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Sept. 14, 2022

Summer Sizzling Edition Grand Finale- How To Switch Off From Judgments

Summer Sizzling Edition Grand Finale- How To Switch Off From Judgments
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In the last of this season's sizzling summer edition, I will be self hosting this amazing podcast and will be talking today all about how to switch off from judgments.  It's important to know that we can't please everyone.  Step into your warrior spirit,  give and receive love and learn in all aspects to judge a little less.  Why?  Simply what is the opposite of judgement?  Acceptance!

This show includes at the end a guided meditation to help you switch your mindset from judging to acceptance while also maintaining healthy boundaries.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
So out of all the millions of fantastic podcasts that have no doubt, the hosts have poured their heart and soul into world wide across this amazing planet, you chose to listen to my podcast today. And I just want to say, thank you. Fantastic. And I really deeply appreciate it. So if you haven't heard him the back issues, this is the finale of my summer sizzling edition is I've been self hosting my podcast so I could draw on inspiration, even things that across my path, things that I had read about things that had come into contact with or whatever it inspired me on that particular day when I sat down from the microphone to record and bring this podcast to you. So for the finale, I chose to do a special edition on Judgement. And how you, I and the rest of the world can learn to switch off from judging judgments, judge this judge that excetera it's important to know that you will never please everyone. So don't even begin to start, the best thing to do is just to be the best, brightest version of yourself and shine on. Of course, that sounds a bit hippie kind of maybe thinking, Oh, this is a bit too fruity for me. But listen to me, and let me explain a bit further. So throughout the wonderful journey of life, it can have some amazing magical things, but can also be harsh and bring quick shocks to our system and things that we weren't expecting. And if you know, we can even judge situations, think of an example of what's happened in particular week as I record this is that the Queen of England died last week. And I know talking to the older generation, that many of them have been triggered by this. They always thought she's going to go on forever. And fortunately, and it's always sad when someone passes, of course, but there's one thing that's shown life, and that is we are all going to pass from this life at some point. Some people die, unfortunately, younger than others. And some people have long, rich lives. And life can be like that, unfortunately, and it's not always fair. And it's not always unfair. But it's just Unfortunately, one of those things in life that is guaranteed. And when something happens that you weren't expecting, and kind of bring up all kinds of things. So if if anyone is going through the grieving process, if you look at my back catalogue, I've done an amazing podcast on grieving. And if you can't find it, just reach out to me at the gentle yoga And I'll be able to share that with you. But to get back to my point of judging, we judge so many things, we judge ourselves from the very harsh lens like, Oh, why why am I not like this? Or why is that person got this? Or? Or what is that person wearing? Or why does this taste like this? Or why am I going to go to today? Why is that person literally, I invite you to learn to watch and be the observer of your thoughts. And you will quickly learn that we judge so much we just from the moment we get out of bed, I'll give you a fictional idea, or what I mean by this. But we can kind of use this example. Because I'm sure the most of it, there must be elements or maybe elements in this particular story that may resonate with you. So just say you've got out of bed, and the kids have kept you up all night or maybe don't have kids, something's kept you all night. Just got out of bed. And for some reason, maybe someone's playing loud music at night, or the kids have kept you up all different reasons, but you haven't had enough sleep, and then you're half asleep. So your cognitive abilities aren't so good, perhaps. And so then you bang your foot on the bed. And then

