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Oct. 12, 2022

Letting Go Of Crushed Dreams And Learning To Thrive

Letting Go Of Crushed Dreams  And Learning To Thrive

Today we are going to talk about letting go of crushed dreams and instead learning to thrive.  I’ve known many times how it feels to have crushed dreams.   I am so interested to  understanding for our listeners how they can pivot from failure to flourishing and all the time enjoying life. 

Please welcome Today: Dream pollinator, coach and published author. Debby Krusz!

Debby’s name means bee and what do bees do?  They pollinate! Having experienced crushed dreams, Debby Krusz turned her life around.  To quote Debby, ‘After being Dream Crushed by Corporate America, I listened to the voice within that said, “Leave this place and start writing!'“

Debby Krusz is also known as Kruszewski is the published Author of Soul Meets Body, Precious and Fragile Things and Live to Tell. She is currently working on her fourth novel.. All her novels are about following your heart.  She is also runs an inspirational blog, is a certified Dream Manager Coach and Business Consultant.

Debby’s contact details:

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello everybody and welcome to the gentle yoga warrior is conscious conversations podcast to help you grow and discover who you are. So we're in season 11. And this is all about letting go. And shedding. So very autumn fall inspired season. And today we're going to talk about letting go of crushed dreams and instead learning to thrive. So to today's special guest, and I thought who better to speak to us today about this than dream pollinator coach and publish offer? Debbie Cruz. Debbie's name means B and what do bees do? They pollinate to quote Debbie, after being dreamed crushed by corporate America. I listened to the voice within that said, leave this space and start writing. Debbie Cruz is also known as Debbie Cruz l ski. And she's published an amazing book which I'm on chapter 11 of soulmates body. So without further ado, joining us from Mamaroneck New York, USA. Please welcome Debbie Cruz. Debbie, welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:25  
Well, thank you so much for having me, Jane, I really appreciate it.

Unknown Speaker  1:28  
I'm so excited to speak to you today. I know how it feels to have dreams crushed and and instead of Friday when we can kind of get stuck in that soil. That's why I'm so keen to speak to you today because I'm sure you're going to enlighten our listeners on how to to navigate fruit through that. So, Debbie, so you are a dream pollinator I love that description. How did you come about calling yourself a dream pollinator?

Unknown Speaker  1:55  
Well, I, I realised that having dreams on your heart are made for you for a reason. And I learned that by being crushed by all my dreams throughout my my life and definitely through career relationships that did not help that. But in my journey, I realised that you know, there was dreams on my heart that should be fulfilled, and the world was telling me no. And when I found that out and realised that I could be I should be pursuing my dreams, and I started to follow them I left my job. And I started to write, which I didn't even realise was a dream on my heart. But when I got deeper into my spirituality, and a lot more meditation and prayer, you know, God came to me and said, I think you should leave this job and start writing and I was like, Well, you know, I really did want to write and I wrote three books in nine months. And you know, learning that I wrote books that are all based on what is on your heart, and I wanted to take it a step further. So I switched my consulting business into a coaching business and focused on helping other people follow their dreams and get themselves to their centre a core of what they trust and believe on their heart and to be the best version of themselves to capture their dreams and everybody you know, we look at a goal or you know, our life mission or a project as a as a dream. So it's an easy capture. And I say dream pollination because getting in deeper into my spirituality and learning what my name is Devorah coming from Hebrew is known as the bee seeker and you know, being somebody that is known as a leader in the Bible and also wanting the best for all the people around you. And that's what these want they want they do impossible like them flying is just impossible. And they don't want to bother you they want the best for you so they want to pollinate beautiful flowers and just gardens and make honey to make you feel better and to do wonderful things for you it's like a power food. And that's that's their way of if you're if all these beautiful things are around you and we can provide you with with honey and all the all these fruits that help nourish you and keep you healthy and positive then only good and positive things are going to come for him so I like to think of that as a dream is something is like you're always working on it on the background and it's quiet and you want it to be successful. Right so you're always pollinating it and getting it ready to bloom. So that's why I came up with a dream pollination and it is a good conversation starter set.

