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Jan. 27, 2022

How To Keep Going When You’re Still Working On Your Goal!

How To Keep Going When You’re Still Working On Your Goal!
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Please welcome today Founder of  the intermittent Health Website and inventor of Fasting Dice, Daniel Reyes.  Daniel had a near death experience where he spent over 60 days in hospital and has  since lost over one hundred and fifty pounds, and did so in nine months!!!!

Through Daniel’s own experiences, he was inspired to help others.  Daniel is very honest and open and inspires others to find their grit.

In Daniel’s words,Fasting Dice was born out of equal parts of frustration, depression, and hope. The doctors told me I had 5-years to lose weight or that could be it. I tried everything, but it didn’t work long term. Then I heard about intermittent fasting. I made good progress, especially at the start. However, I still felt like I could be doing better. The idea behind fasting is to mimic ancient eating patterns. A caveman wasn’t ordering Uber Eats whenever they wanted a Wooly Mammoth steak. There was a random element missing. My idea was to use dice with different fasting and eating windows on them to randomize my times. Fasting Dice was born.”

Daniel Reye's Website

In the Gentle Yoga Warrior's words. 'Daniel came up with a way to make intermittent fasting more fun.  He is very open and honest with his own health stories.  He feels to me like a person who really wants to do good in the world.  His original idea to make fasting dice comes from a place of learning, of someone on their journey who has gained strength  along the process. His warm personality and kind manner make him a source of inspiration.' 

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Then Gentle Yoga Warrior  0:00  
Hello, everybody. I'm your host, the gentle yoga warrior. And please welcome today, founder of the intermitted Help website fasting, and creator of fasting dice, Daniel Reyes, Daniel had a near death experience where he spent over 60 days in hospital and has lost over 150 pounds in nine months. That's pretty amazing. Daniel is very honest and open and willing to help others find their grades. In Daniel's words, fasting dice was born out of equal parts of frustration, depression and hope. The doctors told me I had five years to lose weight, or that could be it, and I tried everything but didn't work long term. Then I heard about intermittent fasting, and I made good progress, especially at the start, however, I still feel like it could be doing better. The idea behind fasting is to mimic ancient eating patterns. A caveman wasn't ordering Uber Eats, whenever they wanted to woolly mammoth steak. There was that random element missing. My idea was to use dice with different fasting and eaten windows on them to randomise times. Fasting dice was born. So without further ado, Jonas, a day from Paul's Falls, Idaho. Please welcome Daniel Reyes, Daniel, welcome to the show.

Daniel Reyes  1:34  
Yeah, thanks for having me.

Then Gentle Yoga Warrior  1:36  
I'm really pleased to have you on the show today. And it's such an honour to have you on the show today. So today, we're going to talk about how to keep going when still working on a goal. So I posted this before the podcast, and we are in the month of January, right? A famous month for setting goals. Yet, of course, people can set goals at any time of the year do appreciate that. Like many I must be honest, Daniel, I have set goals in my life. So I followed through, but many have given up for some of my goals was just too hard overs were worth the journey. So on reflection, this, I feel the purpose behind setting a goal isn't as important as the goal itself. For me, the value of the goal makes a difference in my motivation. So Daniel, thank you for taking the time today to speak to us. And what does it mean to you to keep going when you're working on on a goal? And what motivated you to speak about it today?

Daniel Reyes  2:38  
Oh, wow, that's a big question. Um, you know, I do think it depends on the goal. Right? So like, if you have a goal of, I don't know, I want to learn how to kayak. Right? But you're just not good at it. You know, it's okay to quit, right? But but it but if it's something else that like you fundamentally need to do, and it's challenging, then yeah, it's going to be difficult. There's going to be times that you just want to quit, but you have to remember why you're doing it, and what the ultimate result is going to be once you achieve it. So with that in mind, then you push through.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior3:19  
That's really good point is, it's like knowing why you're doing something like you said, it's just like, if I started, I had a goal that I wanted to be a ballet dancer, like it's a bit led me to be a ballet dancer now I could possibly go to lessons is not an aspiration of mine. But it's just yeah, so it's kind of knowing the value of a goal, I guess, and the motivation behind it. Now, I think your story is absolutely incredible. And also very moving. Would you mind sharing a bit about your journey?

