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June 17, 2020

How To Deal With Anxiety

How To Deal With Anxiety
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I have some great tips I would like to share.  My antidotes to times when I get anxious.

 I don’t claim that I no longer get anxious. However, through my yoga training, self-help study and personal experience I would like to share what works for me when anxiety comes knocking at my door. I am at the very least able to lessen its impact.

I hope these tips help you too!

{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":0.0,"body":"Hi, and welcome to The Gentle Yoga Warrior, this weekly podcast in association with nature meditations.earht Let's do this. Let's reconnect with joy. Once again.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":42.0,"body":"anxiety can feel like the most loneliest thing in the world. Or no money can try and hide it because to feel anxious can feel as if one is a failure. misguided as this assumption is there's no doubt with all the exceeding pressures at the moment, both internally and externally in our worlds anxiety can feel as if it's taking over. The good news is being someone that has suffered greatly from anxiety in the past. I have some great tips that I would like to share with you, dear listener, today. My antidotes to times when I get anxious, so I don't claim that I no longer get anxious because I do. However, through my yoga training, self help studies and personal experiences. I would like to share what works for me when anxiety comes knocking at my door. I am at the very least able to steer myself in to a more calmer presence. state of mind using techniques. The most important thing I think is when you feel anxious, out of everything that you do. And this solution is a key to most things, I feel is breathing. so cliche as it may be because everyone tells us these days to take deep breaths, but it really helps me a lot. So even times when I've gone right down the anxiety rabbit hole, as I call it, observing the breathing, and trying to solve the breath down consciously. So taking the body out of that fight and flight mode into a calmer, more balanced state of mind can be done with the breath. And I covered this in previous podcast, but if you breathe very slowly, deeply and with control, trying to balance the inhalation and the exhalation it really does help calm the anxiety down. So if your mind is darting off everywhere is doing the dance. Try and bring it back to the breath. Just slow the breath right down, sit calmly, and if you close the eyes, if we close our eyes, it stops the mind darting around. However, if you're out and about and you can't close the eyes, just do the breathing, slow, calm, deep, and even.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":214.0,"body":"Let me know how we get on.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":218.0,"body":"The other thing I do is when I, when I get into that state, I try and change myself talk. So I become a bit of an observer, so I'm observing what I'm thinking. And quite often they're quite self sabotaging thoughts and if not kind fought towards myself or the situation Say to a mind, stop, delete, cancel. And that gives a clear picture to the subconscious mind that what you're thinking at the moment isn't necessarily what you hundred percent believe or what you want to believe. So if I'm thinking to myself, Oh, I'm always going to be anxious, I say to myself, stop, delete, cancel, and then I try and switch that around to something positive. So I say, I'm always calm. I'm always calm. I'm always safe. Save 100% believe that by saying stop, delete, Cancel to the mind. And then switching the negative self talk into something that's a bit more palatable. Like I'm always calm or if you don't quite fully believe this, you can say I always aim to become I always aim to To be present. And things like I'm not good enough, become. I'm Wavy. I am good enough. I am wavy. I am good enough. And I do that as often as I remember. I do forget sometimes, but again, I'll come back to the memory. Another thing I find is that with anxiety, what have experienced is feeling a sense of disconnection, a lack of purpose, and lack of direction. And then want to really get deep into that anxiety pits. meditation can feel a bit tough too. So what I do is, I take my shoes, put them on and go for a wall. Again, you might be in the office and you can't necessarily go for a walk. But maybe you can just go for a quick walk to the lose. And just take some small, small calm deep breaths or just quickly pop outside, take a few calm deep breaths, and just connect with the breath. And then if you really feel feeling deeply and anxious trying to think of something that you'd like to do something that's healthy, so I'm not saying go down the pub and have like 10 pints followed by law loads of greasy food because that's just like a plaster on a wound. So the plaster may temporarily cover a wound. But the only way to really heal that wound\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":402.0,"body":"is through some self exploration.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":407.0,"body":"And it's committed to something daily. And by doing that, it really helps to calm the storms of anxiety. So everyone, I don't care how busy you are.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":421.0,"body":"Everyone's got five minutes.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":424.0,"body":"So can you put aside five minutes to make whatever you do just before you get up and just before you go to bed sacred. So meditation, journaling, again, I've covered this in previous podcasts. But the reason I talk about it so often and repeated is because it really genuinely works. It helps a lot. So, I hope you found this podcast at the very least interesting. I'll be back here online very shortly. And remember, you can always pick up extra tips from the Association website of nature meditations dot where we will be bringing out some courses this year. Yeah, on helping those with trauma, anxiety, and joy. So let's do this. Let's reconnect with joy. Once again. Thank you for listening to me, and I'm The Gentle Yoga Warrior. Aha."}]}