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March 23, 2022

Supernatural Encounters with Jesus, God, And The Holy Spirit

Supernatural Encounters with Jesus, God, And The Holy Spirit
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Please welcome today… Author Joshua Marcengill, who is the founder of Abundant Encounters. Joshua has hadSupernatural Encounters with Jesus.I was intrigued to speak with Joshua today as he must be our first guest to have had a supernatural encounter with Jesus that I have met.

Our Podcast, as some of you know, likes to interview people from a broad range of spiritual beliefs and experiences and today’s conversation I feel will open the door for those on a similar path to Joshua.

On Joshua’s website Abundant counters, it reads that Joshua and his wife Mary offer the following services, which Joshua will share a bit more of later in the Podcast:

 ‘All of our services are designed to help support your personal journey into many real adventures with the reality of God in your life. '

Joshua was an atheist until he had an Encounter  and he speaks openly about his struggles and his transformation.  A genuine and inspiring person who is here to help others on their journey.

Joshua's Website

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Hello, everybody. I'm your host, the gentle yoga warrior. And today is going to be eye opening. We have an interesting guests on the show today who is going to inspire you. I'm sure these welcome today Author Joshua Marcengill , who is the founder of abundant encounters. Joshua has had supernatural encounters with Jesus, as intrigued to speak to Joshua today, as he must be my first guest that I have spoken with who has had supernatural encounters with Jesus. And I'm very intrigued to find out what that entails. On our podcast as some of you know like to interview people from a broad range of spiritual beliefs and experiences and today's conversation I feel will open the door. For those on a similar path to Joshua on Joshua's website abundant encounters. It reads that Joshua and his wife Mary, offer the following services which Joshua will share a bit more later in the podcast. All our services are designed to help support your personal journey into many real adventures through the reality of God in your life. Our services include one to one counselling and coaching, as well as team training and mission preparations to help your teams harness the power of healthy encounter culture. As you invest more into the practice of encounters, you will cultivate a lifestyle that will help you encourage God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit more often in your day to day life. God is not short on encounters, my friends, he is good. He loves you. And there's always more for so without further ado, join us from Selma, Alabama, USA. Please welcome Joshua Masson girl. Hello, Joshua, welcome to the show. Hi, thanks, Jane. Thanks so much for having me. I really appreciate you taking the time to speak to us today. So today, dear listeners, we're going to talk about supernatural encounters with Jesus God and the Holy Spirit. Since this is a new ish subject to me, I'm going to go straight into the interview with Joshua. Though I have seen Jesus and meditations, I'm gonna go straight over to Joshua, he has the wisdom to explain more on counters, etc. So Joshua, could you please speak to us today about encounters? And can you explain what encounter is and how it came to happen in your life? Yeah. So, you know, the good news, I guess, is, you know, God is actually real.

Unknown Speaker  2:26  
So, you know, I'm just happy to share that part. I was an atheist, when I was 27. And pretty happy. I mean, not happy, but just kind of in a discouraged way, I was, you know, just frustrated with my life in those kind of things, and wasn't really looking for an encounter, but had a pretty radical experience with something I would call an open vision. And in that vision, long story short, I saw Jesus kind of like you did in your meditation. And,

Unknown Speaker  3:02  
and when I saw Jesus, it really changed everything. For me, just because there was some, some something that was hard to explain, there was kindness in his eyes, and I was like, Oh, I know nothing about you. Actually, everything I've heard from the church or whatever, it seems to be very, very off compared to what I'm looking at right now. And, and so, you know, I, I struggled with the idea that maybe I had, like some kind of schizophrenia, because I mean, just to describe the experience and an open vision, it's almost like, it's like a dream a little bit. But separate, you're fully awake and looking. And the thing that I think is an interesting and inspiring as it as I was experiencing, and I could, I could focus on the vision, or I could focus on what I was doing, which I was actually jogging at the time.

Unknown Speaker  3:52  
So I could, I could look at my surrounding, in what I call the natural or I could look into this spiritual reality that seemed to be real and happening without my you know, without me trying to contribute to it or force anything. It's just and so that all was very shocking to someone that believed that God wasn't real.

