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Nov. 21, 2022

Letting Go Of Effortless Success

Letting Go Of Effortless Success

What does effortless success mean to you? What is quantum physics and how does it work? There is no limit to what we can do in this world.  Learn how to have effortless success as you explore the matrix and how it affect us. Join us to gain an understanding of how to get into a state of effortless success. With expert Victor Manzo who is a Paediatric Chiropractor, 3x Author, Podcaster and Speaker.

His most recent book, "Decoding The Matrix," which came out in May 2022.  Dr. Vic  is a Business Mindset Coach, Certified. Dr. Vic has helped 100s of entrepreneurs learn how to create their dream life effortlessly through sharing principles of living in the Quantum world. He shares many concepts that relate to spiritual truths, Universal Laws, Quantum Physics, Neuroscience,Limiting Beliefs, Leveraging One’s Mindset, Reconditioning of the Subconscious Mind, and much more to achieve these concept.

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“Dig deep into the caves of your possibility, into the ground, into the roots. You are the element of life, and it is your duty to your inner sovereignty to be who you are." The Gentle Yoga Warrior

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello so I'm gentle yoga warrior and we are in the last few episodes of this fall inspired season. So this season has been all about letting go and shedding that which no longer serves us as we prepare to bed down for the winter. So I am looking forward to grow greatly this next guest because I believe he's going to be able to share with us on how we can be more effective but it goes a lot deeper than that a lot deeper. How deep does the rabbit hole goal in treat you want to be this guest is fantastic. Today we are going to welcome Victor Manzo also known as Dr. Vic Vic. Dr. Vic is a business mindset coach, certified paediatric chiropractor, podcasts and speaker. He is the author of three books. The most recent decoding the matrix, which came out in May 2022. Dr. Victor has helped 1000s of entrepreneurs learn how to create their dream through sharing principles of living in the quantum world. He has shared many concepts that relate to spiritual truths, universal laws, quantum physics, neuroscience, limiting beliefs, leveraging which I love that word leveraging one's mindset recondition of the subconscious, which is a must, I think, and more much more to achieve these concepts, which is going to be great for you, dear listeners. So without further ado, joining us from Nashville, please welcome Victor Manzo. Oh, Dr. Vic. Hi, Dr. Beck. Welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  2:00  
I'm excited to be here. Thanks for having me on.

Unknown Speaker  2:03  
I'm so excited to have you on the show today. And yeah, I was just waiting. And as I was waiting, I was reading some of your a book. And I found it deeply inspiring. So I can't wait to talk about that and your view on what the matrix isn't excetera. So today, let's talk about letting go. Because this is a fall, Autumn inspires season. And it's all about letting go. But as we let go, we make space for you. And I thought let's talk about effortless success. Because those two words don't always sit so comfortably for me, but it's effortless and success. But I really would like them to really gel together. And I'm hoping you're gonna be able to help us do that today.

