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July 13, 2021

Life Changing Habits to Create Success

Life Changing Habits to Create Success
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 Season seven and this season we are going to look at life changing habits and how to achieve them. Habits, after all, can either support us or hinder us!

 Join your hostThe Gentle Yoga Warrioras she welcomes thisweek’s special guest on the show, Life Transforming Teacher, International Author, Inspirational Speaker and App DesignerRobert Raymond Riopel!

Robert has trained millions of students, helping them to tap into their inner greatness and hence making him a highly sort after trainer.

His LIFE-CHANGING book SUCCESS LEFT A CLUE offers six life changing habits to help you achieve your dreams while keeping it real, relevant, and repeatable. 

This show includes a meditation to define what success means for you.

You can download a free copy of his bookhere.

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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
Whe I first set out to do this podcast it was done from a place of I wanted to just offer something to people internationally where they could listen and feel like they were being heard and and reach a deeper sense of understanding The Gentle Yoga Warrior is podcast turned a year all this month, and I want to do something extra special. And as we commence season seven, we have got such an amazing line up. But today's guest after reading this guest book, twice, I read the book twice, because I felt so inspired. And it was amazing the changes that started to happen in my life that all will be revealed in a minute.

Unknown Speaker  0:48  
So welcome. I'm your host, The Gentle Yoga Warrior. And please welcome today, this week's special guest on the show, life transforming teacher. International offer inspiring speaker and App Designer Robert Raymond Riopel, Robert has trained well over 50,000 students helping them to tap into their own inner greatness, and hence making him a highly sought after trainer. His life changing book success, left a clue offers six changing habits to help you achieve your dreams, while keeping it real, relevant and repeatable. Robert joins us today from the beautiful state of Alberta in Canada. So Robert, thank you for coming to the show. Welcome.

Unknown Speaker  1:45  
Thanks, Jane. I am so happy to be here and looking forward to having some fun and being able to assist your listeners in any way

Unknown Speaker  1:51  
I can. Oh, I'm very pleased to have you on the show very excited about this. So season seven. And this season, we're going to talk about life changing habits, and how to make life changing habits in a realistic and achievable manner habits after all, can either support us or hinder us today we're going to talk about life changing habits to create success. Success to me is down to mindset. And yet, many of us have blind spots that hide us from our greatness. I'm optimistic though a wonderful guest today is going to help us overcome all this. No pressure, pressure, not too much pressure. So in the words of Maya Angelou success is loving life and daring to live it. So on that note, I thought who better today and then to help us to create a life of success, then you rob it. So Robert, what does success mean to you? And what inspired you to talk about it today?

Unknown Speaker  2:55  
Well, for me, success comes in all areas. I'm a very big believer that we are very holistic beings. Meaning that it's not just about finances are not just about health, I, for me, success is being balanced in mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial. So that the area that you don't focus on tends to be the area that takes you out. So you can be successful and two or three. But if you don't have the other ones covered, you're going to struggle. And so for me, it's about having that nice balance in all five areas. Now, that being said, though, one of the things to understand Jane is that when I talk about balance, balance, some people think like balances everything perfect, and it's like anything is just awesome. For me, what I've learned is that because things are always changing, always changing. For me what bounces is actually just making the adjustments, gentle adjustments, so that you're not having to turn around and try to make big ones. You know, almost like in yoga, if I come into yoga, and I've never done it before, and I'm trying to do some of the hardest moves, I'm gonna hurt myself. But if I start off with those gentle little steps in between, and the repetition of doing it again, and again, that's when you start to see that your flexibility comes more in the place, your joints move a little bit better, you free up the stiffness, and that's the biggest differences. So I don't want people to try it and find an instant balance and have to put all focus on it and just try to get it perfect. Live life and live life and as things don't seem to break, just make a little adjustment, plain and simple. So that's why I look at it.

Unknown Speaker  4:31  
That's it. That's really that's really, really good example, I think lesson two is when people's New Year's resolutions don't stick because they just try and do drastic things at once and then wonder why it doesn't it doesn't always work out. You know, it's and I like the idea of being able to fluctuations in life to kind of be able to act rather than react and rather than kind of thinking and all and stepping away from the all or nothing attitude and and kind of just like tweaking things. So I actually had a massive life change after reading a book, I've read your book twice, and my partner were able to pay 99% of our debt because we got in a bit of debt due to lockdown. And also the reminder to dream and to write down one's dreams. And I don't know, I just I found your book. Very beautiful, very moving. And what I what I loved about it the most is that it was it was it had to make for everyone. It made everyone feel welcome, or Robin made me feel very welcome. And yeah, maybe we could talk a bit more about about that and how you came about to to write that book on success?

