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May 11, 2022

Life Lessons on How Gratitude is a Powerful Tool to Massive Abundance

Life Lessons on How Gratitude is a Powerful Tool to Massive Abundance
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SPECIAL GUEST: Melisa Caprio, Author, Photographer, Radio Host and Creator of Postcards to the Universe™ A Global Movement for Manifestation. Melisa Capri is also an artist,photographer, radio host and author of Postcards to the Universe™ Harness the Universe’s Power and Manifest your Dreams and is inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement. By using photography, art, personal wishes, and desires and sending them out to the Universe via a postcard. Her inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people come together in creative ways for global change.

Melisa  has her own weekly show titled Postcards to the Universe with Melisa, Creating the Life you Crave on OM Times Radio where she interviews spiritual trailblazers, she has turned that show into a popular podcast. Today we are going to talk about How Gratitude is a Powerful Tool to Massive Abundance.When I am having a challenging day I try to use gratitude to find the silver lining in the day by focusing on things I am grateful for and hence turning gratitude into abundanceI am very interested to hear what Melisa has to say on this matter.

Melisa's free book for listeners

So, without further ado, joining us from Florida, USA

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello, I'm your host the gentle yoga warrior. And we have now reached season nine, which I feel delighted to share with you under the theme of life lessons, we are going to learn valuable life lessons from some great guests to inspire you to become the best possible version of yourself while loving and accepting yourself at the same time. Please welcome today, Melissa Caprio. Melissa is a crater, photographer, radio host and author of best selling book postcards to the universe. Harness universal powers and manifest your dreams. And she's inviting people from around the world to participate in this movement. By using photography, art, personal wishes and desires to send them out to universe via postcards. Her inspiration comes from a desire to have a forum where people can come together in creative ways for global change. Melissa also has her own weekly show titled postcards universe with Melissa creating the life you crave on sometimes radio, where she interviews spiritual trailblazers, she has turned that short into a popular podcast. She is also a writer, and an artist joining us from Florida, USA. Please welcome Melissa Caprio. Hello, Melissa, welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  1:30  
Thank you so much for having me today. I'm so excited to be here.

Unknown Speaker  1:34  
I'm so excited to everyone. Melissa, one of the reasons I'm so excited to have you on the show is that I'm absolutely loving your book. And I've started to a few things out of your book, and I already feel abundant. So there's, I don't know, I just really have a strong belief in your work. So I can't wait to share your knowledge with our guests. So Melissa, today we're going to talk about how gratitude is a powerful tool to massive abundance. I love that word massive as well. And I know for myself when I feel less abundant. And what I tend to do is I focus on the bit that I'm grateful for in that day, no matter how small, and it kind of builds up my gratitude muscle as such, but I'm very interested to hear what you have to say. So Melissa, could you please share with us how to work with gratitude as a tool for abundance?

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
Oh, sure. I love talking about gratitude. So I have found in the years now that I've been doing this kind of work, that gratitude is one of the most powerful and fastest ways to manifest more abundance. Because, as you probably know, James, it's very easy for us to focus on what's not working our problems, you know, are upset that kind of takes up so much space and are in our existence, and the universe is no judgement. So if you're focusing on what isn't working and the problems in your life, what tends to happen is more of those things come into your life, right? So what we want to do is we want to flip that switch. And we want to focus on the things that bring us joy, and that bring us happiness. And gratitude is a wonderful way of doing that. Because I think sometimes we take for granted the things that we do have, you know many of us, we see what's going on in the world and a lot of people are suffering, but many of us are so blessed, you know, with what we have. And we take it a little bit for granted, you know, so teaching yourself how to become conscious of that is is really wonderful. Like for example, I happen to love my home. And so I always think my home when I walk into my home because I have created a space that I love to be in. It brings me a lot of peace and calm, it's comfortable. It has all my artwork everywhere that I like to look at for me and other artists that I have in my space. Sleep I love sleep. So every night that I go into my bed, I just think my bed I love you so much. And those are just little things if you have food in your refrigerator, if you have warm water to take a shower, you know, these are the kinds of things that you can focus on in the book. I talk about self love and I have a whole ritual in the book about thanking your body for doing what it it does for you on a daily basis that we're not even aware of. And you can do it in the shower as you're washing your hair and washing your face and going through and it's really just a few minutes gratitude for your body and how it's functioning for you and that's a great way to be grateful for your health because as we all know health system It's important thing that we have, we want to be healthy because when we're not healthy and we're sick, it's very hard to be grateful, because you're so in that space of, you know, pain or suffering, and so to think of anything to be grateful for, is difficult. So if you can start small, with just looking around your space and certain things, and maybe the people in your space your animals, I mean, we all know people who love animals, and we love our animals. It's a wonderful thing too. As you're petting your dog or cat, I'm so grateful for you, I'm so thankful that you came into my life, there's, there's those things that we can do. And the more you do it, the more you become conscious of it, it, the easier it becomes, and you'll catch yourself when you're going down that rabbit hole of negative thoughts. And you're thinking, You know what, I don't want to be in that space, I want to, I want to switch it, I want to be in a space of gratitude. And then what's interesting, what happens is, then the universe brings you more things to be grateful for, you'll meet different people, you'll read a book, you'll watch a show or something will spark something and take you to that next level. Oh,

