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Dec. 21, 2021

The Healing Abilities Of Sound Healing And Why We Should All Be Doing It!

The Healing Abilities Of Sound Healing And Why We Should All Be Doing It!
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Lindsey Markovits is a level two sound practioner, having spent 18 months studying sound healing. She is also an open-hearted, passionate hatha and Kundalini teacher and practitionerspecialising in all-levels yoga and sound journeys. 

With an exploratory approach to yoga and sound, Lindsay continues to immerse herself in various styles of yoga, meditation techniques and sacred sound modalities, all of which influence her ever-evolving teaching style.

 This show also includes a sound bath meditation recorded by Lindsay using the sacred sounds of the Tingtagel in Cornwell as well as sounds and energy from Lindsay.  Think deep clearing and meditation as Lindsey takes you a sound journey of self care and appreciation.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
I'm your host the gentle yoga warrior and please welcome today sound healing practitioner and gifted yoga teacher Lindsay Markovitz. Lindsay Markovitz is a level two sound practitioner having spent 18 months studying sound healing. She is also an open hearted, passionate Hafer and Kundalini yoga teacher and practitioner specialising in all levels of yoga and sound journeys. With an exploratory approach to yoga and sound. Lindsay continues to immerse herself in various styles of yoga, meditation techniques, and sacred sound modalities, all of which influenced her ever evolving teaching style. So without further ado, joining us today from London, UK. Please welcome Lindsay Markovitz. Lindsey, welcome to the show. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  0:58  
Thanks for having me.

Unknown Speaker  1:00  
Oh, such a great, thank you so much for coming on the show today. So today we're going to talk about the healing abilities of sound a why we should all be doing it. So sound has an immense ability to heal and transform. Many cultures since the beginning of time have you sounds to heal and transform think mantra, as one example. brainwaves can be influenced and healed with having experienced my first Gong meditation over a decade ago, I can still remember how by surrendering to the sound, I was able to leave the session feeling like the vibration of my being has somehow gone through this deep clean. In the words of Nikola Tesla. If you want to find the secrets of the universe think in terms of energy, frequency and vibration. Though I often felt the power of sound I felt to go a bit deeper, and he's an expert on the show. So that's why I asked you to come on the show today, Lindsey. So Lindsey, what does the healing abilities of sound mean to you and what inspired you to talk about it today?

Unknown Speaker  2:08  
It's been very transformational. For me very strong impact on my life. I not so much anymore. But historically, like even from a young age, I was very hyperactive, quite busy minded. You know, felt like my mind was going 100 miles an hour. And meditation would sometimes be difficult. Sitting in stillness may have been like a little bit of a problem at times when Yeah, this was going on, when I experienced my first sound, but I was just really blown away by it because it kind of took me to that meditative realm without much mental effort for me. So without me really having to use my mind to kind of put myself into that state. It just did it for me. And there is, you know, some physiology behind that. But then that that experience then led me to dive deeper into some healing and then eventually led me to offer it to others.

Unknown Speaker  3:17  
So it had a really big impact on your life. It sounds

Unknown Speaker  3:20  
Yeah, it really has, it really has and then I just feel I felt like people just really need it more than ever right now, like these kinds of modalities that can quite easily bring us into that kind of more relaxed state because it's I think people are just finding it harder and harder to to get there themselves.

Unknown Speaker  3:42  
I can completely relate to the meditation thing I go, I've never been a natural meditative person in the sense I've had to kind of train myself and it was hard to start with him. It does take practice and he can build up that meditation muscle. But I completely agree with you like today people are just so they're mentally stimulated all the time where they just can't switch that off because they don't really have that experience. And I guess it's kind of all this technology boom that there has been

Unknown Speaker  4:14  
it's like now like you have these Apple watches like my friend does that with friends last night and my friend had an Apple Watch and she was saying how stressed she was and at work and stuff and she had this apple watch which you know is just tied to it all the time. She should get one I'm like no no no no

Unknown Speaker  4:33  
it's always the kind of get this attachment don't we have seen social media and and the chemicals out sets of brain like I've been told before that is some of it can be similar to like, stimulants, like Yeah.