Unknown Speaker  4:50  
Absolutely beautiful. And I just love that concept. And I just I watched the bees in my garden and they kind of they work they work selflessly don't they like they kind of just work All these hours and, and honey is it was something that I would associate with being nurturing and kind of light and warming and that kind of kind of spirit really. But I love I love the fact you were brave enough to leave the call because you know, sometimes we can get comfortable being in our own misery. And we can count we can kind of just stay somewhere because it's easier even though it's not the right thing. So that was that was amazing. Step two, to leave. I'm guessing you a bit scared to start with but kind of knew it was the right thing?

Unknown Speaker  5:29  
Yeah, I mean, well, I was in a place where I was miserable. And I came to a point of like, well, this is supposed to be my dream to have this high corporate job. And I was told money was going to be my answer to my dreams. And I was gonna get everything I wanted if I could buy it. But the things I wanted, didn't have a monetary value on it. You know, I wanted happiness. I wanted joy in my life, I wanted to be in a great relationship. I wanted a happy family. And I'm like, I don't have that. Why did I think that money was going to buy me that. But I thought money was going to help me be the most well rounded person and the attractive person to get that, where it made me uglier. And I was self destructing. And I was in a place where it wasn't a healthy environment. And I saw myself as I am going to be dead in six months, if I continue this path, and this, I'm going to die if I stay here. So I really don't have anything to lose. If I leave this job, I have a chance of getting to my dreams being fulfilled being happy, because it's not money. Money is not my happiness, a big title is not my happiness. So I mean, I realised that God had been telling me things so many times in my life, and I dismissed him, or I laughed at it was like, You don't understand what's going on? What was wrong with you do this, walk away from this? Why would I do that, though? That's crazy. You don't? What do you know? And I was like, Well, I have a choice. Like, I could stay here and die and prove myself, right. Or I could leave and listen to God and live in the unknown. And, and see where that takes me. Right? So I'm still here, and I'm smiling. And, and so I'm glad I chose that path. And it's not easy. And they you do get comfortable. And you do get in to those Fear Factor moments of, I have to stay at this job because I need the money. I need I have to do this because I have to stay in this relationship. Because we have kids, I have to do this because and you make exceptions for things because you're afraid to leave the status quo, because it's like, well, what am I? What am I supposed to do without it? But you know, when you learn that money, it will always be whatever you need is always going to be provided for you if you're on the right path. And money is not always your answer. If money does not solve things, and I mean, the famous life, more money, more problems. If you if you don't if your views, views money, which most of us do without even realising it, it will abuse you back. And it's it's ugly. So yeah, there's a huge fear factor. And that's what I work on with my coaching is to help people through that whole Fear Factor and dream crushing as well.

Unknown Speaker  8:22  
Yeah, oh, wow. That's a wonderful gift to give to the world and hear what you say it sounds like meditation and faith was a really big support in a new kind of making that transition out of this sounds, slightly toxic environment or maybe a toxic environment to a thing that's more sort soul aligned. I think back to sometimes when things haven't worked out. And then if I don't watch myself, I can kind of go down a road of thinking or why bother? Because this hasn't worked out. But I've kind of learned over the years to step back from that and actually not kind of be in that headspace. But my question to you is, Debbie, if if any of our listeners are listening now and they've had crushed dreams, and they just think well, it's not going to work out for me, what advice would you give, give them