Unknown Speaker  6:11  
absolutely. Fantastic. I completely agree. And what I really love about your book, Melissa, what you were describing a bit earlier was the kind of shower ritual because I think sometimes you know, when people say to do like all these abundance things and think it's a long list, how am I going to fit that into my day, I've got to go take the kids to school, I've got a dog, whatever it people have to do. And I think he's just a really good guy. That's what I really love is how he kind of you can bring it into every kind of part of your day and and in the shower. What a brilliant place to kind of Frank Frank, you're though you're the vessel that is your body. Amazing it when we kind of go down that rabbit hole, which everyone can go down through from time to time, what are the biggest components that you suggest for shifting your energy from that kind of like, oh, feeling sorry, everything's the kind of darks all of the night to kind of write it out.

Unknown Speaker  7:04  
I think it's important to acknowledge if you're in pain, and you're suffering, I don't think avoiding it. And trying to put on a happy face works because our body registers it right for trying to avoid feeling something. So you really do need to feel whatever it is that you're going through, acknowledge it and say, I see that you're here. Okay? Maybe ask it, what is it here to teach me you know, and see if anything comes through. If you're having trouble with somebody or something, a good thing to do is maybe write a letter to what to that individual or to that situation, not think you have to share it with anybody, this is just for you. So you can get it out of your body, you know, just get it out of your body, I acknowledge you, I see you. Okay, I understand. I know, if you're angry at something, you're entitled to be angry, yes, I'm allowed to be angry and where it gets dangerous, in my opinion, for our own self worth is to stay in that space. We don't want to stay there. And I've noticed that when I acknowledge what's going on, and I feel the anger or the frustration, or the suffering, when I allow myself the space to do that. And I let it go through me it passes much quicker than when I'm trying to pretend it's not there. You know, because my body won't let me my body says no, no. You need to acknowledge you need to acknowledge and then and then give yourself some time, maybe maybe it's a day, maybe it's a few days, if it's something very traumatic, it may need to be a few months, you know it whatever it is for you is the right answer. It's just you don't want to stay there too too long. And then you start to look for the little things again, like I said, that you already have that you're very grateful for and more of those will start to pop into your mind after you've given yourself the space and the and the time to process whatever it is that you're feeling.

Unknown Speaker  9:03  
I think sometimes when we do didn't deny our feelings, that's kind of it kind of gets it builds up isn't it so I really liked that advice of kind of kind of letting it go onto paper and then I guess as soon as you're kind of what that pain you can kind of transform it into kind of something positive but if we just kind of say no, this isn't happening, then the body's gonna say actually no, you need to process this this is not the case.

Unknown Speaker  9:29  
Because definitely because I believe truthfully that what if we don't deal with somebody said it and I don't know who so if somebody knows I apologise for not remembering who but it's said what you don't deal with. We'll deal with you. Somebody says that and that really resonated with me. It may have been IANA Van Zandt, but I could be wrong so if I am I'm sorry. Um, but it just resonated so much because it's the truth what we need to deal with with our pain. We can't pretend that it's not there. And so it, it will happen is if we push those things down too much, and especially if they're very traumatic, it can manifest as dis ease in your body, right? We know this science is even now backing these theories up, which is really interesting. So I really believe allowing yourself that time and space and being okay with the fact that you might not be okay for a little bit. But that doesn't mean you're always going to be there, you know, it's gonna, you know, the pendulum always swings. So, you're going to get to the space, where you're going to be okay again, and if you can keep telling yourself that as you're dealing with it, I'm going to be okay, it's going to be okay, I'm going to be okay. Affirmations are something that I use all the time. And I like to do rituals. So if I do a letter to, you know, dump out all the frustration, I'll do a burning ritual afterwards, and maybe some sage to do a little bit of a clearing, I like to add a ritual to it, it's more sacred for me to do it that way. I like

Unknown Speaker  11:05  
the way you say make it kind of sacred, because it kind of processing stuff is a sacred process, in my opinion. So I don't know, that's what I really kind of resonate with, with your book, I don't know, it's funny, I think it's kind of going to change the world, what is inspired action rather than just kind of normal action.

