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April 6, 2022

Life After Death, What We Can Learn From This, And How It Impacts The Living

Life After Death, What We Can Learn From This, And How It Impacts The Living
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Today is going to be other worldly! We have a special guest on the show today who kept his talents hidden in the past.  Looking at his many positive reviews on his work, Jason seems to be the real deal.  All will be revealed…Please welcome today Jason Zuk, The Social Psychic, Attorney, Psychic Medium, & Podcaster!

This is one of our favourite episodes ever!

When Jason’s grandfather passed away it opened up a door to his amazing intuitive abilities! I was curious to how this happened and also how Jason handled such gifts! 

Jason is an Attorney licensed to Practice Law in FL, TX, MS, AL, & NJ.  He earned his Bachelor or Arts from the University of Tampa, his Juris Doctorate from Nova Southeastern University, and an LL.M. (Masters of Law) in International & Comparative Law from Georgetown University.  Jason is also a Psychic Medium and he has been providing accurate intuitive advice and guidance within many different social contexts since August 2004.  In January 2017, Zuk decided to offer intuitive guidance professionally so that he can further provide clients with a chance to gain insight on matters within their life which require further attention. By working with others to confront existing obstacles and challenges, Jason aspires to provide clarity and reassurance to those seeking advice.  Check out Jason's podcast, The Social Psychic Radio Show.  

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
I'm your host, the gentle yoga warrior, and today is going to be other worldly. We have a special guest on the show today, who kept his talents hidden in the past. Looking at his many positive reviews of his work on his website, Jason seems to be the real deal. All will be revealed. So please welcome today Jason Zuk, the social psychic attorney, psychic, medium and podcaster when Jason's grandfather passed away opened a door to his amazing intuitive abilities. I'm curious to know how this happened and how Jason handles such gifts. Just before we get Jason on, I just like to say Jason is an attorney licenced to practice law in Florida, Texas, Mississippi, Alabama, and New Jersey. Jason is also a psychic medium and has been providing accurate, intuitive advice and guidance within many different social contexts since 2004. He decided to offer intuitive guidance professionally so that he can Ferber provide clients with a chance to gain insights on matters with their life, which require further attention. By working with others to confront existing obstacles and challenges, Jason aspires to provide clarity and reassurance to those seeking advice. Check out Jason's podcast, the social psych radio show always delighted to have a fellow podcaster on the on the show. So without further ado, joining us from Tampa, Florida, USA, Jason Zucker. Jason, welcome to the show. Thank you so much

Unknown Speaker  1:48  
for having me on. It's such a pleasure, I, I'm so excited to have this conversation today and have a chance to talk to you and I appreciate you having me on your show. And I'm really excited to talk spirituality with you.

Unknown Speaker  1:59  
I'm really excited as well. And I've told my friends, and they're really excited as well. So. So today, we're going to talk about life after death, what we can learn from this and how it can impact others. You see, I think quite often in the west especially, we can kind of avoid the subject of death, or we kind of like, have this sense of denial that we're going to die.

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
I just want to say this just to start off our conversation. So you can kind of see how I view death. Yes, I've had 1000s of people that I call deceased loved ones come through on the other side, when I do readings, for the first 10 years or so I did it informally, I go out to a bar with friends when I was younger, and it'd be somebody sitting at the bar. And I'd walk up to that person and have a few drinks to me at the time. And I would pick up on their deceased throne. And the next thing you know, we're sitting in the bar, and we're talking and I'm picking up on the deceased aunt who died from cancer a year before bringing up all these facts to my friend. And the next year, she's crying at the bar. And all these people are looking at us, like I said something wrong. And in reality, it's spiritual healing, which is always the likely outcome of when you do this stuff. And if it happens, it's just something that I've gotten used to over the years where people have emotional responses sometimes, but most of the time, it's a reassurance clarity thing. And I tell people, if we could all have a dose of reassurance and clarity in the morning, our days would be a lot better. We wouldn't stress about things and half the stuff that consumes us with fear and anxiety would be like little little hills, not mountains. And so I always try to keep a positive outcome or Outlook, I should say on things because I think positive thinking can help you get through a lot of our challenges, especially in our world right now.

