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Dec. 3, 2021

Reversing Chronic Disease Through Eating Well

Reversing Chronic Disease Through Eating Well
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Please welcome todayAuthor and Glam Grandma.  Lynne Bowman! Lynne’s the author of Brownies for Breakfast which features delicious whole food, plant-based eating that is good for everyone.  What’s more is it simple, sugar-free, and vegan friendly!  She has also published three other books!

Teaming with actress Deidre Hall to write and publish Deidre Hall's Kitchen Closeup and Deidre Hall's How Does She Do It?

In previous lives, she won national awards as a creative director for Silicon Valley companies, was Creative Director at E&J Gallo Winery, Advertising Manager at RedKen Laboratories, and freelanced for agencies in San Jose, Los Angeles, and New York.

 She has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, illustrator, legal journalist, and television Weather Person. Lynne has three grown children, two absolutely perfect grandchildren, and is president of The Pescadero Foundation. She and her husband have a small farm on the coast of Northern California.

"What probably got me started it goes back so far, but my mother had a chronic disease and she died when I was 18. She was quite young. She was in her 40s and she had kidney disease. And there was nothing that she could have done about it. It wasn't, you know, something that that she ate or did badly. But I saw as a really young person what the devastating consequences were of a chronic disease. Because not only I lost my mother, I lost my house, my dog everything we had to move, because my father spent everything he had trying to keep her well and alive, which is unfortunately slightly political here still the case the United States, most of the bankruptcies in the United States are related to health, because people cannot afford the diseases that they have frequently chronic diseases and something like 80% of the population has a chronic heart disease..."  Lynne Bowman

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
I'm your host the gentle yoga warrior and please welcome today offer and glam grandma Lynne Bowman. Lynne is the author of brownies pro breakfast, which features delicious whole food, plant based eating that is good for everyone. What's more, it's simple, sugar free and vegan friendly. And she's also published three books. Previously teaming with actress Dedra Hall to write the unpublished Dedra halls kitchen close up and Dedra halls. How does she do it? In previous lives, Lynn won national awards as a creative director for Silicon Valley companies was creative director at E and J. Gallo Winery, advertising manager at Red Kinsler, Barbara cheese and freelance for agencies and San Jose, Los Angeles and New York. She has also worked as an actress, makeup artist, screenwriter, Illustrator, legal journalist and television weather person. Lynn has three grown up children and two perfect grand children, and is president of Pescador Foundation. She and her husband have a small farm on the coast of North California. So without further ado, joining us today from Northern California, please welcome to the show, Len Bowman. Lynn, welcome to the show. Hi, good morning. I'm so happy to be here. Thanks. Oh, I'm so happy to have you on the show. And I've been really looking forward to this, this interview. So today we're going to talk about reversing chronic disease through eating well. I have to say having gone through my own food journey in the past, with food allergies, absolutely convinced so many people's health can be drastically improved if only they would eat food that was good for them. The challenge I felt in some relatives making bad food choices and suffering from it, which I feel could be reversed and minimise with the right lifestyle choices. Our obsession with sugar and also having had a bit of a sweet tooth myself, I've put my hand up so that I feel bad food can be addictive. However, the good news is we can start today by making healthier choices. Also, healthy food doesn't have to taste bad. I can vouch for that. And Midlands doughnuts. And I am not a baker by any stretch of imagination. And they actually turned out nice and my partner is fussy in the sense is very honest. And they said they were delicious. So if I can do it, anyone else can do it. So Lynn, thank you for taking the time today. I'm so interested to hear your opinion on food and healing and how you started your journey on reversing chronic disease through eating. So could you please share with us today? What motivated you to speak about it and your journey? Oh my gosh, it goes back so many decades. And I have to start by saying I'm old. I'm older than dirt. I like to say I'm 75. And it is so it feels like such an achievement in a way to arrive at this age and be healthy and happy. And you know, go I can run I can dance I can do all the things I love to do. And that's what I want for other people.

Unknown Speaker  3:27  
What probably got me started it goes back so far, but my mother had a chronic disease and she died when I was 18. She was quite young. She was in her 40s and she had kidney disease. And there was nothing that she could have done about it. It wasn't, you know, something that that she ate or did badly. But I saw as a really young person what the devastating consequences were of a chronic disease. Because not only I lost my mother, I lost my house, my dog everything we had to move, because my father spent everything he had trying to keep her well and alive, which is unfortunately slightly political here still the case the United States, most of the bankruptcies in the United States are related to health, because people cannot afford the diseases that they have frequently chronic diseases and something like 80% of the population has a chronic heart disease, you know, some other

Unknown Speaker  4:32  
something like mine,

Unknown Speaker  4:34  
in the case of diabeetus but so so I was aware young that this was an issue and a problem and it it broke my heart at the time and I saw so many people around me being injured this way.