Unknown Speaker  11:25  
So the way that I see inspired action now, for me, it manifests in my creativity, I use photography as part of my inspired action. But for anybody, it could be whatever it is. So if there's something that you want to bring into your life, let's say more financial abundance, we'll just use that, for example. You know, just by sitting at your, in your home, and, you know, not doing anything is not really going to help the universe bring you that financial abundance that you need. And it may be that you need to change your career, it may be that you need to change your location to get where you want to go. So inspired action is really allowing, being open to the messages from the universe to send us kind of ideas, you know, like, sometimes you'll, you'll think of something and you'll be like, where did I get that idea from? And to me, that is the universe kind of whispering in your ear, to inspire you to take the next step. It may be okay, so I want financial abundance. So, you know, let me just look on some of these job, these job sites on LinkedIn, you know, or let me connect with somebody you know, or somebody's name may pop into your head that you haven't spoken to in a while, and you're thinking, Should I reach out to them? I haven't spoken to them. And well, now I shouldn't. But that's an Inspire inspiration coming, it's coming to you. So the inspired action in that instance, would be like, yes, there's a reason that that person's name popped in your head, call them reach out to them, you know, don't know where it can take you. Maybe it's to go look for a book to the library or a bookstore. So it's just taking these action steps toward your goal. Because sometimes when we think of our goal, it's too big, right? The goal is too big. If but if you think about it like that, then yeah, that will stop you in your tracks because you don't know which way to go. But if you think okay, that's the ultimate goal. But what can I do today? What can I do tomorrow or this week to take that next step. And when with me, when I tap into my creativity, and I'm photographing, and I'm photographing the postcards especially it inspires, more thoughts come to me more things that I want to create more things that I want to do, because I'm so open, and I'm in that space of creativity, which I find to be a very powerful way to manifest also, is using our creativity. And that doesn't mean that you have to be an artist in the traditional sense. You don't have to be a photographer painter. We're all we can all be creative in our own lives in our own ways.

Unknown Speaker  14:10  
Yeah, no, I like that is to you don't have to kind of be a gifted artist. There's all different ways you can be you can be creative, the way you make a sandwich, you know, like this kind of I see is turning life into art doing every fall even if it's something scientific, you can still do it in a kind of artful way by kind of being really present and really kind of feeling whatever you do with all your senses and kind of go down that path find manifesting abundance intriguing, because when I'm in the right space, and I'm kind of working on it, I do feel more abundant. And I really do believe it works. But sometimes challenges can arise like sometimes unexpected kind of payments or and I've learned through the years to come To try and be less reactive and just see just like feelings, it's permanent, and it can kind of kind of change. But when challenges do arise, and we're kind of in that kind of negative kind of subconscious programming, what would you suggest that we can do to kind of kind of change our subconscious because that's where it can get a bit stuck.

Unknown Speaker  15:24  
And challenges do come up they showed you so yeah, even doing this work it you know, we're, we're all here in our school to learn. So challenges are going to come up no matter what, no matter how joyful you are, no matter how abundant you are, that's just the way that it goes. So accepting that and acknowledging that is, is a good thing. And I think that we don't realise how much negative thoughts we have in a day, you know, our subconscious is always running negative programming, like near the negatives, it just was so unconscious of the, I don't know, somebody said that how many thoughts a human brain has in a day is like, astronomical, and most of them were unconscious about so I have found affirmations to be very, very helpful with that I believe strongly in using affirmations and using them in the affirmative and is not the I want, but the I have or I am. And if you're working on a particular issue, writing down an affirmation is really strong, maybe printing it out and putting it where you can see it. So it's constantly seeping into your subconscious. And another really, really good tool is to if you're having negative thoughts, you can say to yourself, Okay, cancel Enough, stop. Got it. Heard you heard you heard you. Okay, good. And then flip it and add your affirmation, you know, it could be I am feeling abundant today, I am feeling joyful, I am feeling good I am you know, or you can even be something smile. But if that's not true, and it doesn't feel true, you can say, today, I feel a little bit better, just a little bit better. You know, you don't have to go for the, I've manifested a million dollars, because that doesn't feel right. But you could say I manifested an extra $100 this month. You know, because that you can see that's attainable. So there's ways to, like you have to check your brain. You have to check your brain. But the more you do it, you'll you'll you'll catch yourself a lot more. And you'll you'll catch yourself going down that negative rabbit hole more and more and more, you'll you'll be able to say to yourself, Okay, I've heard you. Okay, like I'll say it's unless I heard you, I heard you. Okay, I got it. And then I like will say, but I feel better about dot dot dot this today than I did last week. So you know, it's just, it's just playing those games with yourself. It's a constant conversation that you're having with yourself. I think

