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April 6, 2023

Spring Magic Me With Healing Transformation

Spring Magic Me With Healing Transformation
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Spring Magic Me With Healing Transformation.  The Gentle Yoga Warrior gets to interview AUTHOR, TEACHER AND EVERY DAY MISTIC… John David Latta! A successful founder and CEO of a multimillion-dollar consumer products company. In his first book, The Synchronicity of Love, he shares his extraordinary stories of the radical transformation he underwent when he began to follow the path of the Heart Center with sincerity and earnestness. His stories inspire, uplift, heal, shock, unite, awaken, and transform. John also teaches intimate workshops on leadership, healing, transformation, love, synchronicity, wisdom and awakening 
Somethings we cover.... What does energy feel like? What would it be like to turn around and embrace the situation you’re in? What is a mystic?  The Synchronicity of Love: How it came out.

David's website and details on his book

'The real fountain of youth is when you allow yourself to dismantle the house you built around yourself.' 

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