Unknown Speaker  5:42  
Well, you're for me, it's I wrote it, really, for me, because it was what I needed in my life. Growing up, I was taught that what my parents were always saying, Robert, you achieve anything you put your mind to. And then what they would model for me though, was to support the family, they did what they had to do, we moved around a lot for them to work. So I was in that kind of that turmoil. They're saying I could do what I want to do. But I'm seeing them do what they had to do, even if they hated the job, if it's important family. So when I started working, I took on work hard, stay loyal to a company, find the job that pays you the most, the one that was the most secure, even if you didn't like the job. And by the time I was 21, I'd actually worked for three different companies. And my mind's going, this isn't working. Now looking back gene, I'm so glad I learned the lesson back when I was 21. Because I learned a lesson, if I wanted success in my life, I had to take control of it. And at the time where I live in Alberta, here in Canada, we have oil. And if oil prices are doing well, we do very, very well. But if oil prices are low, our economy is in turmoil. And in 1989, when I'm laid off from that third job, I'm newly married, we're in the middle of a downturn, there's no real jobs. And I always thought I'd put on the shirt and tie the suit and look for that real job. But because I couldn't find one, I decided to do something to support my family until I found a real job. And I started delivering pizzas for Domino's Pizza. And because I'm a hard worker, I went from being a pizza delivery to eventually then becoming a manager, my wife actually became my system manager, we started working open and close seven days a week, because we know how to work hard. And we were about a year and a half in, I'm now qualified to be a franchisee because I don't know if you know about Domino's Pizza, but you can't just buy a franchise, you actually have to qualify, you have to successfully manage a store for at least a year meeting a bunch of criteria. And then you're qualified to be a franchisee, which means they waive the upfront franchise fee, you'd still have to buy or build a store though. So we're qualified, but we don't have any money. We're making very little of managers. And all sudden fear sets in because we find out my franchisee has decided he doesn't want to be in Domino's Pizza anymore. And he's decided to sell his two stores. And my mind instantly went that means we're going to be laid off. And so my mindset was, we need to start talking to other franchisees, we need to find out another job where we can manage another store. And my wife's looking at me and she's like, why would we do that? Why don't we just buy the store we're in. And I look at her I'm like, cuz we don't have any money. That's why we do. And I'll tell you, one of the things that I'm blessed with is I have an amazing, amazing wife. We met when we were 13. We started dating when we were 16. We got married when we were 19. And we just celebrated our 32nd wedding anniversary. Wow, that's

Unknown Speaker  8:44  
beautiful. That's amazing. I read that in the book as well. And I was really touched by the inspiration that you've got from your wife and she seems like really grounding and inspiring energy. Sounds a very beautiful love story. It's there's not many stories.

Unknown Speaker  9:01  
Well, I'll tell you, I tell people I was innocent until she I met her and then she corrupted me. Many good ways. And what I mean by that is I was such an in the box thinker. You don't question why things are done. You just do what needs to be done. And you do what you're told you don't think outside the box. But she was the one that came along and said we why wouldn't we think of the box? And it'd be like, Well, why are you doing that? Well that for you do it. Okay, but it doesn't make sense. I know. But it does. So well you do it. And that's how close minded I was. And you talk about like yoga of the mind. She had to do a lot of small moves to stretch and get my mind to open up and be more flexible. And so she said, Look, we say we don't have the money, but let's find out how could we do it? And we spent about four months learning and making a lot of mistakes and I want your listeners to hear this. We made a lot of mistakes. And even though I wanted to quit, she wouldn't let us and we would say What did we learn and we then learn how to adjust what we were saying, we'd learned. And after four months, we had the confidence now to talk to our own bank. And we ended up not buying the store we're working in, we actually bought both the stores, my franchisee had for sale. And we did it with no money of our own, the bank gave us 100% financing, because we learn what to say and what not to say, to get the financing. And we became franchisees, and we're now we knew how to run a store chain. But in the beginning, we didn't know how to run a business. And there's two totally different things. But because of tenacity, we figured it out, we made it work. And we were franchisees for nine years. But at the eight year mark, we were over $150,000 in debt and going down quickly, simply because as we made more money, our mind our habits, we started spending more money than we were. And that's when we were introduced into personal development. And all sudden we went to a three day weekend that taught us helped us understand why we're in debt, take ownership, that we were the ones that created it, and then gave us practical tips and skills to get out of debt. And when we left that three day weekend, we did something that most people don't. And I'll give you the statistics for North America, I don't know what it's like in Europe or other parts of the world, although training around the world now, I know it's higher there. But in North America, the statistic is only 3% of people will actually do something with the new information they've learned. Well, that's it. That's not. Yeah, no. And so when we left that weekend, we said we're going to take action, we're gonna take these new skills, and we're gonna actually start using them. And so because of that, we're going from being over $150,000 in debt to actually being completely retired financially free nine months later at the age of 32. And our minds went back. Wow. Right? Yeah. And that's when we realised, if this much information gave us that result, what we were doing, we became avid students, we started learning from as many maps as we could, because I believe that I'm a big believer, don't just learn one way, don't just learn from one person. Learn from as many people as you can take the golden nuggets to clues as you can from each one. And that's when I started to find my passion was to teach, because I felt if I could even help one person do what my wife and I did, then it would be all worthwhile going from death to financial freedom. And that's it's actually in 2002. When I first thought of writing a book, I didn't know what I wanted to write about. I heard someone on stage say, hey, you should probably write a book if you want to, you know, help more people. It sounds like a good idea. It took me 15 years to write the book. Because on my journey, I started noticing the clues. I started seeing what people had in common that gave them success versus not. And I started looking at what did I need in my life? Why was I struggling? Where was I falling down. And so all sudden, those six steps just fell into place. And it was perfect that I finally launched in 2017. That actually one point I had a fully written in 2010. I had the full manuscript everything, but I never published it. And when I finally said in 2017, I said now this is the year, I actually rewrote half the book, because of the fact that I had changed in those years that much. And I went, yeah, adjust this tweet that this is no longer relevant. But this is. And so the book was really meant to be for me. And I just feel blessed that it is an international best selling book, and that we've helped lots of people around the world with it.