Unknown Speaker  3:38  
Oh, absolutely. Absolutely. It was really good to hear that you say the fact that you can connect with the dead that is actually a positive way to kind of reassure others rather than have a sense. We all can Yes, I believe that. I could tell you a story. But my niece's never got to meet my grandfather because he died when I was about four. Because when they when they were little children beside my grandfather's name, which my brother my brother was four years younger than me, he's not really going to kind of bring up in conversation. And so I really do believe that there's no way they would know who he was. So

Unknown Speaker  4:14  
I feel like you have a strong protective presence around you usually and that you feel that energy it connects with you and reassures you. And I feel like part of that's your grandfather, our loved ones that are on the other side. They they coalesce around us. You know, it's like if you could imagine Kumbaya, wherever it is hold hands and sing in a circle. I'm not saying it that way. But they're protective. And they want to reassure us and they try to give us the Take a deep breath. Now let things overwhelm you. Like I've had my grandfather literally appear to me when I'm worried about something about my future. And I'll find the penny in my washer machine. On a seat in my car. I don't carry change around me but these pennies appear. And it happens in a synchronistic way. And what I mean by that is if you're thinking for example about your brand My father and all of a sudden, you know, you think of him and you think back to if he had military service or something and all of a sudden next thing you know, you're you're passing a band passes you in the street while you're in traffic or walking. And it's a military band. Like that's an example synchronicity. They reassure us, they're like the Wi Fi signal. We don't pay attention to their subtle energy. They're loving energy, in the purest form possible, like the Cadbury egg. I'll say this because Cadbury eggs are my favourite, this kind of thing. And the way I break it down for people is if you think about our bodies, and you think about dying, all it is is the Cadbury egg and I go, What are you talking and I'll say, okay, when you look at the Cadbury egg, and you take the wrapper off, it's making me hungry now for that, but you take the wrapper off, and you have the outside the hard coding, that's our body. And then when you crack it open, the spiritual stuff is the gooey inside that goes to the next spot, which means like 99%, of who we are, is spiritual and spiritual energy. And love is the umbilical cord that connects us to the other side. So our loved ones will be able to see us interact with us in subtle ways in our sleep, and when we're out and about with synchronicity and messages, like times of day 444333 Angel numbers. And I've seen this happen so much of my life over the last 10 years, that I will tell anyone who's grieving like in your audience, and if you're grieving a loved one, pray to God, if whatever you're you know, your ideas, you pray their higher power, you meditate, you calm your mind. And as you do that, over time, you're going to connect to that subtle energy, you're not going to be like, I can't feel it, you will feel it. I don't in any way, like being an attorney, I have to work off evidence, you know, if it's here, I can feel it, touch it five senses. And when I became a psychic, it was like, Wait, that's out the book. Now that's off the table. Now it's what spiritual? Well, we're all spiritual. Like, I bet you, as we're talking right now, you have spiritual experiences that you can draw on in your own life, that have happened over the years that you think are coincidental, or you think it's great, the reality it's not coincidental. We're spiritual beings living in a human world. And so if you think of it that way, think of it this way, when you want to call someone like a loved one or somebody close with, and you're thinking about them also, and they call you first. Or if you're happen to be at a movie theatre, and you're thinking of a close friend that you haven't seen in years, and then you see them or they text you. It's like those kinds of coincidences aren't coincidences, in my opinion, I believe interaction of energy in all its forms are interrelated, interconnected. And that's how spirituality is explained that my point of view is,

Unknown Speaker  7:29  
I like that explanation is it makes it really clear and and precise for for those who may be struggling to get the concept in their head, just and I'm really intrigued. How did you become a psychic and develop these things and attorney like you said, it's

