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April 26, 2023

Spring Magic Me With Divine Assistance To A Better Life!

Spring Magic Me With Divine Assistance To A Better Life!
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Benjamin Bernstein is the number 1 best-selling author of "Instant Divine Assistance: Your Complete Guide to Fast and Easy Spiritual Awakening, Healing, and More”  is an AstroShaman who hosts two podcasts: “Awaken, Heal, and Thrive!,” and the award-winning “This Week in Astrology” podcast and has done over 10,000 Astrology+, Shamanic Healing/IFS and Life Coaching sessions with a global clientele. Some  of the things we covered in this week's podcast were...
What is divine assistance and how can you access it? The most fast and easy way to awaken. It’s a game changer to walk around in embodied awakening. Maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good. How did you get the idea for this book? How did you become a shaman? 

Spoiler alert!  Benjamin will be sharing some guided work this week so you can directly experience his work!

Benjamin’s contact details:

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Speaker 1  0:50  
Hello, everybody, and we are now in season 13 of the Genteel Boris conscious conversations podcast and today we are going to talk about spring magic me. So we're going to spring magic meet today with with divine assistance for a better life. And I have got an international best seller offer. Benjamin Bernstein joining me very shortly and it's only seven o'clock in the morning there. So I'm super grateful that he's got up to join us today. He is a number one best selling author of instant divine assistance, your complete guide to fast and easy spiritual awakening, healing and more. He's an astro Shaman. Benjamin's book has been a number one Amazon best selling book. And he hosts to not one but two podcasts a week heal and thrive and award winning this week and astrology podcasts he also runs the awaken plus online membership, which helps its members awaken heal and thrive. He has done over 10,000 astrology readings and has over 45 years of experience. He has so many things that he's so good at and I can't wait for him to share his amazing techniques with all of you. But let's get ready and warmed up for Benjamin who like I said, we've got to be extra nice to him because he's got up super early to speak to us today. And yeah, I'm really excited to speak to him and find out what what what unfolds during this this podcast interview today. Without further ado, please welcome Benjamin Bernstein, Georgia joining us from Ashford, North Carolina on this bright and early morning. So welcome to the show, Benjamin. Thank you for coming on the show.

Unknown Speaker  2:34  
Oh, my pleasure. Actually. It's Asheville, North Carolina,

Speaker 1  2:37  
Asheville. Thank you. My bad forgive me. No worries. So when today we're doing a special spring season and it's actually season 13 of this podcast. And we're doing Yeah, so we've been doing it for nearly three years now. And it's a spring magic me is the energy that the kind of tapping into today's show is spring magic me with divine assistance to a better life. And having looked at your what you can do, Benjamin, I thought you were the best person to speak to us today about it. But I just wanted Would you mind sharing a little bit about your life journey and kind of what brought you to this point today?

Speaker 2  3:20  
Oh my gosh, I'll try to make it concise. To super concise, I was actually kind of an agnostic bordering on atheist until I was 17 had a spontaneous partial out of body experience that made me realise okay, there's more going on here than I realised. Then I spent the next 20 years at a meditation school in Oklahoma where I lived and learned a lot about metaphysics there. But it got really complicated. And then I left that for a much simpler path of apostasy of Buddhism for about five years, I was just sitting and breathing and that was really good. I started opening my heart and and getting me some more genuine healing. Then I moved from Oklahoma to Asheville, North Carolina, where I live now I've lived here for over 20 years. And that's where I discovered plant medicine. Someone invited me to a San Pedro plants for a ceremony that's where you drink the juice of a psychoactive cactus and it just blew the hinges off my doors of perception. moved on to Ayahuasca I've now done nearly 300 ceremonies with ayahuasca and San Pedro and magic mushrooms and they have just profoundly transformed me for the better I still work with those medicines. And and since then the the plant spirits were what dropped the the invocations it was actually the first day of 2011 and an Ayahuasca ceremony where the blessing plant spirit rather just dropped these invocations into my head. They worked for me they started working for other people now they've worked for 1000s of people. And I've got a book out sharing them and I'm they're kind of very foundational to what I share now.

Speaker 1  4:57  
That's amazing, and I know that your book has been number one in Amazon, which is absolutely phenomenal. And I haven't read, I read about about a 30 pages bit, and I'm going to finish it. But that's as far as I got so far. But I found that within that those pages, it feels like this, that you're going to give people a lot of help, because then you get some of the ideas that from this book, like you said, from from doing Ayahuasca ceremonies, the plant kind of dropped in to your head. How did you then go about putting that together into the book and to kind of reach so many people?

