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Aug. 17, 2022

Summer Edition! How To Rest And Rejuvenate Guilt Free

Summer Edition! How To Rest And Rejuvenate Guilt Free
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Episode four of our sizzling summer edition. This week we will learn how to rest, rejuvenate and all guilt free! Feeling exhausted and working ourselves to the point where we feel that we are exhausted isn't the best way to be.   I catch myself sometimes kind of going down that road where I have been doing too much hard work and I am sure that you dear listeners have also  experienced this.

Let's learn how to rest, rejuvenate and all guilt free.  Show contains guided meditation at the end to help you rest some more!

#yoga pose 

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
So we're now in season 10 of the gentle yoga warrior is conscious conversations Podcast, episode four. And this season is all about a special summer edition, where I will solo host my podcast, pulling inspiration from requests, or what's happened during the week, etc, or just a feeling or thought that has inspired me. So as I recall, this is a beautiful butterfly in my room, I just keep coming into contact with these beautiful butterflies. And I just open the window to kind of let it out. So you might hear a little bit of background noise. But this butterfly felt trapped. And it was kind of like, fluttering around in the room. And it kind of got me thinking about kind of the process and what they've been through. And I had an amazing guest on my podcast recently, Kathy Robinson, about kind of how a butterfly kind of goes through this process. At first, it's a caterpillar. And then it has to go within that kind of stillness, wire metaphor, scissors into a butterfly, these butterflies evolved from the very first kind of butterfly moth creatures who existed as far back as the Jurassic age, you know, that is, I don't know, about 18 19 million years ago. And they are so beautiful. And that's what I think of you listeners. And all of us on this journey. We're kind of we're kind of, in many ways going between being a caterpillar and a butterfly. Because once you work on one thing, something else comes back. But to get back to our main point before I kind of go way off, what I'm trying to share with you is that nothing is without coincidence. And the fact is butterfly came in the room as as recording this, this podcast and kind of evoked that memory of the art of of interior in the wonderful Taffy Robinson and the wholehearted living lessons that she shared on the episode. And how we can be as fragile as butterflies but they're also very strong and amazing, beautiful creatures. And feeling exhausted and working ourselves. To the point where we feel that we are exhausted isn't the best way to be I do catch myself sometimes kind of going down that road where I have been doing too much happy working too hard. And um, I am 99.9 Sure, or 99% sure that you dear listeners have also kind of experienced that. And I don't know about you, but when I have been working hard and I first kind of sit down or trying to to feel less stress and a little less calm, I kind of sometimes it can feel a bit guilty. And it's kind of the brainwashing that we've been programmed with, in many ways to think that our self worth comes from how busy we are. But I sat down yesterday. And instead of doing all this list of to do things, I sat down and I did a rejuvenating yin yoga. So yin yoga is where you kind of stay in poses with props, and you just surrender. And it was just like that, ah, kind of feeling that nourishment, that kind of self love that I gave to myself and I suddenly switched out of that kind of fight and flight mode, which I had to kind of be in for this whole week because it was like 4:30am starts like 10 o'clock bed times, and just working solidly in between all that time. And I kind of just felt myself drop into that sense of calmness and that sense of wellness. And through that sense of softness, I was able to just give my body so much what it needed. That gentle nourishment, that gentle way of being and very much rest and rejuvenation and it started to get a little cooler in the evening and I was able to eat my my dinner in the garden and just sit and just kind of be and the moon was so beautiful yesterday and I slept through most of the night just at one point I woke up and the light the moon was kind of just facing straight into my window and kind of like covering me and all these beautiful rays and I just thought that is a sign that of from the university say like yes, you're kind of on the right track here. Really learn to rest and be for you do Lesnar.

Unknown Speaker  5:02  
I'm going to teach you the many steps of how to rest and rejuvenate guilt free. And if ever, there was a time depending on what part of the world you're in, it's the time and the same thing. If you're coming into the deep of winter, and you're listening in a different part of the world, then that is a time to rest rejuvenate to and I think seasons reached their peak, the peak time of a season is when we're kind of is where we should really rest and really rejuvenates. Sometimes we can think that rest rejuvenation is gone out. So socialising and doing things what you love, who am I to say what you should and shouldn't do that is your choice. I'm trying to steer you through a process of rest rejuvenation, and to feel guilt free in that process. But real rest and rejuvenation comes from doing something fun, something wholistic, which been something that's imbalanced, with your body. And somewhere something where you can completely surrender and let go. And to do it guilt free. Because we have this thing, we need to be doing things but also the demands that other people have put on us. Sometimes that comes from other people's awareness, they are only aware of what's what they want, or what they need, and kind of don't consider others, which is another kind of thing from the where society has kind of sewn itself. And we have very little privacy now for everything we buy is kind of electronics, or everything's kind of known what we do what we're doing in our life we've we share on social media,

