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Dec. 7, 2022

Letting Go Of What Is Stopping Us From Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone

Letting Go Of What Is Stopping Us From Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone
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How do we learn to let Go Of What Is Stopping Us From Stepping Outside Our Comfort Zone? Life is a journey and sometimes we don’t realise the value or the things we’re learning along the way. Be willing to take the first step and see what happens. Learn why so many of us stay in our comfort zones and why we shouldn't.  Also, how long does it take to travel to the North Pole?  What was the bigger purpose of this expedition? What role does curiosity have within our life? 

Please welcome Today: TEDx Speaker, 1st UK woman to ski to the North Pole who inspires people to explore their potential …. Sue Stockdale!Sue is a polar explorer, executive coach, and author with an in-depth understanding of motivation, high-performance and leadership. In 1996 Sue became the first British woman to reach the Magnetic North Pole and has undertaken many other expeditions. She has represented Scotland in track and field athletics.  Author of several business books including Risk, Motivating People and Cope with Change at Work.

To quote Sue: In 1996, I became an Arctic explorer, and the first British woman to ski to the Magnetic North Pole. Prior to that I had never been further north than Scotland – never done any cross-country skiing – and never come face to face with a polar bear before. It made me realise that we are all capable of so much, yet we often don’t maximise the potential we have.  So rather than those expedition memories remaining as photographs in an album, I wanted to use that life-changing experience to inspire others to explore their potential too

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