Unknown Speaker  4:13  
you could choose two paths in this and don't get me wrong, you have every right to be annoyed or upset or out you've hurt your foot. You know, it's not nice. But you could choose a path of all this always happens to me, oh, and then you go downstairs and then you spill your tea or all these things keep happening and you've kind of set this picture that oh, this is gonna be a bad day, no matter what I do is not going to be able to change it. Scenario number two, you get out of bed, you bang your foot. You don't have to like it. You acknowledge the fact you bang the foot and you didn't like it, but instead and you go downstairs and perhaps you kind of spill a little bit of your coffee. Nothing to Barbie. And then you think actually you know what, haven't enough sleep. I'm just going to take it easy. I'm just going to do I try and see the joy and the happiness in this day, rather than have a scenario where everything's wrong, and you feel a victim, and you know what, some days, you're going to have awful days, I'm not going to deny, and some days, you're going to have fantastic days. And you know, it's it's life, unfortunately, like, there is sometimes changes, sometimes certain, sometimes not. And there's some things that we go through, and we need help to get through. And I'm not in any stretch of imagination, trying to belittle that in any stretch of imagination. You know, some things can take a while and while to heal. But I'm just using a scenario of like, kind of everyday judgments where we kind of put it this way, what is going to help you get the most out of your day, the scenario where you bang your foot and just say, the world's against you, or the X not scenario where you've banged your foot, you don't like it, but you still gonna turn your day around, well, cause option number b is going to be better B is going to be better than a, which is going to be more antagonising today, which is what you don't want to do, you want to kind of have a better day. And the reason I showed you the example is that is how easy or difficult it can be to switch your mindset. But like everything is like, you know, you're not gonna have to do 100 pressive, straightaway, you're gonna have to build up to it with practice, the same way if you've been gone down this negative path and, and because I'm sharing this does not mean by any stretch of imagination, I have got it all nailed. I am not in by any stretch of imagination, even thinking that but I'm sharing with you the near the wisdom, which I'm applying to help me be less judgmental of myself, which is the personal interests of most, and also judging others, and also how I react to how old pupils judge me. And together, I hope these tools are going to help you get a more joyful, happy life. So the first assignment that we're all going to, I'm going to invite you to do. And if you do this assignment, I would love you to reach out and contact me via jantar, share a comment and let me know how you get on with it. And then perhaps we can do a future episode where we kind of review what people have said and go into a bit deeper, because there's always a bit more deep depth a little bit more, kind of submit more deeper that we can get through things if we kind of allow it. So that is one of the things I'd like to invite us to do. So the assignment is when you go out tomorrow, or if you can't make it tomorrow, make sure you try and do it this week and just set the thing you're going to be is if you're kind of got a little person, you're sitting on your own shoulder, like observing your day, every time we judge something every time you say something, every time we kind of come up with something that

Unknown Speaker  7:53  
isn't in your best interest isn't anyone else's best interest? It can even be like, Oh, what is why is that person we're walking so slow, like I'm gonna be late, like, Oh, what an idiot. Like, of course, you have every right to feel frustrated, if you've got to be somewhere on time, and someone's been slow. Again, I'm kind of not saying that you're not going to ever get fed up about things because that would be not human, I am instead inviting you do want to spend that day and just just observe it. And if you do, Judge, don't be hard. And don't judge yourself with judging, but just observe and just see either if you're able to write it down or make a mental note, and just, every time you're judging, see if you can find a situation of love and to turn that around. So you know, that person might be annoying you and just think, oh, that person's annoying me. You could always say Excuse me, would you mind if I get past rather than kind of just being the victim. And if you can't get past maybe that lesson is to be have a bit more patience. So there's always I always like to try and see some silver lining in every situation. Again, I do not try to pretend in any shape or form that I am perfect. And gosh, do I judge myself hard sometimes. So I'm doing this process more and more to kind of try and get out of that. And I do feel like it's helping me and that's why I'm sharing that with you today. So as we step into our warrior spirit, so I was thinking we are here to learn this is a big learning playground. Of course we learn to play but we learned to learn from our mistakes we're here to learn and grow and we step into a warrior spirit and we learn to give and receive love and we learn to judge less so what is the opposite of of judgement is acceptance. So, accepting yourself acceptance situation accepting things. So when I say except for that does not mean kind of giving up, you know, is this things you want to change listener, go for them. Put your heart and soul into it and go for it. I really feel we are not meant to be static beings, we are meant to grow and develop who we are and kind of expand through a place of love and a place of kind of growth and fantastic, general well being, you know, that's just grow, grow, grow. And sending love, and receiving love and acceptance is a fantastic thing to do. But it's very important to also maintain healthy boundaries. So healthy boundaries is accepting what you will and won't accept in life. So do you see where I'm going with this. So you're not judging what you want, you will and won't have in life, you're accepting, in a sense your ex, you know, what you won't accept, and you know, what you will accept. And if you project that clear boundary out to the world, you know, few will try and cross it. So that is a top tip for you set those boundaries know what they are, and just think, yes, I'm going to really embody this, I'm really going to kind of step into this and kind of really be in my being. And accepting the day for what it brings to you, you don't have to like the day you don't have to love the day. But if you can accept the day, you know, because see is a magical thing that's unfolding in front of you, and you know, beyond for the day, and that you might feel happy, and then someone else will start to kind of project their judgments and things onto you, you know, like people judge people by so many things on this finger some examples, by what food we eat, oh my gosh, I've never known so many judgments on weather and what people eat and what they think other people should be eating and vice versa, you know, and I don't know what clothes you wear, what a hairstyle you what job you wear, oh my gosh, oh, how much money you have all this judgement judge, Judge judge.

