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Shamanic Work


Shamanic energy healing is like doing hours of meditation in one go. It offers the chance to accelerate personal growth and offers support as we each explore our unique journey in life

 Shamanic healing work helps to bring back parts of yourself that have energetically for what ever reason become scattered and hence via the healing sessions you become more complete.


  • Need help in healing?
  •  Feeling a bit stuck?
  •  Lost?  
  • Or perhaps you would like an energetic M.O.T 

Good news! I can help!

 To book or for more information please contact me here and I will get back to you soon as possible. Or leave a voicemail on this website and I will get back to you.
 Cost per session is £65-£80 depending on location.   Sessions are held:
  • in person in Glastonbury
  • In person in London 
  • Online

"I have always felt a natural connection with energy work and most at home with the Shamanic style of working with energy.
Nature, trees, sound and the deep connection with all life have made me want to bring this magical way of being to others.
My style is natural, down to earth, powerful and always for the highest good of all."

Jane x