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Dec. 28, 2022

Five Minutes of Mindfulness and Meditation To Send Healing To Those In Need

Five Minutes of Mindfulness and Meditation To Send Healing To Those In Need
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It's the season to be jolly, and yet it can bring up a lot of stress and sometimes pain.  Yet, fear not!  I may be on vacation but I will be bringing you ten minutes or less of Holiday Season survival ideas through out the break in the shape of mindfulness, meditations and ideas on how to deal with the stressful side of the holiday season.  Also, how to keep up with a mini practice so that you keep yourself nice and balanced and calm. 

For the second one we are going to work on:Five Minutes of Mindfulness and Meditation To Send Healing To Those In Need

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Thank you so much, dear listeners for choosing this podcast out of the millions of podcasts that are out there, it really means a lot to me. So thank you. Thank you. Thank you. So I may be on vacation, it may be the holiday season, as I've snuck up into my office to record this. And we may all be short on time with the commitments of loved ones are kind of trying to have the holiday season. And you know, it's a wonderful time, but it's not about if it's stresses and strains. And this is why I decided to even though I'm on vacation to bring you 10 Minutes or Less of mindfulness to help you through the holiday season. And and to help shape the mindfulness meditation in a way that can become a mini practice to help keep yourself nice and balanced and calm. And for this second, in this bonus series, we are going to do a five minutes of mindfulness meditation sending healing to those in need. And unfortunately, Today's show was inspired by a loved one who has had to spend their Christmas period in hospital which is never fun anyway to be in hospital, but over some sort of holiday season isn't the best Eva. And it made me think of all those people who, regardless of what time of year had to try and get through times, which are supposed to be happy. Say it'd be be holiday season, but weddings, etc, where they can't make it because due to illness, or due to circumstances or anything like that. And I thought, this is the time where a lot of people can receive lots of gifts. But there's so many people out there who aren't receiving any gifts and healing. And maybe you are feeling that you need some healing too. So I thought what better thing to do then to do a five minute meditation where we can send healing to those in need and in turn receive healing for our own needs on hence we're going to create this wonderful place where everyone's got to feel a sense of love joy, and in times we feel helpless where we may not be able to help people who are sick or gone through things, we can send them some energetic love and support and that we can ascend in abundance. So as always, you're going to sit have a nice tall spine if that is possible for you. And you can either sit if you're used to sitting on the floor and you've got the strength to do that by all means do so if not you can sit on a straight back chair and then just close the eyes take some calm deep inhalations calm deep exhalations and this meditation that began so using your imagination you are now in this magical cave. What is so beautiful and spectacular about this cave is that is filled with beautiful crystals and beautiful jewels. But the ground is like earthy kind of red Ricci earthy concoction. And it is so grounding is like iron kind of that roundy kind of feel to it. And you're sitting here calmly and it's creating this kind of like circularly labyrinth shape in your imagination. And as you sit there on the earth, you kind of feel the heartbeat

Unknown Speaker  3:45  
through your feet echoing right through your entire being the rhythm may be different for everyone and that's fine, you will find the rhythm that's right for you. And as you sit there you breathe and you bring in some calming peaceful energy so you feel that energy come into your body via the prana the life force of oxygen bringing rich, oxygen rich blood to the whole of your body

Unknown Speaker  4:32  
coming into your body, through the breath and into your Anahata chakra which is the heart centre. So you can place one hand in the centre of your chest slightly towards the left and the other hand on your navel and you can begin to breathe and you connect the energy of this cave ground we Could symbolise mother earth and the energy of the cave ceiling which could symbolise father sky, and you're bringing that energy into your being. And even if this is a little bit off the wall for you stick with me. So you feel this energy coming into the body, you feeling the breath, this lifeforce. So you kind of start to illuminate with this lifeforce energy. And then in your imagination, there's someone sitting with a back to you in front of you. And that can be the loved one, the person or even a place a country where you wish to send healing, this will be personal to you, whoever pops into your mind, as you place your hand on their shoulder. Imagine that from your heart centre, you are sending them energy of love, support and healing. You take some breaths. And as you breathe, as you breathe, that energy of healing into that other person, someone has placed their hand on your shoulder. And they are sending you healing or the healing that you need. So as you give healing, you are receiving healing. And the way that everyone's sitting in this kind of maze of a circle, there's not one person that isn't giving and receiving. So then the balance of the universe is in perfect balance of this giving and receiving of energy. And you're given that person in front of you strength, healing, compassion, elevation, all those kinds of positive emotions. And also the strength to deal with when own positive emotions come their way. Because that is a natural part of life as well. So you're given them that healing that strength through your breath, as you send it, beam it out into the universe out into that person. And in turn, someone is beaming into your being. And we are so much more connective connected than we believe. So instead of sending fear to other people, can you send joy, love, elevation, strength and healing. And in turn, allow yourself to receive as someone senses to you. So take a nice, deep inhalation, a nice, deep exhalation and without speaking to them will run without them turning around. And then without the person in front of you turning around, are you turning around, just say thank you, and then send that thank you to the person in front and then feel that energy go back to the person behind you. So again, everyone's saying thank you giving and receiving equally. And then suddenly you find yourself on your feet. A cave is now empty. And then you slowly come up the stairs out of the cave, back into your everyday life into your everyday world. Knowing by spending a few moments each day you can send healing and in turn, receive healing. And we could do this on a global scale sending joy, love and happiness. So slowly come back into the moment come back into the room and go about your day, evening. whatever time it is you're listening to this with that magnificent energy that you gave and received imbalance. So I find you from the bottom of my heart for the energy that you have given to the world by taking part in this meditation. So thank you so much. And as always, I'm available here to do personalised recorded meditations which can help you work on a specific problem for yourself. I'm also here to offer energy healing sessions. And an array of mindfulness tricks which has helped me navigate myself through life and in turn have inspired me to help you today. So thank you, dear listener, thank you so much.

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