Unknown Speaker  6:38  
I invite you to

Unknown Speaker  6:43  
factor in rest and rejuvenation time and to do it with a sense of guilt free. And if you need to draw very strong boundaries around loved ones. And friends, you have to do that. You just have to tell them, No, this is my time for rest and rejuvenation. Obviously, if you're rest and rejuvenation, like all day, every single day, then that's kind of that's not the point. The point is the balance between action and going for what you want in life, but be also the balance between rest and rejuvenation. And the good news is a little bit of rest and rejuvenation, I feel goes a long way. So can you factor in some time, a little time daily. And then maybe once a week where you have more time to rest and rejuvenate. And when it's warmer, you've got more choice because you've got the whole outside to do that in. And you know, never underestimate the power of doing something mindful and good and nourishing from your body. So set those boundaries just tell people No, I'm not my time and people will try and guilt you or try and drag you into their kind of thing. But no, say no to them, say no to them. Put it this way, you are going to be able to give back so much more to the world. If you have that time for space that time to be that time to be yourself at time of wholeness and beauty within your being. But first of all, you need to know what rest and rejuvenation guilt free means for you. So first of all moment, can you think in a sentence, what does rest mean to you or you can write think in a paragraph. If you need a bit more time, just pause this podcast

Unknown Speaker  8:39  
think in your mind? What does rejuvenation. So rest is when you're resting? But what's kind of going to lift you but what does rejuvenation mean to you? And how can you feel more rejuvenated today? Rejuvenation follows rest. So it's important to do the rest component first and then think what is rejuvenation to you?

Unknown Speaker  9:13  
And finally, think What does guilt free mean to you? So think of a time where you did something for yourself that you knew you really needed to do it and you felt guilt free from doing it. Why was this particular time did you feel guilt free in doing this certain process? And kind of look at this as a whole and see if there's any kind of connection or just take a deep breath put place one hand on your heart, one on hand on your abdomen. Inhale Exhale. Inhale. Exhale.

Unknown Speaker  9:53  
Inhale, exhale.

Unknown Speaker  9:57  
What do you need to do right now? Oh, that will give you this in your

Unknown Speaker  10:03  

Unknown Speaker  10:09  
And from that moment of stillness, that's where you will get your answer. If you haven't discovered an answer yet, fear not, you can do this process again after the podcasts and you can kind of get them a bit more clarification, I'm just going to share with you some things that are, I would consider restful, rejuvenating and ways to feel guilt free. So rest. Okay, so, in this modern world, I completely appreciate that sitting down and watch some light Netflix is a good way to help people rest and switch off. And I'm not not saying that's not what you should do, by all means incorporate that in your life, if that's if that's what feels in alignment with you. However, rest also comes in many better forms. Rest can be it's a bit warm at the minute for it, but having a nice Epsom salt bath, or a kind of nice refreshing shower, a cool shower with like a nice uplifting smelling shower gel, something that's kind of going to lift your spirits that can be quite resting because you're kind of nurturing and kind of calming yourself. Resting can be lying down and having a good night's sleep.