Unknown Speaker  2:45  
I'm gonna do give you my best my A plus effort here. It's one of those things where, especially in the business world, I'm amazed how much kickback I got from sharing how you can have really success because a lot of the counter argument is is no if you want to be successful in life you have to do you have to grind, you have to hustle you have to do all the things of the mainstream, you know, business advice, self help, personal development is telling you. But we have to take a step back and say, Well hold on what this no one ever asked What do you mean by effortless? Because in the term effortless, it does not mean you don't work doesn't mean you don't take you know you don't take action. There's it doesn't mean you just sit there and go, I'm going to twiddle my thumbs here. And I'm going to be a millionaire. I mean, that doesn't mean that whatever the success means, in life, we are always trying, especially in business. But in life in general, we're always looking to what's the next step? What's the thing I have to do? What's this have to do how I have to figure this out in business? You're trying to think of ideas or if you have a problem, how do I solve them, and you're, you're what's the next thing I can create? We're always looking to what's the next next, next next next, with effortless success. What that means is that you don't have to, they will come to you the ideas, the people, the circumstances and so forth. Now some people say well, you stuff take action and do all this work to make that happen. Yes and no. What happens is is this you have to understand that in the quant in that well let me take a step back in the classical physics world or Newtonian physics. Everything that has been told is 100% truth, you have to do you have to get out you have to grind is all about the effort, all those things that that that's 100% True. There's nothing wrong, there's nothing, there's no light of that. In the quantum world, that doesn't work, it's a little different. What we know about in the quantum world is that there's other things to show the quantum world is understanding the invisible world that creates our physical world. And what we understand in the quantum world is that we're all just magnets walking around. And so when when it comes to attracting or creating the life that you choose, it's more about when you set that vision because I do a lot of vision work and in my book, you'll go through that. It's one of those things in it, you set the vision, this is what we're calling my clients on. And then you let that go and then you focus on your vibe. What's your thoughts, your words, your stories, your beliefs and your feelings. This creates a consciousness level, when you have that vibration, right now we're working with something called the law of vibration. Here's some science to back that up a little bit. And that just means everything that you exist in your reality is only based upon what you vibrate at nothing above, nothing below just there. And then there's something we all heard before called the law of attraction, which when you're vibrating at a certain state, then you're going to attract the things into your life of whatever that vibration is. So let's say for an example, you want to be a millionaire. And you're thinking of all the 1000s of ideas, you're trying to figure all these things out, you can do that. And you could probably get to that state, and it'll all work out. Or you can focus on your vision, set it apart, let it go. And then just focus on your consciousness level where your thoughts are in your focus is every single day. And what happens is when you hone in on the vibe, the people circumstances, situations, and so forth are going to come and when they come, or when it comes to taking action, you're going to have something called the law of inspired action. Which means that when you're at a certain vibration, when you have a certain state, all of a sudden, you're gonna be propelled or inspired to take this action for some reason, shape or form. And when you do that, notice, you didn't have to think you'd have to figure it out. It came to you, and you're taking action, and it works for you because it's in alignment with your vision is that's the basis and the premise of creating effortless success. Wow,

Unknown Speaker  6:20  
I love the idea. Because we do. I can see like the struggle and it's like a society or that if you don't work hard, and you're not working hard enough. That's not why it's not successful, but kind of being the Watchtower fault really resonates with me, because it doesn't take a lot of effort. So I'm just thinking what some listeners might say, Oh, how do you how do you sit down and kind of bring that in instead of like thinking? Or if you're looking at your bank balance, for example, and it's zero in there? How? How does it work?

Unknown Speaker  6:55  
Yeah, I mean, in the beat, like, I always tell people, This is the real work, because this is stuff that you're gonna learn how to master yourself. And this is this is not, I wouldn't say it's not easy to concept simple. But it's not easy. Because you have to be in the beginning, at least, you have to be very aware of what your thoughts are, where you're putting your attention to, what do you focus on? What are the words, the stories that you're telling yourself? Right? Do you believe that that you can actually do that, and you put the energy into believing that you do that all the time, and where's your feelings at, because the emotions are the big amplifier for everything. And so you have to be monitoring that as much as you possibly can, minute by minute will be ideal, but monitoring where your vibe is all the time now, does it have to be like that always know, eventually, your brain is gonna rewire and get used to it, eventually, you're gonna get used to feeling what it feels like to be in alignment, or in that state of where you want to go. Compared to when you're not, you'll start to be aware of that then it's like you don't have to think about it as much. And then there comes a point where you'll automatically be in a state where it's like your nervous system, you've trained it so well and conditioned your brain to wire this way that all of a sudden it will monitor it for you. And there will be like a knee jerk reaction when you have like something that's not an accord or in alignment to where you want to go. So it's not the it's a simple concept. But it takes work but if you put the work in and you rewire the brain now this is another level of what another term another you know another layer to what I call effortless success because now it's automated into you because you got it into the subconscious mind and now it runs automatic for you wow

Unknown Speaker  8:34  
that's that's really interesting so it can become automatic that that was as you were speaking I was thinking or how how do you always remember to like watch your thoughts because you don't know you can get up journal have the best will in the world and then something may kind of take you off that kind of path but I guess from what you're saying is if you kind of work on it do the hard work simple but not hard work with put the effort in I'll delete the word hard when you put the effort in and then it will become automatic I guess it's like learning to do something new anything new like I don't know if you're learning to do karate that's not eventually once you've been doing that for a long time it will be kind of programmed into a bit more than when you first start out which is that kind of idea. So are we truly limitless