Unknown Speaker  4:15  
And imagine and yeah, if you were an atheist, and then you drug jogging, then you said especially and I can understand why you might might have fought that. But what a powerful thing to see. And wow, very lucky as well, to see such a thing. I must have been quite a shock. But also, as I guess you couldn't really explain it when you first saw it. I guess. Not. I did not have a language for it. I didn't have a box for it. You know, I had a job that I was working 70 hours a week and man, you know, my life was like consumed by so many other things. And I was like, what is really this? And I mean, but you know, just to kind of paint the picture. I did. I grew up and had, you know, just a lot of hard stuff that really worked at my heart, creating a lot

Unknown Speaker  5:00  
hardness in my life and looking back, that stuff's easy to see. And, for me, you know, atheism wasn't a helpful thing, it was something I was doing kind of to defend myself it was. And, you know, not saying that's true for everyone, but for me, it really was, I really had a hard time and lost my dad to suicide lost my brother to suicide later on. And, and was really feeling like, if there was a God, he was probably pretty mean and didn't want to be around me or didn't want anything to do with me. And so this vision was pretty epic in the this, you know, just sudden, like, shift and understanding that I think Jesus actually likes me, like, he doesn't even just love me, like, he actually likes me. And, and, you know, he sees something in me that I'm not seeing at all. So that kind of brought me into what is a lot of Christians call it a relationship with Jesus. And, you know, he had this whole thing planned out, it was pretty amazing. Like, the next couple of weeks, you know, I ended up at a church didn't even hadn't been in a church since I was nine years old. So it was like, I had no idea what was going on in the worship. You know, I didn't know what, you know, they were playing music. And it was it was very simple. And I was a musician. So I was like, trying to figure out what do these guys do? It was just such a funny experience for me. But then the guy got up there. And he talked about relationship with Jesus, which I'd never heard of Christian talk about that for. And so it was like, I had been set up as like, okay, like, you really wanted me to understand something here, you know, like, you're really trying to speak to me directly. And that, that kind of changed everything for me and set me on a path that ended up being more and more encounters.

Unknown Speaker  6:48  
You know, one of your other questions about what is an encounter? To me, I would say, yes, an open vision is a is an awesome count encounter. That's a dramatic experience. I think there are plenty of those. But there's also little things that I that at this point, I realised really matter. As I began to have encounters with God, I realised that I'd had them before, like, all my life and different little ways, even when I was a kid. So in a counter to me, I just define it as any moment where you just absolutely know that God is real, like, there's no, there's no good explanation. So it could be subjective, you know, but it can be objective as well, like some people have like healing experiences, and those kind of all of the everything counts, you know, I want to lower the bar, not raise it, you know, because, you know, God is, is active in our in our lives. And when we're able to kind of just entertain that idea, then we start to cultivate a deeper relationship with Him, which is awesome.

Unknown Speaker  7:45  
That's so beautiful. And I can feel that as you speak, it's from the heart.

Unknown Speaker  7:50  
So I really admire your bravery in your book to kind of share these difficult experiences that you had as a child, and I lost a friend myself to suicide. So I kind of I can totally empathise and to lose close family members like that. I really appreciate that you're honest in the book, and I'm sure I read as well as well, which I'll put a link to it. We'll talk about it a bit further in the podcast. But the way you say it can be different things, because I guess it could be it could be personal to different people and in different ways. Do you think I'm just listened to as we speak now, you said you had you had accounted for when you were younger?

Unknown Speaker  8:29  
Just I'm just wondering, do you think you may have like kind of blocked them out? Or kind of like kind of denied them a bit just to kind of as a coping mechanism? Until Do you were ready to have them? Oh, yeah, all of the above, I think, you know, I remember my first like, encounter, I don't know if the Lord reminded me of it, or how I remembered it. But I mean, I was six years old, and don't have a lot of memories from back then. But I don't know if it was my first one or anything like that. But I just remember my mom who's a Baptist and super sweet lady, she's just wonderful. She, she was teaching me how to pray. And she said, You know, when you pray, you have to like, name every single person and all this stuff. And as a six year old, I just felt very overwhelmed. I was like, Oh my gosh, that is a lot of work. I don't even remember people's names very well. And anyway, so I was just getting overwhelmed and anxious from that idea. And I didn't know it in but the Holy Spirit spoke inside of me and, and basically just said, he gave me like this funny little, he's funny, he's fun. I'm just telling you, like he is he's a good guy. And I've loved sharing my life with them. But in this this time, he he made me laugh because he said, Why don't you just say God bless everybody in the world. And I was like, so it made me laugh because I was like, Can I do that? You know?