Unknown Speaker  17:59  
sometimes we kind of try and aim kind of too high. And if we're not feeling like that, then your mind's just gonna say, no, no, we're not. We're not there yet. So I kind of like it the way you worded it, it sounds like you kind of acknowledged the way you're feeling but also kind of kind of making steps towards that kind of optimistic. So it's kind of it's not kind of ridiculously distance on how you're feeling, which I think that's can be the trouble of affirmation sometimes. Where if you're feeling sad, and you're saying I'm very happy, and it just like, No, I'm not sorry.

Unknown Speaker  18:33  
And I can't pretend I am. But you could say, I feel a little better today. I feel a little better today. And then your your body will and your brain will say Yeah, that could be true. That could be true. I can accept that. Yeah, you can't go from being so sad to I am happy. It just doesn't. You have to take the big step. It's like a baby. They learn to walk but they don't go straight from laying down to walking. They stuck to start by sitting up and moving their bodies and then crawling and then walking to running. With our emotional body we have to it's a muscle. It's a spiritual muscle that we have to work we have to work it out.

Unknown Speaker  19:15  
Yeah, I like that. It takes dedication and a little bit of work daily. So Melissa, your book postcards to the universe can you use then how about that because I really want to share this with the listeners and see I really think this manifestation thing that that you have a lot of work so I can see the value in it. So if you wouldn't mind sharing a bit of

Unknown Speaker  19:37  
that I love talking about it. So so I decided okay, so I you know, I had a whole other life before I had this life and a lot of things happen and things have shifted a lot of trauma, you know, and you know, her and everything and a lot of things have to change. So what I started to do I'm a big reader. So anyway, like reading, I've always been a big reader. So I started to do this seeking, why did this happen to me? Right? Don't we do that? Like, why is this happened to me? So as I went down the Why did this happen to me and started reading more about these spiritual ideas, I came across manifestation and the law of attraction, and how we're always manifesting because we vibrate at a everything's energy, our thoughts, our energy, our emotions, our energy, and the universe matches us on an energetic level. So wherever my energy is, is where what I'm going to be manifesting into my life. So two things happen in that situation. One was, Oh, no. You mean, I was partly responsible for this? And oh, yes, that means I have power to change certain situations in my life. So I wanted to learn more about it. And I took a course on the law of attraction to understand how it works, because I wanted to be a conscious co creator with the universe. And I thought, well, well, how will this be interesting for me? How can I do this in an interesting way that will inspire me and I thought, well, you know, I can use my photography as part of it, because that's what I enjoy, and I love doing. So I came up with the idea of having people create manifesting postcards, and, you know, it's kind of like a mini vision board. And you make a postcard, you can make as many as you want, I have people who send me postcards, for everything, for their trips to their love lives, to their homes, to everything, which I love. If you make a postcard about around it, and then when I received the postcard, I was doing workshops before the pandemic in person, I haven't done them since but I, but I asked people, you know, from their homes to create one and then send it to me. So people send me their postcards. And when they're postcard there, take a picture of it, so they can see it, they put it on your refrigerator, or put it on your homescreen on your computer or your your phone. So it's you're always seeing it, send me the original. And when your manifestation becomes your reality, and it shows up in physical form, reach out to me, let me know, I photograph the postcard. And I share them photograph of the postcard with their story of how it manifested into form. And that's basically in a nutshell, what the book is about. So there's 30 manifesting stories in the in the book one is mine about getting published, because I wanted it to be a public, I wanted to get it traditionally published, which I did. That was my postcard. And I tried to break it down into the biggest themes of our lives, which are relationships, health, career and money, right? This is the things that we're definitely spend most of our time focused on. So I kind of tried to break it down in in in that way. And then in each area, I have writing exercises, that helps us get clear on what it is that we really want. Because a lot of people don't really know what they want, they'll just say, oh, I want to be happy. Well, we all want to be happy. But what does happiness look like to you happiness to somebody, one person is gonna look very different to another person, right? So you have to find out what that is first. And when you do, you get clear, that's when you get into your creative space, which is really where the power is more than just the postcard. Because that's the energy of you creating it that the universe is responding to. And then you send it out like you you send it out to the universe, you know, and you sit back and you say, and have trust. This is a big one. trust and faith that it will be it will come to you maybe even better than you could have imagined.

