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July 13, 2022

Summertime Inspiration From Previous Guests To Uplift

Summertime Inspiration From Previous Guests To Uplift

A spontaneous episode remembering the wisdom of some of guests and how we can tap into that summertime magic no matter what time of year it is.  Think energy, inspiration, adventure, quests and all things joyful.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello and welcome to the gentle yoga warrior summertime special. So I am so joyful that you have chosen to join me today in what can only be described as the summer Bonanza extravaganza. Okay, so I may sound a bit jovial today, but it's because it is the height of summer as I record this, fully aware that elsewhere in the world, I know I have an international audience that may be coming into your winter. so hear me out just because it's not summertime where you're listening doesn't mean you can't tap into the summer essence. And same thing can happen when you're in the middle of winter and it's too cold, you listen to the summer essence. Or rather, the same thing can happen when you're in summer and it's too hot, maybe you want to tap More into the winter essence. But I really believe that we're all connected, there is no division. Other seasons are also part of our being of who we are. And I wanted to really sell post a summertime Special Edition. To kind of just have a little bit of recap, I've had so many amazing guests. I can only do a few for this particular recap. And every each and every guest was amazing. So summer, what does summer essence mean to you? To me it feels a deeper connection with people. Sometimes we spend the time of our loved ones a time to kind of be and kind of have a guilt free appreciation of just being in the moment and just being joyful and fantastically up lifted into one's Bing. And yeah, it's kind of just cutting into that essence of joy, joy, joy. Summer, to me is like the heavens shining a booster have added love added zest, add a vibrance as we kind of do things at this time of year that we don't necessarily do it other time of year. And what I would maybe taste you to do is candy sometimes bring this summertime magic that you're having now into other seasons, so that we don't get so stagnant and set in our ways, which I always think is not so much a good thing. So what can you do? Here's some examples. Make a completely, utterly brand new dish that you have never made before in your life. And try something new, something that's vibrant. And when I think of like food and vibrant and new things to eat, I think of the amazing guests that we had on the show, which was a wonderful Lynne Borman who is the most glam grandma you'll ever meet. And she was so kind, she lives in California. And she got up early one day to have a wonderful conversation. And if anyone knows me, I'm not a baker. I don't really kind of cook that many. I'm not really that adventurous. In my cooking. I like healthy food. But I'm not that adventurous in my cooking. But her wonderful book breakfasts or brownies was inspired by her own health issues and how she turned them around. And

Unknown Speaker  3:35  
it's a cookbook for diabetics of people who love them. And I love the fact she put that because I'm not diabetic, but I want to cook the food out of this. And I met her donors, and they were absolutely fantastic. It also made me wonder about Apple cakes, which again, are things that I don't normally make and it kind of I felt like sense of accomplishment by pushing myself outside my comfort zone but also feeling good that the fact that the recipes in there were healthy and things that were going to nurture my being rather than kind of take me on a path of eating things that aren't so good for me. So that is a way to kind of bring that summertime magic is to kind of bring and cook something completely new. But do listen to the episode that was released on the third of December called reversing chronic disease through eating well. And also if you look at the show notes on that you'll find Lynne's contact details if you want to explore that way of cooking even more, but the food is delicious. That's what I liked about it. And it kind of made me feel really kind of like uplifted and this is nice. This is nurturing. And that California sun where Lynn lives is fantastic. And then I was thinking, what else does summer mean to me and I thought joy, like joy isn't a real key component of summer. And how can I bring more of that joy into my life and then it got me thinking about when I had them mazing fantastic DJI expert Kim McIntyre. And Kim was on my episode on the fourth of February 2022, called rediscover your more joyful self once again. And Kim's face was like the summer sun as she shined. And she was just so uplifting, and she's a certified joyful living teacher. And yeah, she just kind of had this colossal power of laughter and joy in helping people feel more vibrant and jubilant. And finding our life force and that kind of playful child that's within us. And I find that summer we give ourselves permission to be more joyful and playful. But again, this is about bringing the summer essence into all seasons. And I just think, really worth checking out and listen to the discussions that Kim and myself had on what is joy, do checkout, rediscover your more joyful self, once again. And joy is one of the key components of summer. And having that sense of a venture and that sense of kind of wanting to kind of explore. And then I was thinking back to when I had the wonderful nomadic traveller, Paul Trammell, and Paul, as kind of captured that way of being kind of in that summer magic all the time, in many ways because he lives on a boat, he travels around the world and he's an offer so he used to drink too much and then he stopped doing that and he saved the money from that to then do a sailing course he then learned how to drive a boat or is it steer a boat, please excuse my terminology, pilot a boat. And he travels the world writing both books that are self help and and inspiring to people but also inspiring fiction as well. And he was in my it for November 2021 episode about leaving society and chasing your dreams. And I think he was somewhere like Panama at the time when we had had this interview. But he travelled, he's travelled over 1000 miles by himself, he lives a very nomadic lifestyle and kind of if anyone's caption, that's summer essence, how is a totally say that it was him for sure. Like kind of the way he's living and embarking on his life to kind of have that way of creating and being in this adventure, which is so that we so often to forget to have as we get older, and kind of we lose that sense of ourselves. And then what one of my favourite episodes was on the fourth of January 2022. And it was entitled, How to help build a better life to life to like helping other people. Having trained his teacher, she's a real believer in education and helping others but you can't help but want to help more people when you listen to this episode and,