Unknown Speaker  9:54  
But I love just like, you know, I mean, especially looking back knowing that Oh, wow, that was really that

Unknown Speaker  10:00  
Holy Spirit, like try using utilising his like kindness to reach me, and helped me like feel like, you know, I didn't have to just live in that anxious way. And it wasn't like to, you know, dishonour my mom or anything like that. I think in that that sense, he really loved what she was saying. And but you know, he just wanted to make it so that I could manage it personally. So I love that he just cared about me in that little my little six year old year old situation there, you know? Oh, that's a lovely story. And yeah, to bless everyone, it was a, it was a simple solution. But also, I kind of like open the door bit to you, because like you said, trying to remember everyone's name. And things could be overwhelming for a child who definitely, as an adult, I sometimes forget people's names as well. So I can, I can relate to that. Definitely. And we did have a previous guests on the show, Richard Lewis, and he did this wonderful book about centering prayer, where you kind of like sit, and he sits like three times a day for about 20 minutes and kind of completely be in the present moment. And that's his way of accessing his connection with God. And I can really relate to that, too. The reason I'm bringing this up is my question is when you were jogging? To me that's kind of form of mindfulness, and you kind of really in the present, do you think that helped you access your connection with Jesus and God in the Holy Spirit? By being kind of more present? Or? Or do you think that was a factor? No, I agree. Yeah, beautiful, brilliant way of putting that, and I do, I do feel like meditation is critically important to the Christian life to all of our lives.

Unknown Speaker  11:42  
And, you know, so I love the title, his podcast and everything, I'm, it's just so realistic, we need that our world is crazy.

Unknown Speaker  11:51  
So much going on, you know, and if we don't make time to just kind of be silent, and, and hear and all that kind of stuff, and it's, you know, anxiety and stuff like that gets over overtop of us, and,

Unknown Speaker  12:05  
and so are at least in my experience, but But yes, I do. Practice and it's funny, like all the all of my experiences that I began to have with the Lord, you know, they they made they kind of, they taught me Christianity, so I kind of have my own denomination in a way, you know, I mean, that's scary for Christians to think about. But you know, I mean, I'm not going off with someone else's faith. It's like, this isn't my pastors faith. This isn't my parents faith. It's my experiences with the real God I love the ology. I love reading about, you know, other people's ideas of God, and I love you know, all of that. But I love that God is so personal that he would teach me. And so, you know, in what he's taught me, of course, I just end up with this desire to like, Please, Lord, let me give this to other people. And so I even do a podcast that I think a lot of people use for yoga, I've had some people contact me and, and so I'll walk people through just like some questions kind of like the contemporary contemplative prayer, I love those models. And you just, you know, you try to centre yourself and, and, and through different questions that will kind of disarm yourself and allow you to be open to you know, Jesus, Holy Spirit and Father God. And so, I walk people through that, you know, in our lives, we have so many things that happen to us. And a lot of times we can kind of put those on to God. So like, for example, if we had a terrible experience with our earthly dad, then in some ways it might limit our ability to perceive who Father God is, you know, so if if He's our father, then is he like my dad, you know, because my dad wasn't that great? Or something like that, you know, so I mean, it might be important to kind of release your your own dad like through forgiveness and are through you know, just kind of working out like what am I believing about? My my dad that wouldn't help me with my relationship with God and some of that stuff can be kind of complicated and really, you would want to find a counsellor for but you know, just the easy on the surface kind of stuff is the kind of thing that that I try to do in that podcast.

Unknown Speaker  14:30  
Well, I'm what's your podcast called Joshua, for the sake of our listeners, so we can tune into it. It's abundant encounters and it's meditative. There's a you know, the light music in the background. Faith comes by hearing and hearing by the Word of God. So we read some scriptures and and then go into an activation so it's not just talk, it's also like, you know, go ahead and experience God based on what you just heard kind of thing.

Unknown Speaker  14:56  
Oh, brilliant. Okay, I'll, I'll also put a link in the show notes so people can

Unknown Speaker  15:00  
access that Can you talk us through and encounter? And how to experience when I'm not? That's everyone's gonna have a different experience as a guest. But is there any way that you could explain or talk us through one? If you wouldn't mind? I don't mind at all.

Unknown Speaker  15:16  
I think, you know,

Unknown Speaker  15:19  
so any moment you have where you know that God is real is a real encounter, but there's some awesome like invitations in the scriptures, there's a Lawson's three,

Unknown Speaker  15:31  
one has a really cool invitation that I believe leads to an encounter.