Speaker 2  5:36  
Well, I What happened is after I was doing Plattsburg, sermons for a while I started doing in person ceremonies of my own, not with plant spirit, but I call them shamanic awakening ceremonies, they were, you know, inspired by Alaska, but you know, not nearly as powerful, but I did what I could with with sound and chanting and stuff like that. And then that migrated online and became my awakening plus online membership. And the very first course I put inside awakening plus was a 16, and his Dholera 16 part course, that laid out how to work with his invocations, not just for awakening and for healing, which are kind of foundational ones, but how to use the invocations to be a conduit for highest good energy for others how to call in literally any energy you want through custom invocation. So it's a pretty versatile system. And so that 16 Part course was around for up to three years. And then I thought, well, it's time to do a book on this. And and that, of course, became the foundation for the book.

Speaker 1  6:35  
Ah, fantastic. And yeah, I was, as I was reading your book, what I liked about it is that you share positive experiences of that your clients and people that have read your book, or or kind of experience it rather than you kind of steered away from just sharing kind of how it's helped you. Because I guess your mission is to help people and by sharing what's what worked for people, it's kind of been more more effective and inspirational for others. I guess it was, how did it feel when you kind of first when you shared it with people, and you realise that it was it was helping them as much as it was helping you?

Speaker 2  7:13  
Oh, it was amazing. I was just super excited that this incredibly simple tool where you'd all you have to do is a seven or eight words. And literally just relax, and let your higher self do everything for you. I was just delighted. It was working for other people to know that this is a powerful tool. And I've searched high and low Is there anyone else who's doing exactly the same thing I have yet to find anyone doing exactly the same thing as what these do. I've seen components of what I do and other systems as I described in the book, but no one's ever put it together quite like this, at least not that I found yet.

Speaker 1  7:45  
Amazing. And what I really liked was that it made it accessible for everyone, because not everyone can sit and kind of meditate or kind of find that inner stillness or, or healing and I suspect it's getting more difficult for people as kind of technology kind of takes off. In a sense that it's people find it hard just to be and the techniques that I've explored so far, and it really is such a gift because it it shows people how they can just be and and through that they can have this immense healing. But Michael says How did you become a shaman? How did that commence?

Speaker 2  8:28  
It was a multi year journey for sure. The very first time I did San Pedro, the idea came up as to whether that would be a path for me. And at first it was more ego driven. Like I wanted to be a shaman. And that seemed like a really cool thing to do. And under the guidance of my first major Ayahuasca shaman, I gave up the ID says you should forget about trying to be a shaman and just work on your healing. And I did. And then less than a year later in ceremony, the plant called me back and then I was called by the medicine to do shamanic work. And that was a whole different thing. It's a very thing to be called by the actual medicine to do that. And that, you know, I did some training, of course with various humans, but mainly in in Ayahuasca work, it is the plant spirit herself that trains you. It is she who and what I the way I say it now is my I call myself a lazy shaman because I usually just sit there and stuff happens. I don't have to do a lot of rattling and singing. I mean, I can I have, and I will if it's necessary, but usually, you know, I just am a clear enough conduit now that the healing energy is able to come through me on behalf of the client and my personality self, my human soul just gets to sit there and watch it happen. It's really It's also very easy compared to work I used to have to do to, you know, do all the active stuff.

Speaker 1  9:52  
So kind of like you do that stillness. You're able to kind of like down, just wait and download the information or it kind of comes in into, into your being and then you can share it with with the clients or

Speaker 2  10:04  
Yeah, it's and that even that makes it sound a little like Benjamin's doing it. And that's really not like I just the energy comes to me really honestly and most of my shamanic work I have the clients do it for themselves. Because with these invocations, I have them called in their own awakening, and it works. I have them called in their own healing, and it works. And usually most of the way through a session, I'll say, you know, I haven't done a bit of shamanism, here, you've been doing this for yourself. And it's the old you've I'm sure you've heard the old phrase, If you give a person a fish, they'll eat for a day, but if you teach them how to fish the lake for the rest of their life, yeah, my goal with my clients is from the very first session, I want to say, okay, you've got the juice to do this for yourself. And I want you if you're interested in this path, and do your use these dirt, simple invocations to bring in your own healing and awakening, if you need to come back to me for additional support, I'm happy to help you. But I want to empower you to do it for yourself.