Unknown Speaker  7:46  
a train. I joke now, because I evolve every day and I say I trained to be a lawyer. And it was my life is still my livelihood. But being a psychic is innate within me. So my mom's a psychic, even though she doesn't call herself that I've seen her over the years be intuitive. My grandmother, my my brother. It's like it runs through my whole family. Since I was a kid, I always remember telling you, I grew up in the 80s. I'm 46. I grew up in the 80s. I remember telling my family as a little kid. I feel like this is deja vu, like I've been here before. I don't understand it as like five years old. And then as I got older, and I'm in law school, I had premonitions of car accidents before they happen, or someone's cheating on their boyfriend or girlfriend, I picked up on it and told my best friend and then he found out he was confirmed. Just things like that. What really happened was when my grandfather passed away, I had a premonition for seven years before his death, that when he dies, this is like my father figure because I'll single parent family. When he dies, there'll be no one around me to console me and I'll be all by myself. And seven years later, he passed from a stroke and I was in Wisconsin, one of our states up north and I had a deposition so I got stuck there overnight, and I was by myself and no other console me. But the reality of what I missed about that premonition was actually he consoled me, because my mom called to tell me that he died at 8:07pm and 809, my grandfather appeared with orbs of light and I didn't see his physical form, but it was like your see Unsolved Mysteries. It's like a show from like many moons ago here in the US. It makes you think of that it's like a paranormal show. Any paranormal show where they reenact ghosts or spirits or, you know, I felt like it was like happening in front of me. Yet. The difference was instead of watching it on a programme that we're used to, it was this wave of love washing over me. And these orbs of light lit up the room and then wave of love washed over me and my grandfather says to me, son, I love you. I'm with you. I will always be with you don't ever cry for me go get some food for yourself and I love very reassuring. So I went from wanting to cry and fall in the bed and be paralysed emotionally to, I'm gonna go get some food, and I was calm. Like it was no big deal. And this is my father figure. So you got to stay on for me to go from that paradigm shift within two minutes of his death. I've never yet cried once in his passing and almost 20 years, I ran a marathon in his honour, which I would have never done before and over yours he's helped give me inspiration and guidance and reassurance. When Hurricane Irma was going to hit Florida, he told me three days beforehand, I'd be okay. When COVID happened, he told me I'd be okay. Like, it's nice that you could be in touch with that, because it's like dial a friend, but you don't have to dial anybody there within you.

Unknown Speaker  10:18  
It's almost feel like he kind of probably was his passing he was he's there to kind of like, really encourage you to use these gifts, and you probably would have, I'm guessing would have shied away a bit from them. If that hadn't happened, even though it's sad that he passed, it feels very much either view,

Unknown Speaker  10:36  
I'm gonna die if I mentioned to you that if you fall asleep, it's very natural. I'm sorry. When you pass when you crossover, it's a very natural thing. It's like falling asleep on the couch or watching TV, which I think in the last few years, probably a lot of us did. Well, we had to stay home a lot. So think about watching your favourite programming evening, and you're relaxed, and then you pass out, you fall asleep. It's so subtle, you don't even realise you've crossed over. And then you have a greeter on the other side. And I mean, that's my understanding from all the times I've read people, they come back with that kind of information to share that with me, let me know. And it's always a similar message, you have a greeter on the other side. Even if you committed suicide, it's more of a mental health thing. It's not like you're you're put in hell or to damnation, it's a mental health issue. That's let's face it, what it is, and you're with your loved ones. So anyone who's grieving somebody killed themselves, I can tell you definitively, from all the readings I've done, and I've done, a lot of people have committed suicide, loved ones, they all come back with the same message, I was suffering from mental health, I really didn't intend to kill myself, or I died because it's like having a heart attack, you know, like mental health is like that. And the other side, and I'm better now.

Unknown Speaker  11:43  
Oh, that's a little bit less lovely to hear. And so I had a friend that she that killed themselves. That's really reassuring to know that because they do a lot of things they don't they are that if you commit suicide, that you get stuck in limbo and all these different beliefs.

Unknown Speaker  11:57  
Yeah. And I'll explain that. When you're, you know, as we're sitting here, doing this interview, or just conversation, we'll call like, an awesome talk with you. You're breathing, right, and members of our audience are breathing, you wouldn't be paying attention to me telling you that you're breathing because it's automatic. And it's something that's subtle. It's part of our autonomic nervous system. I believe I'm right when I say that, but my point of sharing this is that it's part of nature. If you boil it down, and you say we're all made of energy, and that we breathe, we eat, we sleep, we're born, we die. And we break it down that way. It's a natural thing. So if something's natural, like breathing, eating, sleeping, none of those scare us, right? We do them all the time we're operating machines inside ourselves. Why would death be any different? If you look at it from a natural point of view, everything natural flows a certain way? It's subtle. It's not so scary. It's just that none of us understand it. Because not many of us have been able to connect to the other side to find out. What's this all about?

Unknown Speaker  12:51  
That makes sense. The fear comes from the unknown. And it can seem to some people so final, depending on what their beliefs are, of course, or if the feeling of being good and love for doing the right thing, etc. And I guess that was that seen it from a kind of limited human?

Unknown Speaker  13:13  
We don't know, right? We don't know. Understand. You know, the original explorers feared the new world or the moon or whatever it is. We fear what we don't know.

Unknown Speaker  13:23  
Yeah, that's, that's so true. We do fear fear what we don't know. So Jason, I know you won't mind me bringing this up. But tell me about the cancer and how it impacted your life.

