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March 29, 2023

Spring Magic Me With More Power!

Spring Magic Me With More Power!
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When you suffer from trauma and you don’t heal it you create another bit of trauma. Learn from Founder of Power Soul Healing, Light Empowerment Coach, a Soul Configurator, and a bit of a Galactic kite surfer and author of the book BE-com-ing Authentically Me - Birgitta Visser as she shares how to find your power in her interview with The Gentle Yoga Warrior!

How can you bring more power into your life? How to overcome traumatic and difficult circumstances to re-empower oneself? 

A very natural and honest conversation which has listeners inspired and hopeful about life.

Birgitta’s contact details:h
The show has a free meditation at the end of it to help you on your journey in life.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello, everybody, I'm your host. And I'm super, super excited because I want to know more about you, dear listener, and I now have voicemail on my website, the gentle yoga So if there's a specific show that you would like me to do, or cover a subject matter, then leave a voicemail message on there. And if it's in balance with my show, I will use your voicemail recording on the show and also do a show geared towards that. So feel free to reach out there. So we are now in season 13 and season 13. On this glorious day, just the other side of Equinox. I'm about to record my first episode of season 13. Remember this 13 moons in a year is quite a magical number even though a lot of people are quite superstitious about it. And what it is, is we are going to cultivate that spring magic think vibrancy, think planting the seeds thinking getting things into action and kind of jaw and movements. And I'll just share with you what actually wrote about this season. So I said, what seeds do you want to plant in bloom? What weeds she wants to let go off? What areas of life do you want to breathe new life into a show? Take a deep breath together now. Just let it all go. So how can you learn to be more present by nature? So in a few moments, I'm going to have the amazing budgeter vishna Birgitta is the founder of power soul healing, which she's a light empowerment coach, a soul configurator and a bit of a galactic surfer and author of the book be coming authentic me now available on Amazon worldwide. On a website. It says Birgitta vishna is a sought empowerment coach and like configurator, surfing the cosmic waves across the vastness of the multi dimensional multiverse delivering messages from the collective of light. beings and masters teaching to aid humanity. She sees herself as a bit of a courier for those that wish to bring messages to humanity are often termed that journey has been a steep learning curve. She is who she is, she says, and she's learning to embrace all quirky aspects of herself love that often someone through the darkness of a trauma, yet never giving up. progenitor hopes that people will awaken to what life is all about unlocking their own potential and becoming authentically them. So without further ado, joining us from England, we have the Jetta. This are joining us on the show. So welcome to the show.

Unknown Speaker  2:44  
Hi, Jane, thank you so much for having me

Unknown Speaker  2:47  
on. Thank you so much for joining us today. And I was looking at your book before we came online and it looks amazing. And congratulations first of all, thank you for having that out and in the world and what services that are going to be in we can share more about that with the with our listeners in a minute. So you are lucky number one in season 13 And we're doing we're doing a special seizing on spring magic so think like vibrancy kind of bring in that blooming kind of abundant nature into into our listeners world. Looking at your profile, one about doing an episode on spring magic me with more power and I thought who better to talk to him today than you? So I'm registered, would you mind sharing a bit about your journey to our listeners and your experiences towards authenticity and fulfilment?

Unknown Speaker  3:45  
You know, authenticity is a word that's been thrown around so much these days. It's like, what does that even mean? And how do we achieve that? Pretty simple. As I said earlier, it's pretty much a return to love. Love is the answer to everything. That's the key. But oh, my journey started. When I was born, right I was born in 1974. And my childhood was was you know, to start my childhood was great. And we moved to Singapore, Malaysia because of my of my my dad, he had a company in agricultural projects and poultry, farming and all that. And when he went bankrupt, we stayed with a friend or family in Kuala Lumpur. And I was like 10 years old 10 or 11 years old and I was you know, abused by a friend of the family. And in the 1980s life was very different to what it is today. You know, you didn't really talk about these things or I didn't even understand it. And I kept that with me till the age of 19 until my mom we were watching an Oprah Winfrey Show and my mom said I'm so Oh, glad it never happened to either of you. And so I remained quiet. And that's when, you know, when it came out. And I told her and the first thing she said to me, was it your dad? And I said, No. And was this guy that we stayed with? And she's like, Well, if your father had still been alive, he would have strangled him. But so going back, you know, my dad passed away when I was 14, I got bullied in high school because I was super, super skinny. And when we went to Belgium to the our dance, and we went like camping, there was this very popular kid. I remember this. He doesn't remember it, though. Where he said, in front of all the people, I pulled up my arm, and he's like, look how skinny she is. And that was horrible. Oh, yeah,