Speaker 1  10:58  
Like the fact you want to kind of empower others. So they can kind of continue on their on their path rather than kind of like you said, Not it's not on you're doing the work, but it's you you're the kind of like steering them onto that onto that path. So Alice's are picking what is divine assistance? And how can I access that? Are you able to please share about that, please mention?

Speaker 2  11:23  
Yeah, I mean, the the the invocation system is called instant divine assistance. And it's literally just ask and receive, for example, the embodied awakening and vocation, you simply say, maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good, please, you're talking to your higher self, then you just relax, and it comes. It's extraordinary how much your divine self and your divine allies are willing to do for you, and how much they can do better than your ego ever could for itself. So I'm a huge fan of, you know, call it there's an unbelievable amount of assistance available from the higher realms to every human just because you're human. That's the only qualifier, it doesn't matter what you've done, or what do you think of yourself, these allies are delighted to help you. And if you will, just ask them in the if you will stay passive enough to let them do the work, then extraordinary things can happen. I've worked with people who have never meditated a day in their lives. And within five minutes, they're in a state of embodied awakening, because they call it and they let it happen. That's, that's kind of the I did. And the instant part is because the moment you finish your invocation, instantly, that divine being you called is waiting right at the top of your head, I mean, they come, it takes no time, they they're there instantly, how effective the work is, is a measure of how passive the human is willing to be. And to let them do the work for them. That was one of the critical things is you can't then use effort or willpower or visualising at the human level, because you invoke the law of free will. And then the being said, Well, you called me to help you and I was about to do it, but you're trying to do it yourself. So I gotta back off and let you try.

Speaker 1  13:07  
See, the way it's like to we can get in the way. So it's kind of let the mind get up. We get up the way let your mind do the work and kind of Oh, yeah, like that. Steps a lot. So yeah. So you said that the embodied and awaken invocation can let almost anyone experience awakening within seconds. And you've just explained? Like, how if if I was a listener, and thinking, Oh, I really want to get started with this, I guess the best thing for them to do would be to kind of head over to, to your website. And then to kind of see the status of the call said if they're kind of up because you've got a free course, haven't you? They're completely kind of new to it.

Speaker 2  13:55  
Yes, the site is ASTRO as TR o SHA ma And if you go in on a regular browser, at the top, there's some things on the menu bar. The last thing on the menu bar says instant divine assistance. And even if you're on a phone, you should be able to click three dots or something and find the things on the top. But go to the incident divine assistance section. And that's where my free courses. From there they can access you know, the first six parts of that 16 Part course I mentioned a few minutes ago, yeah. With the paid members of awakening plus kit. And what that six part course gives them is how to do the invocation for embodied awakening, to call a higher self into your human body as much as you're ready. It teaches you how to do the healing invocation. And I should and that's where you call in for the healing of whatever's going on in your body that your Higher Self does for you. And the sixth little segment is how to work this into a daily practice. So that every day use most people who do this, it takes maybe 510 minutes a day tops To be in a state of embodied awakening all day.

Speaker 1  15:03  
Wow. And that's, that's that that is, isn't it? Come on, it is worth it for 510 minutes of your life daily. And then to kind of to get into that into that place. It's so worth it. And if you just put the phones down for a minute and just set the alarms five minutes earlier, then no one's really an excuse not to well, actually,

Speaker 2  15:23  
it's not it's even quicker than that. Because that's throughout the day. Yeah. People who actually do the invocation for about an awakening, usually report, it kicks in within five or 10 seconds.

Speaker 1  15:34  
Wow, it's even quicker. Yes. Yeah.

Speaker 2  15:37  
And again, I think we're actually going to do that as part of our work today are we know

Speaker 1  15:41  
I'm really excited about this. I mean, really excited about about doing that. Pimps is that someone truly wishes to serve others should make maintain a strong focus on healing and, and self awakening, I guess, because of the more kind of we work on ourselves the kind of better conduit or whatever phrase we want to use, we are for others. How would you? How would someone who is wanting to do good for others, but may not necessarily know what they need to kind of work on? Would that be where perhaps the astrology could come in? If they're unsure, that's a business.