Unknown Speaker  13:33  
Yeah, I'm in 2018. In March of 2018, I was at my job. I have a law office, a small office, and I was there and I decide to take a break and walk downstairs and in Florida, and it's around this time of year, March in Florida, it's 87 degrees today. So you can walk outside, usually. And it's beautiful, right? That's what living in Florida is all about. So I go for a walk. And I took a break. And I'm walking back. And in my building, I'm on a second storey 100 year old building, and I have these large picture windows. And I decided to stop at the window as I'm walking and I look at my reflection. And I'm like, oh, it looks like a mirror. This is cool. And I'm looking at myself. And I'm like, all of a sudden, I like my shirt. I'm like, Okay, if not really cool, good. And it's like, all of a sudden, intuitively I get Would it be weird if I cancer my body and didn't know it? And I'm like, yo, no, I don't want to hear that. That's not something I supposed to hear. So I was like, I go up the stairs. I talked to some of my co workers and I told my family like in March I like it's such a weird premonition and I don't know what it means but I might want to get checked. So a couple months later, I was prepping for a surgery for colonoscopy. I'm sorry, prepping for surgery for diverticulitis remove that for you know and before I did that, they found I got a call from my doctor telling me that they found stage one kidney cancer on my right kidney and that I would have to come in and meet with consult with a neurologist. So I go to meet with the neurologist and they tell me you know, this is stage one cancer you can choose to remove it and I chose to do this thing called a cryo blast procedure. Which is where they freeze it off for four hours, you're knocked out and they freeze it off of you. But at the same day procedure, once you're out with the, you know, once they monitor you, they let you leave. So I opted for that. But for three weeks before my first diagnosis and confirming like the range of the cancer I had, they didn't know if it was stage four, because they saw masses on my liver, and on my lung as well. So for three weeks, I had to wait for the MRI to confirm if it's stage one or stage four because of these other things appearing on the CAT scan. So for three weeks, I had to keep it to myself, I don't want to alarm anybody. And I thought I was a Walking Dead. Like I felt like I'm walking here right now. And where am I at with my life. Like I have deadlines for work. That didn't matter to me as much. I had things that would bother me the week before were like, it's irrelevant, like really am I going to care about this or that like, I could die, I could, you know. So finally, I the MRI done, they had a wait. And I got it done until that three weeks. So that gave me a paradigm shift pretty profound, where I was like, our time here is limited. And we've got to appreciate every minute, even the bad minutes, we got to still appreciate them because they shape us, they transform us and they help us. So long story short, I go and, and it's stage one, and I got the procedure done. And they they got rid of it. So it was an emotional catharsis for me, because for three weeks after that, I had this for like three months. So for three months, I kept a strong face. I didn't want anyone in my life thinking that I was upset about this when internally I guess I was in shock. And I just did everything I could to keep going and keep a straight, a strong, brave face the whole time. And the day my doctor calls to tell me that it's gone. It's cancer free. I collapsed, emotionally collapsed, spiritually, but I was just so like, I cried like a baby, I never cry. And here I was bawling my eyes out. And I was like, Why am I crying. And I was like, it caught up to me. It's like running a race, and having people behind you catch up to you. And when my emotions caught up to me in the impact of the cancer really resonated with me, it caused me to make a lot of changes in my life. It's like someone who has a near death experience comes back and acts differently. All of a sudden, I ended the toxic relationship of eight years, I lost 50 pounds, I ended the toxic business relationship. I mean, I decided to take all these different directions in my life, I started my I went and put more focus into my podcast, the social psychic radio show and started being more gung ho about being openly spiritual. And things just started taking a different direction than even before.

Unknown Speaker  17:23  
Wow. So I would say from listening to what you say, it sounds like it really empowered you it was it was very difficult, but also it has no you just sound that you you grew so much from, from the experience, even though it was a difficult one. And I don't know, it's amazing. When you feel when you

Unknown Speaker  17:40  
deal with a lot of setbacks and challenges and, and you let's say you fall for somebody and then they ghost you. Or let's say that you know, that happens, or this pandemic where people try dating. And then they find that they're connected to someone through one of these apps like Tinder to have that over there and not in the UK. So you need somebody, you connect with somebody, you're excited about connecting. And you get to know somebody and they open up to you and you open up to them for a series of months, and then they run away and disappear. And it's through the pandemic, you're like, how did that just happen to me? Like, like, there's a series of things we all go through in life and it's how you categorise it and what you do about it, that really makes the impact of whatever it is.

