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May 24, 2023

How A Tree, A Bow and And A Deep Breathe Can help Low Energy

How A Tree, A Bow and And A Deep Breathe Can help Low Energy
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How to get yourself into a place where you can feel better able to listen, be and concentrate via deep breathing, posture and even dance!  In this bonus episode, The Gentle Yoga Warrior took inspiration from her low energy at a conference.  She was able to managed it using yoga skills to feel vibrant again!   She wanted to share this with her lovely listeners.
 This show also contains a one minute recorded meditation to boost energy.

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Speaker 1  0:00  
Hello, dear listeners. And as I record this podcast this week, I'm super excited about got on a long deserved, well deserved break, and I just can't wait I need to rejuvenate my being. And when I do that it makes me kind of able to kind of give more to the world. And we are halfway through season 13. And it's almost a third birthday. So I wanted to leave you with a kind of a special episode before I go away. So I'm going to talk to you today how a tree bow and a different ref can come back low energy. So first of all, you're thinking yoga warrior. Are you telling us to take of archery? I'm not an archery person myself. So no, that's not what I'm saying. I do understand that splitting apples probably does require steadiness and the skill set there certainly don't have breathing and trust. Also, this week's podcast isn't a guide to hugging trees, even though that can be very nice. Indeed, Noah is a guide to hold your breath. Like a free diver law, I do believe those people have a great skill set, which they've kind of worked up to was a while ago, I attended a great conference. And there was a lot of useful information to take in, right. I know how we get when you listen to things, you can feel tired, hungry, hot. And if you're anything like me, you can be easily distracted if you're not kind of connected with your breath. So to keep myself more alert, I kind of took a little walk around the outside of the conference building, and kind of found a place where I could sit and be quiet. And I just like to share with you my special energy routine where I kind of feel a bit lost. So like, why not say and I warmed my body up, right? Obviously, there's grass outside. So I understand you can't always do this. But my feet were evenly parked right and about hip distance apart. And then took a nice deep breath, and I raise my arms above my head. And as exhale reached as if I was trying to touch the ground. And you know, like sometimes I can touch the ground with ease. And sometimes it can take a bit of time. But it really wasn't about that I just thought I really need to get myself into a place where I can listen to this conference. And so I did that a few times. And then the next thing I noticed there was a tree, right. And as you may or may not know, I love trees. I also love tree pose in yoga. And if you're not sure what that is, if you have a look on Google, I'm sure you'll find plenty of images of what that is. But it's quite a fundamental yoga posture where you stand and you kind of bring one foot into the inner faiz, and you make yourself kind of strong and grounded like a tree. And I kind of did that. And I did it for a few breaths. And it really grounded me, don't get me wrong, it helped with the fact that there was grass underneath my feet. But it was kind of a really easy way to kind of kind of like wake me up a bit. And then the next thing I did, I took a few more breaths and then just interlocked my hands and then just gently leaned back a bit just to create a little bit space across my chest. Because sometimes we know we're kind of sitting forward and we're writing and we feel kind of tired, that kind of kind of damages our posture a bit. So this is a way of kind of doing a backbend without having to go too far. And obviously I was listening to how my body was, but I took a few breaths. And then finally right, I sat cross legged on the ground, and I just imagined I was inhaling just through the right nostril. And those exhale and just through the left and a nose, inhale and just through the left nostril and exhale and back. So it's gone from one side to have a. So it sounds a bit like alternative or Supreme, but I was doing it about my hands. So then I was kind of able to sit and still do that without kind of people wondering, saying that most people are kind of used to people doing yoga, but it was a conference. Now, I kind of wanted to make kind of a good impression. So I continued doing that for a bit and kind of felt that I was able to then like get really kind of back into the moment back into the now and that kind of made me think of like how the initial Title I get gave us how a tree bought on deep breath and combat low energy. So if you're out and about and you're having difficulty and you've got a lot of energy, I'm not saying you have to do my little yoga routine, but you can kind of just find a place where you can stand and ground. Take some breaths, kind of try and open the chest a little bit by kind of just leaning back a little bit. And then you can can sit down and just take some deep breaths and this is the jam the guns you I'm in this is the pure simplicity of what I'm kind of suggesting. So if you're feeling that you're kind of finding your low energy, you find it hard to concentrate. Top thing is go outside, find some fresh air. Number two is connect with your breath. And number three is kind of make sure you're not rounding. So just doing those three simple things will kind of like help you. So that's kind of like a how to kind of combat low energy on in that kind of sense. But I would also invite you to do something that's really fun. Like, find something that's realistically fun, that you can kind of do to kind of get your energy up, do you know what it is act, do dance, and if I feel really kind of like, Oh, I'm lacking, I need some more, something more creative to kind of help me kind of get through the day or rather get me kind of going and into a creative mindset, then I will do a bit of dance. And so that is a really top tip. Read a book that you've read before, twice. Okay, I'm just going to grab it as I'm speak to you. So, I read this book a while ago is Tasha Silver's, it's not your money. And it's so good. Like, it's, it's not telling you to write 1000s of affirmations a day, which is something that we can do. It's not telling you that you it's your fault, if you can't manifest and all the things that people say and said it's really helping us understand our how to live fully from Divine abundance, and I've read it. I've read it again. And I've started rereading it again, rather and I just thought Yeah, like, some of the things the beauty isn't that kind of simplicity like really kind of helps you tune in to kind of having a sense of gratitude towards what you have a life and, and realising, dear listener, that your self worth is not an account of how much money you have an account equally you do not have to live a life of suffer. So I'm about to go and get my flight. But I really hope this these bit these words of wisdom have given you some kind of inspiration and I will see you back behind the podcast Mike. Excellent new things to share with you. But as always, if you like the show, then please reach out you can either leave a voicemail and ask for a specific topic that you've liked covered. We'd love to do that. And if not, we'll we'll speak to you very soon. But thank you once again and enjoy the weather. Take care. Welcome to the gentle yoga warriors conscious conversations podcast, to help you grow and discover who you are. To develop a deeper, more complete sight of yourself via conscious talks, self love meditation. And by interviewing some of the most inspiring guests on the planet, many of our guests have overcome significant obstacles and transform their lives, overcoming pain and setbacks. A dark night of the soul followed by a significant turning point, and hence a change outlook on life that was so profound that they wish to share it with other people. Our podcast is rich with deep talks, and we offer a way to have a more full and complete way of life. As well as being an indie alternative health and wellness podcast. We also offer personalised meditations, self help books and yoga and healing sessions. Just go to the gentle yoga for more information.

Speaker 1  9:20  
So, one minute energy boosting meditation. As you inhale, you feel as if the nostrils flare. And as you exhale, you feel as if you just allow yourself to get rid of that stale air. As you learn to be in the moment. Can you feel the ground beneath you? Can you take some more calm deep breaths and just allow that stillness. That moment of peace eautiful presence of divine possibilities as you now take another calm, deep breath as you inhale, calm, deep breath as you exhale. Again, nice calm, deep inhalation. Nice, calm, deep exhalation. And if you have more time, you can continue with doing that. If not just take these snippets of mindfulness throughout your day and see how it makes you feel. Thank you

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