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July 1, 2020

How To Deal With Change Via Meditation

How To Deal With Change Via Meditation
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Transitions/changes can knock our natural rhythm. 

We can be creatures of habit.  If only more of us could thrive in the waters of change by approaching new things with excitement instead of fear.

To counteract any unsettlement that can sometimes occur during life changes I designed this week's Podcast and mediation to offer support and the tools to thrive.

{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":3.0,"body":"transitions in life.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":6.0,"body":"Life is full of many transitions right\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":9.0,"body":"now,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":11.0,"body":"in the sense that some of us have been working harder\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":14.0,"body":"from home. During this lockdown while others have been on furlough. They both come with their own set of problems and set of anxieties. And it's as if we're going to softly start to dip our toe back into the waters of life.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":31.0,"body":"The thing is, life has changed, whether we like it or not, it has changed.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":37.0,"body":"But\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":39.0,"body":"with today's podcasts,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":41.0,"body":"my ideas I hope will help you transition through this difficult time with more of a sense of ease. Life transitions can be expected or or a total surprise. Well, this year has been a total surprise I'm sure for many\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":66.0,"body":"But without seeing the magic in the most mundane of day, the norm\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":70.0,"body":"can have a sobering effect. And so, the, I\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":75.0,"body":"guess the novelty if this if that is the right word use in a very sensitive way. So I guess the novelty of not being at work or working from home and in many people's lives has worn off.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":96.0,"body":"Transitions can also knock our natural rhythm.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":100.0,"body":"So so you can have a report that we are stuck. We can be creatures of habit\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":104.0,"body":"as well. Totally. So we were many people go to the same salmon shop every day, or date before lockdown and f1 only one of us and if only more of us could thrive in the waters of change. by approaching the new things with excitement instead of fear. So true realism consists in revealing the surprising things which happen which habit kick, start again. True realism consists in revealing the surprising things which habits keep covered and prevent us from seeing\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":143.0,"body":"gene Cottle.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":148.0,"body":"So I'll just show you a quote somebody gene\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":151.0,"body":"called, oh, I'm sure I've pronounced the name completely wrong, but it's, the quote goes through realism consists in revealing the surprising things which which habits keep covered and prevent us from seeing.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":168.0,"body":"Let you just absorb that court for a moment.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":173.0,"body":"To counteract any assessment that can sometimes occurred, your life transitioned. I can Have a wonderful meditation which I would like to share with you today. For me, meditation is like a shepherd in life, no matter what was going on around, it steers me towards inner peace. For me, meditation is like a shepherd in life. No matter what is going around, it steers me towards inner peace, and inner peace is being present. So the key is being present. And the two, as always is the breath. So let's start this transitions meditation. Always do meditation where you're somewhere where you won't be disturbed, not best do driving or operating machinery, but meditation, something you do when you're static.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":230.0,"body":"So first of all, find an easy way to sit. Okay, syllabus can sit with our legs cross with ease. I know for some people That isn't possible.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":241.0,"body":"So sit on a chair with your back nice and straight.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":249.0,"body":"And like everything with meditations built at the time, store slowly,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":253.0,"body":"but this meditation will really help you with your transitions in life.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":258.0,"body":"So close your eyes and breathe slowly, deeply,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":266.0,"body":"calmly, but also with a sense of ease.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":273.0,"body":"And as you breathe faults are going to dance around in your head, allow, but you don't need to touch those folks. So as far as cascades themselves around your head, imagine you are flat you are flying or a bird above on the wall. So no matter what you're thinking, you can rise above and simply be.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":294.0,"body":"Try this\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":295.0,"body":"every time. Any little four pops into your head during this meditation.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":305.0,"body":"You may notice\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":308.0,"body":"that some of the faults or repetitions,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":312.0,"body":"not just in this meditation, but in life in general.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":316.0,"body":"And when they do pop up, maybe you can choose to not allow them in the sense that they can be there, but they're not you at the same time.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":331.0,"body":"So by stepping back from a false\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":334.0,"body":"fire of the free event,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":337.0,"body":"we can liberate ourselves from the hook\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":343.0,"body":"and this will help to make transitions more palatable.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":348.0,"body":"So just stay there a bit longer. So in and out through the nostrils allowing the sense of the moment Allowing the false without getting hooked.