Unknown Speaker  4:45  
It's addictive. And you Yeah, like the social media companies have like, you know, very high awareness of that and they know all the tricks to like reel us in. I mean, I have to really fight it

Unknown Speaker  4:58  
the way soft media says And then we have to spend more time on it to kind of get any kind of value from from it if you've got a business or anything like this if you got to be glued to it and that restricts our ability to meditate so I guess that's where the sound healing comes in maybe you could explain some healing is

Unknown Speaker  5:19  
so it's not so you know you say sound bath and if people are completely new to it, they often they think that involves them sitting in a bath, there's no water involved. You're being phased in in vibrations and frequencies you're being immersed in sound. It's basically the the use of vibration and intention to deliver a positive effect and that positive effect is usually relaxation. But it can be used for other purposes. So to energise for example. Or to provoke release you can be a bit more targeted if you're working with an individual as well. You can work on Yeah, something very specific that they've, they've kind of requested that you work on for example, ultimately, we're trying to restore balance and harmony to is quite it's like a holistic modality to the whole self. We're using sound healing tools such as the gong, probably the most popular instruments would be the gong or the singing balls. There's multi tonal sounds such as those of the gong, and the hammer lensing and balls is pure sounds like those are the crystal balls, we use particular harmonies to perfect different, different effects. We can use rhythm, for example, to train the brainwaves. So you're moving the brainwaves into an altered state usually were operating in like a beta brainwave state so the you know, I'll hold my hands up I'm usually in this beta brainwave state, I'm thinking, overthinking and planning and you know, you're trying to navigate life using your mind, your logical mind and the sound has a capacity to bring us into an Alpha Theta, brainwave state, so it's kind of somewhere in between being asleep and being awake, where you can actually receive profoundly deep breast. Yeah, and you can use sympathetic resonance or you're like bringing the body's vibration into a light vibration. So often if we're, if we're like, sick in any way, or if we're feeling so emotional intensity, like we're all vibrating at a certain a certain rate and we can vibrate a little bit out of our natural resonance and the sense of the capacity to bring us back into a balanced resonance on natural resonance. So that's why often you know, you leave a sound bath or sound treatment, feeling, you know, balance feeling like restored and like, yeah, on a bit more of a peaceful level. But it works energetically as well. Like we can use sound healing tools to tune into the chakras for example. The note see corresponds with our root chakra and this sacred element to it as well there's there's lots of layers to it. So you know, it's that it works on a physical level, you know, the science behind it emotional energetic, and I believe spiritual like that, that may sound like woowoo to some people but if you think about most religions is a kind of a sound elements of the creation story like so for example, you know, the, the mantra arm is sought to be like the spark the seed sound of creation. And I feel like when we're connecting to Sam, we're connecting to something a bit greater than our small cells we're creating, we're connected to cosmos, the divine, if you want to call it and I feel like that's often why people have like experiences that feel very, very spiritual and kind of mystical drawing a sound bath, and might have like, some kind of profound insight lands with them. And that certainly happened to me during during a you know, sound trip. So yeah, ultimately influences every aspects of our being. And it can penetrate all those layers, those physical, mental, emotional, spiritual layers.