Speaker 2  16:28  
Astrology can be helpful. And certainly I'm a professional astrologer, I've done over 10,000 client sessions. But it's totally not necessary. And I make a big point of the book that if you do these in vocations, that's all you need for this healing and awakening process. And getting back to kind of the the foundation of the question you were laying, you know, I've, I've met people who go into a martyr kind of consciousness, they all sacrifice myself, and I'll just help you. But in fact, if you don't take care of your own needs and desires, if you don't, if you don't tend to your own healing, in your own awakening, you're not going to be much good for anybody else. Or the amount of because what I've learned is awakening, for me, at least is an infinite progression. I don't know that if there's a finish line. I had a huge awakening back in 2012. And was honestly wondering, was it the final one because it was a bliss, unlike anything I'd ever known. And then another one happened. And another one there another one, I've lost track of how many so far, and it's like, you know, it's a relative thing. I mean, awake, I'm awake enough to help people who are not at the level I'm at. And, and others are way beyond me, and they're helping me, you know, so it's all together, and I'm tangent A little bit. But the point being, if I'm not constantly, for myself, if I'm not always working on my own awakening, my own healing that I need, that I'm not going to be as good for others, I need to be constantly upping my game being a better, you know, more conscious, more clear channel, so I can help other folks. So anyone who's wanting to help others, whether as a healer or a channeler, or just as a human, you know, the more awake you are, the more helpful you're going to be. And if I can bring in a related concept, you know, one of my favourite concepts is a level of consciousness cannot comprehend a level beyond itself. You know, you you literally have no way to even imagine the consciousness beyond where you're at right now. And thus, there's no way to conceive how much more of service you could be to others at these higher levels than you are right now. So that's the end, that's why it's so critical to stay on that path of healing and awakening, plus, as I say, in the book, you could get amnesia, you could be really effective and helpful where you're at, but if you don't keep your own game strong, if you don't keep your awakening strong and bright and shiny, you start getting covered over with you know, the equivalent of psychic dust and barrel by barrel, you start getting covered over and you don't even realise it and you're falling back into lower levels and losing what you had. So, you know, I've I, maybe there are people out there who are awake enough they don't have to do practices to maintain it at the end of the book, I say I wish that would happen for me to my actual my actual experiences if I don't you know, if I slack off and go do my practices, I start you know, getting more triggered and I started losing capacity. So at least the people I know you know who are in service in this way, they they swear by the need to keep doing their own practices, so that they can not only stay sharp but keep moving to the next level so they can serve even better. I completely

Speaker 1  19:33  
agree and whatever way people are serving kind of others I found it with myself if I've been kind of given too much I start to feel really tired and then if I don't get out in into nature and kind of be around trees and things that I kind of feel really kind of like flat and and all that kind of thing. So you say for most people do affect appeal and work is this is the most fast way to kind of like a fast way to waken. And I think Benjamin, I think it's really relevant nowadays, because everyone is just so busy that if the fact you bless you like this, I'll get to share with the world, this way to kind of get there quicker. But in a sense, it's not shortchanging yourself is it or is kind of your kind of is, is giving you more because you are more present, and you're more kind of in this awakened state. And hence, the more present we are the kind of the way, the more we can kind of give them where life can, can can flow. What do you want me asking? Is this something anything that you still struggle with? And if so, how do you navigate through that?

Speaker 2  20:46  
Yeah, for example, I struggle. I'm, I'm working with that word, because I actually don't really buy into the idea of struggle anymore. To me, struggle implies the ego is in resistance to something. There are things I have to work at, and tend to, but I really don't experience myself struggling anymore. To me struggling implies perhaps the non optimal approach to whatever you're doing. But having made that clarification, yes, I have to, for example, I, about three years ago started experiencing some mild cognitive decline. And that was really scary because of my brain at work. And I'm not good for anything. And so I just studied how to do it discovered, you can actually reverse cognitive decline, which I have. But if I don't keep sharp with my diet, my dietary and lifestyle changes, then I can start slipping back. So I have to be very careful to maintain the proper diet and lifestyle. If anyone is having cognitive challenges, the work of Dale Bredesen, MD Bre, D. Sen, he wrote a breakout book called The End of Alzheimer's, amazing work, just know that it can be reversed. In many cases, he's clinically proven it. So that's, that's obviously not our main topic here. But for me, it's irrelevant. So that would probably be a good example of a challenge. Other challenges like when I reunited with my partner spirits on, you know, my beloved incarnate Angel, I was having that cognitive challenge. And I was having a lot of interpersonal conflict with her, because I just wasn't functioning well enough. But through both my own effort and the grace of My Divine allies, who I asked one time, I want to have the same consciousness as spirits on who is literally a being of unconditional love without even trying, it's a rare thing, but she actually has that gift. And they took me to the level of unconditional love, which was amazing. And totally unlike what I thought I was gonna get into in that concept. It's what most people conceive, I'm tanging a bit, but so the challenge was relating harmoniously with her, which now is happening very consistently. But it took a good year or two of me getting my cognitive house in order, and then being able to work deeper into the level of unconditional love that she operates from without even trying, but for me, it was foreign territory, and I had to learn the ground. And I'm not, I'm not claiming to be there fully at all, you know, unconditional love to the grid like to but at least I'm making progress incrementally.