Unknown Speaker  4:49  
So when I had my first child, my son, I turned to her and I'm only five for not a large person. I gained 60 pounds the pregnant

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
See, and I had a 10 pound baby. And they said to me at the time to Doc's, oh, you probably were a gestational diabetic, although they hadn't tested me for it, whatever this is, you know, the dawn of time, the 70s.

Unknown Speaker  5:14  
So, they said to me, it's highly likely that you will develop Type Two Diabetes in your 40s, which at the time seemed like ancient, right, it was so far away. But as time went on, to more kids crazy life, that's a whole other story. Single mom. And I kept thinking, Well, women, no one's asking me, no one's testing me and we women are at, we go in, we get our checkups, because of being female, we have to go get our OB checks and so on. And so I would say, don't you want to test me, you know, for diabetes, nuts, oh, you're not overweight. And, you know, you're, you look fine. And it's not about when you're young. And or, finally, I got someone to test me, I must have been in my early 40s. And sure enough, I was in, you know, sort of over the line into diabetic territory, they call it pre diabetes. I don't agree with that term as like, either you is or you wait, you know, if you're going in that direction, you need to assume the data thing you need to deal with no matter what the actual number is. So there I was, in my early 40s, being told, you know, yes, you and so, and then I'd say, Well, what do you what do I eat? What do I do? And the information was so sketchy and, and kind of you really, and what I discerned from it, which a lot of people I say, okay, no carbs, I have to stay with protein and vegetables, no sugar, so, and I was a cook more than a lot of people are, I love to eat. And, you know, I was I never had any money. So the way to eat, when you don't have any money is you cook, you know, you don't go out to eat, you're good. And so I learned as best I could to cook for myself and my kids, and I wasn't going to make one meal for me and a meal for them. And you know, so we as a family way we we ate pretty healthy.

Unknown Speaker  7:15  
And then as time went on,

Unknown Speaker  7:19  
and my number stayed pretty good. And and you said in the in the beginning of this show, Jane that this was about reversing chronic disease. It is yeah, but the best way is to prevent it, just don't get it in the first place. Which is the message that I would love to relate to people is that if you start thinking about this in your 30s and 40s, you don't have to worry about it in your 60s and 70s unforeseen people always say, Well, what are the symptoms of diabetes? How do you know, there are no symptoms? Typically, you don't know. You can't know unless you have a haemoglobin, a one C test, which tells you not just what your blood sugar was this afternoon, it tells you what it is over a period of time.

Unknown Speaker  8:08  
So the problem is this silent killer that sounds creepy, but even worse than being a killer, I think we all imagine, especially the men that I know, imagine that they will die in some immediate glorious way, you know, they will fall over and be dead. Right? They are they just won't wake up one morning or, you know, they'll they'll drive off a cliff or something. None of us imagines that we will be disabled for a long time. I don't think any of us really picture ourselves dependent on other people take care of us, deep, you know, not able to do anything for ourselves in pain, so on and so forth. And yet, that's what diabetes does. It's all these the years that you're not paying attention not having symptoms or whatever, it's destroying your health from the inside. It's destroying your veins, your nerves, your heart. Many diabetics die actually of heart attack, because over time, it's weakened your heart. So and you asked me what, what really motivated me in the end, because writing a book is a pain. It's It's homework, it's endless homework.

Unknown Speaker  9:31  
And a lot of and I am a writer, and so a lot of it is is a pleasure to me, but it's still it's a long slog and I kept kind of putting it aside and you know, thinking Well, who am I right? This book, you know, we all have these feelings about ourselves. Well, what why me? You know, why do I have to do this?

Unknown Speaker  9:51  
And my youngest daughter is a medical she's a nurse practitioner, what's called a hospitalist here where she's

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
The one who checks people in decides what treatment they get. She called me up one afternoon and said, My I checked a guy in today who was about your age, and he's a vet.

Unknown Speaker  10:14  

Unknown Speaker  10:15  
so I sat with him and talked with him. And, and he's a diabetic, and he's here to have his legs removed,

Unknown Speaker  10:25  
which is common.

Unknown Speaker  10:28  
And she said, Yeah, my mom's working on a book about diabetes, and you know, about how to keep it under control and prevented and so on. And,

Unknown Speaker  10:39  
and she said, he got tears in his eyes and reached out and held me and said, tell your mom to finish that book. For me, please tell her to finish the book. I needed that book. And I didn't have that book. So that the reason I did it is because I needed it. And I didn't have it, it wasn't there for me. So I want everybody to have it. It Believe me, it's not a money making proposition. There's no dough in it for me at all. But

Unknown Speaker  11:11  
it's, it's a thing that I strongly strongly believe is helpful to people, everyone, families, kids, old people, young people.

Unknown Speaker  11:23  
And the secret is, if you do as you and thank you for making the donuts, I love that, you know,

Unknown Speaker  11:33  
did it and and the thing about it is that if you will do what's in the book, you will follow my instructions, says the grandma.