Unknown Speaker  5:46  
let's not fall at all. Gosh, that's a reflection of them, though, right to do that to

Unknown Speaker  5:53  
you and how it totally is. But that's that's always the case. You don't have very popular kids, where you have the very mousy kids and I was a very mousy kid. And I was very timid. And so some of these people just copied my homework as well. But it was also good, starving myself. You know, I, when I was about 10 years old, my mom caught me with my, with my finger in my throat. And she's like, What are you doing? I'm like, what I don't know. Like, I just didn't know what to tell her. But, you know, as I grew older, into my teens, and even into my adulthood, I was very good at that. Because even at school at throwing my lunches, my homemade lunches, and I would sit at the dinner table at night, and you know, I have my dinner. But that was just me. And from there on. I mean, I did a modelling course, because my mom wanted me to gain more confidence. That wasn't working for me, I think because, you know, I always say this, when you suffer from trauma, and you don't heal it, you create another bit of trauma. That's just the way it works. And, you know, when I was assaulted in the modelling industry as well, but when I was doing this modelling course, to try and straighten out my back, there was a hairdresser that wanted me for a show, which was great, but he chopped off all my hair into a pixie cut. That's, that's hard for

Unknown Speaker  7:20  
Jane. Oh, no, I hate that when people cut our hair, we don't want

Unknown Speaker  7:26  
I have this hair that. I mean, it doesn't stay straight. It just it's very wavy just goes all the way. It goes everywhere. And that didn't help me. And then, you know, my stepdad passed away when I was about 25. And I always supported my mother and I just had no one to support me, then you could say that I rolled into the wrong crowd. But I take full responsibility. You know, I did like three, four months of drugs, recreational but I could have killed myself because I blacked out one nine memory loss. So yeah, that wasn't my proudest moment. And, you know, I only started to heal when I was about close to my 40s It took me forever. And it's not like I came here with a with a cheat sheet. You know, when I was born, I had to figure it out myself. But in 2009 That's when my healing journey started. Because I rolled into many dysfunctional relationships because I myself was was broken. And you know, what we do, we try and fix other people. Whereas we have to fix ourselves. And we try and mould someone, you know, the way to our liking. That doesn't, it doesn't work.

Unknown Speaker  8:45  
Okay, so I was listening to your story, and I can, I can see quite a few similarities that kind of to like to my to my part, but I was I was I was listening and I'm just thinking that you're so you are being so authentic and brave to kind of share things and and like you said the 80s was a very different time to what it is what it is now and I think the strength that you've gained from that is enabled you to kind of help more people because like you said, quite often we can try and heal other people's before we kind of put the kind of spotlight on what we kind of need to hear heal. In my opinion. It's two things isn't it is healing ourselves, but at the same time is healing others but then also while enabling them to heal themselves but also kind of accepting that humaneness because we will make mistakes. We're not meant to be born like all perfect, always and kind of

Unknown Speaker  9:33  
what's the point of it all day? Exactly.

Unknown Speaker  9:35  
Exactly. I completely agree. So to our listeners, how can they bring more power into their life and, and also, I think some people can be a bit scared of the word power because we see so many examples of abuse of power. So could you explain how they can bring more power in and what is like a kind of balance power in someone's life?