Unknown Speaker  9:41  
Fascinating like you said, it's got so many layers and so many kind of like components to to it, but let's take an example like it's quite a lot of people that say to me, or what can I do for insomnia? And to me as many reads from somewhere, but quite often I found it's their adrenal glands are like kind of fried by to kind of much. Go go go there. They're out of the the tuition, the fight and flight sense of the nervous system rather than the calmer calmer state of being. And if you look back to kind of like early man, sometimes we would be in that fight and flight mode if we run away from some like, dangerous kind of creature, but then we'd kind of go back into a calmer state of being where it's almost as if all the worries and everything that we kind of project in are in super cool it the Superbad kind of mind where we kind of worrying and or planning too much, which has its place sometimes, but not kind of all the time. That can lead to not being able to sleep or having too much worry. So I'm pretty certain, I just want to clarify this. Soon, like insomnia, as someone who's suffering from insomnia, then a sound bath might just be what they need to bring them back into balance to kind of like, help them find that state of peace and equilibrium.

Unknown Speaker  11:01  
Absolutely. I totally agree with everything you've just said. Yeah, it's something that I've been thinking about a lot as well, like, I mean, I guess it's extending on for what we were saying earlier about iPhone being overstimulated. And also, there's this new, fairly new phenomenon of like, you know, working from home, or well, it's not new, but it's like, to the capacity that it is at the moment. It's quite new. And you know, everyone's very excited about it. And they have more flexibility, there are positives, but then it's like the boundaries between your workspace in your home space. And that separation and that ability to switch off from work, those boundaries are kind of blurred. Yeah. I've have been hearing about, you know, a lot of people are like, I can't sleep because I'm just thinking about work all the time. And so it's no surprise because you're in that associated space, a lot of people are in that associated space. So I'm hearing about this more and more, and I do say to people come to my son just go to anyone Samba. And that's it. Yeah, well, absolutely, most likely help help you to sleep help you to bring you back into that that balanced state because yeah, you're like you were saying your your fight flight freeze is like, almost for a lot of people, it's almost constantly engaged. It's their constant state, and they've just become accustomed to it. But you know, it's not, it's not natural, it's not how it's really about triggering that using the sound to trigger that relaxation response to rest and digest response, which is, you know, it's quite easy to do via sound. You know, people can listen, if you're having trouble sleeping, and you can't access a local sound bath. And there's other things you can do, like you can play nature sounds, or you can listen to something that makes you know, everyone's individual, they have preferences, something that makes you feel relaxed, binaural beats even, which is they're basically like playing slightly different frequencies, and each year to kind of create the, the sensation of like a new frequency, and that can like really slow and relaxed the bone wave. So

Unknown Speaker  13:06  
yeah, so kind of not having metal before bed. Basically, that's probably not the best.

Unknown Speaker  13:10  
I mean, unless I don't know who this would apply to. But unless that makes you feel relaxed,

Unknown Speaker  13:15  
so someone's feeling really lost or kind of lethargic, maybe or even just kind of not really knowing what to do. Sometimes people can end up feeling a bit hopeless in life and things and maybe they lack the energy or I know you said earlier, it can help energise So, do you have specifics? You would work with someone with a different vibration to bring all that energy? I'm really intrigued to know how, how it can help in that way?

Unknown Speaker  13:42  
Yeah, definitely. You would typically maybe bringing some instruments that are a little bit kind of more high pitched, rather than low resonances, just to kind of Yeah, it's a little bit more stimulating. And like the grounding lower tones, bringing, like, maybe some higher tones. And, you know, typically when we think of some healing sandbox, we think of, you know, the recipient is lying down, and the sound practitioners you know, the one who's actively playing the instruments, but if you're feeling Yeah, gets quite sluggish and you need a bit of like motivation, it can be quite good to kind of get yourself actively involved in sounds so drumming circles can be really, they can really like build your energy and make you feel quite empowered. So you could you could go to drumming, circle or even involving music and sound and movements are a good way to kind of lift your spirits and being in community being with other people, which isn't necessarily always what you feel like doing when you feel sluggish and a bit down. But there are you know, there are circles where you can you can go be with people without having to like, you know, make that effort of conversation like so ecstatic dance circles example, you know, where you're listening to music and you're just moving without judgement in a way that your body feels called to move quite uplifting music often so that that can be quite, quite inspiring. And just Yeah, as simple as like just being mindful of like your choice of music, like, what are you listening to? Are you listening to, you know, because we have a tendency, I think, to align with our inner tone when we when we choose music, so for feeling, you know, a little bit low, we might actually gravitate towards songs that resonate with that, like music that feels a bit sad in turn, you know, but actually, sometimes it can be good too, if we want to kind of lift ourselves out of that, then maybe, you know, put on something with a bit more of happy beats, and maybe a more more joyful kind of harmony.

