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Feb. 22, 2023

How to See The Gifts In Boredom And Make Space for Pauses in Life

How to See The Gifts In Boredom And Make Space for Pauses in Life

Do we ever feel comfortable in having that pause in between doing and being? The space between words is where genius is found.  See how technology is taking over our lives. You have to decide what you’re willing to do and what you’re not willing to do. 
Boredom is one of the least understood emotions. Today’s meditation is a short with minimum instruction meditation.

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gentle yoga warriors conscious conversations podcast, to help you grow and discover who you are to develop a deeper, more complete side of yourself via conscious talks, self love meditation. And by interviewing some of the most inspiring guests on the planet, our podcast is rich with deep talks, just go to the gentle yoga for more information.

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Just feel like it's a day of kind of fewer words. And I just wonder, do we ever feel comfortable in having that silence? That pause that space between doing and being for in those snippets is where we really can find ourselves. In so many ways, we have forgotten that the value of the poles, how our poles helps rehydrate our being how oppose of just being enriches our soul enriches us. And I've talked about several times in the past about how smart technologies can, it's stealing that away from us, stealing those moments to kind of just be and be bored and build ourselves through those moments of just kind of not knowing or not trying to do anything. That is kind of where the riches are found. If there was not space, there will not be matter. And I feel the same principles apply to us spiritual development of who we are, and what your spiritual development be a very personal thing. And it's probably very different from mine, or from anyone else, that space will be very different for everyone. But is in that space, that genius is found? For if someone composed a piece of music, and there is no space between the notes, then how could that be? If there was no space between words, no space between action and relaxing? No space, then we kind of less being comfortable on kind of making mistakes. Yes, we all know you learn from your mistakes, and you evolve with course that goes without saying. But I mean, like, don't try and mix everything. So perfect. Genius has been discovered by kind of not being perfect. Think of art, think of all the things that have inspired you where people have kind of pushed the limits of their being. I have a few in that I don't think that would have kind of come to be if there wasn't that space for pause and that space to kind of be. And maybe when we come in more lazy, who knows? Like, I don't know, I've seen so many science fiction things in the past where AI has taken over. I was even told the other day that there is actually a robot who that is a citizen of Saudi Arabia called Sofia. And I had a look online and they actually is a robot. So please bear with me, that is a link between what I've just been saying and that she has got citizenship are in Saudi Arabia. And she was asked by her inventor, if she was going to kill or take over the human race. And maybe it was a joke, but she kind of said that she would or rather. Okay, I will thing and it's not to kind of scare monger you into technology, but it is kind of taking over. It's stealing those moments that kind of simply be for it's not always comfortable just to be you know, like in the past when I was a kid if you didn't if you went to relative's house, you didn't have a smartphone to kind of sit in front of and I'm sure as a teenager would have fully appreciated that. But now Nowadays, if I see them on public transport, no one's just going to sit in them being there kind of looking at screens texting, filling every last moment of this precious life with stuff. So becomes like an overfilled cupboard, and we're trying to push and get into this cupboard. But how can we when there's no space? So I could go on and say many more things, perhaps about space and, and, and how we can kind of create it. But that kind of starts with you. You got to decide what you're willing, not willing to kind of do and what what you're willing to fill your time with, and what you're not willing to put in the time, gentle yoga warriors

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conscious conversations podcast, to help you grow and discover who you are. And as always, you can contact me by the gentle And if you would like a personalised recorded meditation specifically for your needs, then do reach out there. I also do absolutely fantastic. And we're seeing myself long distance energy healing sessions and shamanic healing session. So if that is something that you would like to do, again, you can reach out to me there. So it's been

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the assignment podcast this week, can you be comfortable with doing nothing? Even if you're bored? Just ribbits? Can you be comfortable with not checking your emails, which is boom, addiction, every few moments, or if you're in a situation where you're bored, can you resist the temptation to look at your phone, but simply be love yourself? The riches of being in that boredom. And this has been neuroscientists who say that boredom is good for health, our brain, and I can really see that I can really see that. And I've also read somewhere else, that allowing ourselves to be bored, can help develop creativity and our self esteem. So I was I was reading earlier as well that scientists said that board, right, you know, when we actually bought is one of the least understood emotions. And for some reason, but not myself, or I'm not a scientist. But if we do allow ourselves to do stuff that's boring, it can then kind of kickstart our kind of idea, kind of making side so that we can kind of be able to kind of create more, but I will really feel that whenever we don't anything kind of creatives. And if you look at some of the greatest artists out there, and if you look at great creative people, they do allow themselves to be bored, or rather, they can kind of be and there's further spaces that things can manifest and happen. And also, if we kind of stop filling each and every moment for him to do stuff and kind of slow down, it will help us to feel a bit more kind of peace. And less overstimulated for I have a theory as well that when we over stimulate their mind, we have no space space for kind of our connection with who we truly, really are. I think we kind of be brainwashed to think that anytime if relaxation or anytime just being is bad, it's it's it's not good for us. And I think it's right if you don't think anything exists without reason, like so we have like fear. I'm not gonna name all the emotions, but like fear, anger, joy, happiness, depression upliftment, etc. We wouldn't have the capacity to be bought, if it didn't have some kind of golden nugget hidden in there. And therefore, I feel that boredom can actually be extremely productive. So your assignment for this week is to

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be bored a bit.

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People to bed and let me know. I'm really intrigued to know, let me know that's kind of changed something for you. If you've got some kind of golden nugget, some magic out of those parts of boredom. I really like to know your opinions on the matter. So for today's meditation,

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as promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor. Nice straight back, always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you, if you're doing the meditation, that's begging,

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is gonna be a minimum instruction meditation. So I'm just gonna talk you into it, it's gonna be a few minutes, and then you're just gonna sit and simply be set and simply be allow yourself to feel as if you're rooted nice and tall, like an elegant tree, how wide your branches are, as they reach so very far, how grounded to the earth you are grounded and calm. And then the middle part of you sees the world as a magical playground. But first today, all you want to do is allow yourself to flow and be so absolutely fantastically. In this moment, no matter what, no matter if it's exciting. Or if it's as boring as anything. I invite you just to watch the breath and simply be with this minimum instruction meditation with me.

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Slowly start to take some even deeper breaths in and out of the national. So you come back into the moment, come back into the room. And if you enjoy this podcast, please leave a five star review on whatever platform you're listening to it from. So thank you so much, dear listeners for taking the time to listen and support our show today. And if you want any more information on what we have to offer, check out the gentle yoga

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