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March 30, 2022

Finding Hope Through The Power Of Visualisation

Finding Hope Through The Power Of Visualisation
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International multi-award-winning author of Dancing Souls: Merging Heaven and Earth – Book One: The Call. Kathleen Flanagan! Kathleenis the founder and CEO of Awakening Spirit, Inc. a certified Aromatherapist, a Vibrational Expert, Sound Therapist and Esthetician. Kathleen Flanagan taught esthetics at Heritage College, attended the School of Metaphysics and has taught spiritual principals for over 30 years.

Now combining this background with the proven DreamBuilder technology, Kathleen is helping clients achieve extraordinary results in accelerated time. She is filled with joy and gratitude as she works with people to transform their lives and close the gap between the life they were living and the life they LOVE living.

Kathleenoffers content rich interactive workshops that take participants on a journey in which they design, define, test, and experience a crystal clear vision of the life they would love – a life that is in alignment with their highest purpose. They will have a unique opportunity to “step into” the life they are imagining and feel a resounding “yes”.

Today we are going to talk about finding hope through the power of visualisation.

I firmly feel that how and what we visualise on, has a massive impact on our lives.

Yet, how can one make such a shift and is there any help that we can seek out? How can we all find power via visualisation?

In the words of our guest, Kathleen Flanagan... “You are grander than you could ever imagine. Your body is a mere shell holding a magnificent light. The only way to realize the magnitude of who you are is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being... — Kathleen M. Flanagan.



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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello everybody, I'm your host the gentle yoga warrior. And please welcome today international multi award winning author of dancing souls merging Heaven and Earth book won the call Kathleen Flanagan. Kathleen is the CEO of awakening spirit Inc, a certified aroma therapist, a vibrational expert, sound therapist, and esthetician Kathleen Flanagan taught aesthetics at Heritage College, attending the school of metaphysics and has taught spiritual principles for over 30 years. So dear listeners, we've got an expert in the room with us today. Just to give you a little bit more about Kathleen, she'd been combining her background with a proven dream building technology, which I'm really intrigued to hear what that is. And Kathleen is helping clients to achieve extraordinary results. She is filled with joy and gratitude. How lovely was that? And she works with people to transform the lives closing the gap between the life they were living and the life they are they love living. Wow. So caffeine offers contact rich, interactive workshops. I'll let her tell us a bit more about that herself. But I'm really intrigued to find out what and how she's going to be able to help us today. So without further ado, joining us from Colorado, please welcome Kathleen Flanagan. Kathleen, welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:34  
Thanks, Jane. I'm really happy to be here.

Unknown Speaker  1:36  
I'm so happy that you could join us. Listen, dear listeners, we had a few little glitches, but we got there in the end to speak to each of us. So that's divine timing, I call it so. It's fantastic. So today we're going to talk about finding hope through the power of visualisation. I feel that how and what we visualise does have a massive impact on our lives. That's not to say they don't sometimes visualise negatively which as you find myself I do catch myself doing sometimes I do believe that what we visualise does have a massive impact on our lives. And the energy where it's seen through the lens of lack versus the lens of kind of abundance or the lens of being present. Yet how can one make such a shift? And is there any help that we can seek out? How can we all find the power to visualise? In the words of our guests Kathleen, you are grander than you could ever imagine your body is a mere shell holding a magnificent light, the only way to realise the magnitude of who you are is to grow and evolve as a spiritual being. So Wow. So Kathleen, thank you for taking the time to speak to us today. In your opinion, how can we find hope through the power of visualisation, and what inspired you to talk about it today?