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
So that's brought I love working with the Ascended Masters Saint Germain, by the way, because he's very much about the i n power. Right? And power is not a bad word at all. Because what, what's happened to many of us, we have disempowered ourselves, that's how we walked through life. You know, I was a people pleaser, you know, I've completely disempowered myself even in relationships. And yes, I even tried to take my own life when, when my, when my ex was in bed with the Crips in Holland, he's turned his life around, because he was a crack addict anyway. So I, that's an example of having completely disempowered myself and remaining, I didn't remain in that victimhood, per se, because I soldiered on, I had these mechanisms in place, you know, the starving myself, and working like a maniac. But I still, but I was playing Houdini with my emotions, because I was running from them continuously, not wanting to confront them. That is one of the main things where many people run from their emotions, they run from their issues. And that doesn't work, you really need me to take that responsibility, and take back your power. And that means you don't let people you know, run around with you pick the mickey out of you. And you do not allow them. It's very funny how humanity is because we allow the opinions of others to sway us rather than remaining true to ourselves. Because it doesn't matter what other people say. It matters what you think of you. I think that's very, very important. And we get people are so afraid to be judged. They have a fear of everything, their fear of bail of earning themselves. But I think fear is merely a better blocker within the mind. It's created within the mind. We weren't born with fear that's, you know, created by society. We are born when we're born, we're pure love. Because that's our essence. That's our nature.

Unknown Speaker  12:18  
And we will if we do like to fit in with the rest of society

Unknown Speaker  12:21  
do it's, even though

Unknown Speaker  12:23  
it's not the best thing for us, it's just that we don't want to expose back I think to the olden days where we were it was like survival in a group. So we didn't if we just be different or stand out, then we'd kind of be risk ruin of having to be on our own, which might have been dangerous in the olden days, but not so much now. And it's kind of it's quite, I find that fascinating. Actually, I find that a fascinating subject. So what is the key to flourishing in life? And I love this question. I listen, I listen.

Unknown Speaker  12:57  
That's it. That's, I mean, yeah, so flourish. And, you know, we were talking about spring. Yeah, the seasons go in cycles. And we to go in cycles. We go through our experiences, and we learn from them, and we let go, well, many people choose not to let go. But to flourish in life, it's all about a return to love. That's it. That's why we're here. Because if we love ourselves, we can learn to love other people and accept them as they are. We embrace them, like our brothers and sisters. Rather than walking around in this ego, testicle, mindset, you know, thinking that we're all separate from one another, we could achieve so much more when we work together. And especially when it comes to a return to a love for ourselves how many people can say when they look in the mirror? I love you. Not many people can it's something that my father taught taught me when I was a child. And he said, you know, stand in front of the mirror and tell yourself I love you. And I was like, What is this? Whatever so yeah, but now I'm okay. I mean, there are days I'm not perfect, Jane, there are days where I'm like, yeah, no, not having it. But it's all about self care and self nurturing. And it's not about it's when we return to our love for ourselves. We Well, we heal ourselves because that's what we do without healing. There is no self love. And without without self love, we can't heal. So

Unknown Speaker  14:42  
I agree several times. is kind of do would you say healing then is about being like on a kind of wave because like you said, you some days you have good days like everyone else and and things I think it's kind of maybe seen that kind of roller coaster of of, of life and kind of realising that everything's always moving and yes, and we're supposed to feel all the emotions, aren't we we're not. Sometimes you will think, oh, no, I must be positive 24/7 I don't think that works. It's like, yeah, I just got a huge bill. Oh, yeah, must be positive. It's like it's not. It's like, it's telling them it's telling it's almost a nine someone's feelings. But would you say that having a way to kind of navigate through them is a key as well?