Unknown Speaker  9:29  
yeah when we are I mean only limits we have on ourself is what we what we contain within our mind. There's I like to I love I'm big into spirituality but I'm also very big in ancient wisdom and I love bringing science to the table on all this so it can I like marriage connects the dots. So it's like someone's like, he's going a little too out there for me. It's like alright, let's go to the let's go to the quantum physics side and let's go to the scientific or the neuroscience principles. That way I'm sharing science and that way you can be like well, if you don't like that, then you just you're rejecting the science of it. But when we look at ancient was Some always said that, if and what I mean by ancient was, and this is information that was, you know, 357 8000 years ago, they were saying these things, and one of them is, is that we can only achieve in our life, whatever we can imagine in our mind, okay? From a neurological principle, your mind cannot tell the difference from what you put in there imagining versus what you see with your eyes. So, when it comes to being limitless, again, like I said, when I said the limit, the only limit you have is what you see what you can't, you know, imagine, if you can create an image in your head, whatever that is, you can you can experience that in your life, because you won't be given that image, you can't be given that or experience that from imagination perspective, unless you can create it. And there is science now supporting how limitless we really are. I mean, let's go down. Well, let's you mind if I share a little, little quantum physics here?

Unknown Speaker  10:53  
Oh, I love to hear.

Unknown Speaker  10:56  
It's a study that is so pioneered in so many ways, because I've taken that study I've learned just over 10 years ago, and it's, I've seen how it works in different fabrics of life, because there was a study done called the observer effect, and otherwise known as the double slit study. And what that was, is they were trying to understand what is the pattern of light? Does it show up in a wave, which is non physical? Or does it show up in particle, which is the materialised form of it, the photon, in other words, and so they they created two slits, and they knew that the light is going to act a certain way, they said, This is how it's going to act. We know this for sure. And so when they were looking, you can see it's in a wave format. But then when the researchers went the look the the light part, and full times change, and they went to particles and went through a certain path. And they showed up more as a particle form. And the sciences are like hold on here. So they looked away, and it's totally fizzes back to wave. They look again, it goes back to particle, and they're like, What the heck is going on. So they looked at the experiment, and they thought they did something wrong. So they changed it. So that like the light is going to act is literally like there's there's no eight, it's a double slit set to double slit, so the lights gonna split, and go into separations and that and that's how it's going to be. That's a way format, because I'll show up in a wave. And so they do the study, it's in a way format, they go to look, the photon shifting the ones that become part alized come back into a particle, like, oh, and it was the most fascinating thing. And what does that mean? Well wave formats like the invisible form, it's the non physical, and what the wave is, in quantum physics is the infinite potential or possibilities. The particle is us focusing on honing in on what we see it to be. And that becomes materialised in our world. That is that one aspect and only exists because how we saw it. That's why when the researchers kept looking, the light will turn into a particle format, they looked away went back to wave. Now, this is not the only study, there was no study done, that they looked at the electron spins, which would go left or right. And the same thing happened when they thought it was right, they go look, it was right when they go ahead. And when they thought it was left, they go look and it was left. And it kept changing based on what they looked at. So what we realise is that from a consciousness perspective, we create our reality based on how we see it. This is why mindset is so powerful. And you know, there's some neuroscience principles to back this up to. But the point is coming back to limitless then, again, whatever you can only limit is what you can see what you can see in your mind, how clear Can you see it? How much crystal clarity because if you can see it, and you believe it, that that's what and again, what's the limit on that? It's the lack of creativity, it's the lack of imagination, really. And so if you can't, you know, be able to imagine what your life can be and be crystal clear with it. That's a limit. But to what limit and some people get really like I have some people like are gonna say, Well, we're physical beings. This is, you know, this is physical, if I put my hand it's gonna hit the table. I said, well, there are some things that we know that there's a lot of space. And I think we just just because we don't understand that level of it yet. There will come a point in times where we can move through things like that. It sounds crazy, but I'm like, But why not. And like there's there's science showing how much the real physical world really isn't as physical matter, as we think it is. For an example, our body, you add up all the mass to our body. It's the size of a penny, American football field, close to a soccer field of European football and the rest of the world. And the whole football field, pretty much his energy. And that little tiny Penny is all the mass that we amassed her