Unknown Speaker  2:57  
It's my personal journey. Back in 2008, a lot of things started to change. And the archangel Ariel had come into my life. And she said you're gonna write a book. And, you know, as people, we have a tendency to think they're nuts. And but I was like, Okay, well, I'll be open and receptive to it, you know, because I was still kind of floundering, and not really, it brought up a lot of insecurities. Let's just say that because you know, when somebody says that we can do something, we ourselves don't think we can do it, even though other people can see it. And we just have to believe in ourselves. So I thought, Okay, well, I'll leave an open mind to this. And so what happened is I ended up in Chicago for a year, and I wrote every day of what I was going through. And this was the beginning of some serious transformation that I really was unaware of at the time. So but during that period, all I knew is I wanted to be a better person. And that, for me, was huge, because sometimes we just get very complacent. And it's like, I'm good enough just the way I am. And I was born this way or whatever excuse we give ourselves but something shifted. And I was like, No, I'm a bigger person than this. And I wanted to discover what that was. Now that wasn't the easiest thing in the world to do. Because when you do a deep dive into yourself, it's not pretty somedays because we start seeing the ugly or the lies that have been told to us because we have taken on what people have said to us. You know, you're not pretty, you're not smart. You know, you're overweight, you're too skinny, you're too emotional, you're too angry, whatever it is, and we take this on, as because it's coming in as children. So we take all of this garbage on, and then I think we spend the rest of our life dumping what we were told that was a lie. So I was really learning a lot about the lie that were perpetuated on me that I took on out of just because I was a child and didn't know any better. In that process, though, the other thing that happens when we're in this middle of this transformation, we go into the dark night of the soul. And that means we're going deep inside the recesses of us. And we're seeing things that we don't like, or we don't understand, or we think this is who we are, when it's not, and we have to find our way back. But the only thing that dark night of the soul really is, is that we're bringing light to the dark recesses of us, we're finding the truth of who we are through the darkness that we're in. And when you are changing how you see and perceive this darkness, because it does suck to be there. You know, none of us likes to be that because we always want to be happy and free, and you know, abundant and prosperous, and joyful. And that's not life. That's just not life. You know, that's not growth. You know, that's the reward of doing the hard work on ourselves. And during this process, when I finally came back to Colorado, my mother had died at that period of time. You know, shortly after I came back, there was a lot of things that happened. And there was a point of hopelessness. And that was one emotion I had never felt was hopelessness. And I understood suicide, very clearly, of why people commit suicide at that point, because when there's hopelessness, there's nothing. There's nothing. I couldn't even find myself, I was so deep in the trenches of just grief, and filtering through lies and trying to understand what had happened in my life. And why was I here? And what did I do to these family members that I no longer associate with? It was just one thing after another that I just felt like I was so piled in, under all this burden of lies and Miss truce and, and the only way I knew how to get out of it, and was I just started to be grateful. That was all I knew to do. And the only thing I was grateful for was there was a blue sky.

Unknown Speaker  7:10  
And then I'm living in Colorado. And that was how I started my way back. But you know, that was the hardest thing, because I knew that the only way to get out of this was I had to do something different. You know, being in it feeling in it, you know, you have to do that you have to feel it, you have to be in it, you have to find the answers of what caused it. And then you have to get out of it was, it's gonna cause suicide, because I don't see any reason to live. I mean, if I was this horrible a person, why should I be living? You know, I mean, what value did I bring? And those are the things that come up. And hopelessness is the diminishment of who you think you are. And you actually believe somebody said that was a lie. And finding your way back was hard. So powerful on many levels was because I was learning how to get out of those very deep, dark recesses. And I think there's a lot of people that are suffering from that now, in many ways, from the COVID stuff that went on, there's a huge transformation happening on this planet. And I think a lot of people are very lost right now. They're very confused, they do not know how to find their way out of it. And to me, gratitude is one of the best ways to start, but you need help also, to, you know, keep propelling yourself and then finding out what is it that you love? Who is it that you want to be and start building on that. Because that happened was I you know, I thought I was gonna end up in my car because I wasn't I had no income coming in. And I had no way of, like, getting this done. And I would submit saying, I can do this, you know, I was asking people, it's like, I can help you with this, if you want to type of thing. I wasn't asking for money. I wasn't asking for anything. And I just remember just sitting there being on my living room couch just being who do you want to be? Where do you want to go? You know, and I knew this was temporary, you know, I knew that. And it was getting through that temporary place. And my ego is screaming like, what are you doing sitting here, you worthless piece of garbage? Why are you sitting here you should be doing this going to work for seven elevens not going to call, you know, stop the problem. You know, it was me. And I just sat there and I just visualised who I wanted to be and how I wanted my life to work. And within eight months I came up to I was just shy of making $100,000 Just by being for like, two to three weeks and then things started moving money started coming in in so many different ways. I was blown away of what was happening, because I was being who I wanted to be. I was seeing who I wanted to be I was seeing the money coming in. And you know, and I like showed work. In my mind, there was no way this could work. But it was I was so determined. And so when people say, I mean, thoughts are things, they truly are things. And the other thing that I did, and most people don't do this, and you know, I went through my own personal battles on learning this, but the one thing that I did is, what is the worst case scenario. So I went in lived the worst case scenario when I was trying to get out of it. And my worst case scenario was sit living in my car. So I went and lived in my car in my mind, so I could feel it, I could experience it. And I cuz that was the worst it could be. And when I was already in my car in my mind, because your mind doesn't know any different, I found a way out. So sometimes going to the worst case scenario because you know, we live in Doom and dread and fear, right? So why not? Okay, you want to go with it. Go in and do a deep dive into what that feels like. And then see how long you stay there. Trust me, you don't stay there. You're out of there as fast as you can get out and you pour your emotions into it.