Unknown Speaker  15:29  
Absolutely. You have to walk through your emotions, you can't walk around them. That's like what I said, you're playing Houdini, you're eluding your emotions, are you playing whack a mole and keep suppressing them, eventually, eventually, it's gonna come out somewhere. Because you, you are at a dis ease within yourself, your soul is not aligned within your body, because you're trying to conform to someone that you're not, you know, you need to feel at ease within your own skin. So you have to walk through through any of your issues or any of your experiences because it's like, you know, you need to take magnifying glass, or you need to look at why you're feeling this way. You need to analyse that. Now for others. I mean, I don't care how people heal themselves. You know, I went to holistic route. I started out with Reiki because counselling didn't work for me to counsellor just said to me, Brigitta, you're strong enough, you're going to be fine. After my ordeal in Holland, that didn't work for me. But for others, a counsellor may work cognitive therapy, whatever it is that you feel pulled towards, I will only say this with medication. It's a will keep suppressing your emotions. That's, that's the one thing that I will say. But at the end of the day, people have to do what they feel comfortable with.

Unknown Speaker  16:55  
What kind of what people feel comfortable with, and, and kind of find getting some help to find the root cause feeling. And I agree, it's not one shoe fits all. So this like for me, it's kind of yoga shamanism, warm. Yeah, nature. For someone else. It might be Tai Chi, karate, you know, there's all kinds of different different ways to kind of, to get around it. So how does because I'm thank you for sharing about your earlier life traumas. And I'm just wondering, how does one overcome traumatic and difficult circumstances to re Empower oneself? Because I can imagine a lot of people will feel lost on on what those steps could be.

Unknown Speaker  17:35  
Yeah. So the first thing that's really important is to take accountability, and to take responsibility for your life. Because we're all responsible for our own lives. And nobody can change, nobody is going to, you know, you have to make the changes within, it's up to you. If you want to have a better life, and not remain as you are, where everything's gone to pause, so to speak, because of everything that you've gone through, then you need to look at yourself and take that responsibility. And I think that's the most important thing. Now you have to figure out, what is it that what is it for me, it's really looking at yourself in thinking, you know, what, what are the right steps for me to take? And that is just really important. I can tell you, I mean, for me, it's like I said, I mean, I do work out, but I also meditate. And that helps recenter myself. And that is a step forward. Like for you. It's like yoga, right?

Unknown Speaker  18:41  
Yeah, yoga meditate. But literally I could not live without meditation. I think it kind of like I said, it's like hoovering the brain like it kind of gets.

Unknown Speaker  18:54  
Absolutely. And I will always say to people, what's good if you're very new to meditation, you know, go onto YouTube, either listen to 432 hertz, meditations, which four to 432 hertz is really about rebalancing yourself and re centering yourself. And also listened to 20 minute meditations by David G. J. I. And he always got so many from fear, to anxiety to confidence, and you just plug it in and you listen to the guided meditation and he's all about the breath. Because the breath is very important. And that's something that I learned in India at the Art of Living Centre, which is my next book coming out but yeah, and it's all about because we don't as you know, we human beings only brief till about here till you know halfway till about here. That's it. That's called shallow breathing. And it's really about from breathing from the root chakra all the way to the crown chakra up Do it at a count of four, hold it for, and then breathe back down again for and hold it for four. That's what I always tell people to start out with. And once they've mastered that, then do two counts of eight. Because then it becomes deeper. And the one thing and I'm sure you've heard this as well, people will say, Yeah, but my mind wanders, that's great. Because if it wanders, and you notice it, then, you know, pull it back to the breath.

Unknown Speaker  20:30  
Hmm, absolutely. And I will say you don't just because your mind wants to afford it doesn't mean you have to touch that for you can kind of just in your meditation, you can kind of just think, actually, yeah, my mind's gone here, but I'm gonna come back to my breath. It's kind of stare at background and kind of just go there. So I was reading your, your, your profile, and I really liked on your website is about unleashing your own inner Alchemist. What is that? How do we do it? And what one thing can listeners do today to enable that?

Unknown Speaker  21:05  
So alchemy, oh, when it's bring up? Well, it was an ancient Egyptian times, but it also sprang up back in the Renaissance period. And alchemy is, as you know, it's transforming lead to gold, right in the chemical formulation, but it also means transforming our heaviness, the trauma of our experiences of all that we've, you know, carried through life. It's about alkalizing, and healing that transforming that to go to our enlightened and healed cells, so that we let go of that load. And that's basically what it is. So it's all about healing yourself. And once you once you're healed, it's about breathing. That's high of relief, because you've left that behind. And now you can move forward.