Unknown Speaker  15:37  
And I could just kind of read through this,

Unknown Speaker  15:40  
take that long. So Christ resurrection is your resurrection to these are like for me, you know, very specifically for Christians and I, I get that, you know, it's like, this surrendering approach to Christ. This is why we are to yearn for all that is above four, that's where Christ sits in throne at the place of all power, honour and authority. So in that you are seated in heavenly places, that's a crazy reality, like, so you're in two places at one time, you know, and, and that's hard to understand, but, but it is what the scripture says. So it says, In the second verse here, it says, Yes, feast on all the treasures of the heavenly realm, and fill your thoughts with heavenly realities, and not with the distractions of the natural realm. And so there's this invitation there to, to basically practice your, your seated position in heavenly places now.

Unknown Speaker  16:39  
So and, and even, it's pulling out, like the importance of that, like, in your everyday life, and you're so so, you know, in just reading in that scripture, you can kind of imagine yourself in heavenly places, maybe you've heard about having a little bit, maybe it's like, you know, you've got the elders around the throne, or something, you've got the sea of glass,

Unknown Speaker  17:03  
whatever you're picturing is going to be relevant to your personal experience with it, and you picture all that and just kind of take your time and engage with it be present, don't you know, you're not trying to accomplish something, you're just trying to be there. And, and so, in that, you know, you're utilising your imagination, which is something that God actually created. So it's super, you know, I mean, it's, it's very available for such a process as this. In so just processing with it, you can actually begin to ask questions, because God loves questions. And, and then you can, you can listen to what you're hearing, and there are different ways that you can discern whether it's actually real or not, you know, you can actually, you know, filter it through the scriptures. Does it sound like something God would say? Or you can, you can actually, if you feel like it's very directional, or there's something so specific, as something bad, that just feels confusing, or something like that, sometimes you can just easily flush it and be like,

Unknown Speaker  18:05  
I wasn't, I don't know what I just experienced, but there wasn't a lot the Lord, you know, but sometimes you can kind of, you know, take it another step and just, you know, ask a friend, ask a family member, hey, this is what I felt I had this, you know, I was doing this meditation, and I felt like, this is what I heard the Lord say to me, and, you know, and just kind of get some accountability around you for that purpose just to weigh it out. And you know, people like, yeah, that makes a lot of sense. I would, you know, I could see God saying that to you, then maybe you're getting a real directional word, which is exciting, but can be complicated. And that's not all. God says, a lot of times, and this is a question I use often in the show, I'll say, you know,

Unknown Speaker  18:47  
because it's a centering question. I mean, it just gets you there. It puts you right there with with the Lord and you say, you know, farther guide, how do you feel about me? You know, feel is very specific. And just like, it's not like, hey, what do you think about me, which is different? Because it would be like, well, this definitive, you know, list of things that I think about you, but and feel, aspect can just kind of get you emotionally engaged. So is your soul, your spirit? Everything's trying to, you know, not compartmentalise, but on the same place at the same time, like, and you're listening. And I mean, you know, some people get massive, you know, breakthroughs and moments and encounters with God, even just asking that question, like, how do you feel about me? And, you know, just for example, a lot of people had the experience where God says, I love you or, you know, you're wonderful or like, and, you know, of course, those things do line up with Scripture. God had a massive value for each of us because he, he chose to send His Son Jesus to die on a cross. You know, I mean, like, the sacrifice involved in that is so crazy to think about, but it was because he had a massive value

Unknown Speaker  20:00  
for you, so he bankrupted heaven, just so he could get to us. You know, that's those things like, so it does line up with scripture. So if you're hearing that you can write it down on your mirror, and you can rehearse it, like, I am wonderful I am, you know, I am loved by Him and all those kinds of things, and you can, you can walk that, that out, like, you can wake up in the morning and not feel like, you know, maybe you're having a hard time you're feeling like you're a piece of dirt, or you're not very valuable or something like that, if you hear that from God, that's gonna change that immediately. And hearing it from God, instead of like, a minister or something like that is so powerful, I mean, because our it can be, you know, it's our choice, you know, we put our values where we want them. But if we choose to value that, you know, I mean, it's just amazing, because it's going to draw us deeper into a relationship that is full of peace, full of love, full of joy, that's, that's what happened, what happened hast offer, I mean, so you know, I mean, even practically, for the business man or some, something like that, you know, you go into a business meeting, and everybody's freaking out about the, you know, whatever current events are going on. And you're sitting there with tremendous peace, because you just spent some time with the Lord that morning, asking him how he felt about you, then those things can be very practical, and you know, whose advice is going to be really valuable in that room, probably the one that's sitting there in peace and not stressed out about the situation.