Unknown Speaker  11:19  
You're extraordinary and and I've never heard anyone say that before where they actually went into the worst case scenario, but I guess by doing that, it loses its hold over you it you know, like by imagining you're in the car and this is the worst that can happen then. I think that's amazing. It's a really a good way because of visualisations. I often hear that Oh yeah, you just need to visualise yourself in the best profit possible thing. But then the ego can sometimes come through the backdoor and we can kind of sabotage any anything we're trying to kind of manifest. So when you were doing the visualisations, if you don't mind me awesome. Were you doing them daily? Or was it just? Did you do spend a bit time daily? Or do you just do it a bit and then left it to fit?

Unknown Speaker  12:06  
Generally, I mean, the worst case scenario is generally a one time thing. I mean, you just deep dive into it, and you pour your emotions, your heart, your everything you've got you pour into that experience, and then you release it, because you know that, if that's the worst case, I can do better, because then you realise, you know, again, that brings up gratitude that I'm not there. I think I'm there. But I'm not there. You know what I mean? So you start opening your eyes, the perspective starts to change that you're still you still have a roof over your head, and you still have food in the refrigerator. And, you know, and you answers, find their way to you, you know, like, sometimes answers will come in, and you act on them. And then it's like, it's like that little baby step you're taking moves you and propels you. To answer the question, every morning, when I would get up having my coffee, I would sit in the same place. And I would just hold that place of who I wanted to be and where I wanted to be. And then there were times throughout the day, I was doing that when I was going into, you know, depression. And I would be Who do you want to be? I mean, I was really paying attention to what I was doing at the time, I was noticing what I was noticing, and it's like, Okay, I'm going down the rabbit hole. Okay, stop. Three, who do you want to be and go back and live in that vibration, because that's the only thing you can do is change your vibration to bring it on. Because if I stayed in the Depression, then I was going to end up in the car. And I already lived it. I didn't want to go there again. So why, why do that. So it was a huge incentive to really pay attention. And I mean, there were times because grief is a really hard thing to deal with. I mean, it really is very difficult and how it moves in waves. And it would be like, just be in it for you know, 30 seconds, because you know, anything, you can live with anything for 30 seconds, and then when you're in it, it'll pass in 30 seconds, that's any emotion you have. And I learned that not knowing it yet, but I have learned just be in it. And it passes you know, be in the grief be in the fear of being whatever it is. And when I did that, things started to move forward. You know, this, the angels were there, they were talking to me, they were and they gave me you know, why don't you take your sound and I want you to go do this. Okay, and I thought what do I have to lose with this? So what I had done was they said, fill the tub with water get in there, put the essential oils in and take the tuning forks with you and I swear to God, I did that I put that bark on the water and ice warm every neuron in my body, my brain which all the way down. And I shifted out of it and that was a message they gave me and I acted on it and it worked Wow

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
that's amazing that's that's extraordinary. I also to add or just Robin just like to ask I was reading your book dancing souls merging Heaven and Earth the call. And it was we were talking about Ariel Angel Ariel as featured in this Oh, I completely agree we can get messages in different ways I believe I always see those they're like tiny little lamb they're made of almost like tinsel like little tinsel hearts and I just see them in like really random places and then just a nun pig and I and that's when the angels are close by and that's my, my sign from them because it's something that you wouldn't normally see like you're walking along the road or, or things like that. For those who are not so aware of how do you receive messages from spirits? What any tips that you can give our listeners?