Unknown Speaker  22:07  
The end of the day, today, we're our own worst enemy.

Unknown Speaker  22:11  
We are definitely, I can be my own worst enemy sometimes. Even though even though I would like to say I would say I was reasonably healthy person and I have played holistic practices, and I still kind of can be enticed by dark chocolate from the corner shop.

Unknown Speaker  22:26  
You know, when I'm in meetings, I used to take the Cadbury mini eggs. And now I'm like, I can't eat them anymore. Yeah, I can't even see them anymore.

Unknown Speaker  22:36  
Yeah, that's good. That's really good. You kind of you can kind of go through that threshold and kind of like going off sugar, kind of let go of like refined sugar, like a few years ago. And it was, it made a big difference made a big difference to my life, because especially like grown up in like the 70s and 80s. It was all about as much sweet stuff as it possibly can. But it wasn't my household anyway, it was like, like, if it wasn't if you weren't so health conscious here as the as they are kind of now. And so is there anything that you still struggle with? Now? I know, we kind of touched on this a bit, but I was like, Yeah, and if so how do you navigate through it? Yeah. So

Unknown Speaker  23:18  
currently, and I'll be very honest about that I really struggle with my corporate job. And when I mean, I've been working like 70 hours a week, and that's not, it's not on. And but I know, I realise that this is not what I want. And so I have a backup plan. And I'm working on that, because this is not the life that I want. There is no balance. And balance is very, very important. So it's either do we allow ourselves to be lived? Or do I choose to live my life the way I see fit? And I think that's really, really important. So have I allowed to dis, you know, I've allowed myself to be disempowered? Yes, I have, because I've just the job needs to be done. And I did say to my mom, I said to my mom, I cannot do this anymore. And I'm making this backup plan. And I'm gonna, and I'm going to do it. And that because, you know, my, my spiritual work is actually far more important, and I don't have enough time for it. But then I also think sometimes we get, you know, pushed into a corner or into certain situations, so that we can understand what we're doing to ourselves, you know, and not everybody is like that, because they're just like, you know what the work needs to be done and this is my life and I need to pay the bills. But hang on a second. If you're not happy somewhere. Then make the necessary change. encase, because eventually, you know, we're all energy, we attract everything. I always say what we vibe out is exactly what we reel back in. Well, I had the spirit, I didn't really ask for this. But it's good. Because if I was still comfortable, and not, I'm not making these insane hours, I would have been okay. But this is really pushing my boundaries and saying, You know what, I want a different kind of life. So yes, I do struggle at times. And I do meditate. I that I do. But sometimes there'll be, there'll be days, where I will just crash out after a really long day.

Unknown Speaker  25:42  
I'm not surprised after 70 hours. It's not normal. It's a little bit ridiculous for anyone and in a way, but I understand you're kind of working towards kind of transition to do what you want. And I think looks going to be on your side. Because what I've heard so far are sounds absolutely fabulous. Would you mind explaining about your book and your services? And I was looking at the contents as well. Wow. So yeah, I'll put it over to you to share if you don't mind,

Unknown Speaker  26:12  
I was just gonna add to the other part, you know, one other thing very quickly. Yeah. So what sometimes we get put into situations where we just need a kick up the ass. And that's exactly what's happened to me. So it's, it's, you know, it's all good. And I'm glad it's happened the way it's happened.

Unknown Speaker  26:30  
That's a good way to see it. I like that. It's yeah, yeah. Yeah, you have to

Unknown Speaker  26:35  
see life from a different perspective. And I will say this, and I talk about this in my book as well. Where, where I say that life is merely merely an experiment to experience.