Unknown Speaker  9:10  
well, if it's if it belongs to you, it's yours. And there is no timeframe and there is no rules about it. This one way didn't work. That doesn't mean there's 75 million other ways for it to work. And you know, every every dead Avenue is a lesson or you can look at a dead avenue of wow, my dream is really that big, that there's something the negative wants to get in my way. Because the it can it can see what's on the other side, but I can't. So that's that's the first a first lesson that you need to learn of getting through those self mind barriers of understanding that there's negative just as much as there's positive There's negative as well. And we somehow learned how to lean into the negative because it approaches us faster and quicker. And, you know, it's the quick sell of like, I'm gonna make you a millionaire in 10 minutes, you know, all the promises that are empty, you know, it's just like being scammed online, it is the same thing. And when your mindset is not in the right place, you were like, Yeah, that's where I want to go. And you detour yourself. So when you're on the right path, and you find these big boulders in your way, you have to stop and be like, Okay, well, I'm enjoying this because that means there's something really big right behind that big boulder. And the more you acknowledge that, of this is just a negative force trying to deter me from my dream, that it'll dissipate, because it doesn't know how to handle it. It does, it doesn't have the strength, the negativity doesn't have the strength or the mindset or the power to fight that. It can't fight positivity, it can fight, it'll drown you in the negative activity, it'll dig you in deeper. But when you fight something with positivity, it doesn't know how to do it. And it just is like, alright, I lost and runs away. So that is a huge piece to get through that. There's also things that, you know, people will say, Well, I'm this age, I can't do this, or this should have happened at this timeframe. That, again, there's no timeframe, it might just look differently, it could look differently then, than it does today. So I always tell this famous story about being a major league ballplayer for a man in his late 50s, early 60s. And it's like, okay, well, you had that dream when you were 18. And that's great. It didn't happen for you at 18. But what does it look like today, because the dream your life has evolved, your dream has evolved, what is it look like today, and it was just a job that involves a lot of quick hits, a lot of fast movement, a lot of teamwork, a lot of just the recognition, you know, of, of getting those quick hits, and being those fast wins. So putting somebody in a job that has that sports mentality has that those base hits those quick hits, and the recognition of a crowd and the like, this is wonderful. This is great. And then you go and move to a new city and you play a new team. And you know, it's a whole a whole new ballgame. So it depends on what it looks like and don't crush your own dreams. And tell yourself No, it's just yourself telling yourself, no, your dream is still there. And it's still in your heart for a reason. And there's no age limit, or no time limit or no restrictions to get there. Stop deciding how to like, this is the only way there's a million ways. So let the million let's work out the million ways and get you there.

Unknown Speaker  13:03  
Fantastic. So we've kind of seen Life is an adventure sense of wonderment on the on the way and kind of, yeah, because we can so easily go down that negativity because it's something that's familiar, but I know with myself and I'm sure many of our listeners will be able to relate to this is that you know, when we those little times when you kind of trust and also step outside your comfort zone. That's where you get those kind of magical moments when you when we have the faith to kind of pursue what we want to do. But like you said, there's no time limit on it. And okay, so maybe myself, I couldn't train to be a ballerina at the HR now but I could do ballet lessons if that was what I wanted to kind of like do so there's is always kind of different opportunities if we kind of look like Debbie says and the phrase we are in our life How do you help people dreams come to life?

Unknown Speaker  13:57  
Well, I like to go through the processes of explaining to people dream cycles, Dream crushing, and and understand you're probably way closer to your dreams than you realise. And you know, we we listen too much to what our friends tell us what society tells us. The news tells us and social media could be an enemy in that way. Where there's so many ads of oh, wait, you're you need to do this. This is the only way this is the only way Oh, and it kind of takes you back to ground zero of making you feel like that's where you are. I don't believe in that you're not at Ground Zero. You're you're you're however old you are. I don't care if you're 10 or you're 90 you have experience on this earth and hear a little bit further than what you think. So I like to go through the dream cycle of you know, I had this dream when I was a and then I had this dream when I was 20 and then when it was 30 it was this and all of those Beans could still be alive. But they all look differently, you can only see what you know. So at 10 years old, you know that major league ballplayers seems so realistic, at 55, it looks a lot different. And you're still, when you're still in your 10 year old mindset, you have to be like, Okay, well, I'm not 10 anymore, and I've lived the life. And now I see it differently. So you have to kind of mesh those those brains and those dreams together of what it really looks like. And, you know, get rid of the crashing of well, it didn't happen when I was 18. So forget it, that's all over and now I'm miserable. And I'm going to make everybody around me miserable. No, you need to you need to on on, take off the the layers, it's, you know, an onion, take off the layers, go through it, go through, let's work on who you are today. And what you look like in that dream, let's get you to who the person you want to be. When you see yourself in that dream. In that picture, let's build a plan to make you the most well rounded person. So is it I need to be in really good health, which no matter what your dream is, you need to be in really good health, you know, you know, are your finances in order. Because you know what, no matter what you do, you need to have your finances in order and have a good plan of where your money's going. Because if it's, Hey, I want to go work on this job that I got to travel for three years. And I'm not going to make money until after the project is over? Well, you need three years worth of paying your expenses and paying for this trip and being on this trip. So you got to look at what your expenses need to be and where your finances need to be for what that dream looks like. If it's leaving your job, you know, you need to do that if it's buying a house, we need to work on your finances to get there. Are you spiritually connected? Because this is part of you know, being connected to higher source who I consider to be God, you know, you need to know what that looks like for you. And you need to rely on that. And you need to understand that there is a level of faith. And if you don't have faith in God, do you have faith in yourself? Because having faith in yourself is having faith that you're here for a reason and being spiritually connected? And then you know, it's it's making sure that your brain is in the right place. So you're working on what you're where your intellect needs to be, do you need to go back to school? Is it is it a new project that you're working on that you need to learn, you know, there's so many things that you need to be that well rounded person to map yourself to that dream, and you are probably further along than you think. But making a proper plan helps you get to that next phase of the dream crashing.