Unknown Speaker  13:39  
I'm not surprised. It just has like, it's got a real depth of knowledge. But it helped me quite effortless to read in a sense that it really flowed it felt really natural to to read and the clues that I like the way you set up with the clues and then and the tips. And I found it really helpful. And some of the stuff is new, some of it was a reminder. And there's one bit that really stood out to me was that too many people play life safely or at a mediocre level. We all have greatness in us. And it's only when we allow that greatness to emerge where we'll be able to have fulfilment, and I put my hand up sometimes I'm guilty of playing too small or kind of not pushing myself too much out of my comfort zone. But it reminded me that I actually feel more alive and I feel more a deeper sense of connection when I do push myself outside of my comfort zone and but it can be easier. I guess sometimes people can find it easy not to do that and just stay where it's easy, but it's gonna be in the long run, right?

Unknown Speaker  14:44  
Yeah. And what people have to understand is your mind actually is not set up to give you success. Your mind had one job and that's to keep you right where you are keeping the same. And so a lot of people go but Robert, I'm I I don't have time to make these changes. Or here's the biggest one, when when people read my book, one of the things and if you remember, I'd say right in there, do not, do not let the simplicity fool you. Because one of the things the mind will come up with is, this is too easy, it can't be that easy. And success is not easy. You've got to put the work in. But it is simple. If you find a system that works, and you do this the system, like even now as an example, because of COVID, I had to do a full reinvent, for reinvent, I went from flying 200,000 miles a year around the world doing live trainings to zero miles in an instant, hundreds of 1000s of dollars in revenue gone. And now I had a choice. I could have sat there and played the victim what worries me why that is happening. And look, I'll be very upfront. For the first little bit I did for a couple of weeks, I did get into effect them all. I even made myself sick, because I just, you know, March 10 2020, I just landed back in Canada from doing a three day training in India, March 11, the world change, I got locked down. And my mind started going do I have COVID? Oh my goodness, I don't feel well, I just came back from India. And for two weeks, I actually got physically so ill, I couldn't get on, it was so new. We couldn't walk into get appointments to get checked to get tested. There was my wife who refused to isolate me taking care of me, she got sick, too. And there's, there's days where we couldn't even be awake for more than an hour. And we were just so tired. And we were so wiped out in our mind was going crazy. And we finally got we're able to schedule and get the test. And we get them done. And then it's another week to find the result. And we get results. Yeah, you guys are negative, you don't have it. And also, it's like By this time, we've been healing our mindset realising what we're doing to ourself. That's how powerful the mind is. And so once we got through that, we asked two very powerful words. And if your listeners take notes, I want them to take notes on this. Two words that have impacted my life again, and again. And again, anytime something goes unexpected. And the words are what next? What's next? What's next? Yeah, because we did, it was like I now Okay, we don't know how long COVID is gonna last. We don't know when I'm going to be able to do a live training again, and travel around the world. So we can either sit here and go crazy about it and get frustrated, get depressed. Or we'd say what's next. And so we did reinvent where, okay, it's time to go digital. It's time to get online. And for years, I've been saying I wanted to do it. But I've been too busy to do it. So we started creating the dream boards, the vision boards, what would it look like? And one of the things that I'm where I live, I'm on a beautiful property where we have just over four acres. And we bought this property three years ago, with the intention of eventually one day building, it was on our vision board, building our own training centre right here on our property. And that was still three, five years down the road. While so one of the things my wife said, Well, your home, we've got time. Why don't we build the training centre now. And it would have been easy for the mind to go, Well, we just lost hundreds of 1000s of dollars in revenue, that's going to cost a few 100,000. You know, what, if it doesn't work, we could have gone that route. But we said, okay, we're all in. And we started doing the research, we started figuring out how we can make it work. And in December, December 12, we broke ground. And right outside my window, you can see the blinds are down, but right outside my window. We are one week away from me moving into the training centre that's now fully built 1500 square foot training facility, my new offices, we've got wired to be technology so that I can do live broadcasts, I can bring students there. And so we've now from step one in the book, dreaming big, we found a mentor someone to model we research and talk to a lot of people, what would we want in a studio, what would it the best way to do it. Then step three, we took action, we actually you know, put all the paperwork in we got the permits, we broke crown. Step four, we've been celebrating all the way along every time and I fly my drone, I bought a drone. It's not a toivo gene editing tool. It's a marketing tool. Because I believe all the way along and we've done the construction, I fly it and we're going to be putting videos together to show from Brown braid to the build out. And so we celebrate all the way along every completion. Step five, that's allowing us then to believe in our vision more believing in herself. And then of course, Step six is repeat the first five steps. And so just by following what I wrote in the book, we brought a dream to reality that was going to be years down the road. So even as the world opens up, I'm not going to travel My students will come travel to me, which means that I like my time off good to spend more time at home, and still live my passion because that's important. I get to do what I love impacting people's lives. You know, in the introduction, you mentioned 50,000, I've been blessed to teach. It's actually Mr. Zero is actually a million people. Oh, wow. Zero zeros, nothing. It's just a nothing.

