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July 6, 2022

Whole Hearted Living Meditation

Whole Hearted Living Meditation

Live a fuller life via this imaginative  meditation  to go with episode 6 season 9 interview, in case you want to listen to this separately.  Please listen to the episode first before doing this.

A meditation to help boast a season of whole hearted living


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Unknown Speaker  0:00  
As promised, here is your meditation. Inspired by today's show Top Tips for the meditation is either sit nice and cross legged on the floor of a nice straight back, always nice to sit on a block or a cushion, or that's not available for you, you sit in a chair with a back nice and straight. The important thing is you're not slouching. And if you're doing something that requires you concentration are you to do is just pause this and you can reconvene the meditation at a time that is good for you. If you're doing the meditation, that's begging, Whole Heart is living and the power of such a life lesson with your eyes closed, can you start to picture something that gives you a lot of joy? Something that you like to do? A hobby, a walk? Something really you like to make? Why? Why? Why do you feel as you place your hands on your heart centre? Why does this make you feel whole? Whole, as complete? As a person of completeness of joy of being there? What is a spark within all that that ignites the passion within your life? What gives you joy? What what do you do, but you could do for ages. So much so that you're caught up in the moment of it losing track of time, what wholesome rich and life enhancing thing. It can be something like making homemade apple pies to doing that run up the hill. Perhaps you like to write beautiful letters. There's so many options the world is limitless, you are limit free. The tasks that you are true trusted web is to find what makes your heart feel free. And don't fret if you don't know yet. No. But instead, I invite you each day to find a time to be slow to sit with yourself to sit and be calm. Set your stopwatch for three minutes. At the end, it will have a little alarm. But in that time, bring the hand to the heart centre and just simply be and just ask yourself what a form of whole hearted living will set me free. And once you know that embark upon that trail, you will prevail. Fantastic as you are, allow your being to go far, far, four, four. So just start to take some slow, calm deep breaths as you come back into the moment. Come back into the room and allow yourself to be here right now. And just continue doing a free minute meditation daily until you start to put together What gives you joy. A wholehearted way of living. So thank you so much. If you want a personalised meditation that is been designed specifically for you, please reach out via our website the gentle yoga warrior.com And we can record one that is fitting

Transcribed by https://otter.ai