Unknown Speaker  17:56  
Fantastic, because we can't always find the path ourselves. So I think that's why would be of great benefit for some people is that you're kind of like you're like a compass, you kind of can kind of decipher and get through all the layers and cants and things like that, and kind of help help the road to can and feel that having a strong spiritual connection. Dear listeners, whatever your faith is, is paramount really to kind of to go through your path because I strongly believe we're here all here for a reason. And then we've all got our amazing light to shine to the world. And why wouldn't we but and yet, we don't because things become difficult, which I completely understand. But that's why people like Debbie, and this podcast is here to help to help you deal listeners as you navigate through the road. I mean, I was fine hold on is to enjoy the journey through the process, even if you're kind of working on how to get to where you would like in life, etc. are there any tips that you can give the listeners on how they can enjoy the process of kind of navigating where that where they're meant to go in life?

Unknown Speaker  19:03  
Yeah, I mean, I like to think of it as just think of every second is another chance to turn it around. And instead of being so wake up and be unhappy and be like I have to go this mundane job, I'm unhappy with this part of my life, this part of my life, why don't you turn it around and be like, I'm grateful that I have this life and I'm grateful that I know, at this phase of my life, that there's something better for me, and I needed this as a stepping stool to get there. So I am grateful. And I'm excited because now that I have faith in myself, I have faith that my dreams are going to come true and that is a huge piece of the battle. So giving gratitude to everything turn it around so all the things that you you know curse out all day you know sitting in traffic or you know, missing the last golden or whatever it is, you know, give it gratitude be like okay, well that somebody else needed it more than I did you know there was a light in In my path, because there's probably an accident in front of me that is, you know, scaring the out of the way. You know, look at it at a positive way. And just see how things change and see how your relationships change, and how everything around you just turns for the better. And you just get closer and closer to being a happy person. And it is a mindset, it is all about changing. And I just say, just try to smile as much as you can, instead of frowning and crying and being mad wanted to just smile. And let that moment, take its course and watch that energy pass through.

Unknown Speaker  20:35  
I'm often smiling more definitely that kind of makes this favourite one feel a lot happier straightaway when we smile. So Debbie is well as being a dream pollinator quartz, you are also a published author. And I am just about to start Chapter 11 of your book as soul meets body. And you've got a very unique, beautiful and kind of real way of writing and the characters kind of like just really came to life. And I know you said earlier that you weren't sure if you were a writer on how did you become a published writer? Is it four books you've published in total?

Unknown Speaker  21:14  
Three, you're very close. You I have three published, I am working with a publisher right now about discussing what which which book is going to be next because I have I am writing a few. And so you're not off off course at all. The fourth one will get published, it's just a matter of the publisher deciding which one has the most appeal for them to want to run with next. So I'm pretty excited about that. And they all they are all based on following your heart and trusting what is on your heart. And knowing that there is a lot of craziness. It's like why is Why is why are these characters in this crazy place? Like what did you do what you know, how did you get here, there is no coincidences. But you know, whatever your dream is, and whatever's on your heart will always find you and you're always be guided. And if you believe in yourself, you know, you can get out of all these negative situations and, you know, find find that love for yourself and love for others in it.

Unknown Speaker  22:22  
Love is the magic ingredient, isn't it for life in general, love the moment, have gratitude. And I really relate to what you said earlier about the gratitude bit as well. Because if we're having a difficult day, and we do see bits or things to be grateful for then they can kind of help build more gratitude and the same thing as reading uplifting, positive fiction. So Debbie with your with your coaching, if I was a listener now, and I was kind of feeling that I'm really lacking in faith, I'm really lacking in my abilities, what is the first step that they can take with you to kind of to get them to their dreams, pollinators and their self back on onto the road. That's the right one for them?