Unknown Speaker  18:18  
Yeah, that's that's very true, isn't it? It's how we kind of respond to that rather than, of course, things will happen that will bring reactions and stuff but I think this is like the long term thing is to kind of, I will say like, it's a quite a common saying but use your stumbling blocks as stepping stones and taking this down the direction of, of how we can kind of learn from this and know that you do things with visualisations and dreams. Can you guess how this fits into this? And how? How we can do?

Unknown Speaker  18:50  
I love your question. I love your question. It ties perfectly in everything we're talking about. Basically, if you think of us as energy, and everything else I've been talking about, then the afterlife, as I'll call it, it's just post life. But we're not dead. We're still here. But in a spiritual sense, like a subtle Wi Fi signal. And for me, it's like to tell everybody that in our dreams, it's where the veil between the afterlife and us is the thinnest. So if you think of your dreams, now a lot of people analyse dreams. Like if you wake up, I'm sorry, if you're in a dream and you're giving a speech and you're naked in front of 1000 people, you know, those kinds of interpretations? I'm not commenting about that. I mean, I studied psychology in college. I'm saying spirituality and dreams. There's a difference. And so the spirituality of dreams is when you have this vivid dream that words can't describe how vivid it is the best way I could give you an analogy, anything spiritual in my life that I've had as an experience as a medium or just personally, if I was to say that what we're looking at through our eyes right now is like, if you think back to early television sets, the black and white TVs, many moons ago. Then when you have a spiritual experience, it's like 8,000k. TV. It's like this reality that we don't even understand in the human level, in the in the in this in this realm that we're at. And so words can't really adequately define or describe what a real true spiritual experience can be like sometimes. So in our dreams, I've had these vivid dreams where I fall asleep, and then all of a sudden, my grandfather's voice is bellowing out to me, son, I love you. Happy birthday. Don't worry about me. Right before I went to sleep in OA, I had a dream, right before once. It was my birthday night on my birthday, two hours later in October. And I had this moment of passing sadness, because my grandmother just passed. And I had the sadness, like I wish I had my grandfather died three years earlier. I wish I had their last birthday card they gave me when they were both alive. Now I throw everything out. I don't keep anything as I thought, so I fall asleep with that sad thought. And then my grandfather comes to me in the dream, he says, Son, I love you. Don't worry about me. Happy birthday. When you get up. I don't care what time it is. Do me a favour and clean out your closet. Now I just moved into my place eight months earlier, but I was travelling for work. So there's a lot of boxes still, I hadn't unpacked checks. I just had been back at my place a week. And so I get up at 2am. I look up at the ceiling laugh I go, thank you, Grandpa, I love you too. And I felt his energy, leading me to my walk in closet. And I started taking these boxes one out after the other, he led me into my closet, I found my college trunk. It's like a lock trunk with a little padlock on it. And I opened the padlock, I opened the trunk, grab the inside of reach into the inside, pull it out. And there it is the last birthday card they ever gave me. It had a horse on the front of it. It's on my website. Actually, it's one of my blog posts if you want to see it. And that made me realise that dreams aren't just dreams. Dreams are a form of communication. When they happen. It doesn't happen every moment. But there are certain circumstances where a loved ones can make contact cuz I have a physical manifestation of something I requested right before my birthday specifically, my grandfather appears in a dream, I get up and find it. And that I've had that for like four years.

Unknown Speaker  22:04  
Especially like he said, You're not a hoarder. So you wouldn't you wouldn't have to kind of I relate to that, because I'm not a hoarder, either. But that is that is definitely that is definitely a sign. What would you say? And then people have, you know, we can have all different dreams again, I know you said you don't analyse dreams, but sometimes I don't just say you had a dream and it was quite dramatic. Or I don't know, do they have messages or Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  22:29  
I'm a, I believe that most of the time people come through in our dreams, if let's say you had a really rough week, and you're really stressed out. And let's say your grandfather is watching you all the time, your grandmother, your aunt, whoever is on your side, and they're watching you, and it's painting them to see that you are under stress, pulling your hair out getting upset, I pulled out a lot of my hair. But let's say let's just say you know, they're watching you. And then you fall asleep and all of a sudden, you're in a dream and your aunt's on a swing, but you don't see your face, but you know, it's her, and you hear her voice and she's telling you I love you stay calm, you're gonna get through everything. And then you wake up and say, well, that's a weird dream. I didn't see my face, but I heard her voice. I felt her energy it felt like her. Well guess what that's like your and in the situation you're going through, she can work up the energy to appear in a dream. And if it seems like it's reassuring, because most of the people afterwards tell me, I had a really rough week. And then I started noticing this dream with my aunt. And now I'm not upset anymore. I felt the peace that they wanted to bring to me through my sleep. So I tell people, if you can't connect to your loved ones to a dream, for example, keep a dream journal which is like a glorified way of having a notepad with a pen next to the bed, right? You could do a dream journal and so you could wake up in the middle of the night. And if you're having a vivid dream, write it down or speak it into your phone. Figure out a way to memorialise these things. You'll see patterns, you might find subtle signs. They communicate with us with synchronicity all the time with breadcrumbs, but if you're not paying attention to it, if you explain it away, you're gonna miss the message. You're gonna miss the reassurance you're gonna miss. You know, peace. I couldn't see it peaceful.