Daniel Reyes  3:48  
Yeah, so this all happened like, little over four years ago, it'll be five years in June. I had been sick for a while, maybe like a month. I had been gaining weight rapidly. My lips were blue at times. Towards the end of it. I couldn't even speak like I had no voice like, like my voice had gone out from being sick. And so finally my family was like, Look, you need to go to the doctor, you need to go find out what's wrong with you. So fine. I was like, All right, you know, typical guy don't want to go. And so they convinced me to go to the emergency room, walked in. I walked in there like around 11 o'clock in the morning. And by five o'clock in the evening, I was having emergency surgery that they had found blood clots in my lungs, and both of them multiple and in my right leg. And yeah, it was pretty bad. I was later told that one blood clot there's a 20% chance of survival if it's in your lungs. And like I said I had several so not good I ended up I was, I was in that hospital for a month, got out for a month and then went back in for another month. So it was my summer the hospital basically

The Gentle Yoga Warrior  5:10  
must have been terrifying

Daniel Reyes  5:24  
I, for the first stretch for three weeks, I was a what I call an end of life room. Like that's, that's how bad it was it was end of life. And and I know, thank God, nobody told me that because that would have been super depressing. But I do remember asking like, hey, the guy across the hall keeps like, like howling in pain all the time? What's going on there? And they just told me Oh, he's got cancer. And I remember thinking, Well, I have like blood clots. Why am I with the cancer guide? Like, don't they normally like, but I was so drugged out I was like, whatever. Like,

The Gentle Yoga Warrior  6:00  
that sounds very terrifying. But also, I feel that you must have switched something in you or to recover from being in like, end of end of life Ward and to, to come through that, like you said part of it. You didn't actually realise you in that. And that helps you a lot. And what how did you start to get better? Was it just from being in the hospital or what what changed?

Daniel Reyes  6:26  
That was part of it? Right? For sure. They did tell me after my second stay that I really needed to lose weight, or else that that could be it, I have been born with a heart condition. Right, my no matter how much weight I lose, no matter what, no matter how much fasten I do, that's not going to change, there's a fundamental issue with my art. And that's fine, you can live fine with it, it's just knowing that but because of all the blood clots, it had pushed me into heart failure, which sounds super scary. But if you if you take your meds, if you do what you're supposed to do, you can live in heart failure for decades. It's it's really not that bad. It's just knowing what to do. But I wasn't heart failure. At that point I was what they call, I think it's stage two, which is right where you're about to need to go on the per transplant list. So in the States, you have to be a certain BMI, body mass index. If you don't fit within those guidelines, you don't qualify that I guess the idea is, if you're not within that lineup, you're not healthy enough for the heart. So that was my five years, I needed five years, because at that point, I would need a new heart and five years at the rate I was going. So I needed to lose weight to qualify, in theory would still be that way. So so that started the weight loss journey. Right. And looking at everything that you name, the diet, I looked into it, right? Low Calorie, low carb, Atkins, every everything under the sun. I've even tried one that's based out of Europe, that you can diet. I don't know if you've heard of that. I've heard of that. Yes, it's not as big here in the States. But I know it's bigger over there. And it was turnable. And I would see some success. And then it would like flatten out. Like I wouldn't lose any more weight. And I would still try. Right. But but it just wouldn't have worked. I don't know why that is. But anyways, it would get frustrating. I'd get depressed, I'd eat and then right back to where I was, if not more. So so that's where I was. I even looked at weight loss surgery, there's a there's a few different procedures to do. But the vast majority of them, they fundamentally change your internal organs, right, they cut off your stomach, or they attach it to a different area like bunch of different ways to go about this. And I knew it was going to be a big, big deal. Because of all my issues. My cardiologists would need to sign off on it. My haematologist would need to sign off on it, they would need to get a special anesthesiologist who handled cardiac patients. Like it was. Yeah, and we don't have the health care system you have. Right so like, this is all out of pocket. So yeah, this is gonna be anywhere from like, I was told as low as 20,000 to as high as like 60,000

