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Nov. 7, 2022

Letting Go of Doubt And Instead Learn To Cultivate Little Miracles

Letting Go of Doubt And Instead Learn To Cultivate Little Miracles

Do you think life is all struggle or do you see miracles in your day? In this episode you will learn how to let go of doubt, see gratitude and witness the miracles in your life.  All served with lots of ways to remember to love yourself unconditionally. Do you want to learn to be able to see miracles in your day?   They are there for you right now, learn how to notice them with ease!

''Miracles are moments of fantastic remembrance of what it means to be alive. ''

The Gentle Yoga Warrior is an inspirational figure who has overcome significant obstacles and transformed her life. She offers guidance on meditation, self-love, and yoga to help others develop a more complete and fulfilling way of life.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Welcome to the gentle yoga warriors conscious conversations podcast, to help you grow and discover who you are to develop a deeper, more complete side of yourself via conscious talks, self love meditation. And by interviewing some of the most inspiring guests on the planet, many of our guests have overcome significant obstacles and transform their lives, overcoming pain and setbacks, and dark night of the soul followed by significant turning point, and hence a change outlook on life that was so profound that they wish to share it with other people. Our podcast is rich with deep talks, and we offer a way to have a more full and complete way of life. As well as being an indie alternative health and wellness podcast. We also offer personalised meditations, self help books, and yoga and healing sessions. Just go to the gentle yoga for more information.

Unknown Speaker  1:30  
Hello, dear listeners, thank you so much for taking the time to download my podcast and listen to it, it warms my heart to know that you've done that. So thank you so much. And it's my job here is to inspire you and help you on your journey through life. As unique and connected as that is. And for today's show, I'm super pleased because my voice is coming back. And being a podcast presenter. losing one's voice isn't the best thing. But it was only a temporary thing. And it's back in full force. So I'm super happy about that. And the inspiration for today's podcast came to me earlier. So this question just ponder, do you think life is all struggle? Or are you able to kind of see miracles in your day and a miracle can mean a different thing, depending on who you are, what your beliefs are, etc. But miracles to me are those moments where we kind of pause and think, oh, wow, Isn't life fantastic. Regardless of what else is going around, isn't this precise moment fantastic. And it's my job or My mission today to help you find those little miracles, get rid of the drop and let go of the self doubt, and help cultivate some more little miracles. And they don't have to be like kind of massive things. I'll give you an example. I was going for a walk earlier. And I went into this great big lake which was in in the middle of a forest. And there was like loads of wonderful like passing geese like Canadian geese, all different kinds of species of geese and swans and all kinds of beautiful birds. But I kind of stood by the edge of this lake and I just stared out into the distance and I think it was an oak tree but it was quite far away. But I kind of took in the miracle of that moment. And I just allow myself to be regardless of what I had to do before or what have to after this walk. I was just kind of really been in the moment and because I kept still the swans and the geese kind of were quite calm and I even not some kind of coming up just have a look at what I was doing because they probably think in our human it's not trying to like chases. It's not what she's not walking around quite manically. She's been really still. Because I was being really still I know, they were been really still. And it was like, I had this kind of special connection with these gays. Like, to some of you listen, you think, okay, gentle yoga warrior. But what about Gi? So maybe that might not be a miracle for you. But it's just an example of those kind of tiny moments but kind of miracles are I feel as well random acts of kindness. Can you give some miracles people by doing some random acts of kindness during your day? To me that is a beautiful miracle. The fact that the sun rises every day, and it goes down every night and the moon even on the days that we can't see it has come up and down every single day. That to me is an absolute miracle. And then there's like there's little doubts, you know, like the kind of slide through the back Get the mind, oh, but I can't be happy until this happens or I can't be happy to this happens. And then just to add, there's also times when we don't feel happy. So I'm not saying to you that you should feel happy all the time. That is not what this podcast is about. But rather, regardless of what's gone on through this play of life, because it is like a play, or like a movie in many ways, right? Can you find those moments of miracles, if you watch anything at all, like something really epic, like, say it kind of Lord of the Rings, or any kind of really big epic movie, or read any epic book, there is times even though the the characters have gone through the trials and tribulations of life, they still find moments to kind of capture the beauty of what we see. And really, to me, that is a reminder of the frailty of our existence. But you're probably thinking, dear listener, how's this gonna help you? So I really, really strongly suggest that for the next few days, see if you can go about your day and just see little miracles. What is it? Is it the little bird that landed on your balcony? Is it the smiling face, when you Who let you go in front of you in the queue, because he could see you on a hurry. And all these kind of little random acts of kindness are kind of miracles, and other miracles is when something really wonderful happens, what we weren't expecting, you know, it can be all numbers of things, some really nice things can suddenly kind of like, happen, like something that I want to see a rainbow. To me, that is a miracle. I know, there's a scientific explanation for it, but it's such a miracle, come on. Like, it's just wonderful beauty. And there is an abundance of miracles out there in nature and everyday life in random acts of kindness. And I'd really be intrigued to know what you dear listener, see as random acts of kindness or random miracle in some kind of way, but I'm gonna give you a bit of health in there. So not You're not all on your own in this. So I just thought of kind of some philosophical gifts that you could give yourself to kind of get rid of the doubt and kind of help this momentum go and of miracles of like, fantastic, fantastic things. You know, like, sometimes you can think, um, I don't know, maybe you've been too hard on yourself lately, thinking that you need to achieve this and that to be livable, to be great, and to be an inspiration to the world. But I just want to let you know that you are inspiring people daily, even if you don't realise you're doing it, you are, I can bet that you are in some kind of way. Do you know what really inspires me is, sometimes I go for a walk in this park. And there's this senior lady, I don't know, maybe she's in the 80s or 90s. But she walks around there like twice the speed of like, people like half her age, and she walks and walks and walks. And whenever I'm there, she's doing that. And then sometimes I can go to this park more often. And I've seen it there like twice a day doing it like going round and round really, really kind of quickly. And to me, that is inspiration. And hence, when I feel inspired, I see inspiration is a miracle. So that's just a little thing to kind of little food for thought to kind of entice you into kind of starting to see all these kind of miracles, and also to realise that you are a gift to the world, just random acts, the little things that you do in your everyday life can be deeply inspiring someone, people don't always tell you right that you bet you're inspiring them. They don't. And that's fine. Do it from a place of sincerity. And you know, you are such a miracle. And I think it's really about time that you appreciated yourself. You know, stop being so hard on yourself and thinks to kind of get this momentum gone of miracles and release and doubt is to kind of a bit of space for gratitude and Joan hence when I'm had that pausing moment by the side of the lake, that was my moment to have that bit of space gratitude and joy is something that if you do so now I fully appreciate like you some of you're working really hard. Some people got families, even if you haven't got families, you're working long hours, blah, blah, blah. But is this something that you can incorporate even if you can just do it once a week into your life doesn't have to be for ages? I'm talking about like 510 minutes, where you can pause and visualise and see something beautiful in the world that inspires you To find that deep set and and feel those emotions of gratitude and joy because I'm a bit kind of find like the law of attraction sometimes can be simplifying and can sometimes make people feel bad about themselves when things don't work out that way. But to me, the law of attraction is is is a lot more simpler. And it's about finding gratitude and joy within the moment. And via that connection and realising that we all are one at heart.

