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March 15, 2023

Star Illuminating Meditation. A Meditation To Be Done At Night for Greater Well Being

Star Illuminating Meditation.  A Meditation To Be Done At Night for Greater Well Being

There's something very comforting and relaxing about meditating as if under a dark night sky. Allow your imagination to dance within the sea of possibility.  Energy from stars that died so many years ago, yet still give life to the sky at night. Light to our well being. If only you would find the moments for stillness and allow  stellar energy to heal and bring wellness to your soul.


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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
So what if I can't meditate at night? Or what if our mind gets overly busy at night, and I've had people say, Oh, I'd like guided meditation, but I've got it in child and, and the ability to sit there and being quiet in the morning is not always easy. Or maybe just perhaps you prefer to meditate night rather than during the day. Maybe you like doing both. So I decided to record this special bonus meditation podcast as a kind of service to us, dear listeners. And if you think this might be abuse, someone that you know, then do share. So the other night, I was lucky enough to kind of be out in the garden, just getting some word and I saw the beautiful, beautiful night sky with the stars. And I saw this really wonderful line, these kind of two bright stars saw purpose it perfect it was that I thought actually is that satellite, but no, it was the conjunction between Venus and Jupiter. And it was there for several nights. And I just thought, wow, this is really kind of beautiful. And staring up at the stars and meditation is kind of one of my favourite things to do, especially when a night where they're kind of lit up nice and brightly. And it's kind of something kind of magical about looking up at them. But I just like to add, even if you're kind of in a circumstance where you can't see the stars, as you do the meditation, you can close the eyes and see them in the mirror in your mind's eye. For to add a little bit of extra ambience, I was going to record this actually in outside. But as it opened my door, I could hear music from someone's car stereo. And I thought actually, this is going to interfere with this. So I kind of remember the stars and I'm just going to close my eyes and remember the stars and share this meditation that you can do. And hopefully if you have trouble sleeping or anything like this, this meditation should be able to help. So close your eyes and just allow the darkness to cover your eyes in the shape of your closed eyelids. By all means if you want to place like a yoga, you can get less yoga eyebags over your eyes or even like a folded flannel or something like that, then by all means do some. Just to add you can do this meditation sitting up as well. I'm just giving you as a relaxation meditation, but by no means you can do it seated. So for your eyes closed and whatever position you've chosen, you can now feel the gentle breeze of a night sky. The sky, this wonderful, dark, indigo, dark night colour of the sky. Beauty so much beauty in the sky. All life began in darkness. There's something very comforting and relaxing about being in this dark night sky. But as you relax in your imagination, you allow yourself to be a little bit further. You allow your imagination to dance with the sea of possibility. That's stars stellar that died so many years ago still give life to the sky at night. Light to our well being. If all you would find the moments for stillness and allow that stellar energy to be for in them times and being peace and stillness, the bright spark of your heart, the bright spark of life emerges from the glorious beauty of that indigo sky. what place do we really have to think and worry and fret and be when the sky offices is converting dark mist and there's great possibilities. Those bright sparks of start star Let's skies. The beauty that lives within our eyes, through rest, equals more love. How much love and self love mailmerge self love how much self love can you shine in your inner heart, your interstellar of possibilities, the beauty of who you are the beauty of who you are, in this present moment. The night office is the chance to relax and let go. Surrender all your walls is into shooting stars, it floats off and outs away from your worries. Instead, can you rest in the comfort of that you are already perfect as you are. Can you allow that space to just be allow yourself to see but not with your eyes. Instead, feel yourself inside, relax and surrender to the moment relax into sleep, relax into a way of being more calm. Whether you're seated and you're doing this meditation as a way to let go of your day in a more awakened state. Or perhaps you feel the call of slumber of sleep of time to let go to relax every part of your body right down to your toes, your bones, your skin. Everything just allow it to be

Unknown Speaker  6:54  
for the uniqueness of who you are, as a unique and as beautiful as every star. Your light is needed very much in this world. Even if you think you're not doing what you should, should does not exist in this beautiful night sky. Sky is there to remind us of how utterly wonderful we are. The stillness, the flicker of the stars, some brighter than others. But all equally as beautiful. For some stars or like forts, on the way out in the sense that you've kind of let them go, and some stars and new and shiny and bright in the memory. Each and every one of those that are allowing you to be for this so much beauty in the darkness of the sky at night. The darkness of the womb for which we originally came. The darkness is where the beauty can be the beauty and fall. And the stars are there just to remind us to people to allow our individuality for our collective love and respect for each and every human on this planet. Perhaps you continue and you fall deep into asleep. Or instead you mindfully and slowly come back into the moment. Come back into the room. There's anything else that you'd like to know about. Please contact me via gentle yoga warrior SO GOOD NIGHT

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