Unknown Speaker  14:24  
It's interesting you said about we say that we're physical and we go through things because completely random but my friend knows how to teach people how to break boards of words. And they and we're going to teach it to the students and they use me as the person because they thought it's a good thing. They were just saying, Well, I'm not that kind of person that would break word and they aren't we'll get Jane to do it. And I the first time I did it, I didn't believe and I hit my hand and the second time I did it. I broke this great big piece of wood in half, literally and it completely split so you I think there's more to it, there's, there's more space than matter. It's not how we kind of read, it's different to what we think it is in so many ways. So I really feel that after breaking that word, so definitely your book, decoding the matrix or the matrix. I remember watching the matrix when it first came out, and it blew my mind kind of like, it kind of explains a lot of things. And I just some people, it's a science fiction thing. But there's so much there's so many levels to it, and not so that your book is not about the film, everyone, and it's like to say, but your your book decoding the matrix. Dr. Beck, could you explain how that came to be? And its purpose?

Unknown Speaker  15:49  
Yeah, no, I appreciate it. Yeah. Matrix The movie itself is just it's out there's so many parallels to life and that and the the producers that they did that on purpose, those that you because there's I remember when I was in chiropractic school, one of our first first trimester in in our professor, one of them, he was big into the matrix, and he will use all these things. Why Neil, turn it around, it's one, you know, the stuff all this stuff. And I was like, wow, I need to go watch the movie again. Because man, and that's the half the stuff he's pointing out. But the inspiration from the book, you know, it was one of those things, these things kind of come to me this effortless success that we kind of talked about. And it was last year, and I'll never forget, I was thinking of the the conditioning of the world that we live in, and how our minds are conditioned. In my first book, I called it a machine like there's this machine that's just out there. Maybe because matrix four came out last year, and I was kind of influenced by the term. But it really was because the reason why I was propelled to the matrix is because not because of the movie, but when I was in learning, like spiritual truths, and, or like spirituality and energy healing, and all these other things, people talk about we live in the matrix, we got to escape the matrix. And I was always like, what, like, what's the matrix, and it wasn't really like crystal clear. It explained to me, Oh, it's this this condition of this world illusion. And this, I'm like, okay, I get the illusion part. But I'm like, There's got to be something more to the matrix. And then, so when I went after COVID, well, you know, a couple of years in, I started to like, felt like, I started seeing like people like in prisons, not because of COVID. This is this is I just saw, like, that was an example. But then I started seeing like the history of conditioning of our minds, and I started to go, we're conditioned in so many ways. And then I'm like, not only are we conditioned and programmed, but then it gets into our subconscious. And then all of a sudden, our subconscious is running 95% of the time, and that dictates our life, we're in a mental prison, never knowing it. And then the people who are in power and influence, because if you have power, you have influence, and then it's it's a constant cycle. There, there, they're dictating how the matrix is and what it's doing. And so when we look at the matrix itself, it's not a construct programme that we're all living in, like in the matrix, the movie, but the matrix is another term for human collective consciousness. And so when you think of the human collective consciousness, if you don't know what that means, it's basically taking every single human in the world, taking their, their their most pressing thoughts, the words, the stories, they tell themselves, the energy that they use, the vibrations, the feelings, and both they give their energy to and their beliefs. And when you take all that and average it all out, that creates a deck that creates a catches level for humanity to go through an experience. So everything that happens in our life is based in in in the global scheme of humanity, is based upon where the vibration is, or the conscious level of the matrix is. But there's also sub matrixes, underneath that make it up, which are your countries, or states or cities or towns gets into the individual, the person who you meet. And so we make up the matrix in that element. And what do we do in our life influences the matrix also. And so this is kind of the construct of it. Because once you start to understand that we're all conditioned and programmed, and conditioned and programmed, so were you like, I grew up in a certain area, certain town experiences, and the influences of that played a role in me, especially between the ages or on seven, a lot of that's built in and wired into my subconscious. There are things that can unprogrammed and you know, you can't do all of them at once. So there's, you know, there's a process to that to unwire. But this is kind of the influence. But what happens with the matrix is that it will always pull you into that average, unless you set your intention and set your vibe to step out of that. And in my book, I talked about this when it comes to you know, pandemic and everyone was saying, Oh, my God, small businesses are getting destroyed and all this other things and so forth. And if that's so true, then why did 56% of the net worth of billionaires that it grew by 56%, it was over $600 billion, their net worth is in the increased, right. And you know, it same thing, some of you say, Well, you know, what are maybe control maybe this okay, but then there's also I was looking at in the United States, there was the most the biggest moment in the United States history. We had the most millionaires happened during the Great Depression. Again, those people were stepping out of the matrix and not letting what the experience was going to be set for them. They stepped out of it and said, No, I'm not going to have that. I'm To focus on my focus on my energy, and as long as I keep that in alignment to where I want to go, then I'm gonna have that shift. And so that's kind of what the matrix is, it's kind of the influence it plays on us, and how it influences our life in some way, shape or form.