Unknown Speaker  20:28  
Wow, that's that's, that's living proof. You're embodying that what you're doing and your book, you're actually embodying it by sharing that story. I know, me and my partners, while we were doing yoga training in person, we had to like, go online as well. So we and now that it's partly opened up here parts in person and parts online. And it's just we have got very tech savvy, savvy myself. And it is it is about, like you said, we can just sit there and feel sorry for ourselves, or we can kind of like, one of the things you said is Taylor Swift songs, shake it off. And I that really stuck in my mind is what every time I'm feeling sorry for myself, shake it off. And shake it off. And it's, I think that's the difference, isn't it, but we're always gonna have times when we feel down, or a bit disheartened. But it's how we kind of bounce back from that, or how we kind of redirect that energy into something more positive, rather than kind of just sitting there feeling sorry for ourselves, because life is gonna have surprises that no one could have anticipated this, this was going to happen, you know, and it's just the way life life is. And I know, looking at your work as well that you have a lot of information on the chaos theory, which students if they want to do they can find that on your website, could you give a little little bit of an oversight, on to racing on that, if you wouldn't mind?

Unknown Speaker  21:52  
Well, and I'm gonna give, I love to give credit where credit's due and acknowledge source. I have a brilliant friend who he was actually a monk for eight years. So over 15,000 hours of meditation, and he also studied quantum physics. So I nicknamed him the quantum mark, because it's so brilliant. He can tell you all about spirituality and, and then back it up with the quantum science behind it. And during his research and a lot of stuff, because he's come up with some brilliant stuff. And he came up with what he called chaos modules. And when I first learned it and read it, it blew me away. And I'm like, Greg, you've got to get this out to the world. But it's not as passion to teach it. His passion was some of the other research he did. So I initially I wanted to put the work in success left a clue that book, but it just didn't fit in there. And so actually, it's a major part of my new book I'm reading right now called the authority key. And I asked him, I said, Great, since you don't want to teach it is okay if I teach it, and he's like, absolutely. So I spent hours researching with him doing zoom calls, tapping into his mind to make sure I was getting it right. And during those calls and recording them, reviewing them, and putting it into my own words, all sudden, he started going, Oh, my goodness, I would you've got this even deeper, you're getting it even more than I thought I would and he said it's so he's loving the the kind of the spin I put on it. And I call it the four phases of life we go through all the time. And I love acronyms Jean, and I use the acronym open for the four phases. So the first phase is called the observation phase. Now in the observation phase, you've heard the saying, we're human beings, not human doings. I'm sure you've heard that. The observation phase, you're actually a human creating. In this phase, this is the time to meditate. This is a time to visualise do dream boards, vision boards, what is it you truly want to have in your life? What would you love to create? What would make your life ultimately the most amazing night figuring out? How, what is it gonna look like? What do I need to do? Just what would you love to have in your life? So in the observation phase, you are creative, and you just allow the universe to come through you, and just what possible, that's the observation phase. From there, you go into what's called the pamper phase. Now, what's interesting, especially for entrepreneurs, this is the phase that they skip, or try to skip or don't do fully. And they wonder why they burn out. They wonder why they get self sabotage. In the pamper phase, when you enter this phase, this is the time to take care of you. As the saying goes, you cannot give you don't have and I learned this the hard way myself Jane Doe is what I don't know and I can't remember if in my book, I mentioned about how in 2008 I end up taking three and a half years off. And the reason I did is because I got burnt out. I was over living my passion. I was training so much that I was taking I was only at home on average two days a month. I wasn't taking care of my health. So I got burnt out, and I herniated a disc, my L four l five. For two years, I thought it was a sciatic problem. I wasn't standing properly on the stage, and I'm on stage up to 12 hours a day as putting most of my weight on my right leg. So I'm out of balance. And with all the flying I was doing, I herniated a disc. So I took three and a half years off. And that's where I learned the importance of the pamper phase, because I went through two back surgeries, just to correct that. So in the pamper phase, this is where you go on a holiday. Or if you can't go on a holiday, you plan a holiday. Or maybe you go to the spa, get your hair done, something I don't worry about, but maybe get your nails done, maybe get a massage. So this is a time you take care of you. This is a time you cherish you, you recharge your energy cells, I love to read, so I might even read a book for 20 minutes as my way of pampering me. And you know, when I'm travelling around the world, people that ask they go, Robert, why? Why do you hop on a plane for 12 1416 hours to travel around the world and teach it? Why would you do that? Well, one is my passion. I love meeting new people around the world. But too, there's a selfish reason. You see, Jane, when I hop on that plane, and I sit in my seat, that's Roberts time, do not connected the internet, even if they haven't Wi Fi, I don't do business. I read because I love to read, I watch movies, because I love movies, I do some sleeping, I eat some good food, and I drink some good wine. Because I know when I get to the country I'm flying to for the next three to five days, I'm gonna be doing 12 plus hour days on the stage giving. So this is the time for me. So the pamper phase is so critical. And in fact, what I do, my wife and I on calendar, we actually schedule in pamper time, first before any thing else, time for ourselves time together time for family, just and think of it like this, just like when you're managing money, wealth, rule number one is pay yourself first. This is the same for that you pay yourself for your health first, you put that on your calendar first. So that's the pamper phase. And the reason that was so critical is because the next phase, the E stands for energy phase, this is where you get stuff done. So as an example, yesterday, I was in full on energy phase, I did four hour, two hour and a half long interviews. I did a one and a half hour training in the morning. And then I finished the night off with a two hour training at night. So yesterday was a full on energy day. Now, if I wasn't taking care of myself in the pamper phase, I would have not just been tired, I would have been wiped out at the end of the day. Does that make sense? Plenty percent Yes, I