Unknown Speaker  11:44  
This is the way to prevent heart disease. To prevent

Unknown Speaker  11:50  
Alzheimer's, they're now finding more and more you know this the connection between brain health and gut health and in sleep. And the book also includes sleep, and movement and how it relates and timing of your food, when you eat can be as important as what you eat. That's a shocker for a lot of people. And nowadays, people are talking about

Unknown Speaker  12:19  
fasting, intermittent fasting. That's just a fancy way of saying you don't have to eat three meals or four or five meals a day. You don't have to eat constantly. In fact, your body needs for you to stop eating at a certain point in the day. In my case, it's I like it to be three in the afternoon, maybe for tea time. That's it very light meal at the in the afternoon while the sun is still up, and I'm done. And what that does, is it allows your functions, your digestion to take care of itself. And it allows your brain health. And I you're reading this research, I'm sure too and a lot of it is fairly new. And I think of it as the road crew in your brain. It's like they need for everybody to go away and the traffic to stop so that they can work all night to get the cleanup done to get everything back in order in your brain. And if you keep shovelling food in there if you're eating a pizza at 11 o'clock at night for the TV or ice cream, I know I I know we were doing this

Unknown Speaker  13:32  
then then the road crew was like wait, no, we you know stuff that we we can't do our work if that pizza is still coming down the highway.

Unknown Speaker  13:42  
And I Aveda has been very influential on me. I have a dear friend who's an Ayurvedic practitioner and has taught me an enormous amount I helped him with some of his research. And they have been saying for 1000s of years that your digestion works when the sun is high in the middle of the day, is when you're prepare your body is prepared to accept food and digest it in an easy way. And then as the day wanes, your digestion goes okay. Alright boys take over.

Unknown Speaker  14:21  
And other functions begin to take place and and these these brain cleaning cellular functions are now something that that is talked about in the medical literature a lot. That's that you need that to be going on in your head.

Unknown Speaker  14:40  
In your gut. So eating is never just eating eating is part of this whole circular system that goes on in your body and it involves sleep and emotions and

Unknown Speaker  14:54  

Unknown Speaker  14:57  
else about not eating alone, you know

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
I should just let you ask me a question. Your

Unknown Speaker  15:06  
passion is so interesting. I love it. I love your passion and the way you describe things and listeners obviously can't see you. They're listening. But you look so well and you can't, you kind of can't fake that light that you've got behind your eyes and your skin is radiant. You look, you live, you can feel like you live by example. And I've got several relatives myself that are diabetes, and also my partner's relatives. Also, there's quite, it's become a lot more common, I find that really inspired me to kind of go on my food journey, and your book is going to have pride of place in my

Unknown Speaker  15:47  
library, I'm going to try more things. And the donuts were great, go and try more things. And I completely agree with their fasting. It makes it makes a big difference. But

Unknown Speaker  15:58  
what is the most surprising advice that you offer? Like on food? What was the most surprising advice that you would give anyone? Well, I've kind of already said the thing. People is is that stop eating early? That's that's a big one. Yes. Yeah. Because culturally where you are where I am, that's not how people are living at all. And, and I've got I've got a bunch of things that just make people go really, what, but and where do I start? And here's one, here's a quick one. A thing that a habit that you can adopt really relatively easily, which hardly anyone is doing, it's so important is to eat dark greens, two or three times a day. And when people think of greens, they think of salad, you know, and oddly, I'm not a big salad person. Yeah, love salad. It's great. But there are a lot of ways to eat dark greens that are delicious and so easy. And why? Because it's the best thing you can put in your body. For so many reasons. It's fibre, it's it's

Unknown Speaker  17:13  
antioxidants. It's so it makes your skin beautiful. It makes you strong and healthy. It makes it gives you energy, it does all this stuff. And it has virtually no calories. You can eat as much arugula in the UK, they call it rocket lettuce, I think yes, rocket Yes, absolutely delicious. And you can stuff yourself all day, and never get enough calories. You know, it just it doesn't even. And I'm also I'm a huge believer, and this is shocking to people. I don't measure what I eat, I don't count calories. I don't count carbs. If you adopt a whole food, plant based way of eating, you don't have to, because everything you eat is high quality.

Unknown Speaker  17:59  
That's the difference. If you cut the can I say crap on the show? Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  18:07  
If you cut the crap, if you stop eating processed food, which and another thing that I'm amazed some people don't really make this connection, process food, the food that you eat, it's in a bag that has a list of ingredients that says on the front to let you know, healthy, wonderful, so on. Those foods are engineered so that you can't stop eating. There are lots of people working full time. In buildings on the East Coast, there's a couple of highways actually, they're famous for having these crave ability experts in them.

Unknown Speaker  18:43  
They are designed to be craveable. So you can't literally you can't stop eating them. So you can't eat just one. You have to keep eating. If you are on the other hand, eating nuts, fresh fruit.