Unknown Speaker  10:30  
So another way to kind of witness these little bit miracles, and to let go of doubt is to find a bit of time to rest a little bit more. So when I say REST calls, like you know, watching your favourite TV show, or listening to your favourite tracks, streaming your favourite favourite tracks, or whatever it is playing your favourite video game, go for it and jive. But I also think it's important to put in kind of constructive rest. And what I mean by that is finding things that are going to be really kind of nurture your being like, maybe going for a walk, and nice sensual bath with nice oils, maybe you don't like baths and nice essential shower with nice oils, like, Whatever, whatever you like. And what else could you do all kinds of things, you could have like, a nice yoga class, you could do a meditation, you could read a really uplifting book, but it's just so many ideas. And that will be individual to you and what you like to do, but less is more. So is there some things that you can drop, and some things that you can add in that way you will have the eyes wide open to witness these wonderful miracles, and get a bit more out of life. Because we will try and find the easiest way to go through life, I have learned the hard way. But doing the easiest way is not the way to kind of grow as a human being. And what I mean is just stepping a little bit outside your comfort zone a bit and doing something that kind of pushed you maybe it's gone to like a new porch or group and you're a bit nervous or new pottery group. But that is going to be some sort of kind of constructive, rest, okay, it is work involved. But it's kind of an idealistic way of kind of being kind of writing some beautiful poetry or doing pottery, or whatever it is, you know, maybe you like to go and dance and you want to go and salsa dance or something like that. Okay, it is movement and you are using your body. But what I mean by rest is rest away from kind of work, or from kind of just badging out with something. And like I said, those have been those places in your life as well. But it's really kind of important to you, dear listener, to really kind of nurture your soul and find your sense of joy and happiness in the life because that's when you start to feel and see all the little miracles that life has to offer you in so so many ways.