Unknown Speaker  24:06  
Can I see the number 111 all the time. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  24:09  
Angel number. Yeah. It's about what you're thinking about time you see the 111? Yeah, you see, a lot of times it's situational. And you see those numbers and their core. I'll give an example. My grandpa, this is some high level stuff. My grandfather during the pandemic, I was getting stressed one day because I was here a lot. And, you know, I wasn't I was just like, we all wonder like, what's gonna happen next? Am I gonna shut down? Am I out a bit like, what's going to happen? Everything's going chaotic. And my grandfather comes to me in a dream and I wake up in the middle of morning and I just before my day started, he said,

Unknown Speaker  24:40  
pay attention to today. Pay attention to, to the to the

Unknown Speaker  24:44  
trends of your day. That's what he said. So I got up I go, okay, grandpa, here's my challenge is to pay attention to trends of my day, meaning what am I looking for? So at about noon, I look at email. I had three new people wanting to come on my show. At about four I had three new people Asking for readings. And at about six. I had three new cases assigned to my law firm 333 Not the play on the numbers, but the point is, I realised he's telling me. Don't worry. You're okay, we got you. Yeah, three new here three new year and all aspects of your life. Oh, you're already noticing it the 111 that's the starting point right there, you're noticing something that if you were to explain it, it could be seen as coincidental. serendipitous, but if you see it a lot, and all the time I see Angel numbers all the time. They appear on my receipts, they appear on my phone, they appear. I mean, I was watching a Bucs game. We have the Tampa Bay Buccaneers here. And I was watching a Bucs game and I paused it and it was 333333 with three minutes and 33 seconds left. It was crazy. And the score was 33 something or so I was like, that's too much synchronicity for me. I don't know what it means. But it's telling me something,

Unknown Speaker  25:59  
if I've seen that in that many that many times. So Jason, I know you have your own podcast, a psychic visions podcast. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  26:09  
I'll tell you. So I have a social media show. And I started a couple years ago that I love doing. And then psychic visions is signed with electric cast media, which is a production company out of LA. And making Kane is my co host. And she's my best friend. And she's also psychic. And she's the reason I even became psychic. I met her at a wedding seven years ago. And she's like, You need to be psychic, you need to be open about it. Don't worry about being a lawyer. And I follow her guidance. And here I am.

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
Wow, that's a great friend. And it sounds like a great partnership as well that she kind of it's amazing. Brilliant. So and if people want to listen to your podcast, and guess it's on all things like Spotify, iTunes or

Unknown Speaker  26:48  
so social psychic radio shows on all major platforms or 31 major platforms, any of those Spotify, Apple podcasts, Google Play, etc, all the way down there. And then psychic visions is in production. Right now we're doing season one, we just completed our second interview yesterday. And we're going to probably a launch that at some point in the coming months. And I'm so excited about we did two intro episodes last year, and then we got signed with the label. So we're working on that right now.

Unknown Speaker  27:17  
Wow, very exciting. Thank you. And also if our listeners would like to have a reading with yourself, you have I know, some your website, you have a booking system through growing pains,

Unknown Speaker  27:31  
growing pains, I finally have someone helping me with that. It's called Christie, but growing pains meaning like, for the longest time, I'm just having increased demand, which I love. So we have a system where you can call 833 Jason's book, if you're in the US, J S. Co. NZ, UK, or you go on the social psychic website, www dot the social psychic, calm and book a reading that way. Or if you I never solicited anyone, by the way, I have an Instagram account. And you know how to create these bogus, phoney fake. I've had that happen four times already. But I tell everybody on my social media, I will never request a reading from you, I will never solicit you first. You know, I have enough business that comes in I don't need to solicit. And so anyone who's doing that to fake

Unknown Speaker  28:14  
so do your own stuff. I say don't steal someone. Exactly. idea like you know, just like having trust in your own abilities and several the energy you're putting into to that. suggestion is anything that you would really like our listeners to know or what resonates. And right now.