Unknown Speaker  19:00  
You know, stuff that you've made out of my book that's really healthy. You have couple of those doughnuts, and trust me, you'll go okay, that's good. I've eaten you know, your body's gone. Thank you. That was some real food. That's enough. And your whole chemistry changes now. So that satiety becomes alive. And your chemistry goes. Alright, we've eaten now we'll digest. If you're eating stuff out of a crinkly bag that with a long list of ingredients that was designed by an engineer on the East Coast. You you'll eat until you fall over which people are literally doing that's what we're feeding our kids. Oh, it's terrible, isn't it?

Unknown Speaker  19:50  
Yeah, I've had chocolates before like when I've had like chocolates so supposed to be healthy. And the same thing that just become some more as you end up finishing.

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
packets, we just don't have things like that in the house because it's just, it's just so

Unknown Speaker  20:05  
what the good news is you can eat chocolate, you can eat sweets. The book is called brownies for breakfast. I love it.

Unknown Speaker  20:14  
Because literally I developed this recipe so that you can eat, eat two brownies for breakfast eat three if you want. They're covered with chocolate frosting. They're full of pumpkin, hello, and cocoa which is good for you. Yeah, and not butter, which is extremely good for you. and little else it and they make it pumpkin has this magic ability to substitute for flour and oil. Oh, moist baked goods that and they the textures beautiful and the flavours. You don't in a chocolate brownie, you don't know there's pumpkin in there because the chocolate takes over completely. So you're tasting sweetness and chocolate. And I talk a lot about

Unknown Speaker  21:06  
sweeteners. Because so many people people around your table, think Oh, artificial sweeteners are awful. I can taste them the minute you bring it in here. And let me taste it. And I'll just know if you make the recipes in this book and put them in front of your most recalcitrant relative, Uncle Ernie. Uncle Ernie, I made you brownies. And Uncle Ernie will eat one and go see Yeah, real sweets. This is what I'm talking about. These are great. Don't tell him until he's had a couple that he just ate nut butter and pumpkin and artificial sweetener. Well, it's a good idea. And maybe none the wiser with them, and they'll they'll taste the deliciousness of lemon. Yes, idea. And the whole idea that eating healthy means eating icky.

Unknown Speaker  21:58  
You know, wrong. The icky food is what you're driving through for, you know, it's just that you're so accustomed to it. That's what your palate and the research is so interesting on for example, your saliva actually changes its chemistry based on what you're eating. So when you stop eating, for example, sugar,

Unknown Speaker  22:25  
you're your saliva goes oh, okay, and that we constitutes itself over time. So it's different than it was two weeks ago. And in my case, I don't eat sugar at all haven't many years. So sugar tastes terrible to me. I know right away, I'm eating sugar, and it leaves me thirsty. And it tastes the texture. I don't like it it. I've retrained my chemistry

Unknown Speaker  22:52  
to like the good stuff. And then when you say yes, what I really crave is rocket letters. People go Yes, sure.

Unknown Speaker  23:01  
Trust me, you. You do, because what your body wants is real food. It wants nutrition. So when you are eating, nutritionally dense, that's kind of an icky term, but food that is loaded with nutrition. Your body will thank you, and it will get enough. And even the whole idea of losing weight.

Unknown Speaker  23:28  
Yes, I have lost weight over the past couple of years. From the time that I actually stopped eating animal products. Oh, yes, it makes a difference, isn't it? It makes a difference. I don't die it I don't measure none of that. But

Unknown Speaker  23:46  
if you have a weight problem, and you've struggled over the years, as many of us have, and they tell diabetics, it's like no, the main thing is you just need to lose weight. Oh, so they don't tell you that because you have an insulin resistance problem in your body. Losing weight is a real challenge. It's a different challenge. Even so. So I learned this at a conference in September of 2019 that I went to I don't even know why I went to it exactly. But something just, you know, some voices that you hear said, Yeah, you got to go, you have to go. And it was called the plant traditions conference. And it was 1000, medical MDS from all over the world who are kind of renegade because they are believers in healing with food.

Unknown Speaker  24:39  
And so and they are surgeons and you know, dermatologists and all kinds of MDS. A couple of them are kind of famous people that you've seen on Oprah's show or someplace. But here they were, and a whole bunch of them. And and there was this audience

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
I have a huge number of MDS and me

Unknown Speaker  25:05  
a little grandma on the back guy.

Unknown Speaker  25:08  
And I thought, Well, I had, I had the book about half written. And I thought, well, this is a great time to talk to people about this and see if this is a book they would use in practice. But as these guys and women to stood up and gave their presentations, their PowerPoint presentations, so much data, and more data and new data and old data and an immense amount of data about the fact that

Unknown Speaker  25:36  
if you are a diabetic, what is really causing your diabetes to be out of control? What's causing your problem? Is the animal fat. It's not the carbs. It's Yes, it's it's that Yeah, and you know, it's a, it's a disease where carbohydrates have a big role, and you do need to limit them. But more than limiting, you need to change the quality of the carbohydrates that you're eating. But the new information to me was, it's animal fat. That is and this is not medical language. This is grammar language, but it's coding the cells in such a way so that your glucose cannot be absorbed and taken into your muscles to become energy. So it's not that the carbs are creating too much of it. That's a part of it. But the but the real problem is that the animal fat not vegetable fat, different thing.