Unknown Speaker  23:06  
Well, I think the first choice is exactly your question of your questioning that you want it, you want to get back on path. And that's the first, that's a huge step. That's a huge, huge step. And I know that there is not not one size fits all, for everybody. And, you know, the fact that you know that there's faith in there, you just need to find it again, or you need to get rejuvenated with it, and you need something that's going to spark that for you. And a lot of things, a lot of fear is that dust, that hole that's standing in front of you holding you back from getting there, because that's all you can see is it's going to be painful, it's going to be hurtful, but you're thinking to an old memory or an old thought or an old insecurity that hurt you in some way shape, or form or disappointed you in some way, shape or form. So that that's hard to get through. So to get to that through that cloud of dust feels painful. And once you again, look at it as well, there must be something really, really good behind that. Then watch how that cloud of dust just disappears and how easy it is to walk through it and you're like, Well, that wasn't so hard. I could have done that. And I think that it's a mindset to get through but there are a lot of people have anger and upset for for things that have happened in their past. You're not going backwards, you're going forward. So that's one step. And, you know, I've I believe in God and I have a great connection with God and I understand that that that could be that's not everybody feel Was that way, but just tell him you want to love him again and just be like, I want to believe in my dreams. I want to believe in myself. I need help. Can you help me? And you'd be amazed at what comes comes to fruition of. And if you may, it may come so faster, like, I'm not ready for that right now. That's okay. Because it's just the like it came, you know, and I like to use, like, I'm the worst morning person. So getting me up in the morning is so hard. But that morning, we're like, I'm gonna wake up at 6am. And I'm gonna go for a walk, and it's gonna be great. And I'll go to bed and be like, can you please make sure God that I can wake up at 6am? That would be really helpful, you know? And at 559 for whatever reason, I'll wake up and I'll be like, alright, not today. But you did come through, you did come through. I wasn't ready. But you did come through. Can you please, can you please keep working on me? Can we try again tomorrow and the day after the day after until that day that I can I can do it. So sometimes, you feel you see it, you get that piece of faith of like, Yeah, I'm gonna help 6am That's no problem, I got you. But I wasn't ready for it. And sometimes we dismiss ourselves be like, See, I knew I couldn't do it, you know, you're a work in progress. And you're asking for a huge change in your life. And this is the first step. And it's overwhelming, it's overwhelming to make that little first step. And that's okay. Because there's always God will always give you so many other chances to wake up at 6am, or whatever that one thing you you're looking for. It will just keep asking. And you'll get there. And then there's the next hurdle, the next hurdle. And then you'll again, realise, wow, I started here, but I'm over a year now. I don't need to somebody to tell me to go all the way back here. I'm here. And I'm excited. And I'm ready to go for further faster. And that's the excitement part is to really watch that journey, have your own little triumphs of that little things that will get you there. And they excitement will take you and you'll you'll just end up, you know, running away with it and loving it. And then all of a sudden, and I'll see you two months later and be like, Oh, just came in. So yeah, it's

Unknown Speaker  27:27  
Wow. So to kind of get that momentum going, isn't it? I guess then it's kind of it's kind of like getting an engine growing. It's kind of like maybe the engine stalled. Like, you know, like the more like kind of limiting beliefs and then we can kind of like get the engine going and kind of get get things moving. And yeah, we don't always ask for help. We kind of sometimes feel that we need to do things on our own, but we don't and that's a lesson that I've learned in life as well is kind of it's okay to kind of by ask for help. So I'm I'm a listener, Debbie and I want to to kind of work with you is it what's the best way to listeners to reach you, I

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
would love to hear from all your listeners. It's very easy to find me or I try to make it very easy for people to find me to stick to one tag Debbie Cruz, so that's D bb YKR USD. So my website is Debbie And all my social media username is Debbie Cruz. So it's at Debbie Cruz, on Instagram, tik, Tok, Facebook, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Twitter, and YouTube. I don't have a lot, but it's there. I'd also love to offer all your listeners a free download of soulmates body, which is the wild crazy journey of following your hearts. And I would love to hear from you. And any listener that reaches out I would love to do a free discovery call on where you are and your dreams and how to take it to the next step. super generous