Unknown Speaker  8:08  
and have like more kind of compassion to yourself and to others because she was demyan was a teacher for 14 years before she decided to change to creative technology. But that hasn't stopped her from visiting loads of countries helping other people. And her intention for herself and others is for each of us to be able to build the life that we want. So I've really advise you to kind of check out that episode with Demi and she was fantastic. And again, another lady that helps people was Veronique bubble, and she is running across Africa to raise money so that everyone can have the right to clean drinking water. And what I found fascinating about Monique is she smiles like it is the height of summer all the time she when I interviewed her I've never felt such warmth and joy from a person who call heartedly changed her life through running and runs across the world in in a way to kind of raise awareness and help others and she embodies wisdom and shines like the brightest summer day. So if you want to know more about that do check out my episode on the 18th of December how to develop your mental strength and peak performance spiritually. And you'll see about Veronique and how she managed to bring that summertime magic. Now I've had so many amazing guests on the show who've inspired a sense of warmth, a sense of joy, a sense of transformation that I could go on forever and ever how ever however, it is now time for the summer inspired meditate Session, which will help you to bring that summer time magic into your everyday life. So just stay tuned as the intro for the meditation as always, and then we'll get into the heart of the meditation. As promised, here is your meditation, inspired by today's show Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice strip back. Always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with the back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration, all you need to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begin warm summer nights, mornings, which make you want to get out of bed and explore. Explore the world and kind of find that walk for magic. So how can you bring that magic into your everyday world? Why? Close your eyes? Dear one, and just imagine you're in your most favourite summer time plays? Summertime magic summertime grace? What is your ideal summer setting for you? And in your imagination? Let's make that come true. What does it taste like? What does it smell? What does it compel you to do? B and C? What qualities does it uplift in you that you can uplift to the rest of the world. That's sense of adventure, that sense of being that we sometimes lose through the stresses and strains of life through putting conditions on a how it can be before we start to allow that magic to be free. But I'm saying to you, dear meditator, as you sit and listen to this meditation, that capacity, that ability to find that rich, fresh magic of summer time is within you at all times. So don't get hung up of action and having to do do do Summertime is about going with the flow, finding the fun allowing things to unfold without a long list of tasks of things that you think I should should do. Instead, think with your heart and feel what it feels right to do today.

Unknown Speaker  12:45  
How can I change just one small component in a more flowy and magical way? How can I be that person who I wished to be without thinking I should have done this or should have done that. Instead, allow myself to grow, allow life to flow, allow myself to be free, allow life to set me free as they unfold boldly, but kind of lead back and summertime heat. Find the way to boldly go where you've wished to go but don't think you can but remember, you do that but with wisdom, applied wisdom and a little bit of going with the flow not so that you're like a kite blown in the air without a piece of string. Of course you're still anchored in the present, but allow things to be more floaty with a sense of groundedness at the same time in the summertime paradise wherever you are. What is the essence that your imagination is telling you which will take you far is it to relax more is it to plan but is it always always in this summertime magic, sense of flow. Let go of the hard hard hitting action instead, allow this magical, mystical warming golden flow. So slowly start to come back into the moment come back into the room. And as you do so just allow this summertime magic to be with you wherever you are. And go back into your day slowly and calmly. And remember, with daily meditation, it helps you go for and if you'd like a personalised meditation record is specially for you. Check out my shop on the gentle Yo Thank you for listening, do one. Enjoy, enjoy, enjoy, and have a wonderful summer break. And if I don't speak to you before, speak to you again soon. And you can always listen to my podcast from the beach or from have some peace and quiet in your room. For now that's over and out. Enjoy your day. Have fun. And remember to have that sense of play.

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