The Gentle Yoga Warrior 9:24  
Oh my gosh, 

Daniel Reyes  9:27  
Yeah, a lot of pocket. No insurance covers that. Yeah. So well, some do but not mine. Um, so so big, big deal. Plus, I knew people who have had weight loss surgery. And every single one of them that I knew, had gained the weight back after two or three years. 
I was it doesn't really work that well and they'll gain the weight back.
Yeah. And so there's two clinics around me like within an hour of me that perform weight loss surgery. I'm one of them, like, you had to go to a class first, before they would even have an appointment with you just just so you knew the basics of it. And in the class, they said that 60 to 70% of their surgery are not successful.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior r  10:19  
Wow, that's a big percentage or after that, and you had an operation after all

Daniel Reyes  10:24  
that, yeah, that it doesn't work. They were saying that with the attitude of, so you better listen to us if you want it to work, that the return and motivate. But for me who this was literally a lifeline, to hear that, you know, there's a 40 to 30% chance it'll work, but chances are, it's not going to. I mean, that's, that's horrifying. So I looked into other options, right. And, I mean, this isn't scientific in any respect at all. But I looked on, I started looking at weight loss accounts, like on Instagram and tick tock. And I noticed that there were people who had done weight loss surgery, and there was people who had done intermittent fasting. And generally, from what I saw, the people who did weight loss surgery, maybe the first two, three months, they lost more weight. But those who did intermittent fasting, lost more weight long term. And it was consistently at about the same rate. And the other thing I noticed too, was that it, it seemed like long term like three or four years later, they had not gained the weight back those who did intermittent fasting. Whereas with weight loss surgery, there was a chance he gained it back, because a lot of those accounts went dormant after a while. So

Daniel Reyes  11:48  
I was like, it wasn't it wasn't an easy path, but then that you found this intermittent fasting, and obviously it's helped you. How did it help you? How often do you do it? It's quite interesting to know, I know that, yeah, you've got the days. But for people that don't know, intermittent fasting, if you could give a brief.

Daniel Reyes  12:06  
So basically, all it is, is abstaining for food for a certain amount of time. It's amazing. There's so many different ways to not eat. Right? There's, there's people who will fast for days. The longest fast on record, I think is out of Ireland, if I remember, right, some guy in the in the 40s or 50s, Angus, something or another, he fasted for over a year, lost hundreds and hundreds of pounds. And it's all medically documented. Like it's a real thing. He just drank water and tea and was fine. Surprisingly, right. I started with what typically most people start with, which is 16, eight, which means you fast for 16 hours. Sleeping is included in that, right so that that kind of helps. And then you have an eight hour window to eat. The thing about that is that's not you get to eat for eight hours straight and just graze all your way through that. Right. It's not a buffet. But yeah, it means within those eight hours, you have the opportunity to eat. So typically, in that amount of time, you might have two meals and maybe a snack or two stacks. And that's it. You can't expect to eat junk food on 16, eight and lose weight, right? It's not magic, you still got to be healthy, you still got to make good choices. But honestly, what I found for me was that if I'm not eating for that amount of time, I don't want to go ruin it with a pizza for something terrible. Right? Because it was a struggle to do that. Why am I gonna mess it up?

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   13:44  
I can see that it kind of is counterproductive really, isn't it? If you if you have you're making that sacrifice of not eating and then you go and get like a McDonald's it's better to put like nutritious, rich, healthy food into the body. Can I make that as part of the lifestyle? I actually do intermittent fasting but I do it like once or twice a week where I will stop eating by about four o'clock in the afternoon and then I won't eat some meat till lunchtime. But for me who I do I like to have all my meals at first when my naturopath said yes you should do intermittent fasting I was a bit reluctant to do it. But actually with practice it it got a bit got a bit easier. And the yoga tradition which I'm I've studied in it is part of a healthy lifestyle to do fasting. So I really see the value and in this and you want to make it fun for people right or to make it so your your intermittent fasting dice, they look fantastic. You know,