Unknown Speaker  20:12  
Like I was reading about what you said, I like what you just said about said about that, because it's a good way to kind of see it. I say, my experience of the matrix sometimes is when when there's a lot of fear during lockdown, because we will like the rest of the we locked down. And I could feel like the collective consciousness kind of like, building up this great big pot of fear. And, and it kind of, and the effects the dumb dominoes that the domino effect that it had, they've gone on so many people. And I really feel that it's a choice in life is to kind of go from a place of fear or go from a place of love. And it's not always easy to kind of step away from kind of the conditioning of that matrix. Because in many ways, it kind of, we have our identities kind of sewn into that. But what I've gone a long way long winded way since but what I like in your book so far is that is kind of not to, to fear the matrix, because it just see it as a game rather than something to kind of like the fear because maybe whatever happened, funny what it is. So rather than kind of wasting that energy on the fear of fearing what it is, we can kind of step into bettering ourselves. I wonder what you thought on that point?

Unknown Speaker  21:34  
No, it's 100%. Because the matrix isn't good or bad. It's just is in the matrix, not just designed to be in human world, it's in animals, the Earth has won, the solar system has won, the universe has won. It's just the average for collective consciousness of that entity. And we all break down, right? So you look at the greatest macro is the whole entire universe. And then everything in the universe is a sub matrix of the universe matrix, if that makes sense. And same thing in our solar system, right? All the planets play a role in that. But then there's also you go deeper down into that we go to Earth, okay, what makes up birth, look at all the different, you know, animal kingdoms we have, and all the different things, those all have matrixes to an experiences of what they go through that third consciousness level. And then you know, you can go even lower into that, but from the humanity standpoint, it's just one of those things that it just is, and it sets a game. And like you said, it's, it's a game, it's a stage of gives us experiences, it plays a role. And this is more from a spiritual context. You know, imagine, you know, here you are, whatever my beliefs may be, but from from, from a soul perspective, like, Why do you come here to Earth? Like, some people say, Well, I don't know about this whole soul thing? Well, who were you before you came into this planet came to be in this in this world? And who Where are you going after this? There's somewhere you may. So I don't go anywhere where you came from somewhere. So you have to go back somewhere? Whether if you don't believe you do or not, you did. You didn't just come and exist out of nowhere. It wasn't just Here comes your you're born through my mouth from mom, and then all of a sudden, here you are. And here's your existence, you came out of nowhere, that there was something before that. And we all know that some deep level. But there's the spiritual context of looking at things and going for them. Why did I come here, right? Imagine a matrix. This is why you know, when you look at it, there's so I can go so big with this, because you look at the matrix, and it's like, it sets the stage for experiences. Because it's not only just humanity's experience of what you're coming into, at this time to play in this game. But you're also going to experience also the sub matrix of where you're coming from, you know, and all that, like you're from the UK, I'm from I'm originally from Chicago. So, you know, if we look at culturally, it's today, it's different. There's similarities, but it's different, right? Even how we talk, I sound like I have an accent to you, you sound like you have an accent to me, right? But, but it's one of those things where, you know, there's the conditioning thing, but it all creates these experiences to play in this game called life because life really is more about a game than anything else. And once you start to understand that more, then you can start to see how you can be the player in the game by knowing the rules. And when you know, there's a big influence of the matrix going on. Then you can set yourself and say, Well, I can either go with that, and I choose it because you're giving your power away to these things. Or you can say, Hmm, that's fine, but I don't want to have to have that fear. Why should it you know, most time fear is what leads so it's not just with COVID It's an everything look at the news, you'll see 95% of the time 98% Of Time fear being pushed out there. And it's one of those things where and there's a reason for that, besides selling and making money. Fear also is allowed is able to when you get someone in the state of fear, you can control their behaviours. This was research that came out during COVID And so it's one of those things where but you when you understand that then you get a you have a choice and this is taking the power back like COVID coming oh my god lockdown sphere Well, I can choose the buy into that fear. Am I saying is that real? I'm not saying that whatever you know, we all we went through it now so it's like but you know in the in the beginning, or you can choose something else else hold on here, there's always you know, here's one thing like, there's always a polar opposite law of polarity and polarity dual duality, right? So if there's, if there's a disease, there has to be a cure. If there's a cure, it has to be a disease. If it's hot, then there has to be cold. If there's light and there's dark, there's always opposites, and they can't exist only on themselves, hot can only exist and never have cold, there has to be a duality as the universe that we live in, you understand that if something comes up like a virus, if the virus exists, identically at the same time, this is just how the game works, there will have to be a cure, or cures or remedies or something will have to exist at the same time. You know, and so then, then it's like, well, I can choose that there, you know, mother saying, Oh, my God, we don't know what this is. It's killing so many people, yada, yada, right? That's fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, fear, or take a step back and go, I'm not going to choose that route. Because I understand this principle, I'm gonna go along this path. And I'm gonna choose that there is something and guess what happens? If you see it in a certain way, guess what your mind is going to have you do? You're going to see in here and find and track the things that what you're seeing, just like you saw it the other way and you bought into the fear, all you're going to see and be aware of is the fear. All my God, look how many deaths, where did you learn social skills to use, oh, my God, this person had no many times it's spreading now. And you because your awareness is in the fear, or the awareness is in the love or creating or whatever we want to call that, then you're going to experience that, in that experience, the other sides, that makes sense,