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":369.0,"body":"When doing your own practice, you can always do this for longer. So if you want to do this process a bit longer than I'm offering on this podcast right now, you can just pause the podcast and then set your timer for how long you want to do this. If you've enjoyed the taste of that, then let's move on to part\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":397.0,"body":"two.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":399.0,"body":"So in part two, is still in the same seated position. If you've got the legs crossed, you may want to cross them the other way. Think of all the things that you're grateful for.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":412.0,"body":"Now, this can be a frustrating thing to hear if you're not feeling very grateful for things and you're having a bit of a hard time. But I'm\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":420.0,"body":"not talking about massive things like a Mercedes or, or luxury holiday somewhere. I'm thinking about the little tiny things, the little details is always the little details that offer us a sense of salvation. So maybe like the feel of the sheets in your bed at night. So that's something to remember. Maybe you like the the smell of your partner as you kiss them. Good morning.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":451.0,"body":"So many choices.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":457.0,"body":"But what I would ask is not to hold back. Also, it can be something simple. Like I said, it doesn't matter how big or small. The important thing is, you say facts and you say facts from the heart. So I say thanks for allowing me the tools to share this podcast with you\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":479.0,"body":"today.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":481.0,"body":"The more we can save funks the more our vibrations left. Even the towns of life doesn't feel like it's much to be thankful for a simple francs for anything can help along the way. So, again, if you want to do this for a bit longer,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":499.0,"body":"pause the podcast.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":503.0,"body":"If not,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":506.0,"body":"take some more breaths. Slowly, calmly, deeply. One more thing. you're grateful for whatever pops into your head,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":517.0,"body":"allow it to unfold. As we now move on to part three.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":525.0,"body":"Part Three,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":527.0,"body":"lots of imagination. But we can all imagine, as Einstein said, Everything starts with imagination. So picture your perfect day. What day doesn't matter what day you have another what day would be your perfect day? Imagine that on a blank canvas as if you softly draw the outlines. Or you can feel as if you're mentally sticking for two graphs onto this blank canvas and what your perfect day is.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":559.0,"body":"But I'll give you a tip.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":562.0,"body":"Don't just visualise it, embody it. So what does that day smell like? What are the tastes? What can you touch as well as seeing and hearing. picture that day, feel all the colours and textures into your dream.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":582.0,"body":"If you're feeling stuck, maybe\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":583.0,"body":"take inspiration from people that you admire,\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":586.0,"body":"but with a sense of jolliness rather than jealousy.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":593.0,"body":"And again, you may want to do this for two to 10 minutes or even longer. Feel free\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":601.0,"body":"yet again, to pause the podcast if you're not ready yet to come to an end.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":610.0,"body":"If not, take a deep breath. Inhale\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":616.0,"body":"and exhale. And just picture one more fine detail from your perfect day. What are you drinking? First thing that comes into your head, and then decide Why did you choose the\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":629.0,"body":"ice? And what does it mean for you? For me, and a ultimate hot chocolate is like a cuddle. It's very comforting and very grounding and they have had a difficult time. It's a bit naughty, because it's some chocolate but I try and use the raw cocoa powder rather than chocolate. And I just allow the sweetness of the oat milk rather than adding any sugar. But that's just my preference.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":658.0,"body":"But what is your ranking whatever you choose.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":665.0,"body":"Now\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":667.0,"body":"take some more deep breaths in and out through the nostrils. You may wish to sit slowly, calmly with ease for a bit of time.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":683.0,"body":"Or perhaps you can just start to wiggle your hands and toes\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":686.0,"body":"start to move your arms a bit start\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":689.0,"body":"to become more aware of the external noise, external sites the external sounds and then come back into your body. So that's this simple free parted transitions in life meditation. I would suggest that you try and do this more than once if you've got the time or if you decide to make the time which is always a bonus for your being. So if you decide to make the time for is when I would aim to try and do every day. And the more we can think the more we can imagine, the more we can dream and build up anything is anything feels bumpy outside the meditations, you have an amazing tool at your ability, the breath.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":739.0,"body":"So, since getting too much\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":741.0,"body":"you feel overwhelmed with the news, turn it off. Of course you need to keep a track of what's going well but turn it off\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":748.0,"body":"and go inwards with the breath.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":751.0,"body":"If you're walking along, you feel a bit overwhelmed. Connect with the breath if you feeling stress, calm the breathing down. So I was delighted to share with you this week's weekly podcast. Do you listen to my other podcasts we want on anxiety and how to find joy in the day. There's all different types of amazing how to find purpose, lots of amazing subjects.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":778.0,"body":"I hope to speak to you all soon. Take care stay safe and blessings."}]}