Unknown Speaker  26:40  
The animal fat is coding yourselves and and causing this severe problem. And so I

Unknown Speaker  26:50  
all my adult life, I've been eating meat and fish, a lot of it a tonne of it. I've never met a pork chop. I didn't like steak, I mean, all of it.

Unknown Speaker  27:01  
And avoiding carbohydrates. And so Wow, mind blown.

Unknown Speaker  27:07  
And my husband picked me up I got in the car. I said guess what? He said what I said I'm a vegan now.

Unknown Speaker  27:16  
Shocked? Yes. And he said, Okay, I'm in

Unknown Speaker  27:21  
which, hello. I mean, I can tell you other things about him that are great. But

Unknown Speaker  27:26  
ladies, that's a big one.

Unknown Speaker  27:29  
So for I thought, I'm gonna do this experiment on myself. I knew what my numbers were, I had just been tested, and just had my haemoglobin a one C done and all the rest. And so for six months, not one bite of an animal product, no dairy, no meat, no fish, nothing. Just animal. I mean, just plant based food, plant, holy plant food, and even plant based plant food for six months. And I went back for my recheck with my regular doc. And she said, wow, you're down three points. I said, Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  28:10  
And she said, that just doesn't happen. And people your age, Lynne

Unknown Speaker  28:15  
and I said, Yes, it did. Amazing. That is, wow. Yeah, that's absolutely astounding. Well, it's, it's a miracle.

Unknown Speaker  28:26  
For, you know, for those of us who who've been on this journey, and so I had to rewrite my book,

Unknown Speaker  28:35  
move things so I mean, a lot of it was in there. And a lot of the recipes even were the same. But I took out the dairy and I took out the meat and, and had a good time replacing those in the recipes and found that it wasn't at all difficult for me to come up with a book full of recipes. And you know, our our, it's called the SAD diet. The standard American diet is what we call it is meat and bread.

Unknown Speaker  29:12  
You know, that's in your driving, not even eating good meat or good bread. You're driving through for the meat and bread. Or you're eating the crummy fish and chips that the bad chips and the bad fish dipped in oil with us. So

Unknown Speaker  29:27  
the going back to the issue Jane of your relatives and your family and your culture. Everyone assumes that this is going to be deprivation, that when you change eating to eat healthy that this you're going to be deprived of stuff. What they don't understand is it's Hello colour Hello texture. Hello spices. Hello this whole world of wonderful food that you have been paying no attention to, because you're chomping

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
On your Cinnabon or your burger, you know that those are the foods that you habitually that the bad news, okay, there is bad news. You're ready? Yeah, I'm ready.

Unknown Speaker  30:14  
You have to cook a little bit, you do have to spend a little time in the kitchen, you got to chop a couple things a little bit. It's not hard, you don't have to be a chef. And I'm so amused you can imagine. It's so chic. Now to be a chef, everyone's a chef, you know? And

Unknown Speaker  30:34  
you know, the knife technique and isn't it? Well, let me tell you, I'm a grandma.

Unknown Speaker  30:41  
And from my point of view, it's just ordinary easy go in the kitchen and make a thing. You don't have to be a chef, you know, you don't have to be talented or, or amusing or anything, just go chop some stuff. up we have it isn't it just, it's just happening. It's just stepping away from the TV and just just chopping a few things like just making those the first time it might feel a bit uncomfortable because you're not used to doing it. But with practice, it becomes easier and in the long run your your investment in your health and what better gift to give to yourself but also to your family and to your friends and to invest in your health and what the beauty of your book claim. What I really like about it is I could like I could make things from it. And I'm not I tend to just eat dolls or vegetables and soups and kind of I'm not the most creative of it's healthy, but I'm not very creative and nighted a spark in me to kind of want to explore things a bit more. And really, I keep going on about this if I can McDonald's anyone can really

Unknown Speaker  31:51  
just get in the kitchen everyone. Well, and the reason that that I started with brownies and doughnuts doughnuts are the most popular pastry and country everyone is grabbing a doughnut for their coffee and their breakfast creams, isn't it? Everyone has Chris Yes. And yes. And which I'm sorry. And they all know they're eating hideous crappy food, but they're doing it anyway. No one even pretends that a donut is okay. No, yeah, nothing. But my doughnuts are full of protein and fibre. And you know, and they can be your donuts to very easily. And with food that you can get at the corner store. It's there's nothing fancy. There are a couple of things depending on where you are, you might have to order online.

