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June 24, 2020

How To Go For Your Dreams When You Have Responsibilities

How To Go For Your Dreams When You Have Responsibilities
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Catching dreams at times is frustrating especially with responsibilities. Fear of change can keep us stuck in life.  Whether you have always had the same dream, or are only just discovering one, I hope my tips can help!

{"version":"1.0.0","segments":[{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":0.0,"body":"Hi, and welcome to The Gentle Yoga Warrior, his weekly podcast in association with nature Let's do this. Let's reconnect with joy. Once again.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":43.0,"body":"When I was younger, my dream seemed much more obtainable. Time felt like it was my friends. So, looking back on reflection, I did begin to paddle down the roof of my dreams. And I kind of felt like there's new possible abilities that I could watch hatch into the world, naive Evo. I felt like I go for my dreams. And I didn't actually give them a chance to incubate. So like if something didn't work out, I kind of would move on to the next thing. And after a brief stint of working for myself at the time, mortgage rates went up, and I got scared. So I jumped back into an office job. But deep down, I knew it wasn't what I wanted to do. To cut long story short, I'd like to share with you and what I learned on my way of doing things the long way and how you can go for your dreams when you've got responsibilities by having a little bit more awareness than what I had at the time. The biggest problem was I was living a fantasy Robin and making conscious steps towards my dreams. And I see this happen so many times. They're an actor but they don't actually act and they want to be a social influencer, but then they don't actually interact with people. It sounds a bit obvious, but so often happens. And I feel the reason behind why we don't always go for the dreams is because secretly we're scared of failing. So if we don't try them, we don't need to fail. But that's a life half lived, and there's no such thing as failure. Just different opportunities that become apparent when one door closes. I'm gonna quote a quote by marine Williamson. I know this has probably been said many times, but it really sums up in so many ways. And she says Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness that most frightens us. So where we've always had the same dream or only just discovering it, or still don't know what you want to do, I hope I can help you with my tips. So tip one, no lie self. I mean, what do you want to do? How do you want to deliver this to the world, uh, my method has been has been to get the largest bit of paper you can find and divide it into two. Just get a big bit of paper. You can recycle, recycle is always good. Get a bit of all paper. Next, stop making a list of what equates to happy life for you. So example could be more free time, normal money struggles, starting a business and seeing it through or find a new true love. Don't think of the House said just write of what you want. and dream big. If you get stuck, think back to a time in your childhood of an activity that made you happy. What was it? And what feeling does it evoke? Now, you might want to pause the podcast while we do this. And then once you've got that, you can come back to it or you can listen and then just do the exercise afterwards is up to you. Once you finish the list, go back and see if you can also name the feeling associated with everything on that list. An example would be a new home, and the feeling maybe security or a sense of abundance. So do that evolve all the things again, take your time and pause when need to need to. Next make a list of the things on the other side of paper that you don't like about your life. So maybe you don't Like having to work for a boss that screams at you for no reason. Maybe you don't like having to walk a long way to your office each morning. No, that would be very healthy thing to do. The lists are endless. And then once you've got a list of the things that you don't like, rights, the associated feeling, so maybe the boss screaming makes you feel unworthy, powerless, some more examples. Again, take your time.\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":334.0,"body":"So next, you're gonna look at the lesson for the things that you like think laterally and how to get them. For example, feel abundant could come right now, without any change in your bank balance by doing something that makes you feel abundance. So an example would be walking through nature and seeing all the colours and all the vibrant and smells and textures. That's a nature. That's a feeling of abundance. It might be quite can earn amazing meal at home, that may be a sign of abundance. So it's about thinking laterally and thinking about the things that make you feel abundant. For me, I really like nice socks. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous, but it's true. So if my socks are starting to look a bit full of holes a bit washed out, and the maybe feel very abundant. While if I am, get nice socks, they make me feel very happy. So it could be a really little quirky things like that. Some of the things that you don't like so we're going to go back to the things that you don't like, again, is a lateral thinking ways to fix these. What is the opposite feeling? So, feeling stuck, you feel the opposite feeling maybe that you feel and movement Do you feel a sense of progression, so pick an activity outside of the scenario which makes you feel like there's a sense of floor and movement Then maybe feeling anxious, the opposite to that is feeling calm. So do something calming like meditation or yoga. It's about consistency with these things. So don't just try things once and think, Oh, Gentle Yoga Warrior, this doesn't work, because you've got to do a bit of consistency. You're the one that is in the driving seat of this. And with these tools, you can manifest change, but you have to do a little bit of work. But isn't that little bit of work worth it? I think so. And for the things that you that you like, and keep referring to that list and the things that you don't like, keep changing them into\n"},{"speaker":"Unknown Speaker ","startTime":460.0,"body":"a positive or keep finding a route through them by thinking of the opposite emotion or how you can evoke that emotion. Three simple things. About eight years ago, I did a wonderful book, and I really recommend this book and it's called the artists way. by Julia Cameron. And it's a very famous book and it takes about four to six weeks to complete, and it will get your creative side going. The reason I offer for you to do this book is if you're not sure how to change your life, which is a question that I get quite often, this book, I don't know it's not expensive, and it gives you weekly exercises to do. And it changed my life for in a very good way. We're all creative. We're all creasing, everything with our conversations with being alive. We're all creatives. And this is a book for you. The next tip is take lots of baby steps. How do you at least one thing every day towards your goal? You have to make the effort to change things. In the past. I procrastinated for years with regret. I still can't slip into that I can still find what Ways to distract myself from doing tasks which I perceive to be difficult. But I have that awareness. And eventually I do notice that I am distracting myself and thankfully go back to to the task at hand. And so take lots of baby steps and do something. It doesn't have to be massive, but do it regularly. The regularity is the key to this. As the famous great Martin Luther King said, faith is taking the first step even when you don't see the whole staircase. So you don't have to see the whole staircase at first just take the step. And the next step is to have courage says courage does not mean that you never feel scared. Courage is going forward and embrace in life, even if you feel a bit scared. So take the rough with the smooth and embrace the whole of life as it is now instead of wanting to be someone else. or somewhere else all the time. If you're lacking courage, like we all do, we can all take notes from Gandhi. And Gandhi said, the difference between what we do and what we are capable of doing will suffice to solve most of the world's problems with him on that one and find something you are reasonably good or have a passion for. So that's where the art is way might help spark or ignite that passion in you. finally enjoy the journey rather than worrying about the big picture. You don't have to give up your job, though if that's what you need to do to earn you build up some savings and take the plunge. But you can take the plunge but at the same time being wise so like let's be realistic, you've got a mortgage a, a partner and children and you've got loads of debts, then given up the job without a clear plan might not be your best option. It's probably better to build up a business on the side of that, but then at one point you will need to take that plunge And then it's good to go into the non not always known where the show is if you're floating, but at the same time you're navigating the direction of where you want to go to. So I hope this helped you this week and please try and do the exercises. I would love to hear how you get on. And if you enjoyed this podcast and please share with others in association with nature Let's do this. Let's reconnect with joy. Once again."}]}