Speaker 1  23:25  
Yeah, sounds like you want what progress to make and I agree with you on the Alzheimer's and that there's so many ways that we can kind of heal and transform and and renew and we're just, it's, I find it amazing and absolutely kind of like, fantastic. I used to have asthma and I cured myself of asthma, who kind of yoga and diet so I do think that there's so many ways that we can kind of heal ourselves. An enlightened being it almost feels like these questions are like kind of, like, kind of irrelevant to kind of to ask you so I was I was thinking is that it's the only one that you wish that everybody knew.

Speaker 2  24:11  
Oh, yeah, I wish to do not because their mind because they're really not mine. They were a gift from Ayahuasca. So I am just passing along that wisdom. I mean, I have Yes, I've developed them and worked on them some but the core, the core inspiration is from her. And so I'm just a conduit for the information really. But I the reason I wish everyone knew these again, if and it's not my job to impose anything on anyone, everyone has free will that can do or not do whatever they want. But for those who are open to it, the idea that you can call in your own awakening, receive it as a gift within seconds and do that reliably and consistently. is a game changer to walk around in embodied awakening. The reason I wish that for everyone is because the benefits are just for starters, you have more harmony flow. Using grace in your daily life, everything you're responsible for you do more responsibly and more consistently. Instead of having to figure things out so much mentally, you just know what to do through intuition. You're more in flow state. And there's this full body euphoria you get to as a bonus. And that's just the starters. I mean, so much of it is beyond language. But But priceless. But unfortunately, once you get into the spiritual levels, you're beyond the mental body, and words don't work very well. And, and part two of that is I wish everyone knew the healing and vocation because if they knew that, if they've got some physical challenges and emotional challenges disturbing them, if they will just say, again, the words of that artist maximum healing that serves highest good, please followed by simple passive awareness of where it doesn't feel good. And if you'll the saying the words, you know, like instantly calls your higher self to go into healing mode, then your attention to where you want it to work, is showing it where to go. And then the typical experience is that the higher self goes in there and starts stirring up the heavy energy, that's the source of the problem. And then usually, it flushes out the hands and the feet, or maybe just transfigures blob and like right where it is, the higher self knows what to do. You don't have to worry about the how, but to know that, I mean, I've literally worked with people who've been holding a big old trauma for decades. And I've seen them heal that fully in one session using the healing invocation doing it themselves. And me just watching, right? So I know, I gotta be clear, I can't guarantee this is going to work. Every time in the book, I make a big deal about how some things like Stephen Hawking's, you know, paraplegia our soul chosen, and nothing you can do about it. But you won't know what's destined and what can be fixed until you try and you won't know if it can be healed until you try a truly effective tool, which for many people, the healing of vocation is,

Speaker 1  26:50  
yeah, yeah, no. I'm ready to see if, if we can have like an experience of that are you able to guide us through?

Speaker 2  27:01  
For in a context like this, the healing and vocation gets, there's too many possible routes that can take but I can definitely guide embodied awakening, which I think is is definitely the best first one to learn anyway. Yes,

Speaker 1  27:14  
yes. Man, that would be fantastic. Benjamin, obviously, just my eyes. So I do it. And yeah, and

Speaker 2  27:19  
again, just to let people know, this won't take more than 10 minutes. Usually, I can lead this in a context like this in five or 10 minutes. So if people can just, and if at all possible, while you're hearing this or watching this, please give undivided attention. Because, you know, the more attentive you are to it, the better it's gonna work, obviously. Okay. Okay, so Jane, if it's okay, I'll direct to you but understand that, you know, everyone who's hearing and watching us can Well, in this case, listening because our eyes are closed, right. Okay, so so I'll guide you if that's okay, Jane.

Unknown Speaker  27:51  
Thank you. That was brilliant. Thank you, Benjamin.