Unknown Speaker  23:49  
Wow, wow. And the fact you actually kind of send the postcards back it, it shows you that it works because you wouldn't go through all that effort of all these postcards, and then kind of send them back. So that's absolutely fantastic. You've also got your own podcast, I'm always happy to have a fellow podcaster on the show, because I love podcasts. And the podcast is inspired by that work as well. And I'm gonna share a bit about that as well. Melissa?

Unknown Speaker  24:16  
Yeah, so I have a weekly radio show on ometimes radio on Wednesdays at 4pm. Eastern time. And I take that show and then I make that show the podcast and it's called postcards to the universe, creating the life you crave. And very similar to your podcast, I interview other guests who are doing this similar kind of work or people who are other authors. I have I've feature a lot of healers and mistakes and and people that are doing things maybe a little outside the box, you know that that's a little different because that's what's intriguing to me. And yeah, I just absolutely love it. I meet the most interesting people all over the world. And then I take the show, and I put it up on the map My podcast and that's also on my website every week I will upload because I should I what I do is because it's so fast I do the show. And then usually by the show's usually a Wednesday and usually by the Friday, the podcast is up for anybody who missed the show live so that they can hear it. Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  25:18  
Oh, brilliant. So the shows actually live on on radio. It's live. Yeah. So you kind of it has to cut. Wow, that's, that's brave. I love that.

Unknown Speaker  25:28  
So it's good. You know, I mean, if mishaps happen, unfortunately, there's not much I can do about it, you know, but what's cool is, I mean, because I already have a producer. And then I have my intro music. I already have all that to sort of just upload the the podcast and it. And it's on all the podcasting platforms. And it's gaining, you know, I see my downloads every week, and I'm getting more and more and it's exciting. More people are hearing me and more people are reaching out to me because of it. So that's really exciting.

Unknown Speaker  25:58  
Oh, brilliant. I love the way that your work. Melissa's like touching everyone like food. You're using different mediums like podcasting radio, book, and you're also an artist as well, aren't you? And I know you're a writer, but also an artist. And can you tell me a bit about the artwork that you do?

Unknown Speaker  26:15  
Well, most of the artwork now is photographing the postcards. So it's always been photography. And, and I have really, I every week i i put out a magic Monday message. That's what I call it, because I always feel like everybody's on Mondays are always everybody's like, Oh, geez, that's Monday, you know, you know, so Monday's kind of have that negative back to the grind kind of feel. So I picked Mondays for a reason. And I will photograph a postcard with an affirmation. And I set it up. And it's usually a postcard that I received from one of the people that wants to arts participating in doing the postcard projects. And I will focus on that affirmation for the week and I'll talk about that on my show every week. The affirmation I'm focusing on for the week. So it just sort of has grown from there. It was the way I did it was very different before the pandemic and then when the pandemic hit, and you know, I was working more from home and in the house more I said, Well, how am I going to photograph? What am I going to do with these, you know, what am I How am I going to do it, and it opened up a whole new way I really take the time I set up the scene, I have so many arts and crafts things around that I used to add to the postcard and it's just my own intuition on what I wanted to look like and and that's really the art and I do that every week. So that's really the art that I do.

Unknown Speaker  27:45  
Yeah, it was so much creativity and a magic I don't know, so much to offer the world. And that is such a joy, Melissa, what is your website and your Instagram so that our lovely listeners can reach out to you? Sure. So

Unknown Speaker  27:59  
it's postcards to the universe for Instagram, and everything falls under that. So postcards to the If you go to my website, you will be able to go to any of the social medias, Instagram Facebook, Twitter, now on tick tock My God,