Unknown Speaker  26:28  
that makes complete and utter sense me that is so true, I really feel that as well. It's kind of like, it's a choice, really, it's making the kind of conscious choice and and because so many of us are conditioned, we can kind of just go down the fear one, but there's still a choices. And it might feel a bit uncomfortable at first to kind of choose Live. I know that sounds a bit ridiculous. But it can feel a bit uncomfortable, because you're kind of stepping outside of your comfort zone. But really, this is a choice that you can make and a choice that is there to support you. So it's choosing kind of to see the glasses quite a bit of a cliche bit, the glass is half full or half empty. And I know which way I would rather rather go. And as we speak, because I've got this vision of you kind of like the work that you do, you're kind of like you're giving a hand and helping people up like lifting them up to making so they can see and navigate their way through the matrix. And also to find this effortless success where we're kind of taught, yes, you have to put all these hours in. And that's it. That's the only way to have success. And offer I would like to say so if I'm a listener listening to you today, and I'm thinking, Yes, this really resonates and what I want in past success, I want to kind of change the way I've been coding my life as the way I kind of see it, how can you help them? And what's the best way to reach out to you?

Unknown Speaker  27:56  
Yeah, the easiest way to get a hold of me as my websites and power your And so if this stuff resonates with you, and you're like man, I would love to have more learn more about effortless success? How do I shift my mind? How do I can get into that state of you know, alignment to create the life choosing what I wanted to desire and experiencing that and learning the system behind that. I do a free coach Coach call where we get on a call. And it's for only serious inquires, who want to really want to make a change, they're really ready to invest. They want to they're curious, they want to learn how to do this. We hop on a call for about 20 It's 30 minutes, but for first 20 I'm learning about you where you are, if you're in business, not in business, what are your struggles? What are your challenges, what are the things that you've been going through? And then from that process, I'm also qualifying to see one can I help you and number two, do you fit in my coaching programme, and if you do, then I'll offer and share what that is and how it works and so forth. So that's the easiest way. But if you want to connect with me in other ways, too. On my website, in the bottom left corner, you can connect with me on Facebook, Instagram, tic tac and LinkedIn. That's where my social networks are that I'm on. You can reach out DM me send me a message. I always love to hear from people.

