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Jan. 31, 2022

How To Find Your Way When You Are Lost

How To Find Your Way When You Are Lost

Welcome! ’m your host, The Gentle Yoga Warrior. Please welcome today to the show, transformational coach and somatic coach Alison Muir!   Alison is the founder of Square Peg Coaching where she helps others to find their purpose when lost in life. After over twenty years as a Team Manager creating individual performance plans, Alison is also proud to have added the following coaching models her collection: credited Diploma in Transformational Coaching, plus Accredited Certificate in Group Coaching & Facilitation and Certificate in Somatic Coaching.

Alison's Words :‘ As a result I am able to integrate mindfulness and somatic practices, with transformational and career progression coaching skills. Which means we can engage both your head and your heart and create lasting and meaningful change.’

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In the Gentle Yoga Warrior's words.  'Alison is a harmonious balance of  ideas and mindfulness.  She doesn't dictate to you what you need to do but rather inspires you to find that within you.  Her warm  natural manner and friendly way made her the perfect guest.  Her book suggestions are fantastic.  Stop judging yourself and listen to Alison!

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Today we are going to talk about How to find your way when you are lost

So many I feel are lost not knowing where to go next in a life that has been knocked of kilt.

It can be easy to remain in that lost feeling but it is important to know that change is possible and easier than one thinks.

We may need to talk pauses for time to time but we are never totally lost.


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