Unknown Speaker  15:50  
Well, a lot of it is listen to their quiet still voice in your head. I mean, you know, when it's your voice and you know, when it's not your voice. I mean, we've had the like the good angel and the bad angel on our shoulders kind of thing. It's not those two, it's there's some there's another place that it really comes from your heart, and we all get messages and it's all different. Sometimes people get them through feelings, sometimes they hear it. Sometimes they get it in other ways. But what I have learned during that period of time is like my lights flickering on in the kitchen. Why is that going on? So I'm having a lightbulb moment, you know, that's a message, or I would watch a movie. And you know, and all of a sudden there's this answer that is like, Oh my god. So if you're really present, you know, because like you know seven birds flying over your head that's a spiritual of the gut, the angels are watching over you 555 Hang on to your hat. Big changes are on their way pay attention to the numbers that are coming in triple numbers are our huge messages from the angels

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
kind of sauce. Your question about that? Kathleen? I see the number 111 all the time, like 111 likes one one. Literally, I take pictures now because I see so often.

Unknown Speaker  17:05  
Yeah, you're in this stage of a new beginning and focus in and dial in on what is it that you want really dial in? Because the thoughts here is coming in. But it's not solidified when you get to two two means it's starting to manifest. Ah, it was like that moment. What do you want? What do you want? What do you want and it's a great way to come very present with it, you know, where you're getting your thoughts in line, where the messages are coming in. So that's what that means.

Unknown Speaker  17:32  
Excellent, perfect, Sam. So basically just look out for messages become more present more aware, look up for patterns, and it can be different for different people, but generally just be have a bit more of awareness. What is the hidden meaning in your life's experiences? Do you think because you've had from reading your book and from a conversation, you seem to have an extraordinary life of personal transformation, and you use the gifts to help others.

Unknown Speaker  18:00  
Will everybody has a gift that that was probably one of the biggest things I realised when I was in Chicago is that everybody was giving me a gift. It didn't matter if it was like I had a landlord who went through my trash and would come up and tell me that whatever. And I'm sitting here going, you're in my trash. And I'm like, and then it was the message came in? Get ready, because see, they looked at what you talk to the angel. So you're like somebody special, and they put me on a pedestal kind of thing. And it was to me, it was weird. It was a weird feeling. Because I'm like, but I'm, I'm still a little bit sometimes, you know, it's like, I'm still human. And it was kind of like a place that I had to really dial in on because I found it very offensive. But I also was told, this is what the movie stars go through where people will go through their trash, they will do this, if they put them on a pedestal is like they want to get something that belongs to you. And like, Okay, that's a little morbid, but okay, I understand that. So I took that as a message and a hidden meaning of I'm being prepared for something, and I need to be able to dial that in. The next thing was is that there was I needed to there was how do I hold my sanctuary? If I go into this place where I'm going to be, you know, out in the limelight, so to speak, how do I maintain my privacy because that became the next thing that came up is that that people wanted to be involved in my life and I didn't want them involved in my life. They were putting in their nose where it shouldn't have been bought. And I wasn't talking about it, but they were like hearing rumours or they were making stuff up and I had and my first reaction, of course, was always anger because I'm a very private person. And so I had to learn how to set those boundaries because that was something new for me at that point was learning how to set boundaries. And so that became another thing of looking at okay, well, here's another one. Get a meeting that came out of my life. You know, there were lots of things that were coming out and realising that a lot of the traumas and the abuses and things that have happened in my life, they were all gifts. They were all gifts. I didn't see them as gifts at the time. And I was angry about them. But they were gifts because it started to define who I was. It helped me to dial in on my purpose in life, because things happen to us for a reason. We brought this in, we're not victims to any of this, as much as I wanted to argue this half my life, we're not victims to this, we created it, we decided this and our guides are making sure that we're living through it, they're not going to give us anything more than we can handle. So that hopeless place that I was in, I created that and is like, yeah, yeah, sure. And that's how you feel. But when you get on the other side of it, it's like, yeah, I get why I did this, because it was the fastest way to get to that next level, because sometimes we can just kind of skate through life, but I want it to get there faster. And so when you're asking to go faster, that's what they're gonna do to. So you can accelerate your own personal growth, but you have to be prepared for it and have a support system to because I had people that were supporting me, which helped not that they knew where I was at. I could just talk to them. They didn't have to answer me, they didn't have to say anything, because I was going to find my own answers. I can see

Unknown Speaker  21:26  
that and establishing boundaries is, is very important. With regards to connecting with AI guys. Do you feel it's important to do this daily? Or do you feel to choose a guide? Or can you have several guides at once?

Unknown Speaker  21:43  
I have a gaggle of guides

Unknown Speaker  21:47  
like that a guy go.