Unknown Speaker  27:56  
get like that as well. I'm gonna have to make sure.

Unknown Speaker  28:01  
When you pamper, then you can have, I can run an 18 hour day a 20 hour day and feel great, tired, ready to sleep but feel great. So the energy phase is where you get busy. And what happens for most people, though, Jane is the people are really, really good at being busy. But they're not necessarily productive. So and there's a huge difference, right? I could say, I could say you know what, I'm going to go down to my office, I'm going to work on my new book, I'm going to write eight hour late eight hours later, I come up and I'm like, I don't really feel like I got much. But I was so busy. And if I look back I go Yeah, look how many times I check social media. Look how many emails times I check email, look how many phone calls that oh, I did a little reading. So I've been good at being busy. And this is where this is a paradigm shift for people. That after I put my pamper time on my calendar, I put on what's called focused time focused on researchers proven that a person cannot stay focused on one thing for more than roughly an hour. And so if it comes to say, writing my book, I'll put on the schedule from 10 to 11. writing books in that hour, that's everything else is shut off. My door to my office is closed. Everybody knows not to come knock on the door. Don't follow me. Don't text me Don't ask the question. Because I won't respond. And I work on my book for that hour. And after an hour, I've accomplished more productivity in one hour, then up to eight hours of being busy. So when someone says I'm so busy, I'd encourage them to actually look at what they're doing and seeing how productive they are. And if you put a little more productivity in their schedule those productive times, you'll see that you free up so much time, like hours a week, hours a week that you can then utilise for other things. Amazing. And then the fourth letter now open ends with an N. But I had to get creative and it's not the first letter the fourth phase. It's the second letter. N stands for clutter the unclutter phase. Another way of calling that is chaos face. And here's the thing that happens for most people. And I'll ask it to you. Have you ever had chaos enter your life? Yes. What is normally your first reaction when chaos had entered your life?

Unknown Speaker  30:26  
At first I'm like, Oh, I first had a panic at first and then I kind of settled down. Oh, I see a blessing. But I've learned to do that.