Daniel Reyes  14:45  
I'm a giant nerd, right? Like I've got action figures behind me. I'm just a big dork. But you know, um, I think yeah, I got some here. So I do play like Dungeons and Dragons with friends. Right? So I have dice, and I thought it would be kind of cool. Because the whole point is like, like you said in the intro, you know, the whole point of asking is to mimic ancient eating patterns, right? The caveman didn't be like, Oh, it's two o'clock. Starting to eat, you know, it was oh, we hunted. We got it. It now we right and you could have been tracking that animal for hours or days sometimes, you know. So. So it was more opportunity eating as opposed to scheduled eating. But granted, like every, every human culture just about has celebrations and they have food, right? Like, I can't think of a culture that doesn't have a celebration that includes food. You know, it's just a human thing to do. It's what we do. So I thought, well, you know, we made food fun, let's let's make fasting fun. How am I gonna make it fun? So I thought about, well, if we're supposed to be spontaneous eaters, right, the opportunity thing, I'm gonna roll some dice. And so I started rolling dice. And I came up with the system. And I thought that was pretty fun. But then I thought, well, there's got to be somebody who's made actual dice for fasting. I can't be the only one who thought about this. And so I googled it looked around, couldn't find anything like, like, well, that's silly. I'm gonna make them. It sounds weird, but my background is actually television development. So I'm used to, like, have an idea and making it happen. You know, I looked into it and made the dice. And so got them here.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior  16:33  
Yeah, for the listeners, they're, like, really lovely. They're like wooden made out of wood. And they've got the different fasting times and printed on the different sides, and

Daniel Reyes  16:43  
Yes they come with a little shaker jar

Daniel Reyes  16:47  
ended ended and you find that helps, and that he had feedback that really helps I can see it can because it's kind of, if you've been a bit indecisive or like, how what do I do a faster day or not? Then I can see them being evaluated in that sense. Well, it's

Daniel Reyes  17:03  
there, it's, you know, the first thing people ask is, you know, given you kind of asked, like, Well, how long should I fast for? I don't, what do you want to do, we'll shake up the dice and figure it out, you know, start there, I was recently invited to speak at a doctor's conference. So being overweight is very common with cardiac patients, it's just a thing that happens. So I got to speak to a group of cardiologists and talk about weight loss strategies. And I got to bring up my dice and let them know about it as tool and that's pretty cool. I mean, that just recently happened.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior 17:35  
That's really good. And as you've got a chance of reaching more people, because I think when we learn from something, we can then reach of people by a journey and and by being asked to do that you will inspire other people. And hence it will be like a domino effect of helping more people. And what I really like about your journey into your authentic and I was watching for some of your YouTube videos, that you're really honest, because you were saying, like, the path hasn't necessarily been easy, but you, you keep going and you keep going with your goal. And the fact that you made these videos so fun and inspiring. And it almost feels like a good thing for people to to watch that are going through similar things as as yourself because um, I do feel sometimes society can judge people when when they have any problem with the way and I think it's so kind of a no wrong, so harsh. And there's so many different reasons. And also the way the food industry is there's people that I remember recently, I had a lady called Lynn Bowman and she's done this book called brownies for breakfast, she had diabetes. And she she came up with some food food that she could have because she's got a bit of a sweet tooth. But she said I'm her telling me that there's there's people in the food industry that sit in rooms, purposely making food addictive. So that will just want more and more and I know sometimes I've had a bad day, I can sometimes like dark chocolate and which is okay, like in moderation, but it is kind of it's like a trigger, isn't it? There's triggers and society and the way the food industry is set up. doesn't really help that either as it is for me.

Daniel Reyes  19:24  
I agree with you. I think too. You know, it's common, especially in a lot of overweight people. One of one of the things is that they use food as comfort. Right. So I did that, like I know that right? And I still to this day, like Yeah, every now and then I get a craving for something bad. And of course I do. I'm a human being, you know, I like I love cheesecake. And I love lemon bars. Those are my two like, oh, yeah, put those in front of me that's going to be trouble. But yeah, I also love the success I'm having so You know, every now and then, okay, like I even have on the dice, right? I have a cheat. You might roll a cheat and get a surprise. And it's fun. Yeah,

Daniel Reyes  20:12  
yeah, yeah, it's just kind of mixes it up a bit, doesn't it, it makes it. I guess by making it fun. That's what helps you keep going with the goal, because we can get too serious as well. And that's what I really like about us like, the fun, the fun, fun element. And I think that's what's lacking a lot of people's life is joy. And that's what I would say that you brought to the mix is joy, like making intermittent fasting, joyful, and light and fun and a way of keeping going. So if you're having, like, like, we all have off days, but what motivates you to keep going? Is it is it really just want to look after your health better? Or what is the ultimate motivation?

