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Oct. 11, 2020

Observing Ways Yoga Philosophy Is Relevant - 7&8

Observing Ways Yoga Philosophy Is Relevant -  7&8

Tap into the last two limbs of yoga.  Plus have a recap on the previous limbs.  See how they are all connected and understand what is beyond meditation.  Find your inner bliss!



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And welcome to the gentle yoga warrior's weekly podcast in association with nature meditations dot Earth. So let's do this, that's reconnect with joy, once again.

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So we're coming to the final two limbs of the eight limbs of yoga. So let's start off with limb number seven, Diana, which is meditation, to kind of nail this, you would have

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managed to sit still, you're in a state of consciousness concentrating on one thing, you've let everything go, you're just completely and utterly being, in a sense, You've switched the mind off, and you're tapped into your consciousness instead. So you're in a deep state of stillness have little or no faults. And of course, this can take a while to achieve, but it's not an achievement. Anyway, it's a state of being system, remind yourself that by doing your regular yoga practice, and by following all the previous limbs, it will then make limb number seven, more accessible. I do realise that meditation for many can be a bit of a struggle. And I've been doing it for years and the days when I sit down, and I think I really don't want to do this, or I've got this to do and Robert, do this, do that. But one, one of the obstacles when you when this happens is just to really tap into your breathing. So you become into that deep state of consciousness, where you're really listening to the inhalation exhalation, regardless of what everything else, all the other forces that want to come and distract you, you just come back to the breath. And then finally, you're just able to allow the body to breathe

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by itself. And you're in that deep sense of meditation.

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Whereas limbs one to seven are

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kind of actions, things that were doing and a time to achieve, etc. limb number eight sama, di E which follows meditation, and that wishes the state of enlightenment of extreme, bless one with the universe. And that is more of a state of being rather than something that you're trying to do.

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You can spend years doing this, and it might take a while, who knows every person is different. And we just end up becoming one merging with the universe with a deep sense of connection.

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Because what could be more blissful than a deep sense of connection with a universal consciousness?

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Little I would say. So that's why meditation will in number seven is so so so important to us. The excessive thinking that we have, it's just like, we need to look after ourselves, but better and it's so easy just to be distracted by our phones, or the media or TV 24 seven, so many ways that we can distract ourselves from living and living is to be present, not projecting fear into the future, or regress into the past, but being completely utterly present in the now. And you can achieve this by following all of the seven limbs of yoga, which will then bring you into Lin number eight, the state of bliss. Just to recap, if you have forgotten about the previous limbs, you can listen to my previous podcast but I'll just briefly

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and they will go into detail about each limb but I will briefly tell you about them. So the first lamb which is split off into sections is limb number one, which is the restraints normal as the yamas. So that basically condition social conditions and universal principles to live by morals and ways to conduct ourselves.

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And within this yamas there's the first one which is h Ma, the first limb which is about non violence, which means non violence to yourself. So by being on your phone too much, in a sense, you are being violent yourself because you're not finding the time to care for yourself by being quiet and peaceful.

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And you're not being we and also Satya, which is part of the first line which is truthful, you're not being truthful because you're looking at this external world of social media and thinking that is the real world. And also, the the third part of that is the astea, which means non stealing. So are you stealing from your sovereignty? are you stealing from your chance to be enlightened by not having some discipline from a charmer, which is about having restraints in life, so what things can you overindulge in which then and take you off your track?

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What things are not good for you.

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And then the final part of the first year limb is the non stealing the non converting. So our para gaara. One way of practising is basically by not needing too much. So when we are greedy, that is a way of stealing from the universe. And then the second limb, which is all about observations, which really has been the theme of this second series of the gentle yoga warriors weekly podcast, as about an observation. So our conduct in life. So

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again, this split into sections, so Sasha,

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to be impure and cleanse. So good diet, both physically and mentally.

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good hygiene, again, both physically and mentally sustainable, cleansiness and clean, which is follows shortly by santosha, which I'll be a practice of being content not needing to need and have so many things in our life, not being greedy, really, it kind of fits with limb number one a bit, but it's about being content, taking moments to say thank you for what we've already got.

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And then swatter era is still part of the second lane, which is spiritual study. So whatever you believe in, still do have some self reflection. Don't be just like a sheep and believe everything you're told, blindly, do research and do research outside of god bless it, but do real research outside of Google or any other search engine, actually buy books and physically read things. Don't just take, because it's written on the screen the word for everything.

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And also

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have this final part of a second. And lamb is the meaning of surrender. So is warra pride deonna meaning surrendering or surrendering or surrendering to the divine

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within the divine within

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the basic ethical principles and ways to live our life and then we move on to limb number three. So this is the most famous lamb which are covered again, and I've done a whole podcast on this Asner the physical and the physical aspect so we can work for the blocks in the body it can help still in mind, so if you just try and sit on the yoga mat and feel a bit stiff, it's not going to be so good as if you've done a bit of yoga practice it helps keep the body supple, and but can also become a meditation itself. And if linked with that is primary Yama, which is for flown which is about correct breathing deep. inhalations deep exhalation. If we don't breathe and lose our full lung capacity has such a detrimental effects on our body. With without a lack of oxygen, our body can't work properly. So it's always good to be able to take unrestricted deep inhalations deep exhalations. So when you're sitting in your home, you can just do inhale.

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Exhale, nice calm, deep breaths.

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And by doing that, as you sit there, you'll then come into the next step where you start to withdrawal the senses. So it's more this is a quite a crucial limb, the fifth one because now if you've devoted you've done your restraints your observations in life, and you've done your physical practice. And now as you sit upon the mat to start your meditation, to help, you'll start to withdrawal the senses. So maybe you can just detach in a sense where try and listen to less of what's going on externally and start to tap in to what's going on internally. And you can do this you can do this by using the breath. So the next limb, which is jarana is concentration but you can use the breath to help so breath is a good to focus on one thing it says I remember its focus on one thing specifically and the breath is a free tool.

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That is there. By focusing on one thing we can start to wind down the mind, step off of the overactive thought process. And via doing this we are then able to sit and begin limb number seven, which is just what we covered which is meditation. And by practice, and things don't happen overnight, you need to build up your meditation muscle, but if you practice daily, then finally you will come into a state of being a state of bliss, a state of enlightenment, summer dari, the bliss state. So that there you have it, observations on how the eight limbs of law yoga are relevant today. Do you go back and listen to them regularly to help to help you remember and join us next week on the gentle yoga warriors weekly podcast in association with nature meditations dot Earth. So let's do this. That's reconnect with john once again.

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