Unknown Speaker  15:59  
That's a really good point, isn't it because we can get a little bit melancholic, both kind of put something kind of like moody, or like some moody indie music on for example.

Unknown Speaker  16:09  
And I think we do need to indulge that we need to allow that. And if it's something that's stuck in, it can facilitate like an emotional release, which is it's fine. Like it definitely has its place.

Unknown Speaker  16:19  
Yeah, I can see that if someone needs a good cry as well. Sad on might help facilitate and get that up, get out the system. Ultimately, it sounds like it's kind of stepping outside your comfort zone in a little way, but in a really safe and kind of nurturing way. And that food that we change because it it we can be such creatures of habit. And as the saying goes, it is kind of madness, doing the same things the same way and expecting kind of different results. And the only way I really set aside the comfort zone and try something new. But if you look at all different communities, from across the world, past and present levels, sound has always been a key component and religious groups, spiritual groups, helping people to kind of transform and change and it seems to be kind of a missing component as also like the so much sound pollution as well, like when we were in the kind of height of lockdown, there wasn't all the cars, but it's kind of like nature kind of came back. So even if we don't think the sound, there's always that candle, that kind of noise in the background. And you can hear sounds everywhere. And for me, I feel like when when I go on to do some sort of sound bath or something like that, it kind of cuts all that out of the way so I can kind of even though it's quite loud, I find it quite loud. I feel that ultimately, through that loudness, it brings that silence What can our listeners do to get started on their healing journey? Just say they're not absolutely nothing about it? Is there anything that's on the line? Is there any thing that you recommend that they kind of read or study or

Unknown Speaker  18:10  
playing around being like you were saying, like being open minded and just immersing yourself in Yeah, whatever kind of polls you like, the obvious suggestion would be go to a soundbar. And maybe don't just go to one sound bath because, you know, we're all different, like same with like yoga teachers, like all some practitioners do things a bit differently. So you might go to a sound bath and be like, Oh, I didn't really, you know, didn't really connect to that, like, you might go to someone else's the week after, and you might get a lot from it. So, you know, we all use different instruments in different ways. So obviously, you know, go through some bass try that at home, yeah, like, at home, like very simple things that you can kind of start start playing around with firstly will be your voice. So our voice is the most powerful instrument we have. It's the the first instrument, obviously the original instrument and you know, a lot of people can't get over that perception that they have is like, oh, a good voice and a bad voice. And maybe they feel that their voice doesn't sound particularly great for the people but it's like changing your perception. To kind of view your voice is like a healing tool that's for yourself. And once you kind of can accept that and get on board with that it can be can be really powerful. You have to kind of I guess try and like drop your inhibitions. So a good starting practice is humming,

