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Oct. 29, 2020

The Energy Of The Air Element And How It Can Help Creativity

Podcast includes a meditation to help you release your creative spirit! Each element has a different energy. Air is the messenger and the seer. Creativity and flow. The elements of air and space yet it can be volatile. F...

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Oct. 19, 2020

Energy Balance Via Walking

The power of walking and how it helps our mental and physical energy is fantastic! By wandering along, all one’s senses come to life. Why not take walking to an energy -balancing level as well as a tool to clearing …

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Aug. 20, 2020

How To Improve Your Communicate Skills For Better Understanding

Being able to communicate our needs and being understood is something that many of us battle with from a young age. When people don’t get each other, it can lead to crossed-wires and hence arguments, leaving many of us feeli...

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Aug. 12, 2020

How To Cool Down This Summer Via A Breathing Meditation

This refreshing breathing meditation is great for stress, anger, irritation and those times when things just get too hot to handle. Cool down quickly!

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July 29, 2020

How To Turn Everyday Activities Into Stress-Busting Meditations

Meditation is a noun often shrouded in a cloak of mystery by those who misguidedly believe that meditating is just for the select few who have the time to sit under a tree all day and be one with their …

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July 21, 2020

How To Have An Impact in Life

We can all have a positive impact in life. Small gestures can move mountains. Never underestimate how much life needs you!

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July 15, 2020

How To Simply Reduce Stress

I’m often asked about stress and how to combat it. This Podcast highlights some super easy ways to feel less stressed. The ideas on this episode you can start implementing today. So simple and yet if only more of us …

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July 8, 2020

How To Stop Bullying Yourself By Changing Your Mental Mantra

Awareness is the key to change. By becoming the silent observer of our minds, and more present by making deep conscious breaths, we, at least, have a chance to tame our over-active minds. A mantra has the power to change …

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July 1, 2020

How To Deal With Change Via Meditation

Transitions/changes can knock our natural rhythm. We can be creatures of habit. If only more of us could thrive in the waters of change by approaching new things with excitement instead of fear. To counteract any unsettlemen...

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June 24, 2020

How To Go For Your Dreams When You Have Responsibilities

Catching dreams at times is frustrating especially with responsibilities. Fear of change can keep us stuck in life. Whether you have always had the same dream, or are only just discovering one, I hope my tips can help!

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June 17, 2020

How To Deal With Anxiety

I have some great tips I would like to share. My antidotes to times when I get anxious. I don’t claim that I no longer get anxious. However, through my yoga training, self-help study and personal experience I would like …

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June 13, 2020

How The Little Things In Life Can Bring Joy

There is no doubt we are all going through a challenging time collectively right now. Life though will rarely ever be without challenges, yet the key to comfort is to shine a light on the little things. Learn how you …

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June 7, 2020

How To Live Beyond Conditional Happiness

In this week's episode, 'The Gentle Yoga Warrior' shares her top tips on how to find more joy and meaning in life by dropping the need for conditional happiness. Instead find moments of joy through your day. The podcast inclu...

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