, you can feel the sound of the snow crackling underneath your feet. As you start to walk slowly along. And as you're walking along, and you're breathing, there is a house, a beautiful house, in front of you. And you possess the key to that house for as you look down into your hands, there is a key ring of your name on it. And inside this house, is what your heart most desires. gingerly at first you make your way on to the steps for you can't believe your luck. This house is amazing, amazing, and what is individual to you. Well, then, as you reach the door, and you turn the key, and you open the front door, that is the aroma of your favorite dish, your favorite food that you like to consume. And you walk into the house into the house as you breathe slowly and calmly. And there's a lovely warm, roaring fire and lots of cushions or maybe a soft back chair. And you find yourself sitting in this house. And you just close the eyes. And you breathe in this warm and contented space. And you ask yourself you ask yourself what is it? What is it that my heart most desires? What is it that I desire so much within my heart

Unknown Speaker  4:15  
and you allow the first thing that comes up which feels in vibrational harmony with yourself and to others. And in this lovely house that you're in, there is a notebook. So as you sit there, in your imagination, you pick up this notebook and you start to write a scene within your mind's eye of what that thing is how you feel with that thing, how it looks to be with that thing, perhaps how it tastes automl How it feels depending on what it is that you wish to have no need to rush just be. So you just write a page in your imagination of what it feels perhaps taste, feels, touches, smells like to be with that thing. All for the joy of experience in it perhaps you got the ideas straightaway, perhaps you've got a glimpse, but it is a start something to build upon. So take some slow, calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils back into the room. So I invite you to come back into this beautiful house, anytime that you wish to. The snow helps you to come into the magical imagination. And if you want to have longer this meditation, just press pause on this podcast or if you're ready to come out for today. Just take some slow calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils and calmly come back in to the room. And if you want to you can write down that thing in a notebook and come back to that meditation daily until you feel like you've really kind of cemented it in your hearts and in your margination so thank you, dear one for taking part in the meditation today. This is episode 82 I believe. And we have many more. There's about another 81 meditations on this podcast so there's plenty of meditations for you to do

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