Daniel Reyes  20:57  
So for me, I, I listened to, I'm not a big reader, but I listen to a lot of audiobooks, right. And so I was listening to a book about discipline and how to build it. And in this book, I forget the name of the book. But they were saying, you know, you write out your goals, right. And people have heard that that's a thing. But the other thing they said is, write out how you feel you're going to feel when you achieve those goals, and then also write out why it's why you're worth reaching that achievement. Because a lot of our self sabotage stems from, we really have this insecurity inside of us right now, I am worth reaching my goal because of and then you fill it out.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   21:48  
I can imagine it that that's really powerful. And to have, I would say, just add to that, to have it on display somewhere so that you remind yourself so maybe, listeners, if you haven't an off day, like we all have have that in front of you, and it kind of really, really, really helps you to, to remind you have that self worth. So are there any benefits from fast from fasting? Besides weight loss?

Daniel Reyes  22:12  
Yeah, there's a there's a tonne. It's funny, because most people think that oh, this is like blue, blue, whatever. But um, you know, they're, they're the doctor who won the Nobel Prize for Medicine in 2016. He wanted by showing the benefits of fasting. When you when you fast for 24 hours or more, your body enters what's called a tapa G. It's kind of like more or less, it's like recycling your cells and renewing yourself. And so he showed all of these benefits of autophagy. So which is really triggered by fasting. And like, some of the benefits are like, it'll help prevent diabetes or cure it. It'll help fight off cancers. There. There's a study going on here in America, they're looking for people right now. But it's going to be starting soon. for breast cancer, like if you already have breast cancer, can fasting prevent, like, minimise it. So they're looking into that? It's, it helps with arthritis, it reduces inflammation and arthritis. It helps with dementia. Like there's all these things that get fixed, or prevented, like all sorts of heart disease.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   23:22  
Yeah, it's I've read that as well, that it does help with many things. And I found that when I when I do it, that it makes you feel really in the present moment, which from a kind of mindfulness point of view really helps us feel more at ease, we're less likely to feel anxious, etc. Because when I do actually feel really alive, but even though when I first started doing I was just so hungry, but

Daniel Reyes  23:51  
there is that there is that for sure. Yeah.

Daniel Reyes  23:55  
And then also, I found when we were doing it as well. I did feel like it was kind of teaching myself that yes, this is how we used to be and where we didn't necessarily eat like the summer like people have three meals a day and snack and like it was I just felt it was really resting my digestion system and given it a chance to have a bit of a rest. So what are your plans with the fasting dice and and how do you see going Yeah,

Daniel Reyes  24:28  
I mean, it's it's still new. It's only been out for like, a month and a half, two months, something like that.

Daniel Reyes  24:32  
Oh, wow. Wow.

Daniel Reyes  24:35  
Yeah, it's very, very new. Um, so I guess I don't know yet. I would just like to help people right. Like, I don't price them that high there. It's not, you know, especially for what it is it's less than the average cost of like going out for the night here in America. So

Daniel Reyes  24:54  
you know, that yeah, people

Daniel Reyes  24:57  
in you know, I've been All right, I've had those struggles. And this is what works. And I'm not to say this is the only thing that works, but part of the journey is finding what works for you. Right? So like, people will say, Well, what what fast should I do? Will do the one you can stick to, if it's a struggle for you, and you can only do like 16, eight, Fine. Do what you can do. You know, when I started, like, literally on death's door, I couldn't do much, it was too much of a shock to my system. You know, and now I can go days if I want to the longest I've gone is six days. And that was fine.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   25:38  
Yeah, that's, that's brilliant. I agree via if someone stopped now, the best thing to kind of do is like, ease into or out of said like, just, like, missing a meal or kind of like, and then yeah, build, build it up. And then, as you said earlier, have nutritious rich foods when you do that. Not not to like go and start eating junk food and stuff. Yeah,