Unknown Speaker  28:37  
I feel like we've been through some trying times globally with COVID. And the Ukraine things really bothering me a lot to be honest with you bothers me every day I go on there and I watch TV and I watch something on TV about Ukraine and and I start posting on my social media about how much I can't stand Putin, and how much I'm like against what he's doing killing all these innocent. Everyone who's getting overwhelmed. And I know a lot of us to deal with stress and anxiety. I would say take a deep breath before you do anything. And the reason I say that is breath work helps us. We're energy. And so if you think of breathing as the fuel of the energy we have within us when we're stressed, if you were to just take three deep breaths, and as you visualise that I'm all about visualisation. you visualise loving energy entering your your lungs and your system. And then as you breathe out, you're breathing out stress and anxiety you did a couple years, many times you want I do three. But usually when I do the three breaths like that, and we could do that right now, if you want just I don't usually leave breath work or anything. But I like to talk about this because I think anyone who's listening right now might benefit from this kind of idea. But literally, let's say you're stuck in traffic, whatever. I do this all time. So I'll close my eyes. And what I'll do is I'll take a deep breath in.

Unknown Speaker  29:51  
And as I do that, I hold

Unknown Speaker  29:52  
that and I'm thinking of the negative stress and anxiety I'm dealing with. And I pause for a minute and I reflect and I think of something in my mind that will come my mind, if it's the beach, if it's your favourite couch, if it's going walking with your dog or walking along the water, whatever it is. And as I do that, then and I do to subtly, of course, I'm talking right now. So obviously, I'm not holding my breath. But what I'll do is I'll hold that in for a count of one. And then as I breathe out, I let out that negative energy. And so you're breathing in loving energy, your lead, and this is something we all do spiritually. I'm telling you anything and secret. But what I'm trying to say for the audience, and I'll do it more time, breathe in loving energy.

Unknown Speaker  30:34  
Breathe out,

Unknown Speaker  30:36  
stress and anxiety. And you'll notice you'll feel more centred, even slightly. Just doing that. And I am going to say that with the world we've been through, and everything that's been going on, that if we can ground ourselves a little and have gratitude, I learned that through my cancer, have gratitude. Even a bad day is a day to be gracious for because you're alive. And you're thriving, and you're overcoming adversity, and you're becoming a better version of yourself. And we're on a path, a journey. So I consider even my bad days as a blessing now, and I think it's all about, it's all about what you want to do with your life. You know, you can think of every day as a new beginning. One of the things I learned from the pandemic is I let go of anything that's negative. If I have like a bad breakup from the past, I forgave that person in my mind, I let it go. Think about going on a flight. You know, you travel I used to travel the UK, I would have my two bags. Well, if you're mad at people, that's like 10 More bags on your on your shoulders that you're carrying. So by letting go and surrendering that negativity and forgiving, I forgave my dad where I had no relationship for the 60 something years he was alive. He came to me and dreams, he kept asking for forgiveness for several years. And it took the pandemic, and everything from that, that caused me to say, You know what, that I forgive you, I love you. And I let go of those 10 bags over time, like I freed up. And you'll find that when you do that, you get rewarded, positive things will flow in your life. You have new friends, new relationship, new outlook. And so what I tell people is during the pandemic, when I was stuck home all the time, if I woke up and I look back at what I was going through, my day would be rough. You get anxiety, when you look backwards, you don't drive your car looking in the rearview mirror. So why would we do that with our debt. Now, if you look forward, and you think about the things you're grateful for, you will find that there'll be something that comes in reassures you spiritually, a calmness. It's something we practice, it takes time to get there. But I will tell you, I've been doing it during this whole pandemic. I find gratitude in anything possible. Yes, I have my off days. I have mental health, depression, anxiety. I do it. We all do. But I don't think it's something that can, you know, cripple you, I think that you can work through these things. You know, see a mental health professional, I'm all about removing the stigma with mental health awareness. You know, if someone tells me they're depressed, I don't speak to them about it. I'll say like, you know, what, if you're depressed, it's like having a broken arm. If we have a broken arm, in the United States, we get a cast. And everyone signs your cast as a little kid, I remember this. But if you have depression, people want to shun you shame, you, malign you and misunderstand you. And it's like, no, it's one body, one spirit and one mind. So if one part of the system's not working, treat them with similar levity, and, and, and look at it as something you need to heal from. And so anyone who's depressed, I tell them just be open about it, the more we're all open about it, we can help each other, you know, and we can power through through these things. So anyone in our audience has been going through their own anxiety, increased depression, or feeling disconnected or really worried about the future of the world. I'll say, take three deep breaths, realise we're all part of interconnectedness, that our loved ones love us. On the other side, God exists. We're spiritual beings living on a physical planet, and nothing is to be feared of in our future path, because we're all here for a reason. And we're doing we're living, breathing, experiencing growing, and thriving.