Unknown Speaker  30:35  
Right? See, and notice that initial reaction. Most people when chaos enters their life, they resist it. But we are human beings that are meant to evolve. Chaos is what evolves us. And so you have a choice. If you resist it, you're going to get fit harder with more chaos. But if you learn to embrace it, embrace it, that chaos is natural. Now what this means is in the chaos phase, or what I call the unclutter phase, which I'll explain why that is in a moment. This is the time when you courageously and listen to my words, courageously destroy something. Something that's not working in your life. So as an example, in when you enter the chaos phase, or unclutter faith, it may be time to let go of a relationship, personal or business has not been working for you. It may be time if you want a new car, you've been wanting one. But you've been hanging on to that old car, it's time to release that old car to make room for the new car to evolve to your next stage. And so the reason I call it the unclutter phase is because you can actually volunteer for chaos. Believe it or not, you can volunteer. And one of the ways you do that is simple things of uncluttering your life. As an example. Have you ever gone to the refrigerator? opened it up when? Oh, I should probably clean some food. That's uncluttering Yeah, I'll go down to my office every couple of weeks, and I'll unclutter my office. Because I'm showing to the universe that I'm going to volunteer to unclutter. I'm going to volunteer to free up. And one of the biggest things that people can destroy in the unclutter phase is a belief that has not been serving them that they've been hanging on to so tight. But no, I can't like what what would be a belief that holds a lot of people back. I can't be successful. Why not? I don't have enough education. I wasn't born into the right family. I can't afford it. See those beliefs are holding you back. And so prove like actually proving that you can go against that belief is one of the strongest ways of proof and secure vault out. Let's just say it like that. And so in the unclutter phase, I'm always looking at what are those non supportive beliefs that have been hanging on to so tight that just don't serve me anymore. And my friend Greg, I love what he says about the space. He says it's not about being willing to live life. It's about courageously allowing Life to Live you. When you come through the unclutter phase, it puts you right back into observation phase, which now you're back in that creative space. Of those two words I told you earlier, what's next? Why don't you start creating? And some of the questions that come up when we talk about the four phases, people go, Well, how quickly do I go through how what's the timeline, you're never gonna figure it out. Because different parts of your life, your relationship to be in the energy phase, but your health might be in the pamper phase, your business might be in the uncluttered phase, but relationship could then now be in the observation phase. So every different part of your area of your life can be in a different phase. And some happened quickly. Some you may get stuck in or it I won't say stuck because it's I believe that everything happens for a reason. And that reason is there to serve me. So you may be interphase for days, weeks or months. You don't get to decide when you go in and out of the phases. You can courageously participate, but you're going to flow through the phases.

Unknown Speaker  34:28  
So I hope that makes sense. I know he explained that really well. I found that really really interesting. And that the point about being the different phases and that really clarified it to me it for me because I was thinking Oh yes, if my business Miss phase, and I don't know my house sale is Miss phase and kind of like realising that. I know it's kind of a bit of a flow and we're all in different parts, but that that was so well explained. I'm sure our listeners are gonna really appreciate that. Is there any other tips you'd like to give our listeners on how to stick See when when they're feeling particularly unsuccessful?

Unknown Speaker  35:02  
Well, you know, absolutely. This is why it's critical, critical to surround yourself with growth minded people. And and notice I said growth minded, not like minded. Because this was a shift for me as well in the last year. From stage for years, I've said to my audience, how many of you feel blessed to be in a room of like minded people? And they're like, yeah. And then one of my mentors, he said, he explained a little different way that made so much sense. So let's picture that say, you and I come to London. And we decide that we want to go experience a double decker buses, and we want to go to the ball. cuz I've never been on a double decker bus. So we go down to the bus stop, there's three other people there. So five of us standing there waiting for the bus to go to the mall. Well, in that moment, we're all like minded. We're all waiting for the bus to go to the mall. And the only place that bus is going to take us is to the mall. So we're like minded, that's not going to create success in your life isn't what a growth minded person is, is the people that are willing, that are in your life that are willing to have the tough conversations with you when they're needed. They'll be there to pick you up, when you fall down. They'll be there to support you when you're succeeding. But they're also going to be the ones that will sit there and say, why are you playing smaller than you? Can? Why are you holding back? Why aren't you stepping up to the game? or Why are you being such a jerk right now, those are the people I choose to surround myself with. And I'll kind of take it back to say yoga. Again, when you're practising, you can do a lot of great things. But isn't it easier if you have someone to watch what you're doing and give you tips, or maybe you've stretched as far as you think you can, and they help you gently stretch a little bit further, that you couldn't do on your own. That's a growth minded person. So if you're struggling with success, especially, then surround yourself, because they'll see the greatness in you that you're doubting about yourself, they'll see the possibility in you that you're not seeing, right. So that's why I'm big on that.

Unknown Speaker  37:05  
I like that they want to kind of like lovingly provoke you, but in a way that's gonna help you grow. It's kind of like, you know, like baby birds in a nest, like one day, their mother's got to gently push them out of the nest, and it's, it's out their comfort zone. But if they don't, then they're just going to not learn to fly. So it's kind of having those kind of people around you that I've got the right to support you, but then also allow you to kind of fall if you need to.

Unknown Speaker  37:33  
And I'll tell you people go Robert, you know, I, I love what you do you travel the world, you've impacted so many lives. And I say yeah, and thank goodness for my wife, because if it was up to me, left my own devices, I will still be miserable in a job. Because I wouldn't have I wouldn't have pushed myself, I would have given up I would have said is too hard. Or who am I? Why would someone Listen to me and I would have listened to my own garbage in my head. But she's the one and times Jane. times She's literally kicking me in the ass to say, Get out it step up, buddy. You're playing too small. And as a gift we now give each other we will we refuse. We refuse to let ourselves each other play smaller than No.

