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Feb. 13, 2023

Learn To Be With Yourself Completely

Learn To Be With Yourself Completely

Life is never exactly how we expect it to be. When you feel like you’re stuck listen to this! How to change one thing a week.  Why it’s important to be with yourself. When was the last time you allowed yourself these comfortable moments of being in the present?
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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello, dear listeners, and I handle source of inspiration. So I just thought I'd record you a in many podcasts, which is going to hopefully help you a lot on your life's path. Because I know sometimes we can look at spirituality and all mindfulness, all the ways we're trying to kind of change our life, but then life gets in the way. And, you know, it's just like, if you've been trying to kind of manifest something for ever, and it just doesn't seem to be happening, or you can't seem to attract the right people to help you on your path or feel like you're kind of loved and supported. Well, I just thought I would share this with you to let you know that you are loved and supported. And in the grand scheme of things, right life is never exactly how we expect it to be. And how do we actually kind of qualify success. So as success having a successful business, most people would say yes, is success having lots of money, maybe most people will say success to that is success. Having a great peer group, most people might say that is success. But I not deny that these things are exceedingly six successful things to do. And don't get me wrong, it is good to kind of have dreams and kind of golf for them. But in the process is also important not to lose our our way, and how we kind of how we are towards ourselves, and how we treat other people along the process, which is quite often forgotten, in this world, where everyone is all about kind of like gain and kind of their kind of what's the word, their kind of fame, etc. So I invite you to say, even if you're having a difficult time, even if you feel stuck, even if you feel like you don't have a supportive network around you, etc, I invite you, dear listener, to kind of go within and just actually realise that the real thing is when one was stuck is when we're kind of being the same way, we're doing the same things the same way all the time, without learning from them. And I always feel like life is a kind of one big learning playground, and perhaps your loved ones don't understand you, or perhaps your loved ones, don't see where you're coming from, or, you know, everyone's gonna have like different opinions and views on what successes in this life. And, and, and also, different opinions and views of how to kind of like achieve that, here are my top five tips for you, when you're feeling that kind of, you've tried everything and nothing is moving. And you just feel that you're not surrounded by people that love and understand you, which I'm sure they do. But sometimes we can feel like that. Exactly right. So maybe you've got up to date. And this is tip number one, maybe you've got up to date, and life just feels like it's the same thing, or you're doing something, it just feels like the same emotions, the same energy, the same way of being etc. And you feel that kind of stuckness. And you're not really sure what to do. Well, sometimes people kind of like try and pull their whole life apart and try and change things. And maybe sometimes that is appropriate. But why not take things kind of in a kind of more natural kind of flow by changing a couple of things at a time. so hear me out. So if you I'm just trying to talk about situations where these situations I use can be used towards all of the different situations, if that makes sense. So just say you're kind of sick of your job, you've got an office job, it's the same thing is the same conversations, it's the same thing. And you have we tend to have the same habits will go to the same coffee shop will work the same way. We'll talk to the same people, we might do the same to recover in the evening might do the same thing where we kind of switch for watching something, an unhealthy meal because we're tired, etc. And then the next day, it becomes like Groundhog Day again and again and again. And it kind of gets us down a bit, right? So what you can do instead is instead of trying to change the whole day in the hallway, you're being I invite you to change one thing a week. So it can be something small. So just so you always have coffee, why don't you for a week try and have a different hot drink every day. And again, you might think what does this got to do with spirituality? It's got quite a lot to do who actually in a sense that by invoking that change, you have the ability to kind of see things through fresh eyes. So I'm not saying that the hot drink is the thing that you have to change. It might be that for a week instead of watching TV after work, you do some sort of online class, exercise class or you start journaling am just something that is easy enough to fit into your day. But equally you have the ability to kind of do it in a shorter space. Time, and then I call it layering. So you'll do that for the first week. And then maybe either continue that and add something new or add something new completely as well. So maybe instead of walking, one way to work, you walk a different way to walk, work, maybe you get up 10 minutes earlier, and you do meditation practices, all these different things that you can kind of add. But the way the mind works is, it's kind of good if you can do doing for length of time, because then you form these new habits. And that will kind of start to change things around. And then if you look at other aspects of your life, maybe you don't have like people around you that you call like friends or things like that, or maybe you do have friends, but they don't kind of you don't feel like they understand you, or maybe you love your friends, but you just want to kind of a bit of change as well. Well, instead of kind of just sitting there feeling sorry for oneself, one could like go on, this thing's like MIT where you can go to like, all these kinds of free events, where you can meet people. And I understand people are busy. So I would say if you're going to do one, something like that, try and do that once a month. So just try and do some sort of social situation once a month, while you're meeting someone new, just to kind of like help to cultivate kind of new ways of being and kind of new people. And then the third thing is, something I really learned is you really got to learn to not care what other people think about you. They have their own paths. And I don't know, like, I don't know, if he ever read like grit, big epic novel novels. Sometimes the one of the person starts off, and they're not kind of not, it doesn't look like that everything's gone. Well, for other people it is, and it can be a lot of different things. But life can change around and like one minute, you can be up high, and the next minute, you can be kind of somewhere else. But it's not like good or bad refer from using such labels. But instead, it's kind of a way of kind of seeing that actually, yeah, life is flux is change. And it can be like things where we feel like we kind of judge by people that the number of things people judge you by is how much money you make, how successful your business is. And also like how young you look as if Getting old is kind of old Earth is a sin. My take on that last one is kind of be as healthy as you can work out, eat healthy, and then you've known you've done everything you possibly can to kind of look after yourself. So it's kind of like, we kind of deny that we are going to die some at some point. So looking older, is seen as some kind of like sin. But it's crazy. So these are all kinds of things that can make us feel like we're inadequate, because maybe we're not making as much money from our thing. And maybe we are kind of like struggling or maybe we'll make loads of money, we still feel completely an utterly empty inside. Or we've kind of sacrifice relationships with loved ones to attain that. And once we get there, we realise it's not exactly what I want. So I'm sharing a lot of things. And maybe some of these things relate to you in some movies, none of these things relate to you. But I'm just using them as examples. Because the key component, all of this is balance, balance, balance balance, in a world driven by logic and, and get and go and achieve. It's very important that we tap into our receptive side, because that's where we get our strength from actually not from kind of doing loads of things, which are equally things that we need to do. But also by kind of tapping into that inner strength. And that comes from being receptive. And still and society, everything will try and stop you in every possible way to have any moments for yourself more well, mobile phones, all these kinds of things can kind of get in our way and stop us from kind of being ourselves and kind of tapping into ourselves. But I'm inviting you don't lead it. It starts with you. So Nora starts with you. So can you figure in some time to be with yourself. And quite a lot of people in the self help world say Hola, but