Unknown Speaker  21:49  
Never forget, I went to a psychic years and years ago, and she was like, Oh, my God, how do you do this? They said welcome to my role. I knew she was real. They're all talking at once to her, you know?

Unknown Speaker  22:02  
Yeah, I can imagine I asked for

Unknown Speaker  22:05  
help. But the thing is that at this point there, I mean, they're there. And and I know they're there. And they still and I do ask for help, because they're not going to help you unless you ask. And but we're also at that place where we have to take responsibility for who we are, yes, they're there to help. They're there to guide their help, you know, kind of steer you and all of that. And I do talk to women, I'm still very connected with them. It's just not like what it used to be. But I also I just, I just know they're there. And when they're not there, there's like this little trauma that comes in. And I have a colleague that she and I are we're so like, it's like we're taught we talk each other's lives, right. And when they're not there, and we we grumble at them, because we do, because we're allowed to, and people don't think you're allowed to not yell at the guides and spirit and everything else. And I do all of that. Because sometimes, you know, you're just angry and frustrated. And it's like, if you think this is so funny, or this is easy to get your butt down here and live my life, you know, because some because they're in spirit, they don't. They're not in this confined space that we're in for a physical body, you know, they've got access to everything. So you know, sometimes it's like, okay, let's have a check in guys. But that's what keeps it you have to keep it comical and light, because that's one thing that they try to do for us is, don't get too heavy, because I'll never forget one time I was I was in Nevada. And my animal was like angry at my mother. And it was like, Don't you die on me before I get this resolved, because she was always she was sickly. And so my concern was that my goal was to resolve my relationship with my mother before she passed away, and I went to Nevada. And then I was like, didn't have any money. And we were two weeks behind on our rent, and I didn't have a job and all this stuff. And I remember hearing the Archangel Michael laughing in my head. And I was so mad at him and I'm yelling at him and he's laughing. And then all of a sudden, just like that, I got it. Lighten up, and within a week. I had a job. Our rent was paid. We have more money coming in, because I had to lighten it up quit take your life so seriously. That's always teaching me something like that. Just yelling at him is laughing and you're like, This is not fun. And then when I said that was like oh my god, this is hysterical. Get this. I'm like the crazy anyone for what? You really think they're gonna abandon you. They didn't me you have to have a sense of humour and that's an eye you know, and that was probably one of the beginning lessons of learning to just if you're laughing and dancing and having a good time, even if you don't feel like laugh and dance and have a good time because you know what Spirit loves when you're laughing?

Unknown Speaker  24:55  
Yeah, no, I'm not be too serious and and find moments of joy and kind of, yeah, because sometimes I can find myself like going a bit serious about things as well. And I'm just like, you can kind of build things up in your mind. And then another kind of lighter note that I think so I'm just like dancing around the room or just like just having a laugh and a bit of humour about something can kind of switch our way of being with regards to your book, Kathleen, or your books rather, because you said the second ones come out? How can how can our listeners get hold of them? What's the best way is it through your website

Unknown Speaker  25:33  
will have its own Amazon, both books are up on Amazon. So you can get a Kindle version or paperback? You can also go to Kathleen and Flanagan comm they're there as well. And on that site, it has a list of everything else that I do. And

Unknown Speaker  25:51  
yeah, perfect. So one of the services fun sigma lessons do you offer on your website?

Unknown Speaker  25:59  
I do have I mean, I do have the coaching for the Dream builder. So if you wanted to start learning how to life of your dreams, you know, part of it is this. I mean, you know, you start with noticing what you're noticing, and notice what your discontent is, you know, because those are the things that are letting you you know, that something needs to change. Because you know, we get into a rut, we get into routines, you know, with the kids, our jobs, our partners, you know, and when you're noticing a discontent, that's our spirit saying, we need to change. And so I teach you how to move through that and start building the life that you want. Because we as humans know what we don't want, most of us do not know what we want. That's a real big thing. Because I remember the first time I ever heard somebody asked me, What do you want, and I just, I'll never forget, I was on the highway driving, and I stopped dead in my tracks. And I'm like, I don't know what I want. I have no clue. No one ever asked me. And that was a that was probably another big start of move that forward movement, again was another giant leap. And, you know, so that was so that's one thing that we do is what is it you want and then teaching them how to stay focused staying present, to move into that how to deal with paradigm shifts, because our egos are going to come up, they are going to stop us fear is going to be gripping, and how and I have techniques and how to get through that. So I have a lot of tips on my website. I do have services. I can do inner guided meditations, I do sound therapy, we can do a lot of things. So there's a lot of different things that I do offer besides just the coaching. And then for your listeners, I'm going to give them a three minute destress meditation where they can just download the link and, and have access to it anytime they want.