Unknown Speaker  34:01  
I love everything you said. It's just so uplifting. Yeah, there's a complete there's all awful things going on on the world, like you said, the Ukraine and pandemic and then there's also other wars going on in different countries as well. We could kind of get weighed down by all the swings is not to deny or not to support in those things, but having a positive outlook and finding I find that if I had a really bad day, I think just one thing I'm grateful for and it doesn't mean I have to be pretend to be happy because that's kind of denying your feelings as well. But just one thing and I find it starts momentum of feeling more kind of like uplifted rather than feeling all like doom and gloom. But Jason, your work sounds amazing. I've been such a joy and from glamorous Florida as well. We were obsessed with the weather in the UK because we have got good weather at the moment. But generally we don't always. But Florida sounds so glamorous and cool, but I'm glad you liked The UK as well. And I can't wait to listen to your podcasts or listeners, I'll put links in the bio with this show. And yeah, so thank you so much, Jason. And do stay tuned, thank you, thank you. And do stay tuned listeners, because we've got a meditation inspired by today's show. But Jason, thank you so much, and you have a fantastic day. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you, bye, bye. Here's a meditation inspired by the wonderful talk that we had today. It's a meditation to find the presence, so that we can connect with the wisdom of our ancestors or the wisdom of our loved ones from the past. So it's also important in any of this work to a feel completely calm, and in the moment. Now I find it easier to work with a journal, you can try this meditation with a journal. And if you prefer just to sit and visualise, then by all means do that. But if you can, please grab a piece of paper and a pen or a pencil, I quite like to write in pencil, I just feel that it's kind of more organic. But whatever you want to write in, and a piece of paper or notebook and just sit up super tall, in a space where you won't be disturbed and that you don't need to concentrate him. So start off by doing some slow calm deep breaths

Unknown Speaker  36:37  
in and out through the nostrils. As you come into the present moment. And you have your piece of paper, take carry on with deep breaths. Your spine is nice and tall, the sat on a chair or your sat on the floor. Whatever is right for you. And you're going to ask your highest self to support and guide you as you connect to your most balanced and highest vibrational light energy of your ancestors. The one you want it to be balanced for the good of all, and the highest vibrational lights. And you're going to pick up your pen. And you say, just right, Higher Self, please connect to the highest most vibrational balance energy of my ancestral line today. What is it that I need to know and just begin to write, but as you write, just take some slow, calm, deep breaths is always important in all meditations, when you're doing things like stream of consciousness, etc, to be as present via the breath, but at the same time, you just got to let it go. So don't worry about the spelling. Don't worry about what your writing looks like no one else is going to see this. Just tap into the flow by your highest self as you tap into the highest most balanced vibrational light of your ancestral line. And you're going to right, right, right. What is it today that I need to know and whatever comes out onto the sheet. Just write and write and write but of course, each and every one of you will be different maybe lots of words come out maybe it's a struggle maybe you just get one maybe get tonnes of words. So just take some slow calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils

Unknown Speaker  39:12  
and then as you continue with your words you then if you need further clarification, you ask fire your highest self to connect continue to connect fuel at the highest vibrational light of your balanced and highs vibrational ancestors. For the good of all. To clarify a bit more

Unknown Speaker  39:48  
however has come it may be apparent or you may need to sit for a bit longer. Eva is fine. Perhaps if you need more. You do this every day until they feel It feels more clear, or perhaps once was enough. But this meditation I shared with you today to so that you could see that there is this power and ability to tap into the wisdom of laws balanced and highest vibrational loved ones on an ancestral line and that you have a higher self as well. So, slowly come back into the present, come back into the room. Take some slow, deep breaths, inhale and exhale. And then just decided, if what you've discovered resonates with you and find your highest vibrational relatives, funk your highest vibrational self, and go back into your day. And just remember that there's many meditations on this podcast. I have started to separate them out. But on earlier shows, if you go to the last section, you will find the meditation that accompanies the talk that I did on the day

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