Speaker 2  27:54  
So just take a moment eyes closed, and just become aware of how your body feels. Just get the baseline that's already there. And then become if you have any awareness of your energetic body in and around, you just feel that too. And just notice where it's already at. And then if you can feel both the physical and energy bodies at the same time, just kind of get the general baseline there. We're just noticing what's already there. So we can compare at the end, what's changed? Do you have a sense of how that feels, Jane? Yeah, I

Speaker 1  28:27  
can feel I can feel it all around me, I can feel a lot around the eyes and the feet as well.

Speaker 2  28:33  
Good, beautiful. Okay, just notice that and take a little snapshot, this is how I feel right now. Right? Okay, now, you're going to call your higher self. And to set this up, you're going to think of your body like a car. And your ego instead of driving is going to go to the passenger seat, so your Higher Self could drive. Now, it's really important to note here that your ego is the boss here. And if your Higher Self starts driving, your ego doesn't like it, the ego kick right back behind the wheel like that the higher self will step out right away with no fuss. So I need your ego to know it's safe, there's no danger, it's instantly reversible, you can try it and if you don't like it, you can go back to the way things were okay. So I would say okay, I've already mentioned the benefits, you know, harmony, flow, ease, Grace, more responsible, etc. So we know why we'd want to do it. Okay, and this assumes we have a higher self to and I call that the being of energy that created your human self and gave it the spark of life and consciousness. I believe that when we die, that spark unconscious then goes back to the higher self merges back with it, and you go on to whatever's next, okay? So this part loves you unconditionally. It actually knows why you even showed up. So this higher self is you at a higher level and you can absolutely trust it. It only has your best interests at heart. So I need to establish that too. So with all our our caveats, and we can actually do it, so in a minute, we're going to do the eight words And then I'll guide from there. So if possible, say the eight words out loud. If for some reason you can't, it'll still work if you think them. Are you ready to say the words? Jane? I am D Thank you. And you do understand you're saying them to your higher self, right? Yes. Okay. So here we go. Repeat after me, please. Maximum embodied awakening,

Unknown Speaker  30:19  
maximum embodied awakening

Speaker 2  30:21  
that serves highest good, please. That serves highest good, please. Now, let the words go. And now I want you to become completely passive. So just if you feel energy moving, do you feel the energy already moving inside you, Jane? Yes, yeah, I'm in pathway noticing that good. So just feel energy. If someone doesn't feel energy, just feel your breath, come and go on its own. Either way, you're completely passive, you're not controlling anything, you're just feeling what's there energetically, if you can, or if not just feel the breath. So as it's like you're a sponge, and your higher self is water just gonna soak right in only as much as you're ready for it. So know that there's no danger of overwhelm. You can open fully, there's nothing you need to control or regulate, you can just be fully open and let it soak in as much as is appropriate. And that will know exactly how much that is. While this is happening. Please. I strongly recommend you don't do any of the following. No effort. No willpower. No trying to make anything happen. No stopping anything from happening. No deliberate visualisation or imagination. You're just passive. You're letting your Higher Self come to you. Hmm, that's getting pretty juicy, isn't it? Jane is yes. Let it keep coming. Okay. So basically, one allows this process to continue until the sense of being filled up stops and us just sends out the tank is full, as full as it can be right now. And I'm sensing you have a little ways to go. So give it just a moment longer Jane, fully passive unless I'm mistaken, you just hit full Is that correct? Yes. All right. So here's the check on to see is it am I in fully embodied awakening? And I'll just ask you and the listeners to say yes or no to the following question. Is all the following true right now? No mental chatter? No challenging emotion. Peaceful and effortless. It's all just holding itself is that true view right now J feel. So I invite you in listeners just to be for a moment and just feel whatever state you're in. Even if you didn't get all the way there listener. Even partway is great. Any movement toward awakening is fabulous. It's a dimmer switch, not an on off switch. So you know, with with more practice, chances are you'll get all the way and it'll lock in better. And so just so again, now that you're there, the next stage is to actually open your eyes and look around. And, and the question then becomes, is the state holding with your eyes open?

Unknown Speaker  33:05  
Yeah, feel so calm? Yes. Yes.