Unknown Speaker  28:58  
of you, listeners, if you're kind of like Gouverneur worrying about or what should I do then reach out to Debbie and yeah, Discovery call and, and her book is so good. So it's well worth getting the download. Download of that is absolutely fantastic. So Debbie, I know you seem to have some knowledge about signs and symbols. And I kind of like sometimes I see little feathers or I see little stickers like like in random places little like gold stickers and things which I was thinking that's kind of a sign but that's how I interpret it. Really interested to hear how what how you think about signs and symbols and your connection with that we've gotten that. Oh, thank

Unknown Speaker  29:42  
you. Yeah, I mean that that's really where I realised that I needed to dig in deeper to my spirituality and I had been getting them my whole life but you know a lot of the signs that I was seeing or getting hearing or visions and stuff Ever nobody else was seeing it or hearing it. So, you know, you were labelled as crazy or what's wrong with you, and you know, all those things. So I tried to shut it off or just learn to not share it. And you know, it was kind of lonely. And I did go on a pilgrimage to Rome a few years ago. And I came back and I was just so spiritually touched, and I didn't understand it, it was so overwhelming in a beautiful way. And I was crying and eating pasta at the same time. And all of a sudden, a heart, like a piece of pasta came through in a heart, and it's actually on my Instagram, if you dig deep enough. And it just, I was, I was listening to actually a podcast, and the right away, somebody was just saying, everything's gonna be okay. And you're guided, and you're loved. And I'm like, Well, this is, this is so big, like, and then and then I started to see more hearts. So what I've learned in digging in deeper and understanding signs and symbols is once you know, the other side, angels, saints, and we can see them usually through what we can relate to, so we can relate to people that have passed on. And, you know, once they realise that just I always think of the other side is like a whole bunch of fun, colourful, glittery, like animals, like, like your biggest cheerleaders. And once they realise, like she saw it, did you see she saw, Oh, my gosh, sorry, oh, my god, it's so great. They want to just keep sending that to you, because they caught your attention with that. And you know, feathers are huge coins. Sometimes they're huge. And you said a gold stamps, gold, like

Unknown Speaker  31:47  
stickers, you know, like those kinds of ones that kids put on things I in kind of random places, I kind of find them on the road and that one, and I think, oh, yeah, that's a sign.

Unknown Speaker  31:56  
Yeah, well, that I mean, you know, we can dig into deeper to that, what that looks like for you, but it's definitely some, you know, the higher being getting your attention and wanting and, you know, you look at it as somebody loves me enough, though, is dying to get my attention, you know, and that's beautiful. And the more you recognise them, and are, you know, give gratitude to it and be excited about? Well, you know, there's this whole team above me that supporting me and loving me, and sending me the signs and symbols. That means something great is coming that leads some you know, you just it's that that extra like, yeah, you know, your cheerleading team is with you. And you know, you can conquer anything with that. And they're there if they're signs or not, they're always with you. But it really helps to have the signs and symbols. Mine are much deeper, and now a lot harder to show and explain to people but I still do get a lot of signs. In hearts. I actually, weirdly enough, not weird but pretty defined. It's just as hard to see. But this is a metal Divine. Divine Mercy metal. And yeah, and so we're praying to Mary and I have a good friend Mary that passed away. And then here's her ring. I right before she died, I got a very super tiny, Divine Mercy metal. And it was in front of the house she used to live in. And then she passed away and I was getting a lot she gave me this array, which is a prayer ring. And I get a lot of just people coming to give me a medal of Divine Mercy. And today just happens to be the Feast of Saint Pontius Faustino, who is Jesus I trust you created the Divine Mercy. And I, the other day was praying to Mother Mary, but also to my friend Mary asking my friend Mary, like, Can you just help me out here. And I found this the little one on the floor. And then that night, my dad came over and was like, I wanted to give this to you. And this was also blessed by the Pope. My, my pastor is a bishop, and he had just came back from Rome and bought a bunch of these back. And they were blessed by the Pope. I didn't go to Mass because I was at a retreat somewhere else. But yeah, so you know, those are signs that I get that, you know, they like is more as you acknowledge it, they get deeper, and so, so I would stick with those stickers because those are pretty unique and they mean something to you. And, you know, I would try to dig deeper and ask for more. You know, just Yeah, and

Unknown Speaker  34:58  
I'm gonna do that now. lessons. Yeah, I suppose I was kind of one because they are quite unique.