Unknown Speaker  19:53  
humming, humming

Unknown Speaker  19:54  
and you can use it in so many different ways. You can use it to ground and calm but you can also use it to You energise essentially, you're slowing the exhale. So when we have my exhale is naturally longer, so you're triggering the body's relaxation response just by, first of all, slowing your exhale. But also your, it kind of humming kind of hits the reset button. So if you're busy minded, and you just spend five minutes humming continuously, you know, make it meditative practice, close the eyes, if it's comfortable, and just inhale deeply and home until you're empty, and then begin again and just keep going five or so minutes. And hopefully, you'll find that it kind of, it's drowns out the mind chatter, it gives the mind in the point of focus. So you're kind of starting afresh. And it's been proven to activate the parasympathetic nervous system and, and low the blood pressure. So there is some, there is some kind of physiology behind that as well. So recommend homing, and you can really, once you get kind of attuned to it, you can use the pitch to create the effect that you want. So if you have in like a higher tone, it is more stimulating, it's more activating. So it might give you a little bit more of a lift. And if you're having a lower tone, it feels a bit more grounding a bit more earthy. You can start playing around with sending your vibrations coming in tones, that kind of resonate with certain parts of the body, it kind of you know, you can really, there's a lot you can do just with the simple act of coming. So I'd recommend you know people, people trying that mantra, if that's something that you're drawn to, again, like we have specific mantras that have specific meanings and specific purposes, you might be drawn to a particular mantra. So chanting mantra, that's another way that you can use your voice this, this to really, I guess there's like two ways that you can, you can work with sand on a personal level, there's the the passive which will be you know, the listening, that you can listen to binaural beats sound healing recordings, nature sounds, white noise, try you know, trail that, I recommend listening through headphones. So you're, you know, really less stuff in it. And then this Yeah, the active so like the humming the chanting the use of the voice. And then if you're drawn to you could invest in in a sound healing tool and instrument. They could, some of them can be quite expensive. This is a thing. But a small Himalayan singing bowl can, you know can do a lot. You can play it and wave it around the aura. No, just play it around where you're drawn to. And the body can place it on the body and play it on the body. So you really felt the vibrations internally? Tuning forks? Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  23:07  
yes, tuning forks, I've had them before us from me before.

Unknown Speaker  23:11  
Very, very theory or something.

Unknown Speaker  23:15  
Yeah, I just, I just yeah, really kind of, kind of out of this world. Eating real is kind of wow, this, this really kind of hits a spot if you're kind of thinking too much. That's really interesting. I'm finding this really fascinating. Not being a natural musical person, myself, I can say that. I have found like mantra to be very helpful. And the thing the good thing about this I'd like to point out to our listeners right now is that you can do this in the privacy of your home, if you don't feel ready, competent to chant in front of people. It's quite easy, just as easy to do it at home. And like no one's judging mantra and chanting is not about sounding like you're like that from the sound of music or something like that. You know, it's just a sound is for everyone. And if your voice sounds like a cartoon character, then perhaps just let it go really doesn't matter. A couple of months ago, we had a gentleman called Robert Raymond Riopelle, and he, he's like a success coach who, who really kind of walks the walk. And he said, if he's having a bad day, what he does is he listens to a song by us think it's Taylor Swift, shake it off, around and it off, shake it off, and he kind of like dances around and then it kind of just thinks, it kind of puts in the mindset to think, Oh, I've had a bad day, but I'm just gonna shake it off can get on with my day not to deny your feelings, but it does. That's what works for him. So the reason I'm sharing this, that maybe find the song that works for you, if you're having a kind of hard day, then find whatever it is and whatever. It doesn't have to be some musical masterpiece or maybe Maybe it is maybe it's classical music. I always find actually, if I'm having difficulty concentrating, I'll put classical music on in the background. I find that really kind of creative. I don't know anything from the 60s, which was before my time. I'm quite old, but it's before my time, but anything I'm not stuff. All the kind of stuff. Or I don't know, even like, I like kind of all consumed West and like Johnny Cash.

Unknown Speaker  25:26  
Oh my god, I love Johnny Cash. It's such a ledger. He's got the most amazing voice. Yeah,

Unknown Speaker  25:32  
so creative ways to kind of hold that musical. Guitar the way used to kind of

Unknown Speaker  25:37  
like, I mean, really? Well, like with his lyrics, like he really tells a story. It really sucks.