Unknown Speaker  32:37  
Because yeah, neighbourhoods are different. And I talk a lot about grocery stores and and I just don't even go in the usual supermarkets anymore. They're a horror show as far as I'm concerned, because they're in the business of selling bad food and liquor. Basically, that's where they make their money. And you thought a walk all the way through a mile and a half of bakery and booze and ice cream before you ever get to the produce.

Unknown Speaker  33:07  
And but let's talk about the real problem here, which is

Unknown Speaker  33:12  
our kitchens are no longer full of moms and grandmas who are doing this all day, nobody's doing this anymore. Mom and Grandma two are out working somewhere, you know, they're not home.

Unknown Speaker  33:26  
So it becomes a thing that we need to share in a different way the kids need to be doing this grandpa can be doing this. Everybody can pitch in to a small degree, it doesn't take very much. But I want you to grow a pot or to have herbs. You know, if you've got a little bit of dirt, I want you to grow some rocket lettuce. It's so easy. It's just a sensory thing to grow.

Unknown Speaker  33:52  
Parsley, these things that make your food delicious. And they smell good. And they are beautiful. And you can have them in your house. And I'm a big believer, maybe because I had to be. But my kids always helped. From the time they were two, three years old. They were loading the dishwasher and setting the table and, you know, maybe they did it badly. But I didn't you know, it was more important that they saw this as their responsibility to that they were in charge of their health, their food to that I wasn't going to follow them around and you know, force them to do stuff. They needed to learn from a really early age what good food was and how you did it. It didn't just magically appear on the table. Right?

Unknown Speaker  34:44  
Yes, yeah. And so maybe I'm a bad grandma. No, I was not gonna just stand in the kitchen and do this for everyone. I had things to do.

Unknown Speaker  34:55  
But I'm sorry I interrupted you.

Unknown Speaker  34:58  
I love it when you interrupt me

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
Okay, I just we're, we're, we fought so hard for so many years for women to be able to go out and do these amazing things that we are now able to do. But the problem is now there's nobody at home, nobody in the kitchen. So and the way to be healthy is to have someone in the kitchen, but let's split up the the responsibility, that's all it is, is, we'll all be in there. That's it, that's a really good solution. Because there's a lot of people that are working, everyone's seem to be working these days, all ages, and they don't have so much time to devote to making the food. But if everyone kind of turned rich when everyone works in together, which means that everyone kind of helps, then they can then make these wonderful, wonderful meals without having to take too long. I like the fact in your cookery book, he said that there's about five ingredients and a lot of your recipes, like some of them. So it's not it's not overly complicated. You're not, you're not in there for hours and hours. And you could make these donuts like in batches. You can, there's possibility to do all that. And I'm certainly going to have your book on my I have an online bookshop, and I'm going to put a link there to Lenz book. But is there any other ways that they can reach out to you at all and how, really, I love hearing from people just the way you said to me, I made the balance that makes my life worth living? I want to hear from people that look, I made the simple salmon or you know, here's my way of doing it. I love seeing pictures and getting questions from people. I'm always working on new stuff. I've always got new recipes coming out. So if you will go to my website, Lynn So it's LYNNEBOW ma And sign up, which should be right on when you open it up. It'll say lens list. If you'll give me your name and email, I'll happily send you not frequently because I'm lazy. Let's face it. But every week or so, I try and get a recipe out a new recipe. And I'm always tuning up what's in the book, you know, I will say, gee, if you take the donut and you also add this in that you know you'll get her.

Unknown Speaker  37:17  
So you know cooking is a never ending kind of thing. So please go on my website. Lynn Bowman comm sign up for Lin's list. I'm also on Facebook, I'm on Instagram. What else do

Unknown Speaker  37:34  
you do? YouTube? So Oh, brilliant. Yes. So my author name, which you have to have now on Facebook and other places is Lynn powermeter. Bowman, and that's a harder one to spell P AR, MIT er, Len powermeter Bowman. But if you Google me, if you Google, Lynn Bowman, the book should pop up. And you'll see the book is available on Amazon.

Unknown Speaker  38:02  
It's also available and I don't know about the UK so much. But in the United States, independent bookstores. If you if you go in and ask if they're not in Walmart, those have them too. But if you ask your independent bookseller for the book, and they say God, no, it's available from the wholesaler they buy their book from so they can order it for you. So just say I want brownies for breakfast. Yeah, I'll try Waterstones. I'll go and ask them if they can order it. Yeah, I think people in the UK because this is an international audience. Anyone in the UK or who's not in the US if you do go into your independent bookstore, and all that is a great help for offers Edward kind of together into the stores as well. But everything online as well, but it is a great help that isn't it if people can do that, for sure. I would love for all the money not to be going to Jeff Beezus Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  38:57  
Yes, exactly. Yes. Yeah. I want I am a bookish person. And the bookstores are in libraries are my favourite places in the world? And so anything to support their business? So if you Yes, if you ask for it, the likelihood is I can get it for you pretty soon and that does help me and my purpose is just let's get this out there. This is stuff people need to know there are so many people who are ill or going to be ill who don't need to be we can prevent this in scan and reverse it but we can prevent it, which is the best possible thing. And and can I give a little pitch to it's it's earth it's healthy for the earth. That's what I was going to ask you that was my last question was what how can we better guests on this planet but you're answering so it's better for the earth right? It is so much better. It's it's you're reducing the packaging that's necessary. You're reducing so many