Unknown Speaker  26:51  
Life is merely an experiment to experience or experience

Unknown Speaker  26:54  
because that's what it is. So an all what do we take with us, Jane, or we take with us own memories? Yeah. And so however you choose to experience life, it doesn't really matter. There's no right or wrong, but never remain fitting. Really, okay. They say never remain sitting by the boondocks, you know, and crying your eyes out. But rather take that responsibility for your life, and just get up and start moving forward. So yeah. My book, yes. Becoming authentically me. So it's split into two parts. The first part it talks about the conscious shift, the transformational times that we find ourselves in. And, you know, I work with many I mainly work with the Ascended Masters, Saint Germain, but there's also Archangel Michael Hilarion. They're also the collectives that I work with the Pleiadians they talk about love, and I was like, I'm not putting that in there. And they're, like, for Heaton just put it in there. I write very much in prose, they, some of them are, they will have the guy in the Dow. And I just, you know, follow their lead. And they take life, as they say, take life with a pinch of salt, and just add some flavour to it. And, yeah, it's very, it's very, very true. I mean, you know, Mayor culpa, I mean, I'm guilty of it as well, I used to roam around in my experiences, you know, and keep holding on. Like, you know, even though the ship was sinking, I'd still hold on. And that's what people just do. So, the second part talks a lot about my life, and everything that I've been through, and there are some exercises as well. And how you can overcome your own trauma, you know, your own trauma, and live a far more fulfilled life. But I also talked about the fact that there is no death, because that's just something that was created. And it's, you know, it's a word in the human dictionary. Because we're energy so we, we merely let go of our physical embodiment, and we go back to spirit. Unite the end of the day, Jane, we're all star seeds.

Unknown Speaker  29:17  
we all we all definitely all star seeds. And we're kind of having this human experience together at a time on this planet. So isn't that a celebration? For sure. I think so.

Unknown Speaker  29:27  
Yeah. Absolutely. And I know that currently, I mean, yeah, times are not easy. Definitely. And that's, no, they're not and we're going through, it's almost like a darker period right now because I can feel it energetically as well. And I think many, many people are struggling. But this has happened so that people start to wake up. And I think that is important. You know, we live in a very much and I talk about this While in a very much a created artificial society, and many feel very, very uncomfortable. But that's exactly why it was created to keep people you know, in line. I always call it you know, we work like we're like robots working along the assembly line of life in this factory of Earth.

Unknown Speaker  30:19  
I agree, I think I think there is posts that we want haven't got time to go on this now. But we have half an hour. And again, I'd love to this follows that it kind of don't kind of really want us to wake up. But ultimately, love is the greatest force. And there's so much that is here to kind of like, kind of like help us and and I feel that it will kind of all come right in the end. And isn't it sometimes we have to have to go kind of go down to come up. So maybe we kind of got to, then if it's going to change? I don't know. I've got a feeling about.

Unknown Speaker  30:52  
Yeah, no, I totally. I totally agree with you. I totally agree with you. So yeah, I also, you know, I talked about depression. I talked about that with Archangel Michael, actually in a q&a session with him. And he goes through all these, all these narratives about what depression is, and he sums it up in one sentence. He says depression simply means you've shot your mind to hell.

Unknown Speaker  31:20  
Ah, I can't take him out. Yeah, I like that you shut your mind down. That's basically that's what we've done. You know, it sounds like your books got a lot of solutions to help people kind of get by navigating through all things.

Unknown Speaker  31:35  
What I do do is light language healing or crystalline frequency healing. And that is very, very powerful. And I use my cosmic and alchemy singing bowls, but I don't always need to use them. But it's just for the toning. And I just I love like language because it's powerful and people like, like language. And it's really, you know, for people that don't understand is like gerbil language. And it's a lot of hand movements when I or you know, when I do it, I'm happy to demo it for you.

Unknown Speaker  32:07  
Yes, please, please. Yeah, definitely go for it.

Unknown Speaker  32:12  
Okay, so, do you want do you have an intent?

Unknown Speaker  32:16  
Okay, I'm launching my shamanic healing part of my business so kind of help it come to full bloom. That's an intent. Yes, it is. Yes, yes. I like Oh, I really like that. Okay, you ready? Yes.

Unknown Speaker  32:36  
There we are. Alright. So intense.