Unknown Speaker  25:44  
Yeah, 100% when he told me sing that song, I told the line and all things like that. It's kind of really, yeah. Yeah, so kind of even like, what some music can be like poetry Can't they are inspiring. And not only the sounds, but also the meaning behind. So there's all these kind of different access points for any of our listeners, who would be interested in sound healing or anything that you have to offer was can you talk to us a bit through that? Can they contact you via website? Well, how was it? How was it accessible to

Unknown Speaker  26:17  
January, I've got plans, I'm going to try and you know, be doing more regular, like public service, but I do privates as well. And even if you have any questions like I'm always happy to answer them just reach out the probably the best way to stay updated with you know, my public offerings would be via Instagram. And it's Lindsay, Megan mark of it is my instagram handle. I've just spell it. Anyways, that could be spelled l i n d s AYEGAN. Ma, RK o bits. And you can email me at Lindsay Mega My website is Lindsay mica mark that dot code UK. But it's not always up to date. I have to say so have you want to

Unknown Speaker  27:11  
say is that?

Unknown Speaker  27:12  
Um, no. Because like he

Unknown Speaker  27:14  
doesn't even actually look at people's websites anymore. I don't know.

Unknown Speaker  27:17  
I just feel like maybe it's just me.

Unknown Speaker  27:19  
Because we've got international quite a few international listeners as well. So if they were interested, they could probably contact you doo doo doo doo doo sound healings online or

Unknown Speaker  27:30  
do I've seen a lot over lockdown? I mean, I'm not the most technologically literate person in the world. To be honest, it took me a while but I managed to eventually figure it out. And I can't do online stuff. So yeah, reach out to me if you have any questions.

Unknown Speaker  27:48  
By all means listeners do reach out to Lindsey. I can vouch for her. She's very talented and what she'd watched you do um, she has a really kind of warming natural way about her. And if you're looking for sound healing, I would definitely recommend Lindsay will go her way and check out what she's doing. Do stay tuned listeners, because we will at the end of this interview have a wonderful mini sound experience from Lindsay which I'm really excited about to have. Lindsay before you go. I do have a couple more questions. What book or music has inspired you on your journey?

Unknown Speaker  28:24  
A multitude really? I mean, music wise, spiritually. Alice Coltrane has probably had the biggest impact on me. I mean, I listen to a lot of you know, hip hop and r&b and stuff as well. Yeah, she's she's had like a I actually considered to be one of my teachers through sound even though I've only I've not met her. I've not heard her in conversation or anything, but I've just found her her music so it's almost like a form of sound healing in itself. And it's, it's like it's very layered. It's a theory or there's lots of jazz elements. And like every song really takes you on a journey. There are some mantras as well that she that she incorporates through her music but yeah, it feels very spiritual she's she's very spiritual person. And she's really kind of bridge that that sound and spirituality elements I think so. I'm not actually musically trained or anything. I don't have like a musical background. You know, with sound healing we many people do have musical background to end up being some practitioners but many of us don't, and we tend to play more intuitively but it's it has kind of inspired me how musics inspired me to get get more creative, I guess musically The Books Yeah, I mean, this this like a really it's like a little booklet that someone actually gave me like it was someone that I met at an air b&b. I was like staying at her air b&b in France. She had like a massive bookshelf full of yoga books. And we just got chatting about yoga and she said, I've got something for you. And she gave me this little tiny booklet that she got in an ashram travels and it was an or a Bindo book, little booklet called thoughts and glimpses. And it's just really beautiful. He was like a philosopher, Yogi, a poet and activist. He was very interesting person. And it just, it really is very small, poetic, and it really encapsulates the essence of yoga. And yeah, it just kind of brings me back home. It's very profound little book.

Unknown Speaker  30:49  
I find it because I haven't I do have a bookstore now on my website. So I'll see if I can find details of both and then on in my in my bookstore,

Unknown Speaker  31:02  
as well. I'll ping it

Unknown Speaker  31:03  
over to you all. Yeah, definitely. Definitely. Is how do you feel we can be better guests on this planet?