Unknown Speaker  40:00  
kind of wasteful practices. If you have a little and I tell you how to do this in the book, they have a little compost thing, all of your, your food waste goes into your composter and goes into your garden. And so that gets used and the the wholesome whole foods that you buy from your farmers market from your neighbours who maybe have a community service, agriculture business, anytime you can buy actual food grown by actual people who you maybe see their faces, that's a good thing for the earth, because they are stewards of the earth. They are, if they're growing organic food, they are not poisoning and polluting the earth. And a big thing in this country, I don't know if it's as bad in the UK, I know, we've gone back and forth, but the factory farming of animals is a criminal, it's it's hot, rendus practice, that not only is horrible for the animals, and you if you eat the food from these animals that have been mistreated and filled full of antibiotics. And, but but the pollution runs off of those factory farms, and is one of the biggest sources of pollution in this country. It's it goes into the ocean, it runs off the farm and down the river, and it ruins everything along the way and goes into the ocean. So if you have an interest, and I hope you do your small, but very important contribution to environmental health is don't eat crap. Don't eat poison and demand good healthy food from the people that you buy it from, from your stores. complain if you have a store that is carrying stuff that is clearly raised badly and not healthy. complain.

Unknown Speaker  42:05  
And I mean, we're a long way from people never eating sugar again, whatever. But

Unknown Speaker  42:11  
I'm surprised Jay in the last few years, that five years ago, I could not get arrested with this stuff, right? Nobody wanted to hear it. It was like, you know, you're kind of crazy old, you know. But all of a sudden, the tide is turning. And I and it's I think a lot of emphasis on

Unknown Speaker  42:32  
global warming and

Unknown Speaker  42:35  
climate change. And this kind of thing has made people more aware. But it's happening in your body and it has to start with you doing the things for yourself, that will keep you on your feet, you know, how can you be out blabbing about

Unknown Speaker  42:54  
climate change when you got a storm brewing in your gut that you're not doing anything about? Yeah, that's it, that's a that's a really, really good point. I would just like to add as well, it's important to try and eat a plant based healthy meal and not go for all these vegan substitutes that are in supermarkets like there's been an explosion in the UK of like, they say vegan food and it's all kind of like process like very high soya or process content in it and kind of really mimicking meat to the point that people think that's healthy, but it's try and make your own food that's I found I feel really passionate about that when people are visiting process. And I'm huge about reading the label, read that label. If you're if you're making this transition, a good way to keep training yourself is force yourself to read the nutrition label on your food. Because once you understand what those things are and what those things mean, you start to go away. I'm putting that in my body. I've been putting that in my body.

Unknown Speaker  44:02  
Yeah, it you have to know what you're eating. You have to know where it comes from, what it is and what you're eating. How much it becomes not even an issue if you're eating high quality nutrient dense food. And in the book I talk about eggs Jane and you say you you eat eggs or an animal product? Yes, I do eat eggs. Because I have neighbours with chickens. I know that chickens names. I've held the chicken. Get the chicken and I know what those chickens eat. And those chickens eat bugs and herbs and natural things that they are intended to eat. And those eggs are glorious. The yolks are this beautiful, deep golden colour and they are and they are nutritionally fabulous. High protein. Yes, they are animal fat. So I limit my

Unknown Speaker  45:00  
yolks, if I'm going to eat eggs, and something, I watched that, but it's all about knowing where your food comes from. Yes. And so my name is don't know that and it is what's caused so many problems worldwide. And we just have this ignorance when it comes to, we kind of got in the habit, but I do agree with you things are changing, and people are becoming more and more aware. And, you know, like, start the change like that you have, I would say, listeners, if you want to have the most beautiful skin and you're in your 70s, then follow Lynn's cookbook, because she just glows with this health and radiance. And I just want to thank you for taking the time, Lyn, to for being on the show today. And

Unknown Speaker  45:52  
do do stay tuned lessons. But Lynn, thank you so much for being on the show. Today, we're going to do a meditation inspired by a conversation. I was like to record after that. But is that before we say goodbye? Is there any final thoughts or at all that you'd like to share? Or, Oh, I could go on.

Unknown Speaker  46:11  
I could talk to you all days. While you're so interesting. This is so much fun. I love talking to someone who is passionate as I am about health and food. It's so endlessly interesting to me. And I know how much it helps people. I know how deeply affected people will be when they feel their own health returning or when they can help someone they love remain healthy or or regain their health. And it's as easy as chopping some stuff. You know, it's not hard. And and you'll I promise you, you'll be delighted with the food. It's not different. Really from what you're eating. Except it's better.

