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Dec. 15, 2022

Letting Go In Challenging Times And What Does Meditation Have To Offer Us?

Letting Go In Challenging Times And What Does Meditation Have To Offer Us?
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Finding and following the wisdom inherent in all of us is the greatest gift we can give ourselves and the world. Meditation is the key but what is meditation and how does it let us let go? How can meditation helped one navigate any personal crisis? What role has community played in meditation practice? What does meditation have to offer in these challenging times?  Learn this and so much more when The Gentle Yoga Warrior and Neil McKinlay share their wisdom on this matter. Neil McKinlay has spent his adult life studying and practicing embodied meditation. Through this span, he has lead events of 100+ people both in-person and online. He has also been a parent and partner, author, and competitive swim coach. In recent years, 'survivor' has been added to Neil's list of roles and accomplishments as he recovers from a relationship with a dysfunctional spiritual mentor.
These diverse experiences lend Neil's presentation of meditation a unique flavour. Well aware of the challenges and opportunities a full contemporary life poses for meditation practice, he speaks to - and links - the realities of both with candour and freshness.

In addition to offering in-person instruction in Victoria, BC, Neil leads two online communities (The Living Meditation Network and The Online Gatherings) and hosts the Bringing Meditation to Life podcast. He also mentors individuals wanting to bring meditation - and the inner wisdom we connect with through this practice - more fully into their lives.  Neil's contact details

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