Unknown Speaker  21:27  
And so, you know, there's some really practical, you know, advantages to just spending more time with, with God and being meditative, being present, and allowing God to have a voice and that one last thing, but the Scriptures say a lot that My sheep hear my voice. So it is not weird to hear from God. In fact, it's weird not hear from God. You know, you gotta be crazy if you're not hearing voices, you know. So, but so he wants to speak to us, I've had a lot of wonderful moments where he's spoken internally. And, you know, some people have the audible experiences and all that kind of stuff. And that's amazing. Like, there's no cap there, you know, there's like, what, whatever God wants to do with us, we just, we can, we can decide that we want to value it and allow it. Oh, I really feel what you're saying. And also to kind of hear God, we have, I feel, got to be quiet, or kind of learn to kind of control that excessive chatter that we have in in our mind. And if we got a limiting belief, that's that we aren't lovable, it could be any number of things, I can see how that could have an impact on someone, if they've taken the time to sit quietly and connect with God, and then they hear something positive, it could really change someone's life around and for the better. It's,

Unknown Speaker  22:51  
I think, especially nowadays, we just have so many distractions that are kind of taken us from being with ourselves, the Holy Spirit is

Unknown Speaker  23:01  
another description could be a higher self. Is that a fair assumption? It's kind of the Oh, is that the same thing? The Higher Self, the Holy Spirit's, I think, you know, semantics to me, I think it gets in the way so many times, and if that is really the true definition that you feel connection to, with the Lord, then he leads us in Altru. So we don't we have zero to worry about, it's really not on us to figure all this stuff out. So if I Love You know, I've got friends that are Buddhist and things like that, and we're not like, you know, at odds with each other. And I'm so thankful, you know, for the maturity and that, you know, we've got enough division in our world, there's more that connects us in unites us than divides us. You know, I mean, for me, personally, you know, I can no longer be an atheist, I can no longer believe that God is not real, because I've had these experiences that have just basically told me otherwise. But that doesn't mean I'm offended by atheist, like, I can't even actually appreciate who they are and what they're after. And those kinds of things. And sometimes I can see the pain in them that I had in me and I can I can speak into that, you know, too, because I'm not trying to look for ways that we are different. I'm trying to look for, you know, things that that connect us that that to me feels like, ministry is love, you know, I would love the hell out of anyone that will let me you know what I mean? Like, I mean, cuz hell isn't fun for anyone I don't you know, and I think like, obviously, there's the idea that there's this eternal damnation, but I feel like hell is available within our lives to theirs. You know, I mean, we can have some pretty rotten experiences.

Unknown Speaker  24:35  
And, you know, being someone that has dealt and dealt with a lot of suicidal thoughts and ideations and stuff like that, personally, like I've experienced some pretty dark places, you know, I've suffered with addictions that I that had more control over me than I had over them and those kinds of things and some of that stuff is just so difficult and so hard that you know, we need we need a

Unknown Speaker  25:00  
a constant supply from somewhere. And I really do believe that heaven is offering that. So anyway that I can help someone connect to that, like, heaven isn't short on encounters, but it's not, it's not short on peace

Unknown Speaker  25:13  
in Jesus principes, so there's not a shortage on peace, it's just how much we want to receive. So when it doesn't matter how many times we're getting hit with these anxious situations, or really difficult things that we will experience and what the Bible calls up fallen world, like, you know, when, when we experienced those things, there's a real guy that cares about us in those situations, and will give us kind of, like a deposit, you know, a peace or joy or, you know, enjoy Come on. Like, who doesn't want more joy, like seriously, like, you know, I'm definitely not talking about the lemon face, you know, Christianna, where everybody's mad about stuff all the time. Like, thank God, you know, the reality of God is that he's wonderfully created us, He cares about us, he's, he's to 1/3 of Heavens, righteousness, peace and joy, according to the Scriptures. 1/3 of Heaven is joy, it's righteousness, peace and joy, it's his righteousness, not ours. So there's just so much coming from him that towards us that is available, it's like, here have have some abundance, you know, have some, you know, have a life that isn't just constantly not enough for either you or for whoever else, you know, like, experience life in a way that is, you know, just like you're an ambassador from another location like heaven is you're, you're seated there, you're present here, but you're an ambassador, this, you know, you're carrying this into the into the world that you're in, instead of like a lack of or whatever. Wonderful, wonderful. To me, God is love. And what you're saying is about connection and love. I'm really intrigued to know what forgive my pronunciation, it's Susan counselling, what is Susan

Unknown Speaker  27:06  
was pronounced, those are really close. Thank you. So is a Greek word. So you know, good luck.