Unknown Speaker  12:11  
I so I find it so ironic, though, that, you know, I've heard people that have kind of stood there and pointed it maybe some thing that they don't physically like about someone else. And and to look at them, they're very physically the same. And you just think, like, why are you doing that? For even if they aren't why? Why do you? Do you feel the need to judge that person by their body shape? Or what they look like? Or what how old they are? My gosh, he was such an edge as society sometimes. Why do we have to judge people by how old they are, or by how long they've been on this planet? You know what we're all gonna get old one day. So you know, like, come on, like, just because someone's younger or older than you doesn't mean that they have got anything less valuable say than yourself. And we are always quick to judge the generation before the generation after us. And you know, we just again, we're just blaming and judging everyone else, all this that generations problems with this problem, or that generations problems, blah, blah, blah. And again, we kind of just judge and blame and point. And then if we set ourselves a goal, I really find that we can sometimes super judge ourselves that I'll give you another fictional but kind of realistic example. Just say that you kind of decided this weekend that you're going to get up early Saturday, you've been the kids say you have kids or whatever reason, you've only got this small window in the morning. But then the daily for you have a tough day at work, you don't get enough sleep. And then when the alarm goes off on a Saturday, and you're supposed to go to what is your running club, or rowing or aerobics or whatever it is that you want to do to keep fit, you can't get up. And then you have another commitment. So you get you don't get a chance to exercise. And you feeling quite groggy, tired, so you end up having something sugary, and a cup of tea and then again, you stop judging and judging and having a go at yourself. And perhaps you are trying to follow a healthy lifestyle, and it would have been beneficial to get up. But here's a way to kind of accept it and think, Well, I didn't get up today. Am I going to learn from this situation? And what can I do to enable me to get up tomorrow to do this run, perhaps tomorrow I'll be able to get enough sleep or I will make sure that there's enough time in the calendar so that if I did happen to sleep in a bit longer, I still get time to do my run. The person has has the discernment to see that maybe they didn't make the best lifestyle choice for that morning. But they're accepting it and they're kind of learning to kind of pivot into something pause. They've, instead of kind of just sitting in it and just thinking, oh, gosh, I've done this. So another scenario, you think you're having a fantastic day you've had you come back from some kind of yoga retreat, and you feel like a really high vibration. And you didn't judge the room and you go into work, and maybe they've just had a really hard week at work. And then they see you this break to beacon of light, which you should never ever dim for anyone else. Don't get me wrong. And because you're so nice and happy, as you walk out the room, you hear them, like, bitching about you wish they shouldn't have done. And it really kind of knocks you and you are this from this high spirits all the way down to feeling like, Oh, no one likes me. And don't get me wrong, that's not a nice thing to hear. And it's not a nice thing to have to go through. You can maybe you could see and a different way of accepting that, perhaps everyone's not going to be as happy with me, I'm not going to dim my light, I'm also not going to kind of push it in their face, like, I am going to not just talk about myself, I'm going to listen, but not have to take on this stuff, but equally kind of offer a bit of help and support. So like next time, if I feel top of the world or come in,