Daniel Reyes  26:04  
I was gonna say I equate it to running, right? Like running is good for you. But you're not running a marathon just because you feel like the drive to lose weight. Right? You got to start you got to build yourself up and build up your endurance, same idea.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior r  26:17  
What are your opinions? Daniel, on having a buddy? You know, sometimes you people have like a support body like someone else is going through the same situation? Do you think that has value? Or what are your ideas on that? Yeah,

Daniel Reyes  26:30  
so I, I've really thought about this, because I've had those kinds of systems before, right. And I think it is a double edged sword. Honestly, that's what I've seen. I have seen when it works, it's fantastic. And it's great to have that accountability. But I also think a lot of people use it as somebody to blame when they don't get results later. You didn't keep me accountable. So it's your fault that I'm still this way, or not taking the responsibility that they should have.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   27:05  
That's, that's a very valid point could one of you could be really motivated and never be like, Oh, no. And then we could even lead each other  astray. Sometimes when we're going through a difficult thing is easier to blame for people and kind of our own responsibility. And also that the neural pathways in our brain, we are creatures of habit, habits can be broken, but they do take a bit of time. And that's where I really see the value and intimate of fasting, I just feel like you're more likely to, to change and make a healthy habit. If you kind of have like a bit of ownership as well, but not to say that not have support, you can join support groups. And I would possibly say like a support group might have more value than than just one person, because then at least you've you've got that depends on

Daniel Reyes  27:53  
how how honest you're willing to be with your support system. If you're, if you're gonna try to hide things from them, it's not gonna work. But in the same thing with them, they need to not hide things from you. Right? If they're seeing you slip up or whatever, they need to be able to confront you, it's got to be authentic. Yeah, then it's got a better chance, it's going

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   28:16  
to better chance and if if one is able to be vulnerable, and a lot of strength through that, and I feel that really inspires people. That's what inspired me about you is that you, you were able to kind of be really kind of really out there and just and show rather than kind of just tell and you know, sometimes you think we have to kind of be, I don't know, perfect everything and it is not true is a we've kind of just nobody's exactly, well, we'll go put down the best the best we can and Exactly, exactly. Are there any tips that you could give our listeners to find a bit more joy in the life?

Daniel Reyes  28:54  
Yeah, for me with everything that I went through, I've learned to not take things so seriously. You know, like, if I'm in traffic, I'm in traffic, it's fine. I'll get there when I get there. Don't there's no reason to freak out, you know, if my coffee order gets gets, you know, the wrong coffee or whatever, it's fine, whatever. I can just, I don't have to freak out, they can make another one. Or maybe it's a happy surprise. And I just discovered a new drink. I like, you know, you gotta learn to relax a little bit. And that's tough, you know? Yeah,

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   29:31  
let some things go and kind of be a bit more kind of relaxed about it. And I would like to add as well is that is that kind of take whatever mindfulness practice you have off the mat, because I'll give you an example. Again, no judgement, but maybe someone's gone to a yoga class feels really zoned out and then screams at someone because they made the wrong drink for them. So it's kind of like No, take a breath, be present and kind of like try The whole thing if not, you're missing apart. I do have a bit of a bookshop, my website and I was like to put books or music or podcasts or anything that our wonderful guests have found inspiration from. Is there any book that you can recommend for listeners?

Daniel Reyes  30:17  
Yeah, there's a book. I'm sure. A lot of people have heard about, I don't know if everybody has, but it's called the obesity code. It's by Dr. Jason Fung. fascinating book about how diets work and why they don't work. And it's got a lot of science behind it. It's not just, you know, some guy pontificating, but there's a lot of lot of actual science behind it. It's very helpful. It really helped me.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   30:45  
Oh, brilliant. I'll definitely put a link to that in my bookstore. So Daniel, how do you think that we can all be better guests on this planet? I always think that we're on this planet together, and any tips that you have at all?