Unknown Speaker  38:19  
That's the perfect partnership 100%. My partner he's the same if he says all if I'm starting to feel sorry for myself and stop that victim mentality and kind of see like the blessing. And I'm like, Oh, yeah, I'm going down that route. And I'm going to kind of quickly kind of snap out of it. But it's, again, it can be like a habit, but habits can can be changed. And if we're willing to do it. And like like you said earlier, the mind kind of wants to keep us in the same place. But we have got sweeping expanse so much if we would just kind of Lau and just do it the steps rather than trying to change everything at once. And kind of using tools like mindfulness, yoga, mentors, having listened to inspiration talks, and it doesn't have to be necessarily what what you're interested in, like, I don't just read your books. I like to read books from different inspiring speakers. And then it can be in the arts as well. Like if there's any musician you like or anything like that. So it What is your besides your wonderful book? What is though, is there any great books that you would say to our listeners to put on their reading list? And Oh,

Unknown Speaker  39:30  
absolutely. One of my mentors, who then became a great friend, is a gentleman by the name of john keyhole. And in 2012, he both 30 plus years ago, he wrote a book called mind power into the 21st century. When he originally wrote it, people were like, this is way out there. This is crazy. This is ridiculous. But within 10 years, everybody was teaching his framework. And then in 2012, we released another book called quantum warrior quantum warrior And but now this book, it'll blow your mind because everything he's read, teaches in the book. And it's a whole new paradigm of mindset. And again, so way out there, but now people are starting to grab onto it, because oh, wow, he doesn't know what he's talking about everything he's writing in the book, he actually references to quantum physics in the back of the book. So I'm going to give your listeners a tip on this one. If you pick up this book, which I recommend you do, when he gave me a copy of Robert, read the book, let me know your thoughts. And I'm reading the book. But I couldn't I couldn't get past the first couple chapters, Jane, because I'd be reading it I'd be referring to back me. It was just blowing my mind. And I talked to him three weeks later, and he's like, what do you think of my book? And I'm like, john, I can't get past the first couple chapters. I'm really struggling with this. And he goes, Oh, I forgot to tell you. And I'm, like, forgot to tell me what he says, read the last two chapters first, then read the book in any order you want. And I'm like, what, just do it. I read the last two chapters. First, my mind just exploded. And I blew through the rest of the book. And it just, wow, that's all I'm gonna say. So for your listeners, if you get that book, quantum warrior, read the last two chapters first, then read the rest of the book in any order you choose. So that's one book. Another book that came out in 2012, as well, is Napoleon Hill. He actually wrote the book two years after thinking grow rich. So he wrote in 1939. But they kept it in the vault until 2012. Because it's so his family was afraid they'd get persecuted over what he wrote in the book. It's that powerful. And it took, yeah, they waited till he had passed away, his wife passed away, the foundation, held it in the vault. And then they eventually got a hold of Sharon lechter, co author of Rich Dad, Poor Dad. And they said, Sharon, we'd like you to revise the book and update it for today's day and age, and add anything you want. And she kept the book pretty much the same as what he wrote. Because it's more relevant in my opinion, today than it was back in 1939. When he wrote it, and it's called out winning the devil. That is a very powerful book as winning the devil.

Unknown Speaker  42:20  
outwitting the devil I want in Britain want to go home and go to the Waterstones, which is the bookshop and buy like, these books are some really exciting and I'm looking forward to reading them myself over the summer. And your book success left a clue. And that's available worldwide on Amazon. And listeners can pick it up, pick it up from there. So is anybody else. It's a bit but Amazon's usually where one goes to get books these days.

Unknown Speaker  42:46  
Yeah, well, what I'm going to see though genius is I want to make it easy for your listeners, because I am writing my new book, which is the authority key and we're looking to release it over the by the end of the year, is because you had me on your podcast, as a gift, I would love your listeners to be able to get the digital copy of my book success left to clue as our gift to them. And all they have to do is go to Robert real Pelle calm. So just my name, Robert r, e r t, ri o p e And just go to that website, there'll be able to download the book. Now it does come with a caveat. And since you've read it a couple times, you know, action step is number three, step number three is action. And so I wrote it not as a book to read, and then put on the shelf and it becomes shelf help. It's an it's actually written as a workbook. And so I've got the action steps all the way through it. And as you know, from reading, I'll even say did you do the last action? If not stop reading now, go back complete that action first. Because people are creatures of habit and those prompts. Yeah. And so I would love for your listeners to absolutely go to Robert real pill calm, get the PDF, start using the book, start going through the six steps and watch how it can change your life.

Unknown Speaker  44:07  
Oh, that's very, very generous of you, Robert, I'm sure they will really enjoy reading it and it isn't it listeners it's well worth it. You can like Robert said you can do it's got action steps it's a workbook it's it's not a set on the shelf book you if you follow the steps, they will make changes. I did it myself and I've had changes already in my life. It's well worth it. So for our listeners, Robert, their training that you do, can they find you do you do that online as well now because of lockdown is there?