Unknown Speaker  31:11  
You know, we're up against capitalism. But we need to start kind of viewing ourselves as part of a community rather than us an individual. Like part of a whole capitalism encourages individualism in the media, provokes this division, constantly provoking division. So we're kind of up against a lot but I think we really need to get just keep reminding ourselves to work in community with others, listen to others, empathise, tap into our hearts, and lead from that place as much as we can rather than, than our minds. And I think in order for our natural world or planet to survive, we have to start listening to and being more supportive of indigenous people who have like the risk, the wisdom that that is needed for us to live in harmony with nature.

Unknown Speaker  32:09  
Yes, I completely agree. And then what beautiful and honest words of wisdom that you've shared with our listeners today, please stay tuned listeners. We've got Lindsey's amazing sound healing coming up right after this interview. And do reach out to Lindsey and just remember to we can reach her on Instagram or website. I'll put all the details in the bio. But thank you very much Lindsay for your time today. And I'm really thank

Unknown Speaker  32:38  
you for having me. Such a pleasure. Thank you.

Unknown Speaker  32:41  
So Lenzy very kindly coded a sound healing session and I'm just about to share that with you now. She did say that the beginning is best to practice lying down, be comfortable, the blanket etc. But of course if you prefer to do it seated then that's fine. Just make sure you are comfortable and that you won't be disturbed. But I remember her saying that this is amazing place in Cornwall in the UK coach tinge tangle right, it's really kind of magical, mystical places, legends of King Arthur but there's also a fairy forest down there. And it's just got amazing sounds and I remember her saying that she took some of the sounds from there but I am as excited as you are to hear this amazing meditation. So without further ado, here is Lindsay's mock of it is amazing sound healing session

Unknown Speaker  33:45  
this meditation is not suitable for people with sound induced epilepsy please use headphones or good quality speaker to listen to this meditation you're listening to the sounds of a stream that leads to St. Neptunes. An ancient site in Cornwall which is considered a sacred place, by many. listen deeply to these Let them wash over you and three allow the sounds to conjure images of water a beautiful stream perhaps glistening dancing in the summer allow these images and sounds to inspire feelings of flow how does it feel to let go and flow bringing your attention to your breath

Unknown Speaker  36:35  

Unknown Speaker  36:38  
the rhythm of your breath there is no need to try and adjust its rhythm to hear the sound of your breath just sense the vibrations of the inhale and the exhale soft oceanic vibration much like the distant sound of waves against the shore leaving into every corner of your torso belly chess so I took the body back of the body

Unknown Speaker  38:26  
next her letting the rest go entirely to read kilohertz the path Now 54321 exhale for 65432 inhale 5432 long effects how 65432 And how 54321 exhale 65432 inhale exhale inhale exhale Getting to notice now the not true sounds that you hear around you

Unknown Speaker  48:35  
notice the distant sounds in the sounds within your space notice the singular sounds repeated repetitive sounds and the continuous sounds and perhaps if you listen very carefully you might be able to hear that distant oceanic sound of your breath

Unknown Speaker  49:44  
beginning to breathe a little bit deeper now. Taking a really big inhale and exhale behalf Make a sound of your own if you like.

Unknown Speaker  50:09  
Couple more deep breaths like this. Use your exhales to release anything that you would like to let go of before you continue with your day or evening. Make some sound if you like with your exhales be expressive just mindfully now you sink yourself back into your day or your evening

Transcribed by

Lindsay MarkovitzProfile Photo

Lindsay Markovitz

Sound healing practitioner and yoga teacher

Lindsay Markovitz is a level two sound practitioner having spent 18 months studying sound healing. She is also an open hearted, passionate Hafer and Kundalini yoga teacher and practitioner specialising in all levels of yoga and sound journeys. With an exploratory approach to yoga and sound. Lindsay continues to immerse herself in various styles of yoga, meditation techniques, and sacred sound modalities, all of which influenced her ever evolving teaching style.