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July 27, 2022

Summer Edition! How To Surrender

Summer Edition! How To Surrender

Surrender dear one! Sometimes the best journeys are the ones where we don't know all the steps. In a world where we can be  obsessed by schedules. Sometimes we also kind of need to throw the rulebook away. And this is what I have to offer you on this season, I'm taking inspiration from the summer heat.  It's kind of a time of year where one doesn't have so much energy.  So I felt let's do a special episode on the power of surrender, and what that can do for you. First of all, what does surrender me?  Let's explore the sweet taste of surrender and how it can help you feel more happy in life. Yeah!




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Sometimes the best journeys are the ones where we don't know all the steps. In a world where we can be combat obsessed by sheduled. And don't get me wrong, a shedule is a wonderful thing. And it can help us structure our life. Sometimes we also kind of need to throw the rulebook away. And this is what I have to offer you on this season, it will be shorter, but still, the content episodes that will dive deep. So I'm gonna take inspiration from the heat that is here. It's kind of a time of year where one doesn't have so much energy and all kinds of but drive to kind of really push for things. And again, in society where we feel that we should be on the drive all the time, it can be sometimes hard to surrender. So I felt taken that into account. Let's do a special episode on the power of surrender, and what that can do for you. First of all, what does surrender me? When I first said the word surrender, I kind of think of those old movies where there's just two sets of soldiers having some sort of battle. And then one of those noes will win. So they kind of waved the white flag, because it means even though it's not the ideal situation for them, they can at least escape their lives by surrendering. So of course, that is one way of looking at it. But another way is surrender comes from having complete and utter faith. And faith is feeling or believing in something that might not necessarily be material, plain examples being religion, healing modalities, faith that your radio is going to play some music, because you can't actually see the radio waves, but you have the faith because of the experience of that, that they will reach you and you can play. And I thought to me, What does random mean, when there's so many things, or some perceived things going wrong in our life, and kind of how can we find a way since have surrendered faith when we kind of be really pushed to the edge of limits, or maybe it can be that we've been pushed to the edge of boredom, or stuckness. There's all kinds of ways that we can be popped and provoked in our daily life, through external situations, internal situations by not being the keeper of our mind. And mind finds easiest way round, and it kind of magnifies things and then kind of been kind of set and how we think things should be. Before I started this podcast today, I had the door open because it's quite a one day, and I thought let's just have the ambience of the outdoor, but then someone was playing music. And then there was another noise and then live noise. And I could have thought oh, well, I just want to do the podcasts. And as as I speak now I can hear children playing in the yonder. And, and I kind of got kind of head of prove it all kind of into the mindset of oh, gosh, this is so unfortunate, I'll kind of put it up. But then I kind of decided to surrender into the situation and, and tell myself that I sometimes have this belief that everything has to be perfect, or it has to be received and perfect. And if it's not, then it isn't, and then therefore that's a reflection on myself. And that's a really kind of harsh kind of lens to put into my glasses to view my life as it is now. Instead of full, let's just go with flow. Everything's happening in perfect alignment. And as I say that I've got a wonderful kind of wind chimes just outside my window and it kind of like lung made this beautiful noise. And I wasn't waiting for it to it. But it kind of just happened. And that's the thing to look out for those miracles that kind of just happen when we least expect them. So how is this going to help you do this when you're in a situation where you kind of need to surrender. So surrender is not about giving up, but rather choosing the battles that we kind of need to pursue both internally and externally

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but also about divine Other thing I could possibly do to have so much faith, so much trust, but instead of fight in my life because this magical journey, and not every journey is safe, so you take a turn, and it might not necessarily be the way you wanted it to go. I mean may take a libertarian, I think may seem so wonderful. But But both extremes, this isn't how life is all the time, we have highs and lows, wins and losses, we have times when things just flow away and times where it can feel like you're trying to sail a boat through over thickened porridge. So I want to give you some tips to kind of add to this picture that I'm painting, how can one develop our capacity to surrender, it's kind of seen it as a bigger picture and seeing the body and so on all the many different levels. So there's kind of like a physical body that's here right now. And then in the mind is all the mental energy as well. And that exists as well in this plane, um, that mental energy can evoke emotions and feelings. And those feelings and emotions depending on whether or not we have decided they're good or bad can either have an uplifting effect on us or can have a detrimental effect on our being. And kind of can have a sense of even making us feel ill physically or mentally. And then there's our connection with the Divine. Now I know what people believe in is a very personal thing. But I'll use a broader thing, a higher higher force, a higher purpose, a sense of being a higher self, the best, more most kind of, and I use this word in a way that's not meant to invoke fear of religion, it's meant in a non religious way, equally, respectfully to religion