Unknown Speaker  44:41  
Yeah, if they follow me on my Facebook page, just type in Robert rappelled of find my fan page. They can follow me to find out but also when they go and download the book, then they will find out that I'm going to be doing some two and a half hour free trainings to really help people dive more into the the four phases of life, I go through the four currencies of life, I talked about how to the six steps from the book. So I do a live training Where's it's not a pre recording of me because when I do a training Jay, I'm very interactive. Like, right now I'm sitting down, we're having a conversation. But when I'm training, I'm standing up the audience's high fiving. There, I've got them doing things so that they're participating in their own learning, we make it a lot of fun. And so there'll be an end up finding out about the different previews that I do, so that they can come join us as at complimentary, which is how I do my live trainings to start with. Excellent,

Unknown Speaker  45:37  
I'm going to try and get one long to one myself, I'm really intrigued to see one of your life trends, because anything like your book, it's going to be amazing. And if anyone wants to contact you is by your website, you said about your Facebook, you're on Instagram as well, they can find that all on your website, I will put a link in the bio as well. And just before we go, is there anything else that you would like to share with our listeners?

Unknown Speaker  46:01  
Yeah, you know, two ways I love to finish things up. One is a belief of mine. I believe that the greatest gift that anybody can give this world is to be themselves to be authentic. And so I encourage people to have the courage to be you thought that way. And then the way I autograph every book, and the way I end every email is with these words. Always live with passion.

Unknown Speaker  46:30  
Wow. Oh, it's been I've been such a grace to speak to you. And so inspiring. Thank you, Robert. So do stay tuned, listeners, I will follow this success, inspiring meditation. But Robert, thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule. It's been amazing to speak to you. Thank you. Pleasure. Thank you found Robert Raymond, real pal, as inspiring as I did, what a genuine down to earth intelligent and deeply inspiring person. And it was an absolute pleasure to have him on the podcast. And please do take him up on his free offer of a copy of his book by going to his websites, I will leave a link in the bio. And if you still can't find it, just drop me a line. So as always, I'd like to conclude the show with a meditation that has been inspired by our guest upon the show. And since we're season seven is all about life changing habits, this is about creating success. Quite often, I find that people don't know what success means to them. So we will let's get on with the meditation. But just before we do, like with all forms of meditation, please do not do why driving, or operating machinery, just press pause and just reconvene from the safety of your home later. So when you're ready to do this meditation, just press pause, let's take some slow, deep breaths. So deep conscious breathing is a tool passed down by the ancient Yogi's. And we believe this helps want to stay in the present moments. So when we're in the present, we can be our most productive self. Or if we're not doing a time where we're being productive, where we want to relax, we will be our most relaxed self as well, because we were being completely productive in the sense that we're either being relaxed and letting go or we're doing something that we're trying to achieve. So slow the breath right down in and out through the nostrils with a nice straight spine, be that on a chair or on the floor. Listen to your body and just let it all go slow, slow, calm deep breaths in and out through the nostrils and just let it all go. Step Step, step into the moment and into your inner flow. So as you breathe, and you can see a life full of rich possibilities. What does success mean to you? success? How does that feel in your heart? As you think to yourself, what does success mean to you? And if you have a goal, just picture it in your head. Just allow it to be there. Allow it to be there in your head. And just think to yourself, think to yourself, what is the next action that I could take today to make life feel like it had meaning and that it was okay. What could best serve me What can be done? And just remember, one step at a time knits More even jumper of life then if you are to try and do everything at once, just think of how many new year's resolutions are broken on January the second because they were seemingly impossible tasks. But break it down. Dear one, break it down into bite sized tasks and allow. Allow yourself to be free. By learning to rejoice in life as you see it. You can live it, you can embody it. And remember, don't be mediocre. Allow yourself to grow. Allow your greatness to emerge. Allow yourself to flow, flow flow flow, do one grow, grow, grow. So again, feel in your heart, what does success mean to you? And what can you do today to allow that to be true? one little step one promise to yourself, perhaps it's to read more literature on the matter. Perhaps it's spend less time on TV, or perhaps it's about having a healthy outlook. And free by being present, we set ourselves free.

Unknown Speaker  51:20  
So take that one point and try and implement it into your life. Surround yourself with people that will help elevate and bring you to the point where you finally feel that you can let go and take your great flight into the zone of success. Remember, you can have a support network, there's no need to be alone. They're down the end of the telephone. Just allow allow allow yourself to be free. And freedom comes from success in a sense that we expand and grow and step in and relish in our inner flow. So softly take some calming deep breaths as you come back into the room back into the moment, hearing the noises around you It could be the distant home of a car. Take a deep breath. And from the bottom my heart. Thank you for listening to this podcast.

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Life Transforming Teacher, International Author, Inspirational Speaker and App Designer Robert Raymond Riopel! Robert has trained millions of students, helping them to tap into their inner greatness and hence making him a highly sort after trainer.

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This show includes a meditation to define what success means for you.

"Well, for me, success comes in all areas. I'm a very big believer that we are very holistic beings. Meaning that it's not just about finances are not just about health, I, for me, success is being balanced in mental, emotional, spiritual, physical, and financial. So that the area that you don't focus on tends to be the area that takes you out. So you can be successful and two or three. But if you don't have the other ones covered, you're going to struggle..."