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April 13, 2023

Spring Magic Me With A Calmer More Meditative Mind

Spring Magic Me With A Calmer More Meditative Mind
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The mind wants to come in and be part of our lives, but if the chatter is going on constantly, there is no time to be present and hence harness our 5D potential. Mindfulness practices are a way to turn up your vibratory rate. Learn about how to make meditation more accessible as well as the scared art of the senses when The Gentle Yoga Warrior interviews Blair Abee! Blair is an author, poet, educator, consultant and ordinary mystic.  He has written 5 award-winning books available on Amazon Books and dozens of articles on meditation, manifestation, and related topics.  He describes himself this way, “I am an explorer who has discovered a variety of techniques, tools and ideas that I think you will find useful in your own personal development.  Here’s an example of what I mean. From one perspective, each of us has a unique story in which we are born, live and die as three-dimensional characters here on Planet Earth.  Simultaneously, we are also Five Dimensional Beings having an Eternity experience in a human body on a planet that is a challenge to master, and which gives us an opportunity to grow and develop into Universal Citizens.”

Blair’s meditation tips for listeners are amazing.

To get a free mindfulness book and also to connect with Blair, see his website:

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