Unknown Speaker  27:13  
But, but soza is a Greek word, that means all three saved, healed, delivered. And it's really important. We see it in the Scriptures a lot when there's a salvation or something like that. But it's actually three things. So it's saved, healed physically, or spiritually or emotionally, and delivered from, you know, like oppression from, you know, bad forces or demonic forces or anything like that, you know. So there's those three things that are that are present in that. And I believe that encounters with the Lord. Just like in the scriptures, when we really encounter God, like he says, Those see gives us total salvation, like, not, not just a part of salvation, it's not a Get Out of Jail Free card, or our people say that or something like that. It's, it's a, it's like total salvation. And so a lot of times, it does take this in my counselling sessions, and I'm a lay counsellor, but in my counselling sessions, I really facilitate those prayers with people so that they can hear from God and I helped him through that. And I love it if people haven't had an encounter or something like that, or they just haven't had an experience with God in a really long time. You know, a lot of people though, the first and last experience they have is at salvation, especially with Christians, you know, so they'll have the salvation experience, they'll accept Jesus into their heart. And, and those things are, that's amazing, like, but that's not all there is. And so, you know, I don't want people to feel like this Christian experience is, is like this trap and to this desert, you know, is this so you just have to, like, you know, God is he's so good to us. And He wants us to, you know, he actually did the desert season for us, like he gave us that. He, he went into the desert himself and suffered through that. So there's, you know, it's not necessary for us to have to redo what he did. You know, he, he did it so good. I mean, if we're in a desert season, or you're in a desert season, then you you you may need a soza you may need to get those experiences back because there's a lot of Christians out there that use that language. I'm in a desert seats and I'm, you know, and I'm like, why don't you get into a desert season? I'm not trying to advance insensitive, but add an S to that, you know, because there's too much goodness. Available for the for a Christian, a child of God. You know, that's what the Bible says, We're sons and daughters like we are, you know, he is our Father like that's, you know, we're not begging our dad for something like he wants us to have our inheritance he paid for it like so. Anyway, it's to me

Unknown Speaker  30:00  
I'm just like, if there's so much more than I want, I want other people to, you know, have access to that, at one point in my, in my walk, I guess, or, you know, my journey.

Unknown Speaker  30:12  
Like, I felt like the Lord actually spoke to me and I was at a service. And speaking at a service and at the end of the service, I didn't even get to share it with anyone. I felt like he said to me, like, Josh, you can give that away. And I, I knew what he meant he, you know, it was like, the whole phrase, you can get that away was like pregnant with this whole other thing. And it was, and that was, you know, encounters like I had had so many encounters, I had learned to appreciate encounters, I had learned to steward and, you know, collect them kind of like people do with like gratitude, they want increase in gratitude, and they write down what they're grateful for, I was having all these little experiences with God, where I was like, Oh, that definitely happened. Like, I avoided that car crash then or, you know, or any, anything that like, really showed me that God was really there and, you know, made me feel that way, I would just write it down, whether it was subjective or objective. And, in, in that process, I started to realise, like, wow, there's, I can do a lot more of this.

Unknown Speaker  31:15  
So at this point, that's why I wrote the book, that's why I do the podcast, I'm not trying to make any money or, you know, thrive in my, you know, in my ability to minister get my name real big, or something like that. I just really, really care about people. That wasn't the experiences that I've had, you know, if I can give it to you, I want to be a part of that I want, you know, in any way that I can a facilitator. Wow, it sounds like what you do is have integrity, and it's from the heart. And it's kind of what you need to do. Like you said, you're not doing it to kind of be Big Shot, you're doing it, you're doing it from the heart. And I was one read about about 50% of your book earlier today. From what I understand, make sure I understand this, right. Sometimes you said that you can kind of like, because I've had something similar, it can sometimes feel like, like her goal, kind of, because I have that and I can't actually see anything back sometimes feel that there's

Unknown Speaker  32:10  
close and it doesn't feel bad, it feels like good. So I guess that could be cut classes, something God?