Unknown Speaker  16:17  
then people won't be like that equally. You're going to accept the fact that you are who you are, you're doing fantastic, you've been this bright beam of light. And these people don't sound like they're the people that you want to work with. And you're going to accept that's where you are for now. But perhaps you can find a different position or somewhere else or different scenarios like so it's not always easy, you know, like it takes time to find a job. Or maybe you can have a conversation, whatever you feel from a really scent present state of mind that you can offer to that situation. And we can dig deep, even deeper into this by thinking these judgments that we have, are they my judgments? Or are they one of these foreign possibilities, inherited judgments from my family line, like you know, like, Oh, you don't want to go there, because we owe this person this blah, blah, blah, where we kind of, we kind of pass that on, which is not always a positive thing, on the judgments, society judgments where everyone's been watching the same TV programme, the same news station, which which is someone's point of view. And they've decided to adopt that point of view, regardless of whether or not there's other points of views, and you don't agree with them. And you feel kind of like, oh, this is really hard. And oh, but they're stupid. And I'm clever. Because when you do that you're kind of then being the judges of them judging you. Instead, think I know what I feel in my heart, I want to believe I know what I feel in my heart is my opinion on this matter. They're entitled to their opinion, I will accept them as they will accept mine, but it's okay to have a healthy debate. If it feels that it is going to help that person but equally, I accept that is not my job to try and change them, I also accept that I might not be right in their eyes, you know, so there's all these different kind of ways that we can make a spin. So basically, what we're doing is we're spinning situations into a sense of acceptance, which may be what we need to kind of then grow and go in a different direction to whatever that scenario is. So, I want to say this again, acceptance is not about giving up, it is not about kind of not having any kind of fight in life, that is not an acceptance is acceptance is is accepting the situation. And then from a very present kind of balanced state of mind, you can then go forth and make your decision on what to do next. So this is assignment where you go out for the day, and you listen to everything you are doing, and every time you judge and then kind of make a note of it. Now it sounds quite idealistic and quite simple. And then many ways it is but in many ways it isn't. Because we're so programmed or rather we go on so many times on autopilot, that we are kind of trying to change the neural pathways this learned behaviour into something more positive, which will take time. So I really want to stick this again, don't stop judging yourself for judging or forgetting to not judge but just every time you are present and realising what's happening. That is progression, equally every time that you feel less reactive to other people judging you except but not liking. And then from a balanced situation, deciding how to deal with that, that is another step up on your road to becoming less judging, feeling less judgement on and receiving less judgement. So let's do it right. So we'll all have a good day. And I really want to hear back from people. So I'll say this again, please contact me via gente And let me know how you get on with that. And as you accept, maybe think of ways you can set those healthy boundaries, like, maybe you will, you are not willing to accept working in a working condition where, where people are nice to your face. And when you walk out the door, they're bitching, because no one wants to be in that situation, do they? That's not what makes the world tick. Or rather that no one has been in that situation. So what are you willing and not willing to accept? And are you willing to accept that if you want to change the situation? They it might take a bit of time, but are you willing to kind of accept and put in the boundaries of what you can put in during that situation? How can you change him. So I'm super excited and eager to hear how you get on with this. So

Unknown Speaker  21:15  
please let me know. As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show, top tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice strip back. Always know sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you. You sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begging can you do one? Learn to grow on the inner journey? Deep, deep, deep inside your being? What makes you tick? What brings you to life? What brings you joy into your life? How can you learn to be free? How can you learn how to glow? How do you know what to do? Stop judging. Stop judging. Stop judging. Stop the judgement except the moment whilst you healthfully maintain your boundaries. How to do that. As you inhale this next breath, inhale a judgement that you may have had today. Just think of the first judgement that comes into your mind any judgement. Exhale, let that go with acceptance. Inhale. What was the cause of that judgement? The first word that pops into your mind. Exhale, let that go of acceptance. Inhale. When was the last time you felt bad for judging. Exhale, accept that situation. Inhale. What do you think was a valuable life lesson from that situation? Exhale, accept that life lesson. Inhale, how can you bring a silver lining to that situation? Exhale, let go and accept. Inhale. How can you learn to remember daily to judge a little less? Exhale, accept and let it go. Inhale How can you invoke your inner warrior spirit. Exhale, accept and let it go. Inhale How can you receive love more deeply? Exhale and let it go. Inhale How can you learn to judge a little less? how well you're doing this meditation or not. Exhale, accept and let it go. Inhale what is the most healthy boundary that you can put in place today? Exhale, accept and let it go. Inhale. Why are you such an amazing, unique person. Exhale, accept the compliment and let go of anything that's blocking you from receiving it. It inhale, what's the nicest thing that anyone's ever said to you? Exhale, accept that and let it go. Inhale, what's something negative that someone said to you? Exhale, take that out of your being as you accept and let it go. Knowing that you don't accept the boundary. Inhale, what amazing positive word can you bring into your mind? Every time you feel a little bit off your path. Exhale, accept that wisdom and let any fears go. Inhale, how can you go about the rest of your day and night, evening excetera. Whatever time you listen to this podcast. with ease. Exhale, accept and come back into the room. Take a nice deep inhalation, come back into the moment exhale, come back into the room. And dear listener, if you would like a personalised recording meditation, if there's something specific that you are wanting to work through, please reach out and we'll be able to record you a personalised meditation.

Unknown Speaker  26:11  
Also if you want to do some long distance energy healing work, then also contact us via the gentle yoga

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