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Gentle and powerful!

Jane's Gentle Yoga Warrior Podcast shares relevant, powerful and profound information from open-hearted wise guests!

Gentle and powerful!

Jan'e Gentle Yoga Warrior shares relevant, powerful and profound information from open-hearted wise guests!

Inspiring Converation with Veronique Bourbeau

The guest speaker on the episode 'How to Develop Your Mental Strength and Peak Performance' was genuinely inspiring as she talks about seeing a challenge as a gift, so that then it is not really a mental barrier. Both the host and the speaker gave me a sense of empowerment and affirmed that we can achieve great things at any point in our lives.

Inspiration dose!

Jane is a truly special one, and she host a special show! Jane is really invested into her guest and into their story and do her absolutely everything she can to bring the best out of any interview. I have been on her show and it was a real privilege, and felt so energize afterwards. We need more of her, and more of her content. Thanks Jane for being who you are and for doing what you do!

Gracious and a joy to speak with!

Host was gracious and just a joy to speak with. She enjoyed sharing the riches and depths of silence and centering prayer with her community.

A natural and inspiring host.

The Gentle Yoga Warrior's twice monthly advice and rich array of guests has me on the edge of my seat. I must for anyone wanting to explore the world of mindfulness and personal development. All presented it wisdom but also fun!

My Favorite

I unique and uplifting Podcast that shares the ups and downs of life and how it is possible to turn ones life around with a little bit of daily practice and through being inspired to reach ones best. The presenter is down to earth and seems to know her guests well. The guests seem to have overcome great obstacles to become a good example of how anything is possible.

Great Show!!

I've listen to many of these podcasts and find them inspiring and also uplifting! The Gentle Yoga Warrior interviews great guests who have walked the walk. I also like her self hosted shows and love her meditations. If you want to learn how to bring mindfulness and joy into your world this is the place to learn.