Unknown Speaker  32:18  
Definitely, I think I could that can totally be the Lord especially, I mean, you can kind of identify, you know, like, some of what the Lord has, because of the way he is he, he calls himself kind, he calls himself loving, all that kind of stuff. So you know, I mean, in that, like, we can we can identify his touch, you know, but yeah, I've had some real moments where I felt the physical touch of God, I've felt him hug me. You know, I told you about my past. So there's a lot of brokenness there. I really needed a very real hug from God. And he was not like, No, I can't give that to you, you know, and it's, it didn't happen. Like, I didn't just demand it near he gave it to me, I didn't know I needed it. But at one point, and I was in a service and Christian service, and there's a faith healer there. And, and in that atmosphere of faith that just seems so thick and so tangible. Anyway, you know, I had my eyes closed at one point, and I felt a hand come over on my shoulder. And, and I remember that one really specifically, and I look to see, you know, if the hand was there, and it wasn't, but even in my closet, time, you know, with, with prayer and those kinds of things, I just remember one time, you know, being hugged tightly and,

Unknown Speaker  33:37  
and, you know, those are also like, amazing cherished moments and my, my experience with God, that's happened, like, several different occasions, but, you know, I mean, that first time, I remember, like, just something breaking off of me, because I, you know, I mean, just sometimes our beliefs are like, deeper than the surface, like, we don't even know what all is like holding them in there and keeping them you know, stubbornly it feels, it just feels like stubbornness or something. But, you know, because it keeps for our personal experience, it just feels like it just keeps coming up. And I don't know, I just keep feeling this way or start repeating and, you know, some psychologists call it looping or whatever, like in that so but for me, I was just feeling rejected over and over and over again, and all these different situations. So I knew I had a problem with rejection, because I was like, this is you know, this is happening and all these different

Unknown Speaker  34:30  
you know, places there's no way this many people are against me, it's just not, you know, they probably aren't thinking very much about me at all, you know, one way or another, you know, so they're not they're definitely not intentionally like against me. So I was just like, this is irrational. There's there's something here and so I knew all that was going on, but as as the father was hugging hugging me, he didn't let me go and I just felt like I was like beyond 30 seconds. And I think it's like 20 seconds or something where you I don't know

Unknown Speaker  35:00  
There's some science out there about, you know, you feel the real connection after about 20 seconds of a hug.

Unknown Speaker  35:08  
So, it was just like, and I couldn't deny it, I opened my eyes at one point and didn't see anyone. It wasn't an open vision like I had had in the past. But, uh, but I could feel it, and I could feel it. Like, just continue. And I was like, Wow, I'm still feeling even though my mind in my eyes would tell me that this isn't actually happening, I'm still feeling. And now I was a really powerful exchange of like, just breaking that, that rejection off of me, you know, and I remember from that, that point on it was it was just different. I just, I could walk into a situation. And just, you know, and I was free, all of a sudden, I don't even know I was bound up. But I was free to just kind of feel like, you know, I don't know if this person is against me or not. But you know, like, what's really here? And what am I actually doing? And I was more able to be present actually. Think about it. That's amazing. Absolutely amazing. And I feel it's important that I share with the listeners, if you wouldn't mind about your book, and also your websites, if anyone wants to work. Have you all get any perfect guidance on this? If you wouldn't mind? Joshua, that would be fantastic. Awesome. Yeah, I have a book that I love. Actually, I had a great editor that really, you know, she, she worked me, she was very honest. And so you know, the first book I gave her was like, so long, and everything else, you know, she's like, alright, this doesn't follow a flow ever be any. And so she took me through an outcome alchemy or something, you know, process that got me to a place where I ended up with a really good book. So I do highly recommend the book. It's called encounters, pressing into your abundant heavenly supply. And if you look up my name, and if you can spell it right, then you'll find it. Marsan Gill is three syllables that kind of makes it easier. It's Ma, R, C, E, and G. I ll anyway, that'll take you to all my stuff. That books great. There's exercises in there that will help you connect Jesus with Holy Spirit with Father God.

Unknown Speaker  37:12  
There is a podcast that I do weekly, I took a little break recently. But anyway, there's tonnes of them on there think like, oh, they're over 90. And each one of them has an activation that I believe can help get you free and help you feel more connected, which I do feel is the primary goal of everything I've done is just connection, we need to be connected. So that's that's mostly if you're really struggling, you really need to like I've never had an encounter. I've never felt like God is real. And we do have services for counselling. And I will walk you through facilitate

Unknown Speaker  37:47  
with you, like prayers that will help you feel connected. And a lot of people have had real experiences in that which has been very encouraging to me, obviously. But I'm so glad that people can come to me and God can use me to do stuff like that. What a wonderful thing to do, and to help people in so many ways. And it's it's been a real grace and gift to have you on the show today.

