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Sept. 28, 2022

Letting Go Of Trauma Via Family Constellations And A Plant Inspired Diet

Letting Go Of Trauma Via Family Constellations And A Plant Inspired Diet

 This Autumn/Fall inspired season, is all about letting go and letting something better in.  The wisdom and ideas in this season relate to any time of the year but is more powerful in Autumn/fall and it is my aim to draw on the magical time of Autumn/fall when nature lets go and prepares to bed down for the winter.  So, let’s take a lesson from nature and realise that it is okay to let go of things!

What can we learn and take inspiration from at this time of the year?   What can we let go of and what dreams can we begin to prepare the soil for?  Let’s go on a journey together!

So, to today’s guest! This next guest has travelled all the way from Australia. Not just to be on the show but none the less they have kindly fitted us in their vacation schedule for which we are super grateful!

Please welcome Today:  Camilla Brinkworth Camilla’s healing journey has gifted her the life experience, understanding and empathy to support others in their own.  Working within the wellness industry for a decade now; as a trauma and family constellations expert and  a Kundalini Yoga teacher with extensive colourful life experience, working with these modalities for trauma. A woman on a mission; to bring the power of optimised plant based diets to the masses.

Camilla also pairs them together with Naturopathy for which she has a degree in to offer a full body, mind, soul approach to healing to those interested

Like many people who choose to work in healing trauma, Camilla came from a rocky start.  With deep religious trauma in her family, and highly dysfunctional parenting, Camilla experienced severe anxiety and depression throughout her childhood and only began to experience happiness in her own life after she left home and took her own path.  Deep into her own journey she came to view her own parents with deep compassion and understand that the extreme mental health conditions prevalent in her family were merely consequences of unrecognised and unprocessed trauma, from generations who just didn’t have the knowledge or resources we do today.

Today we are going to talk about letting go of trauma via Family Constellations and a plant inspired diet.  I know many may not know what Family Constellations is but it is our mission today to change that!

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