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Oct. 7, 2020

Observing Ways Yoga Philosophy Is Relevant- 5 & 6

Observing Ways Yoga Philosophy Is Relevant- 5 & 6

Due to the abundance of technology and ways in which we can connect electronically, there has never been a time in greater need of us learning to withdraw from our senses than there is today.

Still to withdraw the senses does not mean to withdrawal from life or become desensitised, no, nothing as vacuous as that. Instead, it is about making conscious decisions to live a life in harmony and to do that one needs to go inwards and be still.

One then can reach a high level of concentration. This point then becomes a tipping point of consciousness.

Concentration and absolute focus on a single thing brings us to limb number 6.  With so much going on how can you hope to learn to concentrate on one single thing?  Check to these super tips which will aid you on your road to a more mediative way of being.