Unknown Speaker  32:42  
oshine niccone Mimi Ali Kiki. We Emeka Tata Tata, Tata Grenier. I just had to take the lead in the Yachty tissue. Anita SSSR Nia, we are McClarty TT chiminea Nikki and Nikki key artists etc. A liquid hot on et TT teacher attitude teacher. We we're Maka TT TT TGC. We need to set up the T tt i She She She Allah market la T TT, TT anaemia Ma Ma Ma Ma er La la la. cucina Nikita, Thalia, Thalia TCC omnimaga Tata T earlier, we Amani e Sinha, we're here to attack Tina Tata Tata and he needs a staff like he ought to teach. We manage our team. My alikhan ie mama ie mama UI mama EC Nene Erica carnea

Unknown Speaker  33:36  
as you said that I could feel it in the back of my throat chakra could feel like the back of my throat kind of like energy there. So Oh, thank you. That's fantastic. It's it's beautiful. I've never liked language before but is to witness it like live like this is really beautiful. And I can't I can't I can't even put into words. Really? That's good. Yeah. Perfect. Oh, wow. So you can have those services dear listeners, if you check out WhatsApp, I will leave the details in the show notes of your website. And so like I said, Is there anything else that you wish everybody would know anything else that you'd like to share for the last last question of the show?

Unknown Speaker  34:19  
No, I'm high in my head. Yeah, so I will say this. Never think that you are not loved because you're loved by so many in the otherworldly realms, and never think that you're alone because truth be told you have your guides and many others in the other worldly dimensions. And know that I too, love you.

Unknown Speaker  34:57  
Yes, absolutely. Oh, yes, that's that's a very sound piece of advice for our listeners. But it's a it's been an absolute vision and a it just yeah, it's been so natural and lovely to speak to you. Today I will put details of your website but would you just like to share it for our listeners if you could tell is that

Unknown Speaker  35:25  
it's www dot pow soul

Unknown Speaker  35:29  
You can you can check out her book becoming authentically me which is on Amazon worldwide. And having looked at that, I've read it very brief amount of read, it's well worth a read so, but he said I will let you have some rest since he works such long hours. But thank you so much joining us today. As always, dear listeners the meditation inspired by today's show, but thank you very much Brigitta Vesna for joining us today.

Unknown Speaker  35:56  
Thank you so much for having me, Jay.

Unknown Speaker  35:58  
It's been an absolute pleasure, thank you. As promised, here is your meditation, inspired by today's show, top tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back, always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's be going live in a private forest. And I'm surrounded by birds. And you can hear the water from the brook and the little river behind me. So I'm gonna take some slow, calm, deep breaths and just start to take some steps via your imagination, you can also be in a forest with all its noises

Unknown Speaker  37:22  
as you breathe slowly, calmly and deeply in this forest, you start to take a little journey. So you're walking slowly on the ground and as you walk along in your imagination you know that change is made up of steps. Always done from a place of mindfulness as much as we can. Sometimes we have to dive in deep and sometimes we have to step in slow. But whatever we do for life, everything happens by making the first step. So what first steps can you make today? What changes perhaps, to slightly go outside one's comfort zone, which isn't always what we want to do. However there's more discomfort in life by not making changes that offer a good then by being in the comfort of unease. disease in the body is one way disease. So what small steps can you make today as you walk through this imaginary forest

Unknown Speaker  39:21  
sound of the feet on the ground the smell of the flowers the Wildflower rustle of the little creatures the song of birds. What is your song? What is your goal? What is your mission in life?

Unknown Speaker  39:51  
The textures of the leafs the ground what can you show up today? To do that might be slightly difficult discomfort in the long term will bring ease

Unknown Speaker  40:39  
whatever that is for you. Perhaps as we come up with his meditation as you inhale as you exhale, you begin to make a note of it. Move each day you can make a note of watch which step you can make towards that. It can be a little step. Sometimes it's a giant leap. Sometimes it's just a tiny micro step, but whatever it is, just step into your flow.

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