Daniel Reyes  31:01  
Ah, that's a great quote. I like that as guest too, because that's what we are right? We don't own it. We're just here temporarily. And then yeah, yeah, um, yeah, wow. I think we should just try to be nicer to each other. I think if it was just that the world would be in such a better place. It's really as simple as that. Just try to be nice

The Gentle Yoga Warrior  31:28  
to people. I wholeheartedly agree with that. It's just, you know, like, kindness, it's a lot easier than what people think. And we kind of love everyone so much, or put labels on this. And that and just, kindness is just Yeah. So how I would like a guest to be able to reach out to you how can they contact you and learn about your stuff? If you could, please let us know. That'd be fantastic.

Daniel Reyes  31:54  
I've got all sorts of fastened by social media, right? So Instagram, tik, Tok, Twitter, Facebook, all fasting dice. So all of that can reach me. Even on the fasting days website, there's a contact form. That goes straight to me. So if somebody wants to ask a question I had somebody asked me a question recently on Twitter, and I responded to him and helped him out. So yeah, I'm pretty available

The Gentle Yoga Warrior r  32:17  
out there. Excellent. And I'll put links on the bio as well. So yeah, definitely. Absolutely. And you're fasting days, you ship your ship internationally? Because I've got quite an international audience. You've got options to ship internationally? Yes,

Daniel Reyes  32:33  
I do. And that's a little bit more for shipping, because I'm going

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   32:37  
Oh, of course. Yeah. I can imagine. Yes, they do. ship internationally. Yes. Oh, brilliant. I'll, I'll also put a link everyone on my website so that you can you can get straight through to Daniel there and and contact with us. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our listeners today, anything you feel that we haven't covered, which would be a value for to them?

Daniel Reyes  33:01  
You know, I think that that people go in, especially to weight loss with giant lofty goals, like, I'm going to lose 100 pounds, or 50 pounds, or whatever it is whatever number that seems high for that. Right. And I think people need to go in with the mindset of like, I'm going to start with a pound or two pounds, or, I guess, like a kilogramme, right? And start start small, and build up to your ankle, like, give yourself little goals to reach. But on top of that, I think you got to give yourself little rewards, too. And don't make it food. Right. So, you know, over here, what's really popular is those paint and sip nights. You guys have those over there?

The Gentle Yoga Warrior r  33:47  
I'm not sure what they are. Well, yeah, explain a bit more.

Daniel Reyes  33:50  
Yeah. So over here, there's, there's businesses where you can go into, and it's a class, and you can sit there and there's somebody teaching you how to make paint painting. And, and so you're painting there with your friends. And they usually have wine or sodas or whatever you can you drink in any paint, and you have a night. And so like, you know, maybe that's your reward, you go out to something like that, you know? Yeah, fun and different, you know?

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   34:16  
Yes, to get that kind of whatever that feeling that you are trying to evoke from eating have a reward in a different way. Like it could be like you said, a new outfit or Yeah, yeah, or kind of meeting up with a friend in the park or anything that feels gives you a bit of bit of joy because I do think society, we are told that rewards have to be food, right? And it's not, you know, like sugar used to be such an expensive item and people would, but now it's an everything so I'm kind of taken as off off a bit here. Oh, no,

Daniel Reyes  34:52  
but that's a real thing. Right? Like, like I remember playing in in playing baseball as a kid right in a league. And you know, we won the championship game, what do we get? We get pizza, pizza party. I mean, that's just it's a common thing, right? Yeah, it's not bad. It's just knowing that that's how we are. So let's try to figure something different. That's been a problem for us.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior r  35:14  
And that's been, that's what you've done with the fasting days. But first a bit of magic and a bit of inspiration for anyone that's struggling. And also that helping to inspire a new kind of lifestyle where you eat healthily, have rewards, but not not necessarily an unhealthy reward. But also, like you said, have a cheat day. And you know, like, and also learn their lessons to love yourselves as you are, because you're already good enough and lovable as you are, and have goals and go for them. And of course, know why you're doing it. But I think, ultimately, love yourself as you are, as you're going through these goals. Daniel, I'm going to order some of your dice. And awesome, I can't wait to share this podcast. And dear listeners do stay tuned, because they've been meditation, as inspired by today's conversation. But Daniel, thank you so much for your time today. And just keep doing what you do. Thank you so much.

