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Feb. 4, 2022

Rediscover Your More Joyful Self Once Again!

Rediscover Your More Joyful Self Once Again!

 Whatever time of year you are listening to this Podcast, this show is all about joy! Please welcome today Joyful Living Teacher & Certified Laughter Leader Kim McIntyre. Over the past 20 years Kim has taught thousands of people how to crack themselves up and feel like happy dancing! She shows people how to laugh more and stress less, so they can enjoy life NOW — because life is too short to keep postponing joy!

After rediscovering her joyful self during a health challenge, she has shared her mission of joy and laughter with a wide variety of groups — She also offers programs through her online school, The Joyful Being®Academy Over and over she has seen the colossal power of laughter & joy —guiding people to make that beautiful shift from tense & worried, to overflowing with vibrant & jubilant life-force!

Kim also has many years of experience as a yoga instructor, meditation teacher, stress relief strategist and big kid at heart!

In Kim's words: 'Feeling more connected to your Joyful Self isn’t about adding more things to your already full to-do list.  It’s about coming home to your true essence, so you can give your joy as a gift to the world. Feeling joyful isn’t frivolous!  It lifts you up when you’re feeling down, it energizes you, and fills your life with moments worth living.'

 The Gentle Yoga Warrior's Words: 'Kim is a naturally happy and uplifting guest who I am sure is going to help my listeners find their joy.   Professional and fun to chat with. I really enjoyed speaking with her. Life is to be lived now but how can we rediscover what it means to be full of joy?  Thankfully we have laughter expect Kim to her inspire us all to smile a bit more!' 

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