Unknown Speaker  28:59  
Brilliant, and they can also purchase your book and it's on. It's on Audible. It's on Amazon worldwide. It's also on Kindle. So adoptively Is there anything else that you'd really like to share with our listeners today that you feel that we haven't covered and will be of value to them?

Unknown Speaker  29:15  
You know, trusting the process in this journey, having the faith with this stuff and knowing that the light life is always working for you. It's a feedback system. So it's always letting you know where you're putting your focus to. And whatever showing up in your life know that that you have a choice to say 100% self responsibility and know that you've been giving attention to something that's creating that are showing up in your life. And so it's really empowering some people Oh man, I'm responsible for everything. But it's also really empowering because you have a choice. And you can change that choice and know that the universe in life God whatever you want to call it is always there to support you bring to you what you need, so that you can continue to move forward to where you want to go.

Unknown Speaker  29:51  
So I have one final question. Why is darkness our greatest ally?

Unknown Speaker  29:57  
You know, darkness is our greatest ally because It's one of the things you know, we came from the dark, you know, when you were born, you're in darkness come to light we go from, then we go back into the darkness, they go to the light. But when we look at darkness, darkness is just another term for like your challenges, you know, fears, your worries, things like that. And what darkness really does is it's imagine yourself being like a candle flame. To really appreciate understand the power of that flame, it's hard to do it in a room full of light. But when you go into a pitch black room, you can really see what it does. And so what the darkness does is it's helping us discover more of what who we really are in the power within us to really understand that we do have all things within it's just we have all these layers built up. And so the kinds of of darkness is having you go and remove that layer, and you'll learn a little bit more of that light and the essence of who you really are, and the power of what you are. And the beautiful thing about the darkness is is whenever you face that, and I mean when you're going through it. And when you sit with it, it's always going to bring to you what you need at that time, the right time and the right place to help you evolve to the next level where you want to go. And that is the beauty of the darkness. And that's why I call it our greatest ally, because it's there to help support us. Even though it's uncomfortable. It's not fun, trust me, it's definitely not fun. But when you can sit with it, and you can really just let that feel the darkness and really just feel into that moment and stay there as long as you can't. It's going to show you things and teach you things that teach you just help you rediscover what you really have within the greatness, your strength and so forth. And the way I've kind of explained it is like when people say God, please give me strength, please give me strength. God's never gonna give you strength doesn't work that way. He's gonna bring six he is whatever you like to call it is going to bring situations and circumstances to have you discovered the strength you have within you.

Unknown Speaker  31:49  
Yeah, that is the best description I've ever heard on how, how darkness is an ally and and things like that. It's really, really think about it actually. Yeah, like you can be if you're in a room, and I had a picture of like the, the candle and the light. Because yeah, that's how we see the See, see the light. And that's how we grow. And having this conversation has made me feel really uplifted. It's reminding me about things that I've forgotten about. And it's really inspiring. I'm really looking forward to reading the rest of your wonderful book. And just one final thing was with our because we have an international audience so you can do the coaching on online these days that it doesn't have to be in Tennessee, I'm guessing

Unknown Speaker  32:38  
100% It's all online? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  32:41  
Perfect. Excellent. Okay, so I'm going to put details on how to contact you as well, Victor in the show notes. But please, dear listeners, if you have trouble seeing that, please reach out to me. But it's been an absolute pleasure. And thank you for joining us today or mornings it is there. And in Tennessee. And a big thank you. And as always, I'm always trying to help our listeners by showing and I think you've really shown some amazing examples. So thank you for your time and your grace today. Thank you, Victor.

Unknown Speaker  33:12  
No, thanks for having me. This was a lot of fun, a lot of fun.

Unknown Speaker  33:15  
And you take care. As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching and if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation that's begging.