Unknown Speaker  35:04  
Yeah, and I mean, it's we make we make spirituality so complicated. It's not just be like, I really want to see a sign and I, you know, do experiments with my clients of, hey, go find a yellow butterfly in 48 hours, write it down, I want to see a yellow butterfly in 48 hours, and be amazed of how it comes to you just be amazed. And those are the stories that are fun to hear. And don't you know, don't limit to what it what that could be. Don't limit yourself on what it can be. And it really gets people excited. And they're like, Well, what's next, you know, so then, you know, give them the next thing and the next thing and the next thing so you know that that is a way to get yourself closer to your spirituality and have fun with it. You know, and enjoy it in you know, know that they're sitting there like excited and want to send you signs and symbols.

Unknown Speaker  36:06  
Is anything else you would like to say before we call it a day? Oh, I just

Unknown Speaker  36:12  
love to say that, you know, you're divinely and uniquely made for yourself. There's no need for you to judge yourself on what somebody else is doing timeframes, what people look like, or what they have or what they don't have. You're here to enjoy this life have joy and abundance. And you know, I just want that for all of you and trust and believe in yourself, because you're here for wonderful reasons. And I believe in you. And I know you can make it happen. Debbie, you

Unknown Speaker  36:41  
have been so inspiring. And I'm so pleased to have had you on the show today and you've taken time out of your busy schedule. So thank you so much. What a lot of conscious conversations we've had today. Listeners, do check out Debbie's website, which is Debbie And that's all her details. But I will also leave details in the show notes but do stay tuned dear listeners as always listen meditation inspired by today's show. But thank you so much, Debbie for joining us today. Thank you, Jane. Thank you. As promised here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching and if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begging see the world in the vastness that is vast and great place and you were born into this world for you have a greatness, a uniqueness a way to help the world by your unique and special guests. So imagine is nice summer's day and you're sitting in a boat

Unknown Speaker  38:39  
shallow water lacks gently against the side of the boat on the side of the shore. And as you sit there being allowing you decide to pick up bills. You have the life jacket on and this imaginary ball on the sun is so warming but not too hot in the STEM fields and you start to roll gently in the water. And even if you don't know how to grow in this American nation, you're doing it just right and the book starts to move around the pond or the river or wherever it is that you are in your imagination

Unknown Speaker  39:37  
and you're enjoying the movement you feel the momentum starting to build as you roll and then taken the wonderful day. But then the river pond or whatever it is you're floating on, splits off into three section. One section has you can see In the distance, something that's important to you with what you want to do in your career life or next, the other, the middle stream also has something that's of importance to you, which you like to do in your life next. And then the third one also has something of great importance to so equally, they all have important things that you want to do in your life. And that's the difficulty that you may have, as you're not sure which way to go. And only you will know that deep down. But before you decide, just place, you pause the boat and the water is still as you place your hand onto your heart. And he may also do this in the meditation, if that feels nice for you. You take a nice, deep exhalation, and then from that heart centre you decide to yourself, which is the moment of truth, which is the right way for me to go, which is the right way for me to flow. There are no wrong or right answers in this world, but is a sense of tapping into something greater than who you are. So whatever your spiritual religious beliefs, take a deep inhalation and tap into that and ask why the next road may be. And if there isn't anything in particular believer, ask your Higher Self

Unknown Speaker  41:45  
you know, what is the right ask for your beliefs? And just think, from a place of empowerment, where should I go. And then once you don't doubt it, just go with the flow and imagine yourself growing towards that dream. Taking all the sensations, the sounds, the tastes and textures as you get into that flow. And you begin to roll roll towards your dreams, allowing what may happen on the way the twists and turns that easy routes, the difficult routes, whatever it may be, you step into your flow. And as you reach that shore of brand new possibilities. Tap into yourself and just think of one way, one way, one word, one feeling that helps embody and cements that dream to you. Inhale, exhale. Taking that moment, as on the next breath, you can slowly back into the present back into the room. And you slowly go about your day. And if you want to explore that meditation further, perhaps you can journal each day and come up with some plans. And if you're ever lost, just tap into your higher self, or whatever it is that you believe in is steering you free life, your highest sense of being a place of neutrality and joy and love. And if dear one you would like a personalised record of meditation for a specific thing that you're working through. Then I'm happy to do that for you just reach out

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