Unknown Speaker  13:12  
And I really would love to hear how it how that works out for you. And if you're doubting, I would just like to add

Unknown Speaker  13:20  
self appreciation and self love helps us get into the right gear, to the right gear to kind of drive and find or rather attract miracles and a deeper sense of being and joy. And if you're doubting yourself, why not think of one thing you're good at, it doesn't matter if it's a big thing or a small thing. And even if you think ah I'm not good at anything, everyone's good at something right? You really are, the more we can give our gifts attention the more they grow and elevate. Make a promise to yourself right to think day in assuming that you are good at and give it a lashings of attention maybe you're good at making the best sandwich in the world. Maybe make great cup of tea maybe you leave your desk saw beautiful entirely that inspires other people you know I'm using these examples because doesn't have to be like you don't have to be like a castle or Michelangelo you know like and if you are fantastic. You don't have to be those things. So what is your best trait? Is it compassion, kindness being organised? These are good places to start as you try and look into yourself and see what you love and appreciate about yourself. What is your best trait and you know that this doesn't have to come straight away. Maybe if you struggle you can journal it but it's worth the effort involved. Once you know what is maybe you can extend your appreciation or love towards the gifts and yourself. Like example I'm considerate of others. Therefore, I will spend the day treating myself with consideration. I am kind to others, therefore I will spend the rest of my time being kind to myself. You know what it's so easy right to focus on, all the bad in the world focus on, it's so easy, unfortunately, to focus on what we don't have, what we don't like about ourselves, what we don't like about us what's bad in the world. And like, the news, everything is geared towards kind of like pumping us with fear all the time. That's not to say there's not horrible things going on the world. But come on, you can't sit in that fear all the time. Because that's what you're going to bring to yourself is more fear. Can you bring more joy and love to yourself? And can you find and see miracles, maybe look up some positive news and start filling your day with positive news stories as well. So it's like, imbalance instead of just like, fear, fear, fear. Tell your body right how much you appreciate it. Regardless of what size and please don't judge each of us, you know, never fat shame anyone. Never thin shame. Anyone, never shame anyone for being who they are, and who their body is. We're all kinds of different shapes. And we are all beautiful, and we are all worthy of love. And if someone has a different opinion to you, or someone does things different to you, sort of focus on that focus on the things that are good about that person. That's not to say you have to have everybody in your life. I always say that is not about having everyone alive. But let's focus less on what people aren't or what we are. And let's start seeing what people are, whilst maintaining healthy boundaries. I always like to put that bit in because it's so important that you love yourself enough to kind of say no, as well. When you kind of need that space. You say no. And say yes to yourself saying, I respect other people. Therefore, I'm gonna respect myself with healthy boundaries. And then think more of Jai Jai. Jai, for me if I allow, it can make me feel deeply connected to life, right? John is not simply put off until a rainy day. Joy, to me is simple and profound things like the scent of a flower, the smile of a loved one, whatever makes you feel joy, to me, is a miracle. And you, dear listener, are a living, breathing miracle. And what a gift you are to this world. So don't forget to look at life as a joyful expression of love. I find joy can be found with a little sense of humour in times not taking life. So seriously, respecting that other people have different opinions and views, and that people should be allowed to express their different views. And you should be allowed to express yours as well. If not, if we lose the ability to debate and have different opinions, then what are we sheep, you know, sheep in the fields, I love sheep, I've got nothing against sheep, I actually find them really joyous creatures. But if you do see one runs off, right, I've studied them a lot, the rest will just follow. Unfortunately, it's because they're kind of a herd animal. And we are herd animals, but we also got a big brain and we can use our brain and use our sense of connection and joy to give a little and to receive a little each and every day. So I've got a magical miracle meditation. As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching and if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do it's just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begging have to be free. The best is there for you. So let go of doubt as you inhale. As you exhale, let that doubt float away and as you inhale, feel the miracles come your way. Sunlight stars rainbows sun in the day, Moon at the night, the waves on the sea, a river a broom. oak leaves falling and Autumn the first birds of spring. Snow drops poking their head out of the snow. Wonderful little flowers rolling in the desert despite the lack of rain. Learn to love every moment as if it's a living, beautiful piece of art. How many miracles can you spot today? And how can you bring miracles to the world with your love your presence, your kindness, your grace? How can you set healthy boundaries for yourself with grace and love without a doubt that you are worthy of joy? You are the light in this world. You are beauty. Love yourself no matter who you think you should be. For who you are is a miracle. Your uniqueness shall set you free. Never doubt what an amazing human you are. Sounds are like music for the ears The touch of your loved ones hand of cloth that soft as silk. The scent of your loved ones food. The fruit that you make for yourself. If you are single is celebrate that side of yourself. Celebrate whoever you are, if I haven't covered you in this podcast, celebrate whoever you are. Knowing that you are never alone. We are all connected, no matter how far

Unknown Speaker  22:11  
you are a miracle. Whatever you've had to endure in your life has made you stronger. And of course things are very hard sometimes. But you are a miracle. And I thank you for your presence in this world.

Unknown Speaker  22:35  
It is a gift to be able to share this meditation with you. I invite you the end if you can to sit for a few moments in silence and just let the journey continue if you wish.

Unknown Speaker  22:58  
If you'd like to come back right now. Take some slow calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils slow as can be slowly come back into the moment come back into the room and go forth dear listener, you wonderful miracle that to you all so thank you so much, dear listeners for taking the time to listen and support our show today. And if you want any more information on what we have to offer, check out the gentle yoga

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