Unknown Speaker  28:18  
tick tock, whoa, I'm I

Unknown Speaker  28:19  
do I just make little short videos of the magic money messages and the and my weekly show like it's just a little Yeah, so I started doing that. And so you can find anything there. And also just so your listeners know I have a free gift for anybody who wants to sign up to my newsletter. So if you sign up to my newsletter, you get automatically in your inbox a How To Make A manifesting postcard and also a 30 day gratitude workbook. It's 44 pages long. And it's got writing exercises, and I use photography in it about how we can use our camera phones to help us in gratitude for manifesting. So that's free for anybody who signs up, I am not a what do you call it marketer you will not be getting tonnes of emails from me. So that's not that's not how I do it. So if you're interested, it's free. And you know, if you want to maybe bright, let's just say you want a new car, take your phone for the week and look around for the colour of the car you want take tonnes of pictures of it and find the car that you want. And what you're doing is you're saying oh I'm so grateful I found this car this is going to be my car. And you know you can do that and we're using our camera phones because everybody's got now those phones as another tool for manifesting and it makes it fun because then you start looking for what you want. She it changed. It trains your mind to look for what you want. So

Unknown Speaker  29:48  
people download Melissa's free gift which is a very, very generous gift. Like she said she's not going to spam you continuously. I love the fact that you're not going to do that. not gonna cover phones. Get your camera phones out. So one last final question, Melissa, how do you think we can all be better guests on this planet?

Unknown Speaker  30:09  
Yeah, that's a good I like that we're doing we are we're just passing gas, I now have come to believe that you can't fix the world, right, we can't fix the world, you know, there's a few of us that do have brilliant ideas that are going to come along and clean up the planet in beautiful ways. And I have total faith in that. But I highly recommend you clean up your your side of the street, you clean up your side of the street, because when you clean up all the muck, and the garbage that is holding you back, you're going to become a more peaceful and joyful person. And that's going to be contagious to the people that love you. And they're going to want to know what you're doing. And you're going to inspire them to want to clean up their side of the street. And if and hopefully, instead of COVID-19 that will be good virus that makes us clean up our own stuff. So that we can all cooperate together because I believe the days of competition are over. And we need to be about cooperation. There's how many billions of us now we need to learn how to work together to to, you know, love and sustain our planet. I mean, you know, we're leaving it to other generations, we need to take responsibility for our own stuff. And I think that that's the only way to do it. Truthfully,

Unknown Speaker  31:28  
I completely agree kind of cleanup are side of the street and leave it in a good place by working ourselves for future generations. Melissa, you have been amazing. I will also share your book, I linked to your book and my online bookstore. Thank you so much for taking the time out of your day from sunny Florida.

Unknown Speaker  31:52  
You're welcome. You gotta come Jane, I'm gonna show now you know somebody here.

Unknown Speaker  32:00  
And let me know if you if you happen to be in London the same time I'm in London, then let me know as well. Fantastic. So do stay tuned listeners, as always, as a meditation inspired by today's wonderful show. But thank you so much, Melissa. Enjoy the rest of your day. And thank you so much.

Unknown Speaker  32:18  
Thank you so much for having me, Jane. It was my pleasure. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  32:21  
Oh, my pleasure to thank you. Thank you. As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always no sit on a block or a cushion. Or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begin

Unknown Speaker  33:01  
recording recorded live in a private forest. And I'm surrounded by birds. And you can hear the water from the brook and the little river behind me. I'm gonna take some slow, calm deep breaths and just start to take some steps. By your imagination, you can also be in a forest with all its noises as you breathe slowly, calmly and deeply in this forest, you start to take a little journey. So you're walking slowly

Unknown Speaker  33:55  
on the ground and as you walk along in your imagination. You know that change is made up of steps. Always done from a place of mindfulness as much as we can. Sometimes we have to dive in deep and sometimes we have to step in slow. But whatever we do

Unknown Speaker  34:34  
for life. Everything happens by making the first step. So what first steps can you make today? What changes perhaps, to slightly go outside one's comfort zone, which isn't always what we want to do. However there's more discomfort in life by not making changes that offer good then, by being in the comfort of unease, disease in the body is one with disease. So what small steps can you make today as you walk through this imaginary forest

Unknown Speaker  35:44  
sound of the feet on the ground the smell of the flowers, the Wildflower rustle of the little creatures the song of bird What is your song? What is your goal? What is your mission in life

Unknown Speaker  36:13  
the textures of the leafs the ground what can you show up today to do that might be slightly discomfort, discomfort in the long term will bring ease. Whatever that is for you. As we come up with meditation as you inhale as you exhale, you begin to make a note of it.

Unknown Speaker  37:19  
Of each day

Unknown Speaker  37:20  
you can make a note of watch which step you can make towards that it can be a little step. Sometimes it's a giant leap. Sometimes it's just a tiny micro step, but whatever it is, just step into your flow

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