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is a godly way. I don't know if any of you

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read on the road. The one of the main characters is described by his friend as being something godly about how honest he is how much how authentic he was. And like in the 40s and 50s. It's very hard in in the kind of trappings of society to kind of be myself, but that this character who is described by his friend as being godly, and purely because even though he isn't the best in the way that he treats people, I think the character, if I remember was called Dean, and then the one that was narrating the novels called Sol. The point is, this person was seen as godly by his friend, because he was able to be completely fulfilling his authentic self. On so many levels. It takes a lot of bravery and you have the ability to complete surrender into having the trust of your own divinity. Now, that's not to say we don't treat people kindness and respect and fairness is one of my key values. I think June mmm of fairness and care, even if they don't agree with what we say, or we agree with what they say. You know that that's kind of coming very, very fixed wing to think that we all have to agree and have all have the same opinions, or if we don't listen it Grover's, but again, that's kind of not surrendering into the perfection of, of life, in many ways, is to kind of get angry, because someone doesn't have the same opinion of us. Of course, again, I take this with my keyword of fairness, you still want to treat that everyone with fairness and kindness. But equally, you also should allow yourself to be who you are, and allow them to be who they are, and surrender into the moment. So I feel that the biggest takeaway that one can have on surrender, even though life may not be gone, where we want is to completely and utterly present in moment, completely and utterly see every last fine detail of that moment, in its perfection, imperfection, whatever that may be. Surrender to that planting new seeds of where you would like your direction to grow. But once you put that seed that thought and you put it in the ground, by all means you need to kind of nurture it, you can't just have an idea then just sit at home, not doing any work on it. Once you start to plant that See if you use given the right amount of songs the right amount for the right amount of care, right land and water, etc, with any surrender, because it's like you can't force a plant to grow up the greenhouses, etc. But I mean, the seed the germination of the seed as it comes up through the soil. Now, you know, forcing that old been fixed with that is not going to make it grow any quicker nurture and care and kind of surrender and allow that to be. So here's something practical that I'd like to add to what I'm talking about today. So if you can't, or if you haven't got it now, but grab a piece of paper right on top of it. When was the last time I surrendered and things worked out for me. I'll repeat that. When was the last time I surrendered and things worked out for me. And you'll pick up the pen whether or not you're doing it now in the future, and you just write down the first thing that comes into your head, it can be something mindless and massive. And then just see where that was. Think the difficult situation. And think, how was this difficult situation made any easier by me being stubborn, me fixed? without compromise on the outcome? What how? Or when was the situation made any easier by maybe being stubbornly fixed? On the outcome? So for the second one, it's gonna be quite hard to get an answer to that. Because even if you do, call it an answer, I think deep down you can realise it was a difficult situation. And the cost you need a bit of drive and stubbornness sometimes to get through this situations, but kind of,

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to the point where you've kind of lost the ability to surrender and trust life is just not going to get you them anywhere faster. And then the phone back to the first one I asked you to write about how surrender kind of helped you through a situation. Now. I really feel that now, think of a situation. And even if you can't think about one, now just kind of let sit on it. And I'll be very surprised. Or whatever, I think you will be surprised if you couldn't come up with something where I don't know just maybe you know, like maybe there's you want to something and then you've kept thinking about when you forgot about it and he kind of surrendered it came to you or some kind of opportunity came out of the blue when he kind of surrendered to that situation, and that you're not too hot where you are. That's that's finished this with a quick meditation on the art of surrender. As promised, here is your meditation, inspired by today's show. Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice strip back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration, all you need to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation that's begun. Surrender Renda life into endless possibilities. Sir, Rand, let it go. Stop fighting against the flow. By all means, have a bit of gumption and fight and go for what you want for in life. But surrender is having trust and trust comes from stillness. Stillness comes from sitting and sitting and is amplified by our ability to sit free and meditate. Just watch the breath. Feel the wall for the summer heat. external noises do not rock you from your meditation instead. They are like little gifts, allowing you to surrender even more. Let go even more surrender and trust. Don't always be there. running behind late bursts. Instead, can you be allow yourself to be free as you move and you find your own groove in life. Don't forget to smell the roses. Don't forget to live your life. surrender, surrender, and trust in life. Learn to be your most beautiful, brightest, fantastic, sell. And don't let anyone tell you what you shouldn't shouldn't believe. Trust in your highest self surrender and allow your truth. sending you lots of abundant wishes of joy and happiness as you come slowly back into the room, back into the moment and back into your day.

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