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Jan. 29, 2022

How We Can Discover The Answers To What We Genuinely Need Opposed To What We Think We Need

How We Can Discover The Answers To What We Genuinely Need Opposed To What We Think We Need

I’m your host, The Gentle Yoga WarriorPlease welcome today astrologer and spiritual guide Indra Rinzler.  Indra has been a seeker and devotee on the spiritual path for more than 40 years.  He began studying astrology in the 1970s.  Also a numerologist, Indra, spent over 20 years living in a spiritual community in California. A disciple of the well-known Indian master, Yogananda.  Yogananda, as a reminder was the author of the world famous book titled Autobiography of a Yogi.

Today we are going to talk about how we can discover the answers to what we genuinely need opposed to what we think we need.

In Indra's Words  'I'm a life time spiritual seeker. I'm a healer, teacher, and I offer life readings for clients. Astrology and the Enneagram of Personality are the main modalities that I share. I've been studying astrology for fifty years. I first learned of the Enneagram of Personality in 1999. I use these two modalities individually and in combination. I can see someone's Enneagram point in their astrology chart. I was taught this wisdom by a master in 1999. It is rarely practiced this way throughout the world, but it will be one day. My focus is to help clients to awake up to who they really are. I work to help people to live beyond their conditioned stories and to live more in the moment.

Indra's contact details:
Tel: USA
530 277 0459

 Indra's YouTube Channel

In the Gentle Yoga Warrior's words.  'I had all these ideas of what questions I wanted to ask Indra before he came on the show.  It's good for a Podcaster to prepare and to know their guest.  However, when I sat opposite Indra via Zoom I realised my questions were redundant, that even words were not needed in the way I normally applied them.  His calming being, his wisdom and his connection to each and every one of us meant I just needed to be present and the right questions for that moment would present themselves.  What was meant to be said would naturally enfold.   

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