Unknown Speaker  9:20  
they don't actually really kind of explain always why it's just so important to kind of get yourself back. Just think right? If you drove your car like for 48 hours, right nonstop without having a break. It's not going to be so good for it is it? It kind of needs a time to like cool down and kind of be late with anything. So that's kind of what we need to do and constructive rest as well which I will say things like kind of doing something like Tai Chi, Yoga, something slow going for a walk so that I know like Tai Chi and yoga is kind of like it's so expensive these days. So if that's not within your price range and the As classes online or go for a walk in nature, that is the best gift that you can kind of give yourself. So I hope this this kind of stream of conversation, it just came to me and it's what I'd like to share was of help term. So the gentle yoga warriors conscious conversations podcast, to help you grow and discover who you are to develop a deeper, more complete side of yourself via conscious talks, self love meditation. And by interviewing some of the most inspiring guests on the planet, many of our guests have overcome significant obstacles and transform their lives, overcoming pain and setbacks, and dark night of the soul followed by a significant turning point. And hence a change outlook on life that was so profound that they wish to share it with other people. Our podcast is rich with deep talks, and we offer a way to have a more full and complete way of life. As well as being an indie alternative health and wellness podcast. We also offer personalised meditations, self help books and yoga and healing sessions. Just go to the gentle yoga For more information

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
just held the spine as straight as you possibly can for you. Well, there's nothing else for you to do than simply sit and be with me right now. sit and be still allow yourself to be allow the breath to be calm, allow, allow. When was the last time that you allowed yourself this comfortable silence these comfortable moments of being these comfortable moments of just existing in the present in the moment in the now

Unknown Speaker  12:20  
when dear one did you just allow.

Unknown Speaker  12:27  
So as you listen to the nature sounds on this meditation, I'm going to be quiet for a bit but I just want you to tap into and listen and just be nothing else to prove or do but just be.

Unknown Speaker  13:15  
So slowly, now come back into the moment, come back into the room. Take a deep breath, stretch their hands over their head. Exhale, bring their hands to the chest and just ask yourself very calmly, what is the one thing that I can do today to help myself on this road of life? What is the one thing I can do today to help myself on the road of life? And don't if it comes Brit grace, if it doesn't, maybe just something to ponder over the next day, but I'm the gentle yoga warrior and as always, you can contact me by the gentle And if you would like a personalised recorded meditations specifically for your needs, then do reach out there. I also do absolutely fantastic. I must say myself, long distance energy healing sessions and shamanic healing sessions. So if that is something that you would like to do, again, you can reach out to me there

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