Daniel Reyes  36:19  
Thanks for having me. Yeah, it's been a blast.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior 36:22  
It's been thank you so much. Thank you. So dear listeners, this week's meditation is inspired by the essence of the wonderful podcast that we did with Daniel Reyes. And for this meditation, I would suggest that you do it facing a mirror. So maybe in your bathroom or somewhere quiet and peaceful, where you may not be disturbed. Stand up tall or sit down whatever is accessible to you just as long as it's somewhere where you can have a bit of peace. And today's meditation is all about self acceptance, self love, and also compassion. So begin to take some slow, deep breaths in and out through the nostrils, inhalation, exhalation, slow and evenly balanced. And as you take that breath in and out through the nostrils, begin to look at yourself in the mirror. And I invite you to do that from a sense of presence. Because many of us may not like looking in the mirror, your mind may bring you to places of faults or what you perceive is wrong with you. My suggestion is to look in the mirror in a whole brand new different way. As you observe and take your being in, as you look at yourself. Say the reflection of a wonderful person met me using the words wonderful doesn't resonate with you. And that's why we're doing this meditation together to remind you that you are a sovereign divine person. Meaning that everyone has a place upon this planet. And you are unique but also connected with everybody else. And as you observe yourself in the mirror, can you allow that wondrous being that you are to just simply be without judgement of how you wish to look. Instead just look into your eyes, look into your eyes in the mirror and see the sparkle that you are the joy that you are and remind that reflection that reflection of you that no matter what, you are already lovable. You are already perfect. You are already great. You are already wonderful. And just repeat this words after me as you look into that mirror. I Am Love. I Am Love. I am enough

The Gentle Yoga Warrior   39:56  
I am enough. I am more than enough. I am more than enough. I am absolutely fantastic. And I just like to add, even if you don't feel these things yet, just repeat after me, I am absolutely fantastic. I am absolutely great. And as you look into the mirror, just think about one thing that you like about yourself, it can be a part of your personality, maybe your kind, maybe your calm, whatever comes into your head. So one trait that you have, what do you love, the one thing of yourself one possibility of the many things that are great about you, but just label one. And that will be personal to you. But whatever it is, as you look into the mirror, remind yourself of that I then whatever the word was and you can do this daily if this helps a lot, which I'm sure it will. And do this daily, just remind yourself, remind yourself, remind yourself, you can do it several times a day, every time we go and look in the mirror, remind yourself for that which we imagine becomes. And for the second part of the meditation, think of a particular goal that you have in life, something that you wish to achieve, just for this first day, the first thing that pops into your head, that again will be individual to your needs and what you wish to achieve. And then you change the mantra to I have the goal off and then you fill in the blank. So I have the goal of fill in the blanks. I am working towards this goal. I am enjoying the journey. But I also love myself completely as I am right this moment. And allow yourself to really feel that. And again, you can repeat that affirmation every day if you wish or more often. And finally, just to kind of cement it all in, just picture your future self as you wish them to be. Whatever your goal is. allow, allow, allow. And thank your present self for being fantastic. And Frank the lessons from your past self which made you who you are today. So thank you take a nice deep inhalation and nice deep exhalation and then slowly slowly come back into the room.

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Daniel Reyes

Founder of  the intermittent Health Website and inventor of Fasting Dice, Daniel Reyes.  Daniel had a near death experience where he spent over 60 days in hospital and has  since lost over one hundred and fifty pounds, and did so in nine months!!!!

Through Daniel’s own experiences, he was inspired to help others.  Daniel is very honest and open and inspires others to find their grit.

In Daniel’s words, ‘ Fasting Dice was born out of equal parts of frustration, depression, and hope. The doctors told me I had 5-years to lose weight or that could be it. I tried everything, but it didn’t work long term. Then I heard about intermittent fasting. I made good progress, especially at the start. However, I still felt like I could be doing better. The idea behind fasting is to mimic ancient eating patterns. A caveman wasn’t ordering Uber Eats whenever they wanted a Wooly Mammoth steak. There was a random element missing. My idea was to use dice with different fasting and eating windows on them to randomize my times. Fasting Dice was born.”