Speaker 2  33:08  
So here's the deal. Right. And and you may notice, Jane, I can perceive the consciousness hearing me is not quite the same as when you started. Right? Yes. And you look different to me, your face looks, it looks like a different person in some ways. Okay. And and by the way, this is the best beauty treatment there is you are actually I kid you not You are more beautiful now than before you did this. There is? Yeah, so I invite people to actually tell take selfies before and after just to see for themselves, right? It actually looks better. So basically, right now, you are now a hybrid, you are a blend of human and higher self more than you were when we started. Okay. And And again, if the maintenance is if you want to try this whoever's hearing me, if you do that, like first thing in the morning, as soon as you can just say those eight words maximum embodied awakening that serves highest good, please be passive to let it saturate you as much as it can. You'll feel when it tops off. And you'll feel better just go about your business. Like I said, people who do this a lot. I've worked with people who've done this now for over 10 years. And they still do it because it keeps working. Just just take a few seconds, get it on Go about your business and refresh as needed. Yes. It's not something you do at a scheduled time, or have you just noticed, Oh, is there a mental chatter again? Is there a challenging emotion again, am I losing it? You just say the eight words or think of again, take a moment for your higher self to refill you. And it's like you just refill as needed throughout the day. And that's that's the part that takes a grand total of maybe five or 10 minutes throughout the day. Yeah.

Speaker 1  34:39  
Benjamin that's amazing. listeners. This is I don't know I can't I can't really speak because I'm so it's amazing Benjamin and wow. Yeah. So just feel kind of it's hard to put into words.

Speaker 2  34:57  
Well, that's because you know, yeah. Awakening teachers throughout the ages have always said, you know, there's no words for this. But you know, we use metaphors and similes, we do the best we can. Right?

Speaker 1  35:10  
Exactly, exactly. Exactly. I thought for our listeners learn to continue this journey with you want to head over to your website and your book is available worldwide through Amazon. And

Speaker 2  35:27  
well, it's available most places, places I can you know, wherever, you know, I'm of course in the US and published from there. But Amazon does have many other countries where they sell the book, I had one person say they couldn't get it in some country that was you know, off the map a little bit. But they certainly try go to wherever their Amazon is in search for the book instant divine assistance. You can get it there. And it's an ebook. It's a it's a physical book and, and we're recording this here in mid April of 2023. And my my sincere hope is within the next couple of weeks, I'll have the audiobook done. And then that will be available on Audible and Apple books and too. So the audiobook version is coming soon.

Speaker 1  36:05  
Oh, that's that's pretty because I feel like you have a really soothing voice and I just think it would translate really well to an audiobook as well. That's fantastic. Is there anything else that you would like to share with our listeners today?

Speaker 2  36:21  
Yeah, if they want to check out the other things I do, it's all ASTRO Links to everything that I do. Whether it's one on one or group work like the awakening Plus membership, I would just encourage them to you know, if they want to just try this for total free, no matter where they are, they can certainly get to Astra and click instant divine assistance there on the menu bar and and get the free six part course. And that will give them the basics of the invocation is there's a lot more to it beyond that. But if even if they just did the the indicators for healing and awakening, that's a fabulous start. Book, of course, is the definitive download on everything about the invocations. That is like, I literally don't know anything to teach about them pretty much beyond what I put in the book. So it's like the definitive guide on how to work with and, you know, the USD book is 399 the paperback is 1299 I think so it's I try to price it reasonably. So. But again, and also, if this if what I'm offering is the best thing someone has for healing and awakening right now use it until it's not. You know, I strongly encourage people that they find some of the works better drop my stuff and use the better stuff. Like I say I've I've walked in abandoned several paths on the way and who knows what you can't know what the next best thing is until it shows up. Right? Absolutely. Oh, you know, use use my stuff if it's your best tool and abandoned it if the better tool shows up later. Yeah.

Speaker 1  37:41  
I like that. Use it. Best tool. I've that. listeners. If you go to Benjamin's website, like you said, You do one on one group stuff as well. Today, yeah, I've just kind of been feeling into the questions rather than asking all these questions because it feels like it's like on a different level. And that, like I said earlier, I feel a bit redundant to ask him but you have been an amazing guest Benjamin, I can't wait to share this episode with our listeners. Benjamin Bernstein, thank you so much for joining us today. And thank you for this wonderful gift that you've given me. I'm really appreciative of it.

Speaker 2  38:18  
Oh, thank you for the great gift of being able to reach your listeners with this. Thank you so much.

Speaker 1  38:22  
Thank you, Benjamin. So thank you so much, dear listeners for taking the time to listen and support our show today. And if you want any more information on what we have to offer, check out the gentle yoga

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