Unknown Speaker  27:52  
Oh, that's very generous of you, Kathleen, I heard one of your meditations earlier and they're fantastic, dear listeners, Kathleen's meditation really lifts your vibration and it's it just grounds you and it's well worth listening to. So listeners do go and check out Kathleen's website to find out details about her meditations there is there anything else you'd like our listeners to to know deal with

Unknown Speaker  28:18  
her and do it anyways and then just open your heart now just really focus on opening your heart and find the good in every situation. Because there is always good in a situation you just have to look for it. And when you see the good and you start seeing you know there's more of a positive full experience that comes and and I can say this from my own personal experience of just all the things that have happened and at this point I have seen the value of everything that has ever happened to me even things that are happening today I still see the good I look for the good and it keeps me positive it keeps me in a higher vibration it keeps me in a love vibration because right now our light and our love is so needed for and that we are in desperate need of helping each other and and being kind I mean just being kind is I think he just knowing that you don't know what that person's going through. If they're having a bad day you just don't know be kind to us because somebody might be kind to you when you're having a bad day.

Unknown Speaker  29:28  
So to see the silver lining and everything and have a bit more kindness, kindness to ourselves kindness to others kindness and general caffeine it's been I feel so grounded from speaking to you I can feel your your kind of grounding energy even though we're speaking to each other from different corners of the planet. I I'm really looking forward to reading your second book. So thank you, dear listeners do stay tuned as always as a meditation inspired by today's Congress. It's been a real grace to have you on the show, Kathleen. So thank you so much for your time. And hopefully I'll speak to you again in the future. Thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  30:10  
I appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker  30:12  
Really appreciate it. Thank you. So here's a meditation inspired by today's show. So you're going to sit up really tall, or you can sit on the floor, depending on if you're able to or not, pick one that is right for you and one that you can sustain. And, as always, if you're out and about, better do this meditation somewhere quiet, where you won't be disturbed, and not when you're trying to concentrate on something. So sit up tall, do one, and you're going to close the eyes. And as you close the eyes, you imagine yourself walking to the edge of the most beautiful ancient lake, perhaps you are now in the ancient isle of Avalon, in the mystical town of Glastonbury in the UK, or any other Lake, be it one, you've physically been to a one that's in your imagination, but just some things that you can relate to. And as you walk to the edge of the lake, it's a very calm day, there isn't a ripple in the water. And there's a faint mist in the air. But as you get closer, the sun has risen even higher in the sky. And it costs some beautiful light upon the lake. And as you look into the water, the water is the most crystal clear that you have ever seen this lake, and you start to slow the breath down, taking into the surroundings taken in the moment. And there's a natural seat right next to the edge of a lake. It can be whatever it is in your imagination, perhaps it's some grass, perhaps it's a very comfortable large stone, something that you can sit on. And as you sit on the edge of this lake, you just watch the water, watch the crystal clear water flowing, and being with very small ripples of water. Every now and again on this extra calm day. And you look into the lake and you see your reflection. And as you look at your reflection, you whisper the words, I love you.

Unknown Speaker  32:56  
I love you.

Unknown Speaker  33:00  
I love you. And you continue to tell yourself that as you catch your reflection that you love, and honour yourself completely in the moment. And you continue and as you do that you smile. Even if you don't fully believe it yet remember, as Einstein always says Everything starts with imagination. And if you imagine it, the self love will be there. So I love you. And just think to the water as you reflect you are perfect, perfect in every way. You are alive, you are unique, yet you are part of a greater, greater, plan a greater energy and just continue and say I love you.

Unknown Speaker  34:03  
I love me.

Unknown Speaker  34:10  
I love myself. I love you. And the reason you say I love you and talk about yourself in third person is because it's your highest self telling yourself that you love yourself just for a moment, just feel how it feels to be held by the love of self acceptance.

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And then very calmly, say thank you to yourself, thank you to your lake, and then just start to come back into the room. Take some slow calm deep breaths in and out Breathing nostrils and go for dear one, you wonderful being. And remember, there's many meditations on this podcast. I have started to split them so that you can do the meditation separately as well. But on the ones that I haven't if we just go back to the last 1510 minutes you will find them on each podcast.

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