Unknown Speaker  33:54  
So sit tall and long with the spines. Think and be just now. Think back to the time when you really joyfully connected with the ground. Was it a walk on the grass? Was it a walk across the sands, whatever it is, just pick for yourself somewhere where you're magically connected with the ground as you breathe deeply and slowly. feel as if you breathe into the hole of the lung capacity. Stop just below the navel as you inhale. Allow the belly to bellow out like Buddha belly, round and abundant and breathe into the upper chest the back and then allow the exhale inhale and exhale. Inhale, and exhale. And as you do that, can you feel the heartbeat of Mother Nature?

Unknown Speaker  35:29  
In time, with your hearts. Nature. Dig deep. Go into the caves of your possibility into the ground into the roots, what roots? What roots do you connect with? What roots do you connect with? Be those roots and body those roots be the breath, be the now be the presence. The mind may want to sail off to distant shores, they may want to go here or there. Wherever it goes, just be in the moment be in the present. Breathe,

Unknown Speaker  36:12  
breathe deep. special one, breathe deep and long. So your mind it won't want to Dart is it darts, drag it back, drag it back to the earth, to the earth to the now to the present moment.

Unknown Speaker  36:31  
Can you use the breath, the breath as a tool, all elements are connected. They all move together as one, but the prevalent elements is where we're going now. Allow the elements to support that goes to the earth, the richness, fertility, fertile soil of our being. Inhale and exhale, inhale, exhale, just come within, come within and allow the decadence the joy of just being silent

Unknown Speaker  37:34  
got into the darkness into the cave into your cave. Use the earthly senses so the sense of touch, a sense of smell the sense of sound use your breath don't worry if you cannot see what you were born to see at this present moment. Just explore go deeper and deeper into that cave. You can breathe your space you are in the primal womb

Unknown Speaker  38:17  
and the heartbeat all the ground light in light a lamp like those old oil lamps from times

Unknown Speaker  38:42  
well gone. Lights of a corner. In this case. It lights it up. As if to let you know you're always safe. The safe in earth, the safeness in the ground. What do you see painted in these caves? Does it have a colour? Does it have a sound?

Unknown Speaker  39:15  
Can you go deep into your earthly roots. So as you walk your feet have now three root boots. With each step you can move. So you have that sense of flow is each turn toe touches the ground. It embeds in your being a sense of flow, flow, but structure soft sounds. What do you see all around, pick up the lamp for it is safe and then use it to walk down. Walk down further in Cuba. came for now, as you get their water flows softly in the background, a stream, a bubbling Brook and then light starts to fill this cave Lee compound steps are safe steps made of earth with sprouting flowers lead up, out out of the crevice of this cave. And you take them one by one, as he steps softly on the ground. You You embody who you are, this is the element of life and then one day deaths, but for now you are on this earthly plane and it is your duty to your sovereignty of your soul to be who you are by being still at times balanced with action by not being a slave to your vices. So as you reach to the top of the stairs, you Richard a, a door so I trap doors first it feels a bit hard to move. So you take a breath you inhale and then as you exhale, you just gently push this flat door open. Now you are in the garden garden of your possibilities. You smell the flowers there sense, tingles around your nostrils, the sun beats down on the earth you take your shoes off, and you feel the soft mossy lawns. It squatters a little as you walk. And then you know that you can flow and move. But at the same time as you do that you are fully set quarters are you see a stone, a beautiful stone on the floor? What colour is stone that's up to you. Whatever you use, whichever one draws you, you pick that stone that precious stone up and you hold it in your hand. It's a gift from your own divinity, a chance to ground and be. So every time you feel that things get taken away in the world when of what you're meant to do. Just remember this mythical stone, this energetic stone, you can always take it from your pocket. And as you hold on to the storm, to inhale, exhale, let go and be now commence your journey back into the world of the safe and the knowledge you can always visit your magical place allows the surrender. Go for bright one brights as the stars in the earthly sky. Take life as what it is a gift, a chance to learn and something that should be precious in our being. Just start to take some slow deep breaths and come back into the present moment. Start to wiggle the hands and toes you can start to move the spine a bit. I would really really really appreciate it if you liked this podcast if you would write a review. So whatever station you're using to listen to this, that will be a great help. o thank you. Interesting to know how you got on with that meditation. Enjoy!  Love The Gentle Yoga Warrior
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