Unknown Speaker  47:00  
Yeah, yeah. 100% So thank you so much for the compliment.

Unknown Speaker  47:06  
No, thank you so much. So I can see what you're doing. I love what you're doing. I love what you're doing as well. And I will. I'll send you some pictures when I've tried some more of your recipes. And, and thank you so much. Everyone check out lens, one final thing lens book, brownies for breakfast, and I'll speak to you all very soon.

Unknown Speaker  47:28  
Thanks Lynn, for any fish.

Unknown Speaker  47:35  
What a lady is Lynn Bowman, like amazing. She's like, you would never guess in a million years that she's in her 70s for lust for life. And I just find the her book is going to help so many people it's it's inspired me to want to eat even better than I would consider myself as a really healthy eater but just kind of was fine tuning attention to details but her genuine wish to help everyone. So without further ado, we're going to now do a meditation inspired by today's show. So with like full forms of meditation is best to do this when you're somewhere quiet where you won't be disturbed. Perhaps you might want to pause this podcast later if you're out and about or doing something that requires your concentration. Because we're going to try and really still the senses or driving anything just press pause

Unknown Speaker  48:30  
and you can reconvene from the safety of your own home. So dear ones start to sit up nice and tall. feel as if the spine is fully supported and your shoulders are nice and relaxed. You feel as if someone is holding the back of your neck. The breath is long, calm, deep. And even as you inhale as you exhale, you feel as if the breath is drifting softly around your being

Unknown Speaker  49:12  
as you start to visualise visualise yourself in your most perfect, amazing how. How does that feel? How do you move? How do you see the world? What is your food healthy habit groove?

Unknown Speaker  49:40  
What tastes Can you taste in your tastes bird healthy choices.

Unknown Speaker  49:47  
Things that you didn't think you could make delicious, maybe foods that you enjoy

Unknown Speaker  49:56  
and just envision them being made with healthy ingredients.

Unknown Speaker  50:00  
mediums, ones that give a rich and vibrant magic to your tastebuds allow that to happen.

Unknown Speaker  50:13  
Think of food as art, this art does not have to be complicated. This art can be fantastical, but also simple.

Unknown Speaker  50:29  
And as you picture in your imagination, you're eating a delicious, healthy foods. This food from beginning to end is healthy, is prepared healthy, from healthy ingredients with healthy food habits

Unknown Speaker  50:52  
is eaten at a time that's healthy, so not really late at night

Unknown Speaker  51:00  
is made with love from yourself. Or maybe you can incorporate the whole family.

Unknown Speaker  51:08  
And as you cut into the food, it's done with a slow, mindful movement. And in your imagination. You taste that food as it touches the mouth and the taste buds. And you chew that food mindfully, slowly. And when each mouthful of that healthy food, you feel all the nutrients

Unknown Speaker  51:38  
reach your body. So all the vitamins, minerals, the great amount of proteins, the right amount of complex carbohydrates, and it nurtures your being.

Unknown Speaker  51:52  
And you just feel that joy from being super super healthy. Whether or not that matches your reality right now just envision, envisage, envisage healthy eating habits, joyful food, nurturing, and serving your body from head to toe. And just don't give up on it. Just allow healthy food habits to grow a little bit each day. You don't have to think, Oh, I'm overwhelmed. What do I do, just try a little bit each day. And just imagine what it feels like to be the most healthy, vibrant version of you. Of course, life will bring things that we don't have control of. But why not start to develop healthy eating habits, ones that are in line with what you need for you.

Unknown Speaker  52:55  
So next time you feel like you need a doughnut, instead of going to a shop and buy one. Make a healthy one.

Unknown Speaker  53:05  
And feel the delight the joy.

Unknown Speaker  53:09  
And just remember how much Mother Nature will appreciate. Appreciate. Appreciate the small footprint you're leaving now on the planet, and how we are now becoming better guests. leaving this world better, healthier and happier for future generations. Remember what we eat has a profound effect on our mental and emotional health and energy levels.

Unknown Speaker  53:50  
And as we come away from this picture of this perfect, healthy meal,

Unknown Speaker  53:56  
just be in that stillness for a moment. Just be way you are right now. Stell still still let it go. Let it glow. Let it be. Let it be free. Do do do allow. Allow yourself to be

Unknown Speaker  54:23  
and just start to take some slow, calm deep breaths in and out through your nostrils. Calmly calmly does it in and out through your nostrils coming back into the present coming back into the now.

Unknown Speaker  54:39  
Oh listeners you were a delight. I'm so pleased that you listen to the shorter de doo doo doo please check out my brand new bookstore on the gentle yoga The gentle yoga warrior calm and I will have a link to later

Unknown Speaker  55:00  
book there and yeah keep on being the bright light that you are thank you

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