Unknown Speaker  11:27  
Not Never underestimate the power of having a good night's sleep. Equally. I know that if you've got small children, that's not something that's that is actually happening in your life at the moment. So can you find snippets of time maybe that you can lie down for a few minutes and just do shavasana I know she fastener yoga pose is translated as corpse pauses when you lie on your back for your palms facing up. And you just rest and completely and utterly let your body go. There are various yoga poses that you can do to rest. And obviously, this is a podcast, I can't see you. So I have to say you can do all these suggestions that you won't rest because there's no way but I know you're doing them, okay. But a really good one to do is legs up the wall. Just look on the internet, the yoga pose legs at the wall. And you can just lie with your politics close to the wall, legs up the wall and just kind of adrenals your fight or flight mode into common sense of being, which becomes very restful indeed, and can help you feel very calm. Another way to rest is if you're running around, it's just sit down on a chair, and just take some slow calm deep breaths. Or if you're in a park, just sit down on the ground and take some slow, calm lead nurturing breaths. And that's a really good way to bring rest because I find when I'm stressed or if I'm burnt out, I'm just keep going. I'm running around like a headless chicken. And all I need to do is just sit down and rest and then I feel better. And I just every time I just think, Why do I have to go through this whole process before I remember it. But the good point is that do remember it and when I do remember I do it. And that's what I want for you, dear listener for you to remember for you to sit down and for you to get the maximum benefit of self care by rest. So rejuvenation, rejuvenation reminds me of a kind of like surreal world where there's a giant glass of just say, lemonade and it's a hot day and one's been able to kind of jump into this pool of like called Ice Cube lemon slice water. Now of course that's not real and however rejuvenation is when you kind of feel like you've rested in any kind of fuel on that upward spiral way feel high, you've got your back, you've got your kind of module you're kind of like spark back and what sparks happiness to you. What brings joyful feelings into your into your soul into your being what rejuvenates you. For me, a good way to rejuvenate is to do some Hatha Yoga so away it's kind of it's not as slow as yen Yen is where you're just staying and the pauses slowly, but it's moving through poses but in a slow manner but holding them and I really find that rejuvenating as does gone for like a walk like in a nice setting. Meditation is restful, but also rejuvenating Amma Yama which is yoga breathing things like alternative nostril breathing. Just look on the internet and look at alternative nostril breathing. Another way to rejuvenate one is and I feel this is one of the most vital components to rejuvenation is through diet and drink. So what we put into our body really has a massive impact on how we would rejuvenate and look after our body. And again, I find sometimes when I've been overweight Looking like the odd dark chocolate bark and sneak into my diet, which is fine, but it's not doesn't really agree with me that much, it makes me a bit more hyper. So instead kind of making healthier choices, ones that are more compatible with your being. So that's the way to rejuvenate. And other way to rejuvenate is to listen to music, that it's not kind of like making you feel manic, it's not making you feel sleepy. But again, I forgot to say with the rest, you can find restful music. But rejuvenation is kind of something that's gently uplifting without making you feel to work there or to down and music's very personal matter, smells I could find that are really rejuvenating that I want things things like grapefruit and citrusy things that are kind of bring us into that balance state of being. So rejuvenation in a whole is feeling balanced, and then guilt free. So guilt free is when we let go of caring so much the shame and all that stuff that's put on us to feel that we have to do things for other people in a certain way. And of course, life is a balance between giving and receiving excetera, etc. But you know what, if you've been working flat out, and you want to have an hour's yoga session, away from your family, like you know, once a week, a couple of times a week, and people are giving you a hard time put your foot down and just say, no, just say no, I will go and do this yoga class. Because if that's what your soul needs, the world needs you to be the brightest possible, amazing being that you are. And if you're feeling guilty, just for doing a little bit of rest, then you know what, forget what anyone else is Think and Do what's right for you, we've imbalanced so it's always about balance. So to recap, know what it is, what rest means to you know what rejuvenation, what's new, and what think of an incident when you are guilt free. And then find ways to rest, find ways to rejuvenate yourself and boundaries on how you can feel less guilty. And you know, things do not have to cost a lot of money. Most of these things are you can do for free. There's so many things now online, like on YouTube excetera, the more or the different platforms, you can get books, you know, there's a lot of options there. Now, there's even free meditative music that you can listen to online. So find something that works for you. But please make the most of this warm season and enjoy and kind of go out and be in nature and find things that that you like to do. And finally I'd like just add, find a hobby that makes you feel rejuvenated, rested, and guilt free. Something that's a real passion, that's, that's going to be enjoyment and something that's going to be fun, I can often that does pottery and she finds that really grounding of kind of touching the clay and kind of shaping it. So find something that you'd love, because you're going to be able to give more love when you show yourself more self love. And on that note, let's do a very short guided meditation to help you find your rest and rejuvenation. As promised here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching and if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you need to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation that's

Unknown Speaker  19:03  
begging. So

Unknown Speaker  19:05  
for this meditation if you want to you can do it lying down on the floor. lie there and as you lie there feel so completely and utterly supported by the ground. If you're sitting there you're completely and utterly supported by the chair of your super strong yogi who is used to sitting for long periods of time you're completely and utterly supported by your spine. feel as if the ends of the toes the ends of the toes. Just set steadily and gently let go as you dive deep into rest. Rest. Rest the backs of the feet, let them go. The space between your toes let the energy rest rejuvenate and flow, the size of the feet, the front of the feet, the soles of the feet, can you can you let go the ankles Achilles tendon, let that go. Let your shin bones flow let your calves fight no more. As they rest and rejuvenate the front of the knee, let it be the sides of the knees, surrender the backs of the knees, let it rejuvenate and go the front of the FISA size of the faiz, the backs of the faiz let them go the buttocks let them go. The abdomen, let it flow the mid back. Let it go the upper back, let it go. Let it go. The midriff let it go. The upper chest surrenders with the flow the insides of the armpits right down to the extremities. Each and every fingertip flows. Each and every fingertip learn selectable surrender and flow. Learn to let go as the shoulders just surrender deeply rejuvenation with every moment as you just allow. Allow yourself to

Unknown Speaker  21:24  

Unknown Speaker  21:27  
Let the neck go front back inside. Let the jaw line let the space between the back of the skull the ears. Let the top of the jaw go let the nose the eyes, the temples, whole of the eye area the prime brows for head hair, scalp surrender, let go surrender guilt free to the flow and just allow this moment a space to be allow yourself to be completely and utterly free.

Unknown Speaker  22:29  
So come back into

Unknown Speaker  22:30  
the moment. Come back into the now come back into the present. Take a deep inhalation, stretch the hands exhale. And if you're lying on your back, turn to the side and slowly come up to cross legged. If you're seated just stay where you are. reached the hands up towards the ceiling and remember you can go far bring that wisdom to the eyes the wisdom to the heart. And just remember just before we parked that you are a majestic magical being. So take time to rest and rejuvenate guilt free. Knowing that whatever you do for a living, whatever you wish to be whatever you wish to be. Well this will set you free if you rest and rejuvenate guilt free. And if you'd like a special recorded meditation that is in alignment with what you specifically need, please reach out to us at the gentle yoga

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