Unknown Speaker  38:12  
Joshua's anything else you'd like to share before we get on with your day? Oh, yeah, just pray for you guys. God bless everybody that's listening to this. And I just thank You, Lord, that your abundance is available to each of us. And I pray that everybody would just be blessed and experience you and would having tremendous encounters like just on the regular and they will be able to connect even with the history that they have with you, Lord, and in the name of Lord Jesus Christ. Amen. Oh, beautiful. Thank you so much, Joshua. I can feel the warmth when you say that I kind of feel like this one around me. So beaut beautiful words. And I'm sure that energy from your words will reach a dear listener. So listeners do stay tuned. As always, there'll be a meditation inspired by today's wonderful talk with Joshua massengill. And so Joshua, thank you so much and have a lovely day. Thank you. So much fun being a DJ. Oh, thank you so much. Bye, bye ticket.

Unknown Speaker  39:17  
So do check out Joshua's amazing book, I will put a link in the bio and also on my online bookstore. Now it's meditation time.

Unknown Speaker  39:28  
We're going to learn how to be still

Unknown Speaker  39:33  
and maybe some resistance comes up when I say those words.

Unknown Speaker  39:39  
I can completely empathise because it sometimes can feel like a waste of time Cornett being still but it's so essential for your connection with with the divine, God higher forces universe. Whatever it is that you believe in

Unknown Speaker  40:02  
The only way to access higher vibrational lights is to be still, for if we're too busy, we miss the subtleties of life,

Unknown Speaker  40:15  
we miss our chance to connect with something greater and bigger than who we are.

Unknown Speaker  40:23  
Be that God, the divine, whatever that means to you and your individual practice.

Unknown Speaker  40:34  
So, from a very

Unknown Speaker  40:38  
calming place, so as always, just press pause, if you're listening to this

Unknown Speaker  40:45  
and you're doing something busy, it's important that you can be still that you can let go, and you can learn.

Unknown Speaker  40:56  
And you can learn to be at peace, as you inhale, as you exhale, in and out through the nostrils, allowing the breath to be calm,

Unknown Speaker  41:15  
to be connected, to be one with who you are.

Unknown Speaker  41:24  
And the good news, we're not going to do this for too long. We're going to do it for two minutes from now.

Unknown Speaker  41:34  
So, I invite you to re still

Unknown Speaker  41:39  
resist the temptation to fidget to move.

Unknown Speaker  41:48  
And if the mind tries to lassoo some of your thoughts and take you somewhere in your imagination, I asked you for the sake of this meditation to be completely and utterly present

Unknown Speaker  42:08  
and the way to do that is just to focus your energy or your observation on how the lungs expand on the inhalation

Unknown Speaker  42:20  
and how they

Unknown Speaker  42:25  
when and up on the exhalation

Unknown Speaker  42:31  
and that is all you need to do do on just be

Unknown Speaker  42:40  
again if the mind starts to lassoo you into thought patterns just think I also rather just be connected with the movement of the lungs as it moves up and down, up and down.

Unknown Speaker  43:33  
Just allow

Unknown Speaker  43:37  

Unknown Speaker  43:39  

Unknown Speaker  43:41  

Unknown Speaker  43:58  
nothing to do, nowhere to go, but to simply be where you are right Now.

Unknown Speaker  45:09  
So, start to take some slow calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils as you slowly come back into the moment come back into the room

Unknown Speaker  45:26  
and did you feel

Unknown Speaker  45:29  
a connection with something higher than yourself? Don't worry if you don't. I invite you to do this meditation for at least 40 days to see how

Unknown Speaker  45:43  
underwear or rather be learned to be with yourself in the present moment. So thank you, dear one for listening. There are so many more meditations on this podcast. Each meditation is inspired by the guests that we have. So there's about another 82 meditations on this podcast to do listen to some more the rules at the end of each podcast. Thank you, dear one for listening and have a wonderful day.

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Joshua Marcengill

Author Joshua Marcengill, who is the founder of Abundant Encounters. Joshua has had Supernatural Encounters with Jesus. I was intrigued to speak with Joshua today as he must be our first guest to have had a supernatural encounter with Jesus that I have met.
Our Podcast, as some of you know, likes to interview people from a broad range of spiritual beliefs and experiences and today’s conversation I feel will open the door for those on a similar path to Joshua.
On Joshua’s website Abundant counters, it reads that Joshua and his wife Mary offer the following services, which Joshua will share a bit more of later in the Podcast:
‘All of our services are designed to help support your personal journey into many real adventures with the reality of God in your life.
Our services include one on one counselling and coaching as well as team training and mission preparations to help your teams harness the power of a healthy encounter culture. As you invest more and more into the practice of encounters, you will cultivate a lifestyle that will help you encounter God, Jesus, and the Holy Spirit more often in your day-to-day